Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2023

Good morning,

IRON Series 30 Min Dumbbell Glute Workout - Supersets | Day 18 plus stretch is done.

Debbie - glad your rotors cuff is fine for now. I am also using very light weights for shoulders. My shoulder is bordering me. I don't get it. I haven't heard anything from Caroline G. I have a feeling she is planning something big? Not sure what? She has been silent for month.

Cam - I do too. I like having DVD's. Great job yesterday.

I have a physical therapy appointment for my back. BBL
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baby arrived last night her water broke delivered c-section bt pray he is having troble reglating his glcose levels right now so she is a mess
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Today I did the two new Raw workouts. The first was Step Boxing Drills 32 minutes, heart rate 114/130,134 calories. I think the steps were a little over 1,000, but I forgot to check it. This one is all low impact with options. To make it more intense they used 3 risers on the step. You do not have to. Not much in the way of walking around the step etc. Just things like one foot on, squat down push up to a kick till timer goes off and then do the other side. A few moves on the floor and I think a lot could be done without a step. She also says you could wear a weighted vest for either of these workouts. I have not put one on since well before surgery as having it resting on my shoulder hurt.
The second one is Hi/Low and sculpt drills, 36 minutes (a bit extra time to write it down), heart rate 101/120,120 calories. The option here is to follow Kelly who does the low impact version or Kitty who does the high impact version that is a lot of jumping when not doing a compound move.
I finished off with Raw stretch finisher 7 minutes. I did not use the watch for the stretch.

Coffey Fit Raw Hi/Low and Sculpt timed 32 minutes total time
1 moderate dumbbell needed, can wear a weighted vest if you like There is two rounds of the moves
warm up
squat/front raise/upright row started with 8's and dropped to 5's option if bothers shoulders is to do a curl instead
high move jump from side to side, low side squat knee up
pick up weight/reveres lunge/curl all on right then all on left 10# db
high impact lunge jump switch or low impact lunge twice then switch opt for reverse lunge for knees
close squat kickback 8# db Kitty does a harder version they called an airplane I could not do as it hurt
high impact step out high jump or low impact step out going wider 3 times and return
shift side lunge overhead triceps extension 8# db
side steps
repeat all moves then a short stretch

Cam, nice work with Penny legs yesterday. I am hoping to get done early enough today to get in a little extra stretching. I ended up ready for bed and realized I forgot to pay my car tag for December. So pulled the computer back out to do it online. I missed their e-mail reminder as it was on my lesser checked e-mail account. I changed that this time. I would not have thought about it except my main email gave me a reminder for my husbands this month. So I had to go do a search after looking at my tag. I hate when I do things like that.

Roselyn, congratulations. Praying that everything is okay soon.

Debbie, I understand. I wanted to be sure I got my range of motion back and healed well so opted for a longer PT than I had to have since the surgeon on my shoulder gave me an option and a prescription to continue. Although I think all of the insurance usage is one of the reasons my medicare supplement went up. They sent me a letter saying usage and age determined the extra cost :rolleyes: Nice work on Gym Style Biceps today. I remember using some of those timesaver mixes for those. I bet you are happy to have a working dvd player again. I like my new one a lot.

Belinda, nice work with Iron series 30 minute dumbbell glute workout and stretch. I hope PT is going well for you.

Jolie, hope you have a good day. That is interesting about the collar bone angle being off. I wonder why? I have been keeping an eye on my other shoulder as the bone at the top of the shoulder stands up quite a lot. The other one that had the surgery does not stand up like that. I am hoping it is not something going on with the arthritis. Did you get all of your food prep done?
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I wasn't going to workout today, but decided to do CDorner Energetic Step. It was an intermediate level. Really liked it. Moved quick but not complicated. No problem picking up the moves. Just what I was looking for.
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Cam, nice work on Energetic Step. I liked it too. Sometimes the complicated ones take my heart rate down when she is going slow so people can learn the moves. Also, it is nice to have a decent uncomplicated workout so I don't have to think so much. I guess it depends on my mood.
This morning I did RAW Heavy Bag/Shadow Boxing w/Zach and also RAW Stretch Finisher. I used my EW for the boxing. Love this workout and I really like that she adds some ab work at the end.

Total workout time was 50 minutes, burned 372 calories, did 2834 steps and HR was 132/181. Sort of high, not sure why?

