Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2023

I forgot to check in all weekend long! My knee is back to normal, so I went for a 4 mile walk at the beach on Saturday and today I did a 5 mile walk in the hills. Saturday's calorie burn was 651 and today's calorie burn was 862. I have a PT appointment on Tuesday, I cannot wait to tell her that I have been making progress with my own adjustments to the collarbone and the Red-Light Therapy and Infared Light Therapy has gotten the swelling down by 85%. It is amazing that I did all the work and investigation on the issue, and it all was a positive outcome. Amazing how doctors will not use progressive treatments that work, instead they are stuck in the past and do treatments that really do not do much. I also got some Roc Tape and taped my collarbone and my shoulder and that has made a huge difference having the support. I am not sure if I will lift weights this week, I want to see if I can get the swelling down 100% first. I may just walk all week, getting out in the sun feels amazing even though it is cold.

Great job on the workouts this weekend.

Debbie, you sound like you have what I had during Christmas. Mine hung on for weeks, but I did not get a Z pack from my doctor. Hopefully you recover quickly.

Make it a great Sunday, I am watching the NFL playoffs all day and the Australian Open. :)
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Today is my rest Day. Just catching up some things around the house after church this morning.

Belinda, that is a very pretty dress. I wonder how the fit is in a small. Sometimes Amazon makes a suggestion on a particular brand for me. Most of the time I wear a XS or size 2. It really depends on the company. That is why a lot of the time I go to a particular brand that I never have to worry about size being right. I lucked out on the dress for the May Wedding. Here is a link I wore to the May wedding. It fit perfect too. I was looking for green or blush color as those were the wedding colors. I do not look so good in pale colors though so had to search for forest green shade. The funny thing was that the grooms mother wore the exact same dress. Sort of awkward. https://a.co/d/d3erXRh I was getting tired of having so many black pieces of clothing. So, I look for colors that I like. I have a cute simple black Calvin Klein sleeveless dress with rouching up the side and an asymmetrical hem I have worn a lot.
I try to avoid any more kitchen gadgets. Somehow at Christmas during gift exchange and steel I got a Star Wars Waffle Iron. I will give it to someone eventually. I made some with my grandson when he was here. I tried to send it home with him and his mother said they did not need it. I think they make some attachment set up for my Kitchenaid to make ice cream. I have an electric one in the garage. It is a lot of work though. I have to stuff the air fryer and instant pot in the pantry which is a pain pulling out all of the time. My husband is clearing stuff from the garage and gave shelving to our granddaughter's husband.

Jolie, that is great that you are able to make progress on your own on the collar bone. I am glad you were able to get out for walks. There is probably nothing better than getting outdoors and some sunshine.
I am feeling much better, not 100% but on the way. Those Z-Packs really work great. My coughing is almost all gone but my head still has sinus pressure but is not as bad as it was. It felt great to workout this morning. I did RAW Box & Pump 2 and had an excellent workout.

Boxing Drill - 1.5# Egg Weights
Squat Rows: 15's - 16 reps
Run Rows: 8's - lots of reps

Boxing Drill - 1.5# Egg Weights
Overhead Press: 12's - 16 reps
Connected Front/Side Raise: 8's

Boxing Drill - 1.5# Egg weights
Overhead Triceps Extension: 15#
Run Kickbacks: 8's

Boxing Drill - 1.5# Egg weights
Chest Flies: 15's - 16 slow reps
Run Press: 8's - lots of reps
Ab work: 5's
Hammer Curls: 15's - 16 reps
Run Curls: 8's - lots of reps

Workout was 42 minutes, burned 376 calories, did 3276 steps and HR was 140/172.

Jolie - I'm starting to wonder if this is some kind of winter allergy. I get it EVERY year at this time. I felt fine other than the cough and sinus issues. I wish I knew what I could do to stop getting it. I start upping my Vitamin C and Zinc during this time and nothing seems to help. Very frustrating. Glad your collar bone is getting better. When is your MRI?

Roselyn - So glad to hear your ultrasound was good. I knew it would be. I'm sure you are relieved!!

Diane - Good job with your workouts! You are getting some good ones in. I was wondering if this was allergies as well. I seem to get it every year at this time. Not sure what I could be allergic to, though, since everything is dead. That dress you tagged is pretty. I have been into plaid skirts lately. I have one and I want to get a couple more. I love the green lace one you linked, too. That one is beautiful!!! I love kitchen gadgets! LOL!! I have many and use them all. I got rid of the ones I don't use.

