Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2023


Happy new year, everyone,

I hope you all had a safe and happy one. I hope 2023 is going to be a better year.

Today I did Iron D15 Shoulder. I kept all the exercises light. I also did a nice stretch. I will go for a walk later.

I will be back to catch up on personals.
Happy New Year everyone! I cannot believe it's 2023 already. God bless all of you!!

The results of my MRI are on MyChart and it says I have a "complex" tear on my meniscus. Not what I wanted to hear. My follow up with the doctor is on the 16th so we'll see what all that entails.

Not working out today but will tomorrow. Hope you all have a great day!
Just did Cathe's X10 Low Impact & Step. That was fast and furious. I don't think this dvd will get much use anymore. Other than the low impact segment, the rest is too high impact and moves way too fast. Definitely got a good cardio workout in 30 min. though:p

Debbie, sorry about your knee. That really sucks. I know surgery isn't what you want, but if your doc recommends it, hope you consider it. It's worth it to get back to what you enjoy and not be limited. I avoided surgery for a long time and because of it I have some permanent nerve damage in my left tricep and some numbness in my index and middle finger. Not major but it affects my workouts. Just my 2 cents worth.

Belinda, I see Heather has a new series. I will have to check it out. It's hit or miss with her. This series might be up my alley. I kinda like her met con's.
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Happy New Year!! Hoping it is a good one for all of us this year. No workout today and yesterday I did a CDorner mobility workout. I have enjoyed time with my grandson this weekend.

Belinda, Nice work on Iron Day shoulders. Are you able to lift weights with your shoulder? Mine sure were achy after Fridays countdown total body workout.

Debbie, at least you know what it is with the knee. I did what you have done and would improve and start working out lower body again and set it all back off. I am not sure of what "complex" tear means. Mine was not totally into the area that does not get the blood flow to help healing. I still have occasional bouts with that knee, but the surgeon said there was more arthritis in there than he had expected when he did the surgery. I am sure you will be reading and educating yourself before your visit. Complex makes me think it is not going to be one of those tears that can heal on its own. But that is just a guess. Post-surgery I had to use crutches to keep off that leg for a while. The bathrooms were upstairs, so I had to sit on the bottom step and work myself up the stairs backward. We only had a toilet and sink one downstairs. I know you were hoping for something that could just be taken care of at home. I guess we all do. The plus is that I finally quit having all of that knee pain.

Cam, good choice for a quick workout. I forget so many of those workouts and I remember some of the mixes that I really liked a lot. I think most of us put off surgery as long as possible hoping whatever it is will just go away.
Good Afternoon,

Nice day so DH and I took the dog for a 1.2 mile walk felt good to be outside.

Debbie-now you know and you can get it fixed. I love working at Ulta everyone is so friendly and lift you up if you are having a bad day. They constantly tell you how they like having me around and the free stuff is nice to.
Happy New Year!!! I sure hope this year is better than last year, we had a lot happen in our family with all the car accidents and people in the hospital. Good riddance to 2022!
I walked so much this weekend, Saturday I hit 28,000 steps and yesterday I hit 21,000 steps! My feet are sore, and I think it is time for some new running shoes. No workout today, I need a recovery day. The lump on my collarbone is looking really good, not lifting as much has done the trick. I am trying to move up my MRI appointment because it isn't till the 14th and I need to know what is going on, so I do not hurt it any more than I have already. With the news of Cathe's injury and Debbie's MRI results, I feel like just walking right now, I do not want to be sidelined any more than I already have been. I am not sure what I will be doing for my workouts going forward but it will be a lot of walking and using my elliptical. I want this issue that I have been battling to heal and I just want to get back to normal before doing any significant weightlifting. What are your plans going forward for workouts?

Debbie, I am so so sorry to hear about your tear, this makes me nervous for what I have going on with my collarbone. I bet you are anxious to have the appointment with your orthopedic to see what your options will be for the tear. Stay positive, this too shall pass.

Belinda, I am glad you had a good workout even though you are battling some issues with your body like the rest of us.

Cam, good job on the X10 workout, I remember those to be tuff stuff.

Roxie, good job with the day walk yesterday.

Roselyn, or should I start calling you Grandma!!! It is almost time :)

Make it a great day. I may have my son move my TM into the house today, so I do not freeze the next couple of months walking in the garage.
Today I did CDorner 40 minute lively Intermediate Step, 133 bpm(barely got up that high and it was near the end) 41 minutes, heart rate 112/137, 168 calories, 3,387 steps. I then did Les Mills Combat Stretch and Strength, 19 minutes, 37 calories, heart rate 84/101, 175 steps. Total time 60 minutes, 205 calories, 3,562 steps. My joints and ribs are sore so decided to get in movement and stretching. Maybe some strength tomorrow.