Belinda - Caroline is probably creating her own channel so she can charge a subscription fee for her workouts. Actually, she'd be stupid not too. she'd make ton of $$ doing that. Great job on your workout!

Roselyn - Sending prayers. He will be fine, don't worry!

Diane - Those two new workouts look too leg intense and high intensity for me. I'm bummed, I wish she'd come out with some more lower intensity workouts. Oh well, there are plenty to keep me busy. Great job with those workouts yesterday!

Cam - Great job with your workout!

Jolie - Hope you are ok. Seems like it's been a while since you posted.

Roxie & Doreen - Hope you are both doing well.

Have a great day!
Yesterday I went to my PT and had an incredible appointment. We put our head together and I think I figured out what is going on with this issue I am having. We stopped the exercises that she wanted me to do because I told her they were making it worse, not better. I told her to switch gears, and we found some exercises for the rear delts and posterior chain that would not aggravate the collarbone. I told her I think this is a fascia issue along with a spasm so she gave me a deep tissue massage and it was amazing. She also did some trigger point deep tissue release and that helped more than anything. I emailed her last night because when I was going to bed, the lump was 90% gone compared to what it was in the morning. Wow, right! I had a feeling that the tight muscles and spasm was pulling my collarbone out of place and once we got it to relax, the lump basically disappeared.

Today I did the TM walk, 8/3/30 and then did an additional 10 minutes on incline 4 at a 3.2 speed. Total distance was 2.2 miles and I burned 349 calories. This time this challenge was not that hard, thank goodness because the first day made my calves hurt like hell!!! Next I did a small leg circuit and it felt really good. I wanted to give my upper body a day off to see what happens to the swelling on the collarbone. Total workout time was 1 hour and I burned 457 calories. Wow, is it raining here again today, yeah!!!! Maybe we will finally be out of a drought. :)

Leg Ext.- 40# x 20, x 20 (go heavier next time)
Leg Curls- 20# x 16, x 16 (go heavier next time)
Squats with KB's- 10's x 20, x 20
BB Deadlifts- 25# x 16, x 16

Roselyn, the baby will be fine. My water broke at 32 weeks, and I had a preemie in ICU for 42 days and he is a stud! He is a college football player even though he was born at 4 pounds. They will get the issues sorted out; it takes some time.

Debbie, great job with the workout today. How is your knee doing? I posted on Tuesday; did you not see it? I started a new TM challenge, and it is literally kicking my butt! I love it.

Cam, nice job on the energetic step workout.

Diane Sue, yes, I got my food prep done and it makes eating clean so much easier when all you have to do is grab what is already made. I have to keep up on this. I have lost some weight in the last month because I gave up drinking wine and boy did that make a big difference in my weight. Also, I have cut a lot of carbs out of my diet too! Great job on the RAW workouts yesterday. I hope you got some descent sleep last night.

Belinda, I agree with Debbie about Caroline coming out with her own App or Channel for her workouts, they are too good to be free!

Make it a great day. Since it is raining all day, I will clean out my closet and get organized!
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My parents left yesterday so I finally got a workout in this morning. 30 minutes on bike on a ride in Thailand. I'm actually not that interested in this series so I'm going to do a different older series for now.
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Today I walked outside, I also did a stretched afterwards.

Diane - great job with your raw workout yesterday. PT is going great. Still having problems with my shoulder/bicpes.

Debbie - I didn't wanted to say it, I have a feeling she creating her own channel so she can charge a subscription fee for her workouts. I defiantly would pay for her workouts. I use her workouts constantly. She is probably making a lot of $$ from her YT channel too.

Jolie - I agree, Caroline's workouts are very good. I been doing her workouts since last year. I did a few Cathe then switched back to Caroline's workouts. I like the clean look, no talking workouts. Glad you figured out what is causing your collarbone problems.

Cam - I have to check that step workout out. Not that I can do it anytime soon. Walking is all I can do lately.

Roselyn - is the baby here yet?

