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Today is a rest day from Iron Series. I did SBF LB + UB + Abs with the barre ball.

Diane - great job yesterday. You really like Chris workouts. I like her music. I can't do any step with my knees.

Cam - I am going to have to check out Michels's 2 week rotations. Great job on Michelle's Day 1 Full Body Met Con.

Have a great Saturday.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.
Today I did Coffey FIt Raw Heavy Bag/Shadow Box, doing just shadow boxing with 1# dumbbells, 38 minutes, heart rate 112/141, 1,469 steps. I needed to give my knee a break and this worked for that. I added the Raw Stretch Finisher 7 minutes, 11 calories. That is all I had time for today. I have family coming over tomorrow to celebrate birthdays. I thought that I had not done this Raw boxing workout before. I remembered it when Kelly started talking about her son being there with her for her birthday and that chat about his long legs and stuff. Which was kind of funny. I liked listening to them interact.

Belinda, I do like Chris a lot. She is great for teaching, but a lot of step workouts or hiit type workouts. SHe does have an occasional low impact workout or kickboxing. I do not care for low impact though that has you down on the floor and getting up and down. I get it on the knees and using the step. Mine on the side that had the torn miniscus was swollen yesterday along with that foot and ankle bothering me so I decided something light on that area was in store today. I will wait till Monday to do weights again.
Nice work with SBF Lower Body +Upper Body + Abs.

Cam, nice work getting out for a walk with the dog and doing Michelle Met Com workout. I used to be really good with gliders. Now I have to put covers on them and do them on the tile in the hallway away from the television, so it is kind of uncomfortable following along unless I really know the workout. Chris has some of her workouts where she uses the gliders too.

Today I did Iron D25 Shoulders and SBF stretch.

Diane - I like Chris workouts a lot too. Just can't do her step with my knees. Hopefully soon. I am having lots of pain on the side too. I can't do anything lateral. I am glad you listen to your body. Good job yesterday.

Have a great Sunday, everyone.
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Kind of crazy day, but snuck in Penny 30 min. All Standing No Repeat Cardio Hiit. One of my faves. Finished with a 20 min stretch of hers that I made into 15 min.
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No workout today, I had my follow up appointment for my MRI results this morning and didn't feel like getting up too early to workout. I could have but just didn't feel like it. I am having surgery on Feb. 1st, the meniscus is torn slightly so the surgery shouldn't be bad at all. He said 20 minutes is all it should take. He is going to trim the meniscus so there should not even be stitches involved. I'll be on crutches for 2 weeks but he said I only need to use that if I'm walking around a lot. He said swelling should go down after about 2 weeks and within 4-6 I should be back to normal. Hopefully it will be that easy.

Great job with your workouts everyone! I'm off today but have lots to do. I will try to do personals later. Have a great day!
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I did not get to have my MRI on Saturday, they were running 4 to 6 hours behind schedule!!! It was raining so hard; it was treacherous driving to get there and then they expected me to wait 4 to 6 hours! I told them to go screw themselves. Totally unexpectable to not call us and let us know that they were running really behind in the Radiology dept. They have so few people to work anymore because of them trying to dictate if you can work without a Covid vaccine. So many health care workers left to work where it was not required, and now they find out that it causes heart failure and strokes. Now more than ever we have health care workers and first responders walking off the job. What happen to "my body my choice"!!!!! I will call tomorrow to reschedule but I am sure I will have to wait another month or so.

Today I had an excellent workout, I am doing total body workouts along with walking this week. I started with an uphill walk on the TM, traveled 1.7 miles, 30 minutes and burned 306 calories. Next, I did a total body workout, 3 rounds of the circuit and most exercises times 12 reps besides ABS and legs. Total calories burned for my workout was 452.

Chest Press- 15's x 12, x 12, x 12
1 Arm Rows- 20# x 12, x 12, x 12
Seated Overhead Shoulder Press- 15's x 12, x 12, x 12
Bicep Curls- 15's x 12, x 12, x 12
Lying Triceps Ext.- 12's x 12, x 12, x 12
ABS- 3 exercises to failure
Leg Ext.- 50# x 16, x 16, x 16

Debbie, great news from the doctor that the surgery will be that easy! It sounds like the recovery looks promising as well! I bet that is a relief to know that you will be back to as good as new soon.

Great job to everyone that worked out over the weekend. We have had so much rain; it is finally stopping this morning.

I did Iron Legs D26 this morning and walked outside with the dogs.

I have an appointment with the sinus specialist about surgery.

Debbie - I am glad you got your results. I am so sorry you need surgery. Glad the recovery isn't too long. I will keep you in my thoughts.

Jolie - great job. Sorry about the the long wait on Saturday. I hope they can figure it out.

Cam - nice workout yesterday.

Roselyn - nice job on your upper body yesterday.

Diane - I hear you on getting up and down of the floor. My knees can't handle that kinda workouts anymore. Sorry your torn meniscus is causing your problems. Your weight workout will be there when you ready.