We we took our DS to the airport. Time goes by so fast. I already miss him. He arrived in TX a few hours ago. I am up since 3 am. I am super tired. I did managed to get my workout in this evening. I did Iron Legs and a walk.

Debbie - I am so sorry about your MRI. When do you see your doctor? I will say a prayer for you.

Diane - great job with CDorner 40 minute lively Intermediate Step.

Roxie - great job on that walk with your dog. We also took the dogs for a nice long walk yesterday.

Roselyn - hope you had a wonderful start in the new year.

Jolie - let's make this year a good one.

Good night.
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Today I did Cathe Ramped Up Upper Body. I took down Christmas decorations, cleaned my whole house and scrubbed the floors. That was my cardio for today. Tomorrow it's back go the grind.

Good workouts everyone!
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Oooops, never hit Post Reply after I typed this earlier. This morning I did RAW Box & Pump 2 and had an excellent workout. I had a really back headache when I woke up and wasn't really in the mood to workout, but the New Year is here and I need to get moving. I weighed myself to see what damage I did to myself during these last two week and I'm glad to scale is only showing 129#. When I hit 130 I panic. I still feel "heavy" though, so I need to reel in my eating and get back to it. This was a great workout and I was a sweaty mess when I got done.

Boxing Drill - 1.5# Egg Weights
Squat Rows: 15's - 16 reps
Run Rows: 8's - lots of reps

Boxing Drill - 1.5# Egg Weights
Overhead Press: 12's - 16 reps
Connected Front/Side Raise: 8's

Boxing Drill - 1.5# Egg weights
Overhead Triceps Extension: 15#
Run Kickbacks: 8's

Boxing Drill - 1.5# Egg weights
Chest Flies: 15's - 16 slow reps
Run Press: 8's - lots of reps
Ab work: 5's
Hammer Curls: 15's - 16 reps
Run Curls: 8's - lots of reps

Workout was 41 minutes, burned 376 calories, did 3314 steps and HR was 139/171.

I think I will do the Gym Style Workouts this week. My DH got me a new DVD player for my workout room. :)

Belinda - Great workout yesterday!

Cam - Great job with your workout yesterday, sounds evil. Yes, I will have the surgery is the doc recommends it. And I think he will. I can probably get it done during spring break or when the summer break starts if he's ok with me waiting. I have too many projects from now until May so not sure I can get it done right now. I am being very careful with the knee and wrap it every time I workout or if I go walking for a long time. So far, so good.

Diane - Yes, it is good knowing what is going on. I'm relieved it isn't anything more than that. My boss told me some time ago that she has a friend that tore her meniscus while skiing and they did sometime of surgery where they must use something go under the skin. She was on the slopes again in 4 weeks time. Now I'm not going to go crazy like that, and I will follow all the instructions I need to do to recover. I'm sure PT will be in there and I'm thankful I have an awesome PT person already.

Roxie - So glad you love working at Ulta, makes me want to work there!! Free stuff is just the icing on the cake! I received gift cards from Ulta and Sephora. Can't wait to spend them!

Happy New Year to you all! Have a great day! This is my last day off and tomorrow it's back to reality.
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Since I got a new DVD player for Christmas I decided to do Gym Style Chest & Tri's. I am hoping it wasn't a mistake. I really felt some weakness in my left shoulder area and I'm wondering if I have some sort of rotator cuff issue going on. Wouldn't surprise me. It feels ok with Kelly workouts, but working out with Cathe again reminds me of why I don't much anymore. Anyways, it was a great workout and I'm sure I'll feel it soon.

16/12/8/4/2 Push-Ups: Didn't do all 72 but sure did feel what I did
Bench Press: 20's - 3 sets/12 reps
Flies: 15's - 3 sets/12 reps
Inclined Bench Press: 20's/15's - 2 sets/12 reps
Incline Flies: 15's - 2 sets/12 reps

Close Grip Barbell Bench Press: 25# - 2 sets/10 reps
Dips: Skipped
Dumbbell Lying Extension: 10's/8's - 2 sets/8 reps
Seated Overhead Press: 15# – 2 sets/12 reps
Cross Body Extensions: 8# - 2 sets/12 reps
Cross Body Extensions w/Band: Skipped
Kickbacks: 5# - 2 sets/20 reps
Kickbacks w/Band: Skipped

LOL, last time I did this workout was on Nov. 7, 2016. Holy crap!!

