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Good Evening,

I haven’t beefed working out again I had a stress test done on the 18th but it didn’t show anything was wrong so I just take my medicine and hope my blood pressure and heart rate remai stable. I have worked out the last 2 days but just cardio I will return to LiiFT 4 on Monday.
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Today I did DC Fitt 30 Low Impact Cardio. I liked this one as it was a good low impact that got me pretty sweaty. Then I did a CDorner Mobility Stretch. I'm a little sore from PHA 3. My butt is feeling it. It's those forward leaning lunges w/wieghts that get me. Of course it could be everything else along with it.

We got 8 inches of snow. I am always amazed at how quickly they clear the roads. It's pretty out until the cars slop it up.

Enjoying the football games!
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Today is my rest day. So nothing to report. It iis freezing outside today and they say we will have ice tomorrow which is not pleasant.

Jolie, i hope you see the links I posted to you yesterday for the curcumin.

Roxie, I hope your blood pressure and heart rate stay okay. Nice that you were able to do workouts the last couple of days. Do you monitor while you are working out?

Cam, nice work with DC Fitt 30 low impact cardio and CDorner Mobility stretch. I think snow would be better here than ice. Stay warm.
So cold here today- schools are cancelled. We went ice fishing yesterday and it was a beautiful day on the lake. A bit of wind in the afternoon but we stay in the hut and stay warm. Took the dog with us and he laid in the sled with a banket and snoozed, then would go out and race around in the snow and then come back and warm up. I caught 3, hubby caught 1.

This morning was a 35 mintue unilateral upper body workout on YT by NourishMoveLove and then a 10 minute standing band abs by the same.
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Today I did RAW Box & Pump. I had a great workout and really needed it. My DH's birthday was yesterday and of course we ate tons. Geez, I need to find my will power again. Ridiculous how much I ate yesterday.

1 minute each drill

Rows: 15's
W Back Flies: 10's
Overhead press/flies: 8's

Boxing - 1.5# EW
Supinated Curls: 15's
Pledges: 10's
Front/Hammer Run Curls: 8's (killer!)

Boxing - 1.5# EW
Upright Rows: 15's
Bent Elbow Lateral Raise: 10's
Bent Over Flies: 8's

Boxing - 1.5# EW
Overhead Extension: 15#
Double Arm Kickbacks: 8's
Dips (I did CGBP - 12's)

Boxing -
1.5# EW
Chest Press: 15's
Flies: 10's
Face Plant Push Ups (I did alternate chest press - 10's)

Squats: Skipped
Back Lunges: Skipped
Scales: Skipped

Workout was 51 minutes, burned 394 calories, did 2526 steps and HR was 125/161.

Trying to get mentally prepared for my surgery on Wednesday. They called today to ask me a ton of health questions. Now I just have to wait for the time.

I am really busy here at work, no time for personals. Hope you all have a great day!!
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Today I had an excellent workout, I love my gym in the house where it is bright and sunny and warm! I emailed my PT on Saturday and told her I was going crazy not lifting and she said I could be may not pick up a weight more than 15#'s and to do high rep low rep weight workouts. I told her that my PT exercises aggravate my collarbone just as much as a light weight workouts so she agreed I could do it. Once I get the MRI on Saturday, we will know what I am dealing with and then we can address it. Today I walked uphill on the TM for 45 minutes, traveled 2.5 miles and burned 391 calories. Next, I did a total body workout, lite weights and x 50 reps. Total calories burned was 570.

Chest Press- 12's x 50 Reps
1 Arm Rows- 15# x 50
1 Arm Standing Shoulder Press- 10# x 50
Hammer Curls- 8's x 50
Lying Triceps Ext.- 8's x 50
BW Squats- x 60
Leg Raise Alternating- x 50

I have to do some PT exercises that go over my head and that is when it irritates the collarbone. If my arms stay lower, no problem. Interesting.

Debbie, great job with the workout today. I bet you are a little uneasy about your surgery, that is natural. It will be over before you know it and you will be as good as new!

Diane Sue, thanks for the link to the supplement. I had a rest day yesterday too.