Doreen - Know what you mean about buying dresses online. I bought two from Amazon not that long ago and they were way too long and big. I sent them back. I miss Dress Barn, loved that store.

Belinda - I liked that dress you tagged, that one is pretty. I love the maroon one. Good job with your workouts!

Cam - Good job with your Saturday workout!!

Have a great day everyone!
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Today is a rest day for me, my feet are sore from all of the walking the last few days. It is very windy and cold today, but the weather is supposed to get up to 68 degrees by Wednesday!!!! I feel depressed when it is cold, I am a fair-weather person. The weather effects my mood tremendously, I feel boxed in when I cannot workout with the garage door open or out for a walk in the sun. I cannot wait for summer this year. I love shorts, tank tops and sandals, not winter cloths.

Debbie, my MRI is scheduled for the first week of February. Nice job on the workout today and I am so happy that you are feeling better today. My doctor told me it was allergies but I was so under the weather that I doubt that is what it was but who knows. I take MSM for allergies, it is amazing!

I hope you all have great workouts today and I will check back in later to read your posts for the day.
Spent yesterday sitting at my daughter's volleyball tournament. But my son stopped by for one game so it was good to see him and the girlfriend.

I did a couple bike rides this morning totaling about 40 minutes total.

I had a double physical therapy this morning. I will get a workout in shortly. I am still going through my closet. I have a walk in closet.

Debbie - I love the maroon one. I'll bet it would fantastic on you. I usually buy black or dark blue, it goes with everything, lol. I do have a lot of colorful dresses. The dress is a little on the heavier site, perfect for colder weather.

Diane - you can oder one in small and if it doesn't fit return it. I took a chance when I ordered the dress for the funeral. My DD brought it with her. I was surprised how well it was made and how cute it looked on me. The dress is super cute you wore at the wedding. Funny someone else had the same dress on. I don't like when I have to hem dresses, I'll forget about it then donate them, lol. I like when they fit right away.

I will be back after my workout.

I had 2 physical therapy appointments this morning. I had good intensions to workout today, it never happened. I will try to get a workout in tomorrow. I twisted my knee on Saturday cleaning out my pantry, a few cans were falling out while I was trying to organize the shelf. I had no shoes on, I jumped backwards and somehow hurt my knee. My PT today noticed me limping, he tried to relieve the pain. I will try to take some meds tonight. I can't take it anymore, every time I move I feel like someone is stabbing me with a sharp knife. I am trying to get so much done around the house before the surgery next Monday. I need to slow down.
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Today I did CDorner Progressive Total Body Workout, 33 minutes, 86 calories, heart rate 93/119, 345 steps. I then did CDorner 30 minute Step Hiit from today, 31 minutes, 139 calories, heart rate 120/151, 1,281 steps. I finished with the Stretch after Step workout, 16 minutes, 29 calories, 56 steps. T0tal time was 80 minutes, 254 calories, 1,681 steps. I wondered at the steps on the Hiit step, but then remembered that it has some triceps dips, plank holds and things that were not so many steps in it. I did the low impact moves she showed on the jacks and jumps. No overhead press in the weight work which was a plus for me.
Progressive Total Body Workout
most moves are 60 seconds except the ones that are put together which are 90 seconds fabric bands and dumbbells used
warm up
banded weighted squats heavy band with 15# dumbbells
banded tap outs heavy band
banded tap out with jump or just up on toes 90 seconds
wide squat with heel lift 15# dbs
hammer curl10# dbs front raise 10's alternating.
wide squat with heel lift/hammer curl/ squats front raise 10's 90 seconds
dead lifts 15# dbs
bent over row 15# dbs
side to side curtsy lunge 15# dbs
combo 90 aec dead row to curtsy or reverse lunge 15# dbs
glute bridge 20# db
close grip press/fly 10# dbs
glute bridge /close grip press /flys 80 seconds 10# dbs

Debbie, I am glad that you are feeling better and got in a good workout this morning. I know the seasonal allergies always hit me and anything above the medium level on the charts hits me hard. So that covers most of the year. Juniper and cedar has dropped to low medium and I am doing much better. But, there is something that hits me at odd times. Like Saturday I walked into the laundry room and started sneezing and it continued through me folding all of the clothes and towels. It took awhile for it to settle as my eyes started watering and I got drippy from the sneezing. It also hits a lot when I start cooking a meal and I am clueless there. I have to keep leaving the room and coming back. I get daily e-mails from an allergy clinic for our area. My granddaughter that just got married and graduated from college, has came in with plaid skirts on and tall heeled boots. She started teaching this month in the same school she was doing some of her education in. I have noticed more plaid clothes out there.