Workout was 50 minutes, burned 267 calories, HR was 106/154.

I'm back at work so no time for personals. Hope you all have a great workout!!
Today I started a new workout challenge, it is going around social media, so I thought I would jump on the band wagon and give it a go. It is an uphill walk on the TM called the 12/3/30 challenge. It stands for 12.0 incline, 3 speed and for 30 minutes. I cannot walk uphill on incline 12 because I am afraid of injuring my Achilles Tendon, so I opted for level 8.5 incline instead. I will have to work up to the incline 12 over time. It is imperative that you do not hold on to anything, your legs have to do all of the work. I did really well, I was surprised that my heart rate did not get too high and either did my calorie burn but my glutes and hamstrings are feeling this workout. I extended the walk for an additional 15 minutes, 10 minutes of 4.0 incline at 3.2 speed and 5 minutes 0 incline at 3.2 speed. Total TM workout time was 45 minutes, traveled 2.5 miles and burned 396 calories. My new FitBit does not read calories too good I have noticed, imagine that! I am taking it back to Costco and just using my cheap watch from Amazon, it works so much better and is more accurate. Next, I did a total body weight workout and 2 rounds of the circuit. Total workout time was 1 hour 10 minutes and I burned 485 calories.

Chest Press- 20's x 12, x 12
Cable 2 Arm Rows- 60# x 12, x 12
Bicep Curls- 15's x 12, x 12
Upright Rows- 12's x 12, x 12
Lying Triceps Ext.- 12's x 12, x 12
Leg Ext.- 40# x 20, x 20
Leg Curls- 20# x 16, x 16
ABS- 2 exercises to failure

Debbie, great job on the workout today and good luck with being back at work today. I love Gym Style workouts; they get in there good. I am going to be doing my own thing for the month of January because every time I do a structured workout, I seem to be back at square one with my collar bone issue.

Cam, great job on the workout and cleaning your house!

Belinda, how is your back doing? Bummer about your son having to leave, I always hate when my son has to go back to college. Fortunately, he is here for an entire month so that makes this mama happy :)

Diane Sue, great job on the mobility workout and stretch yesterday. My traps are getting tight again, I may have to go and get a deep tissue massage soon. I have PT tomorrow so maybe I can get her to massage the trap area again, it really helped with the pain. I went to a chiropractor yesterday and we worked on my collarbone. He agrees with me that it is up and pointing outward, so we did some mobility type of stretching of it and it moved a bit in the right direction. It seems to be stuck and it is hard to move it because of the inflammation. I came home and iced it, and it was so much better today. My mri is on the 14th, I have a lot of time to worry still. I hope there is no tear but you never know.

Make it a great day. I am food prepping today; I gained a little weight over the holidays, and it is time to reign it in.
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Today I did Coffey Fit Raw shoulder and neck limitations workout 35 minutes,heart rate 96/113, 97 calories and followed by Raw Boxing Finisher 17 minutes, 63 calories, heart rate 103/141, 603 steps. I forgot to check the steps with the neck and shoulder limitations. Total time was 52 minutes, calories, 160 calories. Not feeling real well today.

Coffey Fit Raw Shoulder/Neck Limitations
2 pair dumbbells Kelly uses 12's and 15's Workout targets arms with restricted form, and lower body along with some upper back.
6 moves done for 45 seconds repeated as 3 rounds
squats 15's holding dumbbells down to sides option use 1 dumbbell and do goblet squats
biceps curls 1 arm anchored by the other arm so no shoulder movement 12 # dumbbell
reverse lunge alternating 15# dumbbells
triceps kickbacks 1 arm anchored by the other arm 12# dumbbell
no weight 1 leg balance knee up and circle Kelly uses a bar for balance
anchored scapular squeeze leg kickback alternating sides 12# dumbbells
repeat 2 more times
Belinda, it always seems too quiet when our family members have to go. Nice work getting in Iron legs. I hope you got some rest in last night.