Doreen, I cannot believe how cold it is where you live, I saw it on the news yesterday. I would freeze to death LOL!

Roxie, welcome back. If you want to lower your blood pressure, take beat chews or juice along with Olive Leaf Extract 40%, it works instantly.

Cam, nice job on the workout and I bet the snow is beautiful. We have rain today, but it is only a drizzle.

Make it a great day.
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Stacked UB is is done.

Debbie - I am trying to get mentally prepared for my surgery on Wednesday too. I also got a call today the anesthesiologist wants to see me tomorrow? I don't know what this is all about. I am a little confused know :( Wishing you the best of luck with your surgery on Wednesday.

Roxie - praying for you.

Have a great day everyone.
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belinda sending prayers

today was shoulders and triceps
and then i got a phone call

we have a neighbor whose 20 year old daughter was killed last night in a car accident she left here (st louis) for central missouri state college in warrensberg. she lost control we had icy conditions a sweet bright, beautiful soul gone. She was my house and dog sitter sometimes. She was in town for her youngest brothers 14th birthday and her 18 year old brothers hockey senior night. We are a small street of 5 homes so we know them well please send prayers for her family and their beautiful Bridget
Roselyn - thank you for the prayers. My heart goes out to the Bridgets's family. That is so sad and tragic:( My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
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Today I did Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper Body mix that did all of the exercises and then did them all again. This was 51 minutes for me as I had to pause to look at the workout cards to write in weights and see what was coming next. I think it is supposed to be around 37 minutes. 97 calories burned, heart rate 85/114. I then did Raw Just Step 24 minutes, heart rate 126/147 heart rate, 127 calories, 2,068 steps.
Total time was 75 minutes, 225 calories. I modified a few impact moves in the step workout. I forgot the jacks on and off the step and jumps on to it.
Stacked Sets Upper Body
dips 32 reps
triceps push ups 12reps
rotating kickbacks 12# dbs 12 reps
close grip bench/flat bench/combo 10# dbs 24 reps
chest flys 10# dbs 8 reps
plyo push ups ( just did kneeling push ups)
dumbbell front squeese and press 8# dbs 12 reps
overhead press 1.5 8# dbs 12 reps
lateral raise 1.5 5# dbs 8 reps
lateral U 5# dbs 8
hip huggers 10# dbs 16 reps
pullover 1.5's 10# dbs 8 reps
double arm dead row 15# dbs 16 reps
hip hinge with back fly 8# dbs 8 reps
biceps curls 12# dbs 8 reps
8 point drop curls 10# dbs 8 reps 8points and 8 reps 8 points
hammer curls 12# dbs 8 reps
reverse curls 10# dbs 8 reps
Repeat all moves

Roselyn, that is so sad for Bridget's family. That is a heart-breaking thing, and I will be praying for them.

Doreen, we have ice here today. I woke up to the icy rain coming down and thunder. I do not think a hut would be warm enough for me to want to go out, but I bet it is beautiful out there.
Nice work today on 35-minute, unilateral upper body workout today.

Debbie, nice workout today. It does cause anxious feelings when getting ready for surgery. There is always so much paperwork for tests and procedures.

Belinda, nice work with Strong Stacked Sets today. I did the same workout today, except a different version that slowed me down because I was going through the workout cards trying to find where I was at on the exercises. They had me talk to my anesthesiologist before my shoulder surgery, but part of it was to discuss something else he could add that would help me through the pain longer after surgery. That was on the day of though.

Jolie, nice work today. Overhead PT exercises mainly hurt the front of my shoulders and neck. I approach them with caution and am hoping eventually I build up enough muscle around the area so I can do more without causing it to hurt. I hope that you can get that all worked out.
Tonight I did Michelle Briehler 55 min RIP Full Body Strength. That was great. It was beat driven too. I don't know how she does that but all the strength exercises choreographed with the music perfectly and she did different rep patterns too. The music was pretty good and spot on with reps.

Belinda & Debbie, good luck on your surgeries. I will be thinking of you. You both got this!.

Roselyn, so sorry. How awful!

Doreen, 5 degrees and windy here. Ugh! I think it will warm up by the end of the week.