That's it for me today.
Today I did CDorner Cardio Kickboxing and abs intervals. Time was a bit longer as I started the energetic step workout and after she hit the tick tock move I decided to wait and do the Advanced version of this when she puts it out, since I did the one she did Monday. Time was 41 minutes, 132/157,223 calories, 2,747 steps.
I then did CDorner Convenient mobility and stretch, which is a little over 20 minutes and then a meditation which I just pulled out my foam roller to do some back and more shoulder mobility on. My time was 28 minutes, 50 calories heart rate 82/105, 67 steps. Total time was 69 minutes, 273 calories, 2,814 steps. My dog kept trying to get her head under my hand so she could get petted while I was doing the yoga.
I was woke up at 8 this morning by an AT&T worker wanting to get in my back yard. I will be glad when they are done hooking up these other houses and hoping they do not need to do this anymore. All of the homes are finished behind me and sold. There are utility lines flagged all over the yard that have been here for several days.
I am trying to work out some things on how to handle supplements and foods to help combat the arthritis and allergies. I have not taken allergy medicine for 3 days even though I have been really suffering from them. But the allergy meds really do not do much for me anyway. Juniper pollen is really high. I have read several places that allergy meds have a link to Alzheimer's. This worries me.

Debbie, nice work today with heavy bag/shadow boxing. Both of the workouts Kelly did were not knee friendly. I was okay with the sculpt one and did the low impact with Kelly. I did find it a bit uncomfortable with the shift side lunge and overhead triceps extension. Just the angle and the overhead extension seemed off. The other is low impact but uses step. I was on the fence with the 3 risers but did it and was careful since my knee has been an issue. The squat off the side and and back up with a kick was a worry. My knees were fine though afterward. I felt pretty good over all this morning when I got up.

Jolie, I hope the PT exercise changes and work continues to take care of the collar bone issue. Nice work today and smart move to give the upper body a day off to see how it goes.
I was going over things and I think I need to cut out a few non whole foods aka protein bars. Most have diet sweeteners that are unhealthy. I could make my own I guess. More vegetables!! I used to have large salads every day and make my own dressings, I kind of laid off of that and I use Primal Kitchen dressing , which is okay, but does not taste as good as what I make. It is the only brand that I have found that uses avocado oil and does not sneak in additives. I don't know about grains, I have an occasional wild tuna sandwich on Daves sprouted grain or good seed bread with Primal kitchen mayo. Also gluten free steel cut oats for breakfast if I do not eat a protein bar. I found a pumpkin pie overnight oats that is 21 Day FIx that is good. I alter and add a little protein powder to it. I got a free download steps to healthy eating from a Naturopath I listened to on Ultrabotanica Youtube discussion. He said to be careful of grains as they are like sugar carbs as far as insulin. Then I was reading some blog stuff on the Ultrabotanic site. I think when I finish the Ultra Broc capsules I will go back to the Advanced Ultra Cur as it works pretty fast when I am feeling pain. It also helps post workout. I had another recipe I wanted to make up that called for sweet potatoes (although I think any kind of potatoes may be a not so good option) Walmart wanted to sub a bag of frozen sweet potatoes and I did not accept it. Bleh!! Usually when I get the carbs where I want them on my goals the fat is more than I want. Hard to get it just right. I want the fat to 25% or less of total calories and it is often over 30%. The main thing is to eat food that you would see in nature and not premade packaged stuff. Then it would be healthy.

Doreen, nice that you got in a ride in Thailand today.

Belinda, nice work on getting a walk in and stretch. Is the mobility getting any better in your shoulder?

Roselyn, how is the baby doing? Has his glucose levels evened out? My daughter had to stay in an incubator for a week because she had premature lungs when she was born.
This morning I did a 1 mile warmup walk on my treadmill and did it on a 5% incline. Got my blood pumping for sure. Then I did Gym Style Shoulders and had a great workout. I am still really sore from the chest, tri's and biceps workouts I've one this week.

GS Shoulders

Seated Overhead Press
: 12's/10's/10's - 10 reps each (but I only got to 8 with the 2nd set)
Standing Lateral Raise: 8's - 2 sets/10 reps
Standing Band Laterals: Did some, these bother my neck
Band Front Raises: Did all
Dumbbell Rear Flies: 8's - 2 sets
Rear Delt Flies w/Band: Did most

Total workout time was 45 minutes, burned 335 calories, did 2913 steps and HR was 129/160.

Jolie - Glad your collar issue is getting better. Are you still having the MRI? Seems you figured out the problem, if it's fascia then you should be able to get it worked out. Hopefully anyways. Great job on your treadmill challenge walk and legs. Wish I could work my legs. My knee is good as long as I baby it. Looking forward to talking to the doc to see what my next steps are. I went back and saw your post on Tuesday, not sure how I missed it. Sorry! I've meal prepped forever, it's the only way I can survive at work. If I don't have my clean foods I'm screwed. LOL!

