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Today is a rest day and I am heading out the door for PT. I have noticed that the PT exercises are irritating the collarbone joint more than anything so I am going to discuss different options with her. I am going to get the results of the MRI and then go and get a consultation for PRP, Plasma injections from my own blood. I have done extensive research and it will be my best bet for recovery. I think my tendons and ligaments are not holding the bone in place and it needs to be rejuvenated. I will only go the natural route, no injections of steroids or other crap the doctors offer. It only masks the problem, it does not resolve the issues.

Debbie and Belinda, I hope your surgeries went well, please update us as soon as possible.

Diane Sue, I order the supplement, I am anxious to try it!!!

Have to run, I am running late!
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I'm home and resting, the surgery went really well. My appointment was at 5:15 and they took me to the surgery at 7:30. It was cold in my room and colder in the surgery room. When I woke up my teeth were chattering. They place like three blankets on me which helped. Once I woke all the up I was able to walk to the bathroom using crutches and then I ate some cookies, drank apple juice and they sent me home. I've eaten twice since I've been home with no nausea. I am so thankful for that. When I had foot surgery I had dry heaves for hours after the surgery. That was terrible. I can stand on my own but the doctor said to use the crutches today. I should be good to go without by tomorrow but I will keep it safe and use it for a couple days around the house. My DH is off with me so he has been a huge help! He's a keeper!! :)

So hopefully the pain will be minimal when the blocker wears off. I already took 800 mg of ibuprofen and that is all I plan on taking.

Belinda - Hope your surgery goes as well as mine did!

Have a great day!!
Debbie, great news. I think they are better with anesthesia than they used to be. I always made sure they knew that I get sick with the anesthesia and the last couple of times have been good. That is great that your husband is there with you. Mine took good care of me and handled household things. Those surgery rooms are always so cold. They covered me up with blankets in recovery. Even before recovery for the surgery as I had an injection ahead of time so there was some waiting for the shoulder.

Belinda, praying that your surgery went well this morning.

Today I did CDorner #267B Intermediate Step Aerobics at Home which is the second version of the basic she did Monday. The Advanced version will be Saturday. This was 41 minutes, heart rate 115/141, 171 calories, 3099 steps. I then did Raw 5 Strong which is the new one she put up, 36 minutes, 122 calories, heart rate 104/126, 96 steps. Since Raw Strong did not have a stretch, I did the Stretch finisher and added the standing portion of Athletic Stretch 2, 11:49 minutes, heart rate 82/96, 19 calories. Total time was 88 minutes, 312 calories, 3,195 steps.
Coffey Fit Raw 5 Strong
Uses a barbell, Kettlebell, and can use dumbbells There are 3 rounds of all moves and no stretch
Kelly uses a 55# barbell, a 33# barbell, and a 30# kettlebell and a bench 10 reps all moves

warm up
Deadlift Kelly 55# me 45#
Barbell curls Kelly 33# barbell me 35#, 30#, 30# (35 I was feeling a bit in my shoulders so dropped)
kettlebell bulgarian split squat with bench Kelly used 30# I used 20#
single arm kettlebell row using bench kelly used 30# I used 20#
clean from hip/squat Kelly uses 33# I use 35# and dropped to 30# the second 2 rounds

Jolie, I hope that you like the Curcumin. I realize it is expensive, but it worked so well for me that I keep buying it. I was always trying different ones and not real impressed. It just surprised me the first time I took this one and a while later I realized I was not feeling the pain. It works fairly quickly. I have been doing 2 caps a day, but today am going to go on one as I am not in pain. See how it goes. They say one or two times a day. They have stuff they sell to integrative medicine doctors and the like. I have read some of their blogs and watched some Youtube discussions. Those injections are usually always temporary. The first on I got before surgery let me stay fairly pain free for two years.. The second did nothing and that is when they did another mri. Too many can be bad for the bones. I am always reading trying to find natural ways to deal with my Rheumatoid arthritis and the other complications it is causing. I may have to buckle eventually to meds, but there are so many side effects with them. I was researching again last night. I am noticing some differences in some of my bones. Worried about the heart ultrasound in April. I hope the Betasitostanol helps things.

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