Getting Our Licks In!

Hi ya'll!

I did Plyo Legs from STS Meso Cycle 3 week one. I did it mostly without weights and I only had to modify a little bit where I didn't have the right equipment. It was still really tough & I was sweating up a storm! I actually didn't feel that great afterward....I think it's the heat & humidity.....

Michelle it does feel great to be in good enough shape that you feel you can tackle anything you want to! I love that. It's also good to mix things up....muscle confusion and all that jazz!!
I have part of my family here and they are so lovingly demanding. They are going to stay until Friday! I'm so lucky. I'll catch up with you all then. Please have a wonderful week of health, love and exercising. LOL OH, I'm hoping one of my daughters and one of my grandson's can come join the crowd too. See ya soon!

It's raining here. I need motivation. Trying to decide what to do today: yoga, B&G or travel fit? Not sure. Need to do something. Don't really feel like yoga, so most likely B&G or travel fit. We just ate lunch so I have to wait a little anyway before I can exercise. I've been tempted to blow off exercising today, so I wandered to our check-in to get inspired. It's working. BBL to tell you what I did, but at this point I am leaning toward travel fit.

Travel Fit--DONE! Now, I'm doing a load of wash. Ripken would love it if I took him for a walk but we need to wait until the washing machine is done doing its thing. DH has gone grocery shopping, so just me and the pup on the boat enjoying some peace and quiet. Not that DH is noisy. Quite the contrary. Anyway--hope everyone is getting their licks in today!
Today my exercise was walking the dog and washing the boat, the later taking almost 3 hours. We had beautiful weather today--clear, much less humid, sunny, warm, nice breeze. Little buddy is doing the happy dance which means I need to get ready to walk. Try to get back later this evening....
Michelle, It's past 1:00 in the morning, have a little insomnia. My family will be going home tomorrow and I know I'll miss them. It was sooooooo much fun having them here. Laughed, cried, watched movies, ate... Can't get better than that.:D Good job on walking the dog, washing the boat for 3 hours. That's a long time. We've been having fantastic weather as well, so much, that we turned on our portable Air Conditioner. Sooooo nice.:D With the weather you are having, if I were Ripken, I'd want to walk too. Poor Rolly, no walks, but will get back to normal tomorrow. See you tomorrow, later during the day.

Ripken and I had a nice walk this morning. It is very humid (again) but we have a good wind blowing out of the south (hence the humidity). The weatherman says we are going to get rain, potentially lots of rain, today. Nothing so far, but the air sure does feel like it wants to.

Everything felt tight today, so I did stretches 1 and 3 from Cathe's Stretch Max dvd. Muscles feel much better now.:)

Janie: Sounds like you have had a lovely visit with your family. Insomnia--ick. I hate when that happens. Have you been able to stick with the July 10 rotation or did having company throw you off a little? If so, don't worry about it. You can always pick up with where you stopped. Sometimes it takes me an extra week or two to get through one of Cathe's monthly rotations. That's just the way it goes sometimes.

Three weeks until the Glassboro roadtrip. Oh boy!
Hi ya'll patiently and determinedly holding together our group!:D Your the best!

I am at the amazing beach house at the Isle of Palms basking in luxury and not having to worry about the maintenance of such a property!:eek There is a constant crew showing up to do something or the other and they even have a stain lady we are supposed to call if we notice a stain! Good Grief! Sure is nice to visit though..

We left Wed. and I did Travel Fit in the morning.
Thursday I ran on the beach which was nice but I didn't feel as good as shape as last year, I haven't ran since April in Atlanta so....need to pick that up again...I also did Stretch Max Routine #3 with the Thera Band (my favorite)

Today my inner thighs were sore and I was tired (my DH flew into the Charleston Airport last night and I stayed up catching up with him) and a little hungover :eek::eek: (serious Southern Drinkers here so it's hard not to over imbibe and still feel like your doing ok) So I got up to walk the beach, I had actually planned already to run every other day but I felt like I should make myself get up and move...Anyway it was grey and stormy and sure enough I got caught in a torrential down pour on the way back. The rain was going sideways in the wind and it actually stung pretty badly! Luckily I was wearing a bikini so it didn't matter but it sure did hurt! It let up pretty quickly so it wasn't to much torture to endure!