Debbie, nice work with Box and Pump 2 yesterday and today's Gym Styles. I remember I was doing a round of STS when I had my torn miniscus. Afterward as soon as I could get around and move some I did X Train Upper Body Strength workouts and some Kelly premixes that were predominantly light boxing. Then I started just sitting on the spin bike and pedaling. No standing peddling. It was nothing like the shoulder surgery. Healing is pretty quick. Pain for me gradually went away. They make a tiny hole and do the repair arthroscopically. My Surgeon gave me a prescription for PT, but told me I could probably take care of it myself. I just used some dvds and stuff I learned online. Although I probably would go to the PT I had for my shoulder if I had to do it again. I used a Yoga Tuneup dvd that had progressions in it that helped keep the mobility while it healed. I read where there are athletes that were back out on the field within 3 weeks of surgery. I do not think I would push it that hard though. My knee swelled up so much I wore sweatpants for a while. Plus, I had one steroid injection. I would imagine that is what the athletes do. The doctor said I would probably be able to do anything once the injection took effect. I did not push though as I did not want to reinjure it.

Jolie, great workout today. I am not fond of Fitbit after having more than one in the past. They tend to be erratic, and I spent so much time irritated with it. Not what I want to feel while working out. I wouldn't mind having higher calories, but I just do not burn what I used to. I don't get winded, and I cannot do the jumping and high impact stuff that makes a difference for me. Praying you do not have a tear or something hard to mend. Working around injuries is not fun. Enjoy the food prepping. I made a Soup last night that turned out really good as I lowered sodium in it and had to substitute for coconut milk that I did not have. I used 1/3 cup of cream and filled it to 1 cup with water to replace the full fat coconut milk. This lowered the fat to 10 grams. It is called Immunity Boosting Ground Turkey Tumeric Soup. I put lots of grated ginger in it.
Hi everyone,

Iron Day 17 Upper body and stretch is done.

Diane - I love having my kids around. I am trying to catch up on house stuff today. Great job on your Raw Shoulder/neck workout today.

Jolie - my back is almost 95% better. I can't complain I do see my son very often. I already making plans to see him in a few weeks. I see my DD almost weekly. Thank goodness, she isn't far from us. Great job today.

Debbie - I have to go light weights with Cathe's shoulder workouts. I hope it's not your rotator. Sorry, you are going through so much lately.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.
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Baby Leo arrives tomorrow by c-section he never turned so by 8:30 I will have a new title Mimi!!!

today I did a bellicon trampoline workout

I will update you all tomorrow send prayers for a safe delivery
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I did Penny 40 min No Repeat Legs & Abs.

Congrats Roselyn!

Debbie, I still like the ease of popping in a dvd and not having to decide what YT workout to do.

Diane, hope you feel better tomorrow. I have to do more mobility stretching. Now with the holidays over, i need to make Wednesday's & Friday's my stretching days. I like some of Dorner's.

Jolie, have fun with your new challenge.

Belinda good workout! Hope your doing a little better.
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This morning I walked on my treadmill for 1 mile at 4% incline and then did Gym Style Biceps only. Fun workout, really tough. Now I know why I was in the best shape of my life - Cathe's workouts!! Still, without a doubt, the best. She looks amazing in this series, too. I personally think she was at her peak during that time of filming.

Gym Style Biceps
Barbell Curls: 25# - 2 sets/10 reps - slow counts, this killed
Dumbbell Partials - 8's - 2 sets
Concentration Curls - I did Pledges: 12# - 2 sets various reps
Curl Up/Reverse Down: 10's - 2 sets/10 reps
Hammer Curls: 15's - 2 sets/12 reps
Wrist Curls: 3's - 2 sets

Total workout time was 50 minutes, burned 327 calories, HR was 120/161. Did 2758 steps.

Jolie - Good luck with your challenge, that looks like a good one. I would not be able to do 12% incline right now either, that would kill my knee. Yep, that is why I don't have a Fitbit anymore. My Garmin knocks that piece of crap out of the park. You'd think they'd have something a bit more accurate than that, and what gets me is everyone complains about it. I've seen the same complaint on their forum every time I go on there.

Diane - I am hoping the surgery won't be too bad, I heard it isn't. We'll see, one day at a time. I will definitely go to PT, I really like my therapist and I'd like to have her help me with recovery to make sure I do everything right. I'll decide what to do after I talk to my doctor. Great job with your workout!

Belinda - My rotator cuff is fine right now, but I can tell something is wrong with it. I will just be careful with what I do and not lift real heavy for shoulders. Great job with Iron Day 17. Have you heard any updates about Caroline?

Roselyn - HOW EXCITING!!! Hope all goes really well!

Cam - Me too, I miss doing some of my DVD workouts.

Have a great day everyone!
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