Good night.
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Today I did CDorner Low Impact Cardio Steady State 54 minutes which includes 10 minutes from the low impact she had posted yesterday, 204 calories, heart rate 109/131, 5,586 steps. The one from yesterday had jacks in it and I switched. I don't mind if she shows a higher impact move, but when she continues doing the high impact move and it says low impact, I am done with the workout. I finished with CDorner Stretch after step newer one, along with some foam rolling shoulders and mid to upper back, 23 minutes, 44 calories, heart rate 83/105. Total time was 77 minutes, 248 calories.
I was sore through my shoulders yesterday and today from the boxing Saturday and decided another day till weights. My youngest daughter and grandson came over for a little while this morning so I got a bit later start.

Debbie, your surgery sounds like mine was. Although he said there was more arthritis in there than expected, which is why my knee stayed swollen longer than anticipated. After a month he gave me a steroid injection. But healing went well anyway. I don't think I used the crutches very long. I did not like using them. You will be glad when it is over. There are lots of athletes that were back out playing sports not too long after a meniscus repair.

Jolie, that is terrible the way the mri appointment was handled. I would be upset too. I hope your rains let up. I was surprised that you were able to get an appointment on a weekend. I don't think there is anywhere around here to do that unless maybe at a hospital. My arthritis center has their own machine. I hope that you can get one rescheduled soon so you know how hard you can work out.

Belinda, nice work with Iron day 26 legs and the walk outside with the dog. I don't think the miniscus is torn again, but think it is probably the arthritis since it hurts in that foot around the ankle and toes and I get some tingling between the two areas. The swelling went back down. I hope things go well with your dr discussing the sinus surgery.
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I did a GHUTV workout this morning. Step Strength 5. I thought it was a good format with good exercises. I change some around because I didn't want cardio - just strength but I figure its my workout I can do what I want!

I did Part 2 of the Oregon Gran Fondo bike ride on Ifit yesterday. The race was 2 hrs long and they spit it into 2 sessions. The trainer was telling about his first pro race he wiped out and knocked out his front two teeth! He was 20 and first time in foreign country! I can't even imagine but he found a dentist to do a temporary bridge to finish the race and make it back home! Yikes!
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Tonight I did CDorner 60 min Full Body Strength w/Cardio Blasts. I really liked this one. It was a no-repeat too. 60 sec/15 sec rest. A circuit of 4 strength exercises followed by 2 tabata moves repeated 4x. I went pretty heavy. She also actually talked about body types, how too much cardio isn't good for our bodies and that we need rest and mobility days.

Debbie, That's great news! You caught it and took it easy instead of working through pain and making it worse. Glad you're able to get in quickly.
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Once again, didn't have time to do a workout :( - had to be at work by 7 this morning. I will get back to it tomorrow. Been so busy at work, it's crazy! I envy those of you who do not work. Wish I could just stay home.

You are all getting some great workouts in! Nice going!

Jolie - That sucks about your MRI. That is ridiculous. And I'm shocked about all the rain you are getting. That is actually quite scary. I've seen all the landslides it is causing and it's just terrible. I hope you are in a fairly safe place. Great job on your workouts and yes, I hope this surgery is going to be easy. I am coming down with something, though, so I hope that doesn't have me postponing the surgery.

Belinda - Thank you! I can use the thoughts and prayers, but I do think this will be an easy surgery. I will be glad to get back to normal, this has gone on for too long. Hope you have been doing better lately!

Diane - Good to know you had a similar surgery. I'll probably be pm'ing you with questions. He said I wouldn't need the crutches for long, so we'll see. Looking forward to getting it fixed.

Cam - Yes, luckily it isn't too damaged yet. Should be an easy fixed. Fingers crossed!! Great job with your workouts!!

Have a great day everyone!!
I rescheduled my MRI appointment for February 4, first thing in the morning so they are not running behind schedule that early, 7am. I was turning over in bed last night while sleeping and my right knee made a popping sound, and it hurts!!! There is no swelling, and it is below the kneecap on the inside. I need to look and a diagram of the knee to see what is going on with it. It is a constant pain, nothing big and it does not hurt when I took my dog for a walk, at least any more than it did when I left. Dang, can I ever catch a break! No workout today, my son just left for college, and I was up all morning getting things packed up and getting him on the road and now i do not feel like working out. Also, I better let the knee rest a bit, this is the knee that has bothered me for the last 18 years. I went too low in a squat once and that is all it took to give me problems. Oh well......

Debbie, bummer on coming down with something, I am sure you will feel better by the time your surgery rolls around. Enjoy your day off, I am going too!

Cam, great job on the workout. My PT told me it is good to workout every other day, giving my body a rest in between big workouts at this age, we need time to repair. Maybe, I should listen to her LOL!!!

Doreen, way to go on the Step Strength workout!

Diane Sue, great job on the low impact workout yesterday. I never do any cardio it seems that is on the floor, I always use my TM, elliptical or rowing machine. If I do it on the floor, I always throw out my back and I cannot go through that again.

Belinda, I hope you have a great workout today. I bought a new puppy over the weekend. It was born in late December, and I pick it up in March. I have a Cairn Terrier now and got it a friend. My dog now turns 16 years old on Friday, I am so thankful to have him still in my life. I may name my new puppy Whiskey. I have not seen him in person yet, but I have seen pictures. Do you have Pet Insurance and if so, is it worth it?