Later I did a pretty good pilates DVD with a thera band and then Stretch Max Routine #1 no equipment. I have been neglecting stretching lately and I sure have been feeling the consequences. The harder you work out the MORE I need to stretch not the LESS!!:(:confused::rolleyes:

Michelle : did we do travel fit on the same day! That would be fun! It is a good workout actually. I have only done it once before and I often don't think about it...Not one of Cathe's hardest workouts but that is actually a good thing! I love the bow and arrow pulls the most! OUCHIE! Good job on the scrub down of the boat! Bet that was a workout!

Janie: Glad you had a nice visit with the family! I noticed you didn't post any workouts, it's good to take a break once in awhile! It can be hard to get going again! Lean on us if you need a little nudge in that direction ok?
Well, got out of exercising for a few days. Will start again on Monday and continue with the 2010 July Rotation from Cathe. Had such a wonderful time with my family. I do plan on at least walking Rolly the whole weekend. Update on my web site: It's now open again better than ever. Hope to see you there.

Michelle, Great job on walking with Ripken and the stretches. Good for you! I was thrown off the program. Yeah, I'll get back at it starting again on Monday.:rolleyes:

Laura, Thank you so much for holding our group together. You Are The Best!:D Oh, The Isles of Palm sounds just like heaven would be. A stain Lady? Well everything should be stain free then.:) Great job for doing TF in the morning and Thurs. run on the beach and stretches. So important to do them. Good for you. That was so unlucky to get caught in the downpour. I certainly wouldn't want that experience. Glad the torture was over quickly. Yuck! I've had the bad luck of once getting stuck in a sandy wind storm. Felt like I was being sanded (hummm, wonder if it could sand away my wrinkles now?):D. Also great job on the pilates DVD with the band, and your stretches. It's so nice to be able to nudge you guys when I need it. Yep, I didn't exercise, but will catch up on Monday and will walk all weekend. Thank you Laura.

Have a good one,

Poured rain here early evening yesterday. Ripken and I got stuck up at the marina office for an hour waiting for it to let up. This morning the sun was back out and we have had clear blue skies all day. Not as humid, nice breeze for most of the day out of the north. Ripken and I had two nice walkabouts this morning and I did Butts and Guts: standing leg work and abs. Not the premix, but the chapters so it was all the standing leg work and the ab work. Felt good. DH and I hit the pool for a couple of hours and now we are just chilling out on the boat--cooling off in the AC.

Janie: I'm going to take a look at Cathe's July 2010 rotation and probably join you with that. Don't know if I will start with week 1 or week 2. I checked out your revived website. It looks good.

Laura: Sounds like you are staying in quite the beach house--a stain specialist--go figure! Well, at least the owners are meticulous about maintenance. Nothing wrong with that. It is possible that we did travel fit on the same day. I find it's hard to keep the days straight when I'm on vacation. The bow and arrow shoulder work is a killer. I like the ab work on travel fit too.

DH has a taste for pizza--so we are going out for pizza tonight. Not exactly low cal--but we don't eat pizza too often so I don't mind splurging. ;)
Walked Rolly for an hour yesterday and today. He loves it! And very tired. lol:D I made a money necklace out of (4) $1.00 bills. It's pretty cool. Decided to put it up for auction. If you might be interested in it, go to my Blog, it will tell you whats happening in detail.

Michelle, Great job on the two walks and B&G Standing leg work and abs. Glad the rain let up for you. Whew! You deserve the relaxation in the pool and lounging around with AC. Enjoy the pizza tonight. I would love for you to join me on Cathe's July 2010 rotation! I'm going to week 2 starting Monday.

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Hi all,

I'm laughing at my accountability list - a nice goal, not there yet! Still and all it has been a terrific first week back east. HECTIC. Michelle, our agency's four star director sent out my welcome notice and a nice bio on Thurs. BIG GULP. That means tasking is around the corner, as otherwise I wouldn't need that kind of credibility boost ... I don't know if the notice will go DOD wide, though, they tend not to do that. Yes, I'm already working weekends ... mostly to get used to the area, and to find my way around buildings, and deal with the myriad of HR details. Headed in shortly, as a matter of fact.