Diane, can you do tricep pushups? I can't do a full pushup. I have to go on my knees and I can only do half a push up. My nerve that effects my left tricep just won't allow me to do pushups or a tricep press with more than 5 lbs. My right tricep can handle 10lb but my nerve on my left just never rejuvenated. I get very frustrated but then I think it's better than being debilitated with pain. My shoulder is also a little weak. I have no problems with my biceps or back/trap muscles.
Cam, I did okay with the triceps pushups that she did on this off the end of the step. I stayed on my knees for the pushups. The 10# dumbbells that I used for the close grip press were tough. It is frustrating when we used to lift much heavier. I am just glad I can still do workouts.

Kelly, put up a trampoline workout on her Raw channel this morning.
Getting nervous about tomorrow's surgery but I know it will go well. I just hate thinking of the aftermath. How much pain will I be in? Will I be able to get back to normal quickly? They already gave me a perscription of perkaset, which I don't want to take, so I'm hoping that isn't a sign of me being in a lot of pain.

This morning I did the last workout for a while, and I just walked on my treadmill.

Workout was 40 minutes, burned 426 calories (woo hoo!), went 1.91 miles, did 4696 steps and HR was157/184. Not sure why my HR is so high, maybe anxiety of whats to come?

Roxie - I wonder what's going on with you heart rate? It's scary that they can't figure it out. I sure hope nothing major is going on.

Doreen - Ice fishing?? Holy smokes, not for me!! Hope you had fun and caught lots!

Jolie - Great workout, just be careful. You don't that long to wait for the MRI. I'd just stay away from the weights for the time being. You don't want to rupture it more, that could take a long time to recover from.

Belinda - Good luck with your meeting with the anesthesioligist. That is odd. I received a call from a nurse yesterday who asked me a bunch of health questions, the ones you check when you fill out the medical form while at the doctors office. She was really nice. I am happy with the team of doctors and nurses I've dealt with so far. Let me know what happens today.

Roselyn - Oh my God. I cannot believe that happened to that young lady. So sad to hear! My heart goes out the her family and everyone who knew her. God bless her.

Diane - Great job with your workout yesterday, looked like a good one. Who does the Strong Body Stacked workout? I am going to pm you a few questions.

Cam - Thank you! :)

Have a great day everyone! I'll post tomorrow if I can. If not, you will hear from me on Thursday. Say a prayer for me!
Today I feel great, got a good night's sleep and feel ready to take on the day! The weight workout I did yesterday did nothing to the collarbone, no worse than it was so there you have it. Today I started my workout with a 45 minute uphill walk on my TM, traveled 2.5 miles and burned 424 calories. Next, I did some leg exercises and finished with ABS. I notice if I do not work ABS, that is when I start having low back issues again. I will try to work them at least 3 times per week just to keep them active and to help hold the low back in place. Total workout time was 76 minutes and I burned 545 calories.

Squats- 10's x 60, x 40
Warrior Slide Back Lunges using a towel under my foot- BW x 16, x 16
Leg Ext.- 40# x 20, x 20
Leg Curls- 20# x 16, x 16
Deadlifts soft in the knee- 12's x 16, x 16
ABS- 4 exercises to failure

Debbie, good luck with your surgery tomorrow, I will pray that everything turns out perfect! I have a friend that broke her kneecap and tore her ACL and did not take pain meds after the surgery. They give it to you just in case you need it. I had major foot surgeries and only took an Aleve afterwards, but I have a high pain tolerance. I bet you will be great! Be sure to check in with us and give us an update on how you are doing.

Roxie, maybe talk to your doctor about sodium tablets, that really helps my mom and dad with low blood pressure.

Roselyn, so sad to her about the death of the young woman in your neighborhood, prayers for her family. What a tragic thing to happen.

Cam, great job on the workout. I have never done a workout from that instructor; I will have to check it out.

