Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2023

Tonight I did Tracy Steen 45 min Full Body Strength by Muscle Group. It was a no repeat, but I guess you'd call it a super set workout. 10 circuit muscle groups/4 exercises per muscle group. 4 min. each circuit. I worked up quite a sweat and my muscles got a good workout.

I am going to help my husband shovel tonight. Not enough to snow blow, but its a couple inches of wet, heavy snow.:( I guess it wil be a 2nd workout. Oh joy.

Cathe has the 1st clip up of STS 2.0 Giant Sets!
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Today I did CDorner 45 minute at home leg workout//lifted glutes skipping some of it, 38 minutes, 101 calories, heart rate 95/123, 349 steps. I followed with Kelly;s Cardio Quick Fix workout #1, 25 minutes, heart rate 122/144, 124 calories, 3,024 steps, and finished with Raw stretch after workout, 8 minutes, 15 calories. total time was 70 minutes, 240 calories, 3,373 steps.
I am amazed that Cathe is already out and coaching only a month post surgery. I wonder if my arthritis, bone spur and the biceps tendon being attached made mine take longer. She sure is a strong person. I sure did not look that good a month out after surgery.
My shoulders, back, spine and feet have been really hurting the last few days and then I realized today that I ran out of the UltraCur Advanced curcumin supplement a few days ago. I knew it worked, but did not realize how much. I ordered some more this morning. I was going to order from the company and maybe would have got it just as quick as Amazon. Amazon said 1 day and now they say Friday. The manufacturer which I have mentioned is just a few miles away, but when I got to check out free shipping said 3 to 5 days and also said ships the day ordered if before 2. I want to try their immunity formula so may try ordering it from the manufacturer so I can see how long it takes.
Leg Workout at Home all moves 60 minutes progresses each round to more difficult or follow already done moves
Rnd 1

1 leg squat right 15# dbs
1 leg squat left 15# dbs
1 leg stationary lunge right 15# dbs
1 leg stationary lunge left 15# dbs
1 leg glute bridge right 15# db
1 leg glute bridge right 15# db
right leg up and over hands and knees right no weight
left leg up and over hands and knees right no weight
Rnd 2
1 leg sit and stand right ( I did not sit as I used the step and not a bench) 15# db
1 leg sit and stand left 15# dbs
reverse lunge right 15# dbs
reverse lunge left 15# dbs
right leg elevated foot on step no weight
left leg glute bridge foot elevated on step
balanced side and back right leg no weight
balanced side and back left leg no weight
Rnd 3
side step ups right
side step ups left I did 1 leg squat from rnd 1 with 15# dbs
1 leg glute bridge lying with back on step right ( I opted for Rnd 2) no weight
1 leg glute bridge lying with back on step left
Step Ups right(skipped) alternative is lunges
Step Ups left skipped
Bench leg lifts right outer (skipped)
Bench leg lifts left outer
Bulgarian Split right(skipped)
Bulgarian Split Left

Debbie, nice work on Raw Burn Out upper body today. My knees feel okay today. I would not have done the lower body workout if they bothered me. I still kept the cardio lower impact though. I was tempted to do todays step and strength that Chris did after the lower body, but decided maybe I should wait. I will look at it first. I should have known better than kneeling on the tile floor. At first I was just going to watch, then started trying out moves and the thought was to go get my mat, but I just kept going.

Doreen, I don't blame you on going out in the freezing weather. I am sure you liked staying in where it was cozy and warm. Good job getting in ride in Boulder Colorado.

Jolie, nice that you got out for your walk. It won't be too long before you get your mri. Just another week to avoid upper body till you know. It will help you and your PT to know what to do next.
When I lived in California and Arizona I bundled up for weather that I would not likely bundle up for here. Although this winter has been really mild, even in the 60's and being inside, I am cold all of the time. Normally I cannot stand long sleeved shirts if I can get away with it and I am running around in sweat shirts and sweaters. I told my husband I wondered if there was something wrong.

Cam, nice work with Tracey Steen Full Body Strength. Snow shoveling is a workout in itself. I like to get it cleared off so it does not end up being a sheet of ice. Our snow is gone already. It was 39 today.

Roselyn, I am sorry that you have been sick. Take care of yourself.
This morning I did RAW Shadow Boxing 1 and had a great workout. Love this one. I used my 1.5# Egg weights. I love those too! Music in this one isn't great, lots of Maroon 5 and I don't care for them. Lots of music I don't care for. But I love the workout so I can overlook the music. I wish she'd make a couple more of these kind of workouts, I love the just shadow boxing with no impact.