On the home front. Husband is lonesome, one kitty is tearing her hair out again, and the teenager is having a career crisis about her major. Horses and dogs are tearing around in hopes that showing off will deliver their mom to them again. :(:(:( Household items aren't due until another week later, so I'm in base housing for longer. Still and all, none of that is unexpected and we'll weather it. I've been by my new apartment, and it's very nice, and close to work ... and it is great not to have to worry about moving at the same time as getting settled in. DH will join me for ten days when the moving van arrives. Am looking forward to it.

On the eating front, I'm doing pretty well. The first night had to be Burger King (my vehicle is searched on/off base while we await my official tags, so it was easier to stay within walls). After that, I picked up some nice healthy Kashi frozen foods, some fresh fruit, protein mix, whole grain cereals, and a few garnishes (gorgonzola cheese bits, pumpkin seeds, salsa) and have been using that for breakfast and dinner. Two Ihop trips, but they have a good hearty and healthy omlette selection. On site, lunch has been cafeteria sandwiches. Not ideal and pricey, but not too bad. All and all, I'm happy on the food side of things. Am not drinking nearly enough water for the heat.

Workouts ... arrrgggg :eek: I have managed one day of bodyweight strength training, and four days of substantial walks in the 45-80 minute range. It's nice out in the evenings and on the days I got back by 8, I called DH and spoke with him while I walked around the facility. The other nights I decided that the "sleep at least 6-7 hours" goal needed to win out over the workouts. During the day, I am getting quite a bit of walking in between meeting locations, andactually the sheer physical movement is more than June most days. Probably much more. I'm just not pushing my cardiovascular or muscle systems the way I ought.

Big ((hugs)) to all, and am hoping to read personals again soon ... what I see is that Laura is doing great at workouts as well as keeping our postings moving along with Janie and Michelle, Janie's new bead site is up (congrats!), Michelle is doing a great job working out and vacationing, and did I see on facebook that Renee is making a good recovery ... ?

At this rate it may be next weekend before I can make another post, hope not but that seems realistic. In the meantime, am thinking of you and sending best wishes to all!
Hi ladies!

Yesterday I didn't exercise. It is the 1st day of no exercise on my vacation so I don't feel bad about it. Today I did an advanced Pilates Mat DVD. It was pretty tough. I haven't been focusing on Pilates for myself & I can feel it! I really need to try & get more Pilates into my schedule. I need to put that in my goals when I write them down.

Shadowpup : nice to hear from you. You sound very busy but it sounds like you are settling into your new job and environment. It will take some time for your loved ones to get used to you being gone I am sure. I think your doing good with your goals...the workouts will come once you are settled into your new routine. Keeping vigilant about the diet will definitely help! Something I need to do as well!

Janie: it must feel great to have your bite up and running. What is the site. I would love to check it out. Great walk with Rolly! I bet he is tired.,

Michelle: I love B&G! I haven't done it in so long!! The ab work on the ball is super tough I think! When are you heading back home?
Today was the last day of vacation. Super hot and it is going to get hotter tomorrow and Tuesday. I'm afraid Shadowpup is going to experience some classic mid-Atlantic heat this week--I'm sure this is not like the weather in Idaho.

Janie: I will join you tomorrow for the second week of the July 2010 rotation: IMAX2. Oh boy! I must have done that a couple of weeks ago right before vacation because the dvd is sitting right on top of my stack. Will be easy to find in the morning--that's for sure.

Shadowpup: welcome to the east coast. You've provided enough information that I'm pretty sure I know which agency you are working for. Very exciting. There should be a good gym on base and an array of exercise/training classes. You are going to be one very busy person. I'd still like to get up to see you, take you to lunch to celebrate. I hope all your sweet animals adjust soon to this change.

Laura: vacation is over--we are back home this evening. I've done one load of laundry, everything is unpacked, and I'm ready to head back to work. Hope you guys are having a great time down in Georgia.

My toe