Make it a great day.

My appointment went well. I am also having surgery Feb 1.

I will have lunch then get my workout in.

I will catch up on personals later.
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Jolie - awww....how exciting getting a new puppy. My son't dog just turned 15 years old, she can't see anymore. So sad when they get. old. Enjoy every day with your 16 year old fur baby. I don't has pet insurance for Brawler and ChuChu through pet smart (?) it wasn't worth it to me, I still ended up paying a lot of money out of packet. I have a good vets, pay as I need too. Works out better for me and my $$.

Debbie - you are welcome! I am glad to hear your surgery will be an easy one. I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. My sinus are still bordering me. I saw the surgeon today. Hopefully it will be an easy surgery for me too. I do need a break.

Diane- sorry you having so much problems with your arthritis. I am still having lots of problems with my knee. I can't hardly walk today. I am holding out on meds, I am already taking so much. I got my results back. Still haven't had time to read it. After Iron I probably will do very light workouts until my surgery.

Off to my workout.
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Today I did Kelly Coffey Shape Up weights only premix. I have used this on a lot in the past as the weights only is all upper body. The cardio portions are lower and have jumping on and off the step and some intense stuff. This was 38 minutes, 108 calories, heart rate 97/130, 1,301 steps. I then did CDorner Cardio Weights and stretch Cardio portion and stretch portion. This has markings at the bottom of the screen for each section and is fun music. I keep it in my watch list. Cardio was 18 minutes, heart rate 108/125, 75 calories, 1,888 steps. I did the low impact options for most of it. I then did the stretch and it was 18 minutes, 20 calories, heart rate 78/91. Total time was 75 minutes, 203 calories, 3,189 steps.

Kelly Coffey Shape Up weights only
each set is 8 rnds at 20/10 tabata style fairly quick paced and Kelly says if you go heavier slow down
Back- 1 arm row/dbl arm scap squeeze 12# dbs
shoulders dbl arm press/ alternating press first round 8# dbs then 5# dbs for other 7
chest/triceps- flys/ skull crusher alternating between singles and doubles 10# dbs
back- dbl arm row/run row 10# dbs
shoulder/triceps-lateral raise/kickbacks 8# dbs
bench press-alternating bench press and bench press scissor legs 10# dbs

Doreen, nice work on the Step Strength 5 and the Ride. That is an amazing story for the about the trainer wiping out and getting to a dentist and finishing.

Cam, how was that Chris workout with cardio and lower body? I keep looking at it and was a bit afraid of lots of jumping or floor to standing stuff between the strength work. I watched the start of it, but did not want to get into it and decide to do something else. She has been telling people a lot lately to not do so many cardio workouts in a row and warning about the harm of that.

Debbie, I hope that things slow down a bit for you and you do not get sick before surgery. I did not use the crutches very much. I did not like using them. The main thing is to stay off that leg right after the surgery. My husband picked me up the pain med prescription and I only used some the first night as I was really hurting enough to need it. I am sure you will be fine. You have caught the tear quickly so it should be good. Feel free to PM with questions.

Jolie, I am glad that you got an early appointment next time. I found when I went to the arthritis center early they got me right in ahead of my appointment time. They told me a lot of people show up late.
You will have fun with a new puppy. I remember a lot of weightlifting sites doing the low to the floor squats. It never worked well for me. I have never purchased pet insurance for one of my dogs after looking at costs.

Belinda, I will keep you and Debbie in my Prayers for February 1st. Did they call and talk to you about the results you got back? Nice work today on Iron Upper Body.

Roselyn, nice work today on Beast Arms.
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Tonight I did Michelle Briehler 50 min Total Body Yoga Hiit. No Repeat. I Love this one. It's tough. Not only fatigues the arms, chest and core, but also the hip flexors and quads. A lot of holding patterns. I almost think this was better than a weight workout.

Jolie, I always make my doc appointments early morning so I get in on time. My knee gets a little achey. I think I have some tendonitis but I rest it for a couple days and I'm good. I'm trying not to do too much squatting with heavy weights. That's a trigger.

Diane, Chris gave low impact options for the cardio, but it was Tabata and fast paced. That Cardio Weights and Stretch looks good.

Doreen, I checked out GHUTV. Looks interesting. I see familiar instructors. Have you done a lot of the workouts? How are they?
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I did a pilates style workout this morning on Ifit. It was ok. I was feeling a bit creaky and tight this morning and didn't want anything intense so it worked.

I've done quite a few of the GHUTV workouts. I find them challenging intermediate to advanced and they offer modifications in each video. They have several formats they like to follow and then keep changing up the exercises in the formats (if that makes sense). For example I just did Step Strength 5 so there would also be Step Strength 1-4 somewhere in the library. They have kickbox, yoga, strentgh, strength and cardio, step cardio, walking, etc. No spin bike or treadmill.

Jolie- how exicting on your puppy! They are so much work but so much fun and cuteness!! Did you say what type/breed it is?
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