Diane Sue, I cannot believe how expensive that supplement is by UltraCur. I will buy some Curcumin and then buy some stand alone Devils Claw and Boswella and make my own formula to take. I bet I can save about $20 that way instead of buy it the formula. Vitamin companies make you pay for the formula, more than the raw materials. I just looked up the ingredients panel and wrote down the formula and dosage and will make my own. Great job on the workout, you are really back to being as good as new. I cannot believe it is over a year already since you had your surgery.

Make it a great day.
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Good luck Debbie on your surgery.

It was so cold here last night that I walked the dog on the treadmill!! We were almost to a mile when I could tell he was loosing concentration and I didn't want him crashing off.

This morning I did a bike ride in Boulder on Ifit. They were filmed in quaraintine which is funny to see and hear now almost 3 years later.
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Debbie - the reason they wanted to see me is, I have irregular heartbeats. The anesthesioligist wanted to get an EKG to make sure I am good to go for tomorrow morning. My surgery is at 5:30 am. Yikes, that's early!! I am the first one. She also went over all my meds. What time is your surgery? I am getting nervous too.

Diane - they needed an EKG to make sure I was good to go for the surgery. It's all good.

Cam - thank you!!

I just got home from the hospital. Not sure what I will do today?
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Belinda - My surgery is at 5:15 a.m.!!! We'll have to get up at 4 a.m.!! They had me do an EKG on Friday, I'm surprised they didn't have you do that for your pre-op. Good luck Belinda, I will say a prayer for you!
Debbie - your surgery is early too. I have to get up around 2:30 am to take another shower. I was wondering about the EKG too. It's all good. When I had the pre-op I thought I was done. I will say a prayer for you too. Good luck to you tomorrow.
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Today I did Raw Rebounder #1, 34 minutes, 161 calories, heart rate 119/143, 3,764 steps. I then did CDorner High Intensity Cardio warm up and first tabata grouping, 9 minutes, 42 calories, heart rate 114/131,708 steps. This had too much impact and to the floor. I finished with CDorner relaxing full body stretch 31 minutes, 42 calories, heart rate 75/90. Total time was 74 minutes, 245 calories, Gertie always gets so excited when I get on the rebounder. She kept squeeking her toy and putting it on the rebounder wanting me to throw it. You would think an almost 10 year old dog would not hop around and play like she does. My daughter says she is a lot more active than her two labs that have 10 acres to run in. The Rebounder workout was done as tabatas with two moves done 8 rnds
jog /run
double bounce jack/full jacks
double bounce twister/ single twisters
pop squat with double bounce/ pop squat
double bounce knee up/ single kicks bounce
last tabata was doing the moves all through and then repeat them

Debbie, nice work on the treadmill walk today. They always give a prescription ahead of time just so if it is needed you have it. I had two whole bottles I got rid of when we moved here that were given me for surgeries in the past. Recovery should not take too long. There are athletes that have had tears mended and were back out playing sports within a few weeks after surgery. It was not long after I was pedaling on the spin bike and doing at home pt. Strong Body Stacked Sets is in Cathe's LITE series of workouts.

Belinda, sending prayers out for you and your surgery in the morning.

Jolie, nice work today. I am glad yesterday's workout did not affect the collar bone. Getting a good nights sleep really helps how we feel and perform.
The thing with this formula is the process of the protein scaffold they use to get the absorption NAC I thnk? . Yes, they are expensive, but work and I have purchased 3 bottles so far. I have taken curcumin with a separate Boswellia and devil's claw. Also added cats claw. It did not work fast like these do. There were a couple of formulas that I have used that worked somewhat but took a long time to notice. I agree on the price though. I have done a lot of mix and match with formulas. My vitamin and supplement tub is overflowing with bottles of stuff. https://ultrabotanica.com/pages/our-technology this tells how their technology is done. I think they have a patent on it. I will look and see if I can find the one I was using post surgery, although I did take extra of it, it helped a lot. Not as fast.
Here is the one I was taking a year ago after surgery. Similar ingredients, but did not work as fast. I think it does not have as much curcumin in it and type does make a difference.. I tried Curcuwin because arthritis.org suggested it and it did not work. https://a.co/d/dutWOlQ
Let me know if you find something that really works well.

Doreen, good idea taking your dog for a walk on the treadmill.
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