Jolie, I need to get outside more. I had a goal of going outside with my dog in the mornings to get my self woke up and ready for the day. It is kind of cold here right now and they have some snow forecast for tomorrow. We will see if that happens. I have a lot of stuff in the yard I need to get done this spring as last spring I was still recovering from the shoulder surgery. I hope that you have a nice rest day. Msm does not work for my allergies. Really, I have tried Quercetin supplements that others have said stopped their allergies, but it does not work. I am trying it again now. I wish I could find the magic thing to work. A lot of mine is related to hay fever and rhinitis from my dr visits.

Doreen, nice work with the bike rides. That is nice that your son and his girlfriend were able to come to your daughters volleyball tournament. We are going to watch my youngest grandson play basketball Saturday.

Belinda, we have two large walk in closets off the master bedroom. One has stuff stored in it and the other my husband uses and I let him clear out his own stuff. I use the closets in the other two bedrooms. One is craft stuff and my coats and purses. I read a lot of reviews said the dress was well made. I wish returning was easier. Our other house was right around the corner from UPS. Here we have to go to an adjoining city. I did find that I can return UPS stuff at a CVS about 4 miles away which is better. I use that for smaller items. I try not to have to do returns though. My husband did the try before you buy once with shoes. It worked out okay as they fit fine.
Tonight I did Michelle 40 min. Met Con with a cardio Finisher. The cardio at the end about killed me. 6, 30 sec. moves 3 rounds. 10 sec break. The very last 3, I couldn't finish. I did some abs. I even lowered the impact a little but it felt good to go breathless. Also took the dog on a 2 mile sleety, windy walk. Ugh. Now, time for bed!
Today I walked on my treadmill and had a good little workout. I can't wait until I'm able to do more cardio workouts than boxing and the treadmill. Hopefully by March I'll be able to do a bit more than I can right now.

Workout was 40 minutes, burned 380 calories, went 1.91 miles, did 4716 steps and HR was 143/169.

I then did Yoga Focus Stretch with Karen Voight, an oldie but goodie. There are a lot of stretches on this one I can't do due to my knee but I did most of it. Felt great.

Jolie - If you feel depressed there with the colder weather you'd never make it here in Ohio. We have snow coming all week and in the 20's. Brrr, it's cold!! I don't get depressed but I sure do look forward to summer! My surgery is the same day as your MRI. LOL!

Belinda - I need dresses that are warm, I should maybe get the one you linked. It is pretty. I'm sorry you twisted your knee, you certainly didn't need that!! I'm sorry you can't seem to catch a break. Sorry you are going through all of this! What surgery are you having? Is that the one on your sinuses?

Diane - I'm not sure I have allergies but I guess it could be. I was folding clothes last night and started coughing again. I wonder if I'm allergic to the Bounce sheets? I get the same kind and smell so I don't think that is it, but it was just weird. Great workout yesterday!!

Have a great day everyone!!
Debbie - thank you! I am sorry for everything you are going through lately. I am getting sinus surgery on Feb 1st. This one is my second sinus surgery. I had a emergency sinus surgery in Germany on my left in 2009. The same thing happened, I was completely blocked. Again, my left sinus is completely blocked. I am done with the antibiotics and prednisone, I still have an infection that won't go away. I also have a lot of scaring which the surgeon have to remove/correct. I really hope this will help with all my sinus infections for a long time which triggers my RP. Great job on your cardio. I am also hoping to do more in March. We both need a break. I hope you like the dress as much as I do. Let me know what you think. I probably will order the dark blue one. Although I really don't need it, lol.

Off to do a Cathe UB workout. BBL
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I did GHUTV bootcamp 5 this morning. Really good workout, 1 min upper body, 1 minute lower body, 1 minute core and then repeat 3x. Then a burn out round at the end.