Workout was 43 minutes, burned 400 calories, did 3909 steps and HR was 144/182.

Jolie - I hope the MRI shows what is going on with your collar bone. That is such an odd issue to have. I love my Bowflex Max Trainer. It is hard, and it does have a fear factor. But I love the challenge and I can't wait to get on it again. It has built in programs or you can do a manual one. When I subscribed to their online workouts (which are excellent) I wrote down the types of intervals and inclines that were used and have them in an app that actually tells me what to do next. It's a timer type thing but was made for runners. I used to use it when I ran but now I use it for the Max Trainer workouts. If you subscribe (which is WAY expensive imo) you can just listen to what they tell you to do. It is a lot of fun.

Cam - Yuck on shoveling. Luckily we were bypassed with the storm from yesterday. Others around us weren't so lucky.

Diane - Sorry to hear about your shoulders, back and feet. What on earth can make your feet hurt? I can't believe Cathy is already coaching workouts. I doubt she'll be able to do any yet, though. Who is doing the lead on her workouts on Cathy Live?

Have a great day everyone!!
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Yesterday I ended up going outside and walking for 3.3 miles, time was 1 hour, and I burned 452 calories. Today I walked uphill on my TM, traveled 5 miles, time was 90 minutes and I burned 657 calories. I did not do a high incline today, I kept it lower, and I walked faster than I usually do. Since not using my upper body much in the past 1.5 weeks, my collar bone is doing so much better. I slept last night better than I have since the injury and the swelling is almost gone. My PT and orthopedic both think it was severely sprained and it can take a lot of time to heal. I guess if I had rested it immediately after the injury I would have recovered quicker. Lesson learned. I just want to find out if there is a tear or anything else before going back to my workouts.

Debbie, great boxing workout today! I am going to look for a used Max Trainer, I like the M7 model. Which model do you have? I would not subscribe to the workouts; I would just add it into my workouts for building quad strength since doing legs can hurt my back and I think this would be safe for me to use.

Cam, great job on the workout. I want to get into doing more step and strength workouts this spring, as soon as this injury is better. I need to make more room in my gym room, it is a little tight for space right now. Do you like Yvette Bachman step workouts?

Diane Sue, that leg workout you did would absolutely kill me!!!!! Wow, that looks like a killer workout. Cathe said she is just coaching, no activity for a long while. She said she would be out for months, and I can believe it. I saw the video clip on STS 2.0 and it looks good, I will have to try it when it comes out. I bet she hurt her shoulder lifting heavy for the filming of STS 2.0. I am going to buy the Curcumin supplement you use, I have pain issue and hopefully that will help me too.

Doreen, I would NOT go out in the freezing cold either!!!

I hope you all have fantastic workouts today.

I did XTRain burn sets: Bic and triceps. My knee is so swollen, I can't hardly walk today. I have an appointment with my doc tomorrow.

Roselyn - I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well.

Debbie - I hope we all have a positive outcome too. I hope this sinus surgery will be the last one. I like the doc that does my sinus surgery. He is very nice. Great job with your workouts.

Jolie - glad you Chiro can fix your problems. I lost a lot of cartilage in my right knees since last year, I also have bone spurs. Twisting my knee wasn't good.

Diane - great job on your workouts.

See you all tomorrow.
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This morning I did GHUTV Pure strength 1. It was actually not pure strength as I define it as there were still combination moves but since there were no cardio intervals I suppose it could be called purse strength.

I saw the first clip of STS 2.0. The set is nice. It seems like moves that have been done before though. I'm still planning to do a month of On Demand to give it a try through!
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Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Step Boxing, 28 minutes, heart rate 120/145, 132 calories, I then did CDorner Relaxing Flow Mobility//Bonus neck and upper back and added some foam rolling to back, 39 minutes, 57 calories, heart rate 77/107. Total time was 67 minutes, 189 calories, 3,041 steps. I did not sleep well last night because my upper back, neck, and shoulder was really hurting. I got up and took some Advil and then got up again at 3 am and took a sleep gummy. It is better today. I will be glad when my stuff comes tomorrow. I hate taking Advil.

Debbie, great job on Shadow Boxing #1. You got a lot of steps for an shadow boxing workout. The foot is my arthritis. The on top by the big toe is raised a bit and it hurts when I bend my toes with yoga moves and lunges. The thing is I still move them and today did the chair up on toes move with Chris mobility. I don't want them to not be able to keep moving. The pain lets up at times. I guess I am having some sort of what they call a flare up. I also have had a bone spur in that foot for years now. The doctor saw that when I went in addressing Plantar Fasciitis.