Belinda - I doubt I would pay for a subscription for Caroline. I like her but I don't see myself doing most of her workouts because she works legs so much. Maybe when my knee is fixed I will. I do like her workouts.

Diane - I cannot believe how many times you have had to get up to let workers in your yard. That is crazy. I hope they are almost done with it all. I will watch the new workouts from Kelly but I doubt I can do them just now. Maybe later. Great job with your workouts!

Roselyn - CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, so glad it's Friday!! Going back to work was rough!!

I did Iron Day 20 FB this morning and yoga. I also did clean max :)

Debbie - Caroline has a lot of contents on her YT channel it would take me awhile to get through all of them. It all depends on how much she would charge? I probably will take a break from Caroline for the reason you mention. I need to give my knees a break.Great job on your GS shoulder.

Roselyn - congratualtions!! Exciting news.

Diane - my shoulder mobility is getting better, my biceps is still bordering me. I made an appointment with my doctor next week.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.
I did GHUTV Pure Strength workout this morning - Great set up, Lower body, upper body, combo of the two moves then repeat 3x.

Roselyn so glad to hear the baby arrived and is doing well!
Today I did Boss Bands skipping some of the push up and just doing a few on my knees, 56 minutes, heart rte 97/130, 154 calories, 794 steps. I then did CDorner 20 minute fat burning step from 2 weeks ago, 24 minutes, 115 calories, heart rate 118/162,1,908 steps.
I finished with CDorner Feel Good Stretch with a chair, 22 minut, 82/101 heart rate, 39 calories, 43 steps. Total time 1 hour 42 minutes, 312 calories, 2,745 steps.
I had workers in our yard again this time they dug holes in the lawn. I had to keep my dog in and quiet for several hours which was not easy. I am getting tired of being woken up by workers at the door. This time I think it was Cox Cable. Last time it was ATT and they left wire hanging out. Also Cox cable has wire hanging over the fence and they are obviously not done. I thought I was told that OG&E was coming out. They did fill the hole they dug last year that ran under the OGE box. Maybe they are all working together, I don't know.
I am posting late today, I got really busy this morning and never got around to it. Since it has been raining for days lately, the sun finally was out today so I went outside to the beach for a nice walk. It was very crowded at the ocean, the storm has brought in 20 foot waves and all of the surfers were out, crazy. Oh, and those crazy fools were my two sons!!! It is cold, a high of 55 degrees, it felt like it could snow to me it is so cold LOL! I walked for an hour with a big jacket on and went 3 miles. I did not wear my watch so I have no idea what my calorie burn was, but I am sure it was low. It felt amazing to get some sunshine.

Great job on the workouts today everyone! I hope to workout both days over the weekend because if I do not do some sort of physical activity, I feel horrible.
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Today I decided to do something different. I did Michelle Briehler Soul Fusion. It was a combination of yoga, cardio and stretching. It was 50 min and I loved the different segments and how she created the combos. Vey fun.
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Today I had an excellent workout. I started with my TM challenge and did extra distance. I did the 8/3.0/30 and then I did an extra 15 minutes on a slight incline just to get in extra steps for the day. Total TM time was 45 minutes, traveled 2.6 miles and burned 405 calories. Next, I did an upper body circuit and it felt so good to lift without any pain in the collarbone area. The only exercise that bothered it was Chest Press. I did two rounds of the circuit each exercise x 12 reps. Total workout time was 75 minutes and that included a stretch and my PT exercises, and I burned 568 calories.

Chest Press- 20's x 12, x 12
Chest Flys- 12's x 12, x 12
1 Arm Rows- 20# x 12, x 12
1 Arm Horiz. Rows-m 15# x 12, x 12
Seated Overhead Shoulder Press- 15's x 12, x 12
Lateral Raises- 8's x 12, x 12
Bicep Curls- 15's x 12, x 12
Hammer Curls- 15's x 12, x 12
Lying Triceps Ext.- 12's x 12, x 12
Lying Cross Body Ext.- 10# x 12, x 12
PT exercises

Cam, the workout you did yesterday sounds interesting. Great job on trying something new.

Great job on the workouts yesterday everyone! It sunny again today but we have more storms on the way.
This morning I did Penny 45 min. Serious Strength & Cardio Circuits. This one is really tough, but I love the exercises. It's on my top 10 Penny faves. I wonder how many calories I burned. I was breathing hard almost the whole workout.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday.

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