My pup didn't want to go outside this morning so I let him hang out with me and then took him outside after my workout. I think I wake him up and its cold and he's just not ready to go out in the dark and cold. I may try that and see how he does - I just don't want any accidents!! Oh- and we did the DNA testing on him. He's 32.4 % Chow, 27.5% Terrier, 10.4 % Golden retriever, 9.9% boxer, 6.3% husky and 13.5% supermutt!!! I think that makes him 100% supermutt!!
Today I did all CDorner workouts. I did Quick and Sweaty Cardio with dumbbells// tabata 30 minutes, 149 calories, heart rate 124/147, 2,348 steps. She only uses dumbbells in one Tabata and uses 5#, I used 3#. I did the modifiers for some of the moves. There is a lot of jacks mixed in, and some thrusters. I then did Solid no equipment abs, 21 minutes, 58 calories, heart rate 91/120, 134 steps. I finished with her Relaxing Flow Mobility// bonus neck and upper back 28 minutes, 46 calories. Total time was 79 minutes, 253 calories, 2,538 steps. Chris starts out explaining what a real tabata is and says this is not that type of tabata it is only the 20/10 part that represents tabata. I always wondered why I hear the tabata phrase all of the time and the workouts are not really tabata. Last night I spent a half hour doing non weighted work for knees off of YouTube Precision Fitness. I made the mistake of doing it on the ceramic tile and work up in the middle of sleep with my knee hurting. I took an Advil and went back to sleep. It seems okay today. The moves were supposed to strengthen knees to avoid getting hurt and one of the videos was for recovering from aa torn meniscus. The guy did the entire segments as follow a long and showed a list of the moves. I think they could be good though. My problem was some was kneeling, and I should have got a mat out. It has been snowing all day today. It started this morning and temp was not too bad, so I sat on the patio for a bit to watch the big flakes come down.

Belinda, I hope your knee is better. It is good you moved out of the way though. I am glad you have a PT that could try to help you out. You are right, I think slowing down would be a good idea. You can go back to the cleaning things out when you feel better. I know how it is though. I often have to remind myself of that. I hope the surgery takes care of everything and you do not have to do this again. Nice work getting in X Train Chest, Back and Shoulders.

Cam, nice work with Michelle Metcon with cardio finisher. I don't think I would take a walk in sleet. I would not be able to go to sleep afterward since it would really wake me up.

Debbie, I don't know what it is with the allergies. I start coughing and sneezing on the laundry soap area of the grocery store. I try to not inhale too much. So there is something with it. I have several laundry items open and it changes occasionally. I have a Pacifica body spray that every time I would use it I would start coughing and my eyes would water. I tried spraying and running out of the bathroom and then finally gave up using it. I finally decided I was not going to use it anymore. It is weird because I have had perfumes that did not cause a problem. Hobby Lobby causes me to cough and sneeze and I love going there. Nice job on the treadmill and doing the yoga workout today. I hope things go quickly for you and you can get right back into more stuff soon.

Doreen, a super mutt is usually some of the best natured pets. My dog is slow about getting up and around in the mornings. Today I got her out early though as I wanted to go outside and enjoy the snow before it gets well below freezing. She thought it was fun though and will opt to go out whenever I go out with her. Otherwise, she won't offer to get up till maybe after her bowl of food is set up. She just decided recently that she wants her food since I started microwaving it a little. Who knew? I read it online when trying to figure out how to get her to eat. I already added some pumpkin or broth. Warming it made all the difference. Mine has some mutt in her, I think. The vet tagged her as lab, but I am sure there is something else as she is a tiny bit different from my daughter's labs. She is black with a white patch on her chest. She was a two-month-old street puppy when my husband brought her home. No one would claim her and the lady that found her made my husband promise she would not go to the pound.
Great job on the Bootcamp today.
Tonight I did a CDorner Step & Strength. I really liked it. It was a 40 min. workout vs. her hour long ones. This was perfect for today and I loved the step portion. A good intermediate level. Easy to follow. The strength segments hit every muscle group too. I have to do more of these.

Doreen, The boot camp workout sounds fun. The GHUTV looks like it has some good workouts.