Jolie, nice work on the walk yesterday and treadmill climb today. I think all of us injure ourselves and once it feels a little better, we blow it off and go back to the workouts. Partly because that works a lot of the time, but obviously sometimes it does not work. I hope that the mri is helpful when you get it and you can work it out with rest. It is hard to be patient. I will be happy when my Curcumin arrives tomorrow. When I read about my shoulder surgery before I had it done most medical sites said around 9 to 12 months is what patients said they were almost back to normal. I was able to do some very light work like I did at PT around 6 months, but it is still gradual improvement. The paperwork PT protocol was set up into 3 phases ending at 26 weeks of PT which the last phase is where I did machine weight training and the body blade. A lot of focus on strengthening was rotator cuff, scapular and deltoid.

Belinda, nice work on the XTrain Burn Sets biceps and triceps. I am sorry that your knee is so swollen. I hope you can get something done with that as well.

Doreen, nice work today with Pure Strength 1. Maybe the difference in the new STS will be the way or order they do those moves. Some of the pictures after filming looked like there were different options.

Roselyn, nice work with the total body workout and the trampoline workout.

I saw my doc and got the results from the x-ray. My doc was on vacation last week. I have Tricompartmental arthritis in my right knee. I can't hardly walk without being in pain. My doc is sending me back to the orthopedic. I will make an appointment next week after my sinus surgery. Until then I will take easy on my knee. I want to go for a walk, just can't without being in a lot of pain. I am also bone on bone.

Today will do a seated stretch, no pressure on my knee.

Diane - thank you. Great job yesterday.

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Belinda- ugh- so sorry to hear your knee pain results. Best of luck sorting out your options!

This morning I did an Ifit interval ride. This was shot during Covid shutdown from a gopro on the trainer's bike - so first person POV and it really looks like you are riding the route yourself. Then I took the dog for a short walk.

Tomorrow my daughter is bringing over this guy she has been on a couple dates with for us to meet him. AGGHH!! I think she really likes him.
Wow, where did the day go? I had my Pre-Op this morning before I went into work. They took blood and did an EKG. Minutes for both, literally. I was in and out. Then I had to go to my bank because I had a charge on my debit card for something called TwitchTV. It was for $66. When I mentioned it in the bank three people that worked at the bank told me that they have had about 20 of those complaints this week. So all of you, check your accounts and make sure they aren't scamming you either. We did NOT sign up for it so I have no idea how they got my debit information. The only places I use my debit card is the grocery stores and the gas stations. I never use it online. I am going to start using my credit card for everything now, it's not worth this kind of stress.

Anyways, I got on my treadmill this morning and did 35 minutes burning 287 calories. I walked 1.7 miles, did 4176 steps and HR was 129/155.

Belinda - So sorry to hear that!! I sure hope that pain goes away. I can't believe how bad arthritis is. My cousin has it as well and is in a lot of pain a lot of times.

Diane - Sorry to hear about your foot, that is so strange to have arthritis in the toes but I guess they have joints too. I hope the pain gets better soon.

Hope you all have a great weekend!! I have a busy one because it's my DH's birthday. :)
Debbie - thank you. I hope I will find out more once I see the orthopedic surgeon for my right knee. The pain is unbearable the last few weeks. Sorry about your cousin arthritis. I hope she gets some relieve soon. glad your Pre-Op went well this morning. I had mine when I saw the sinus specialist. I signed my life away. Next week I should get a call from the anesthesiologist.

Diane - I am sorry about your foot. I hope you feel better soon.
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Tonight I did Penny 30 min No Repeat Cardio Hiit. I love this one. Tough and pretty much low impact. I have it saved as a fave.

Belinda, hope you find a resolution to your knee. My husband has a similar situation though the pain hasn't gotten unbearable yet. He doesn't want a knee replacement but I think in a couple years he will need to consider.

Snow storm here tomorrow. Can hardly wait.
Today I turned off the pulse ox on my watch to save the battery and it read my heart rate and steps higher than usual. That was odd. I usually have it on all of the time because the info is supposed to be more accurate when sleeping with it on. I did CDorner All Standing Low Impact high intensity cardio workout, 50 minutes, heart rate 134/185, 5,949 steps, 250 calories. I also did Raw Abs finisher standing portion only, 9 minutes, 29 calories, heart rate 97/110, 342 steps and Raw Athletic Stretch 2, 29 minutes, 36 calories, heart rate 71/96,115 steps. Total time 97 minutes, 315 calories, 6,406 steps. I have done this workout before and it is saved on my watch list. Chris stays with the low impact and says you can add some jacks and hops if you want to.
I was still hurting this morning so decided to wait on another weight workout. I got the Ultra CUr Advanced curcumin and took one this afternoon and most of the upper back and neck has stopped hurting. The toes still ache though, and I will take another capsule tonight.