Debbie, glad you are feeling better. Just an FYI, after your surgery, you might want to check out a YT instructor, DC Fitt. She just had knee surgery and has a bunch of workouts to do while recovering from surgery. Her voice is a little annoying but she has some decent workouts.

Diane, I like nighttime walks. I actually sleep better after getting some fresh air, though I never have trouble falling asleep. I get up early, so I have more trouble trying to stay awake at night.:D

Good workouts everyone!!
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Cam, nice work. I like most of Chris' Step and Strength workouts. I used to fall asleep right away, but my hours are always changing around.
This morning I did RAW Burnout: Upper Body. I had a great workout but changed some of the moves because I don't like what Kelly chose to do. Great workout, though.

45 seconds on/15 seconds off

Superset #1
Supination Curls
: 15's
Half Curls: 12's
3 sets alternating each exercise

Superset #2
One Arm Rows:
25# (did 2 sets)
Added: Shrugs: 15's (did 2 sets)
3 sets

Superset #3
Seated Overhead Press
: 12's
Seated Lateral Raise: 10's
3 sets

Superset #4
Close Grip
Bench Press: 20's (I did regular bench press)
Pullovers: (I did Flies) - 15's
3 sets

Superset #5
Skull Crushers
: 10's
Dips: (I did Close Grip Presses - 15's)
3 sets

Total workout was 46 minutes, burned 336 calories, and HR was 124/151.

Belinda - Seems me, you and Jolie have procedures on the 1st. How weird. Hope we all have a positive outcome!! I hope the doctor that does your sinuses is better than the last doctor who did it. Yikes!!

Doreen - LOL on the supermutt!!

Roselyn - Sorry to hear you were sick, so was I. Hope you are feeling better. Mine is still trying to hang on.

Diane - I agree with Chris, tabata is 20/10 workouts. People started making up their own "tabata" style. When I did my Max Trainer a lot of the workouts were 20/10. Those are hard to do. Can't wait until I can start using that machine again. I miss it. I miss breathless workouts. You should never kneel on a hard floor, especially if you have knee problems. I can't even kneel at church anymore and we have cushioned kneelers. I hope your knees are ok today. We are getting snow today but then it's supposed to rain later. I hate winter. Certain places make my allergies appears as well but I don't think I'm as bad as you are. Usually I'm good with just about any smell. Not sure what's triggering it right now?

Cam - Thank you for the heads up on the YT instructor. I will check her out.

Roxie - Where are you? Hope you're still working out. :)

Have a great day everyone!
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I skipped the walk with the dog last night and made my husband take him - I'm just over being cold and heading out last night was the last thing I wanted to do! HA! I'm normally the one dragging my husband out with the dog.

This morning I did a 38 minute bike ride from Ifit's Quarantine series based in Boulder CO. It was a good hill climb workout.
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Sorry I did not check in yesterday, the day got away from me. I did a 2 mile walk outside before my PT appointment. I did not wear my fitness tracker, so I have no idea about the calorie burn. My PT and I decided to totally rest my upper body until we get the results of my MRI, just to see what happens to my collarbone. She gave me the most incredible stretch and massage yesterday; I swear I did not want to leave it felt so good. Today it is cold this morning, 42 degrees, I need to wait till it warms up to do any kind of workout. I am going to focus on my legs, which really need to be addressed, and continue to walk and do more cardio like the elliptical machine for the next two weeks. I am having my MRI on February 4th, at Saturday at 7:00am.

Debbie, how do you like your Bowflex Max Trainer? I see some used ones on Facebook Market Place that are like new, and I am thinking about getting one to work my quads. Feedback please. Everyone says they are really hard, but I thought it would be great to jump on and get some cardio in in-between sets of lifting weights, like I do my rowing machine. Nice job on the workout today.

Diane Sue, it is usually around 42 degrees when I take my dog out each morning and I have to bundle up like I am going skiing LOL! I have been walking my dog 3 to 4 times per day, so I am getting in a lot of extra steps lately and I am getting out in the sunshine and fresh air. It feels amazing.

Doreen, that is a mutt and I bet your dog is a cutie!

Roselyn, I hope you feel better soon.

Belinda, I twisted my knee again yesterday, thank goodness I am going to the Chiro on Friday to get it adjusted and put back in place.

Cam, Thanks for sharing the YT instructor, I will check it out!

Great job on the workouts yesterday, everyone is doing great!
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