Belinda, I am so sorry you are in so much pain with your knee that you cannot walk without hurting like that. Praying that they can do something for you.

Doreen, nice work on the Ifit Interval ride. Oh, the fun of meeting the dates. We have two daughters so had plenty of the experience. Have fun!

Debbie, that is weird about a company taking money out of your bank like that. I always freak out when I see a charge I am not sure of. I had some e mails for Kelly Coffey's site saying they needed me to update my credit card info before next month. I contacted them and asked why I would need to do that when I am paying through Amazon and I use Paypal when I purchase items. They came back and said I would have to talk to Amazon. I am not giving them info. Amazon take it out as a digital payment. I think it has something to do with the original Vimeo account that I had gone through before. I got a new card. There is no reason they should be pulling money out. I have never heard of Twitch TV.

Cam, nice work on Penny's no repeat cardio workout.

Ramped Up Upper Body (from the Strong and Sweaty series) plus bonus abs on the dvd is done. The ab workout was tough. I had to modify quit a bit. Had a great upper body workout.

Diane - thank you for your payers. I hope they can give me a shot or something to stop the pain/swelling. Great job yesterday.

Cam - thank you. Sorry your husband is going through this too. I been having knee problems for a long time. I got the shots for the last few years. They not doing anything for me anymore. Before I do live pain like this daily, I do consider surgery.

Have a great workout and weekend.
Yesterday was a rest day for me. Today, I did an uphill walk on my TM 92 minutes, traveled 5 miles and burned 728 calories. My husband brought my TM into the house this morning for me, it is too dang cold to workout in the garage till springtime. It was so nice and warm in the house, and I watched an entire tennis match from start to finish while walking and it made the time go by so fast. I plan on walking in the evenings as well instead of sitting, sitting just hurts my back and at least I will get a lot of steps in for the day. If I walk in the evening, I will on walk on a flat incline, just slow and easy.

Debbie, good luck with the surgery, you are in my prayers. Of course, it will come out good, this is a routine surgery for Orthos.

Belinda, sorry to hear about your knee. Also, great job on getting a workout in today, I would be sad if I could not walk, I think it is my favorite thing to do. Somehow it always makes me happy. I am sure you doctor will help you with the pain.

Doreen, good luck with the boyfriend meeting!!!!!!!!

Diane Sue, where do you buy the Curcumin? I looked on Amazon but did not see it.
Nice job on the workout and thanks for sharing it with us.

Cam, way to go on the workout yesterday!

Great job with the workouts yesterday, you ladies are killing it.
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I did a bootcamp ride on ifit by Anja Garcia this morning. She is a tough instructor and it seems like she shows up as a trainer of tons of platforms! It was 30 minutes of hill climb and then 3 rounds of bodyweight strength moves.
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Checking in on this snowy day with my favorite Cathe workout PHA 3. That one gets me every time. I always have to pause the dvd for 30 sec. half way through to catch my breath. Now off to the store. I'm hoping it will be quiet out with the snow and I will have the store to myself.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
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Today I am feeling pretty good so I did CDorner Step Aerobics with weights, 40:54 minutes, heart rate 114/152, 168 calories, 2,014 steps. This was 3 minute cardio segments which she said could be done off or on the step (she used 2 risers and I used 1) Then the weight segments are a couple of moves doing upper and lower or option just do the upper. I did as is, but a little lower weights as Chris uses 12,10, and 8 # I used 5# dbs for the overhead press/squat. I did not write it down as I needed to get ready to go watch my 8 year old grandson play basketball :)

Belinda, nice job on Ramped Up Upper Body plus the bonus abs. Cathe has some intense ab workouts that are challenging. My problem is mostly my neck in what I do for abs.

Jolie, you can order the curcumin from UltraCur® Advanced - The Power of Three! (ultrabotanica.com) or https://a.co/d/5GQOWLF (Amazon)
I am glad that you have your treadmill inside now. That makes it much more pleasant. I really do like this curcumin supplement. The company has a few different supplements. Most have curcumin in them. They just put out a quecetin supplement and they have a greens supplement. They are not on Amazon as of yet.

Doreen, nice job with Anja Garcia and the bootcamp ride.

Cam, great job on PHA 3. I hope you were lucky enough to have the store to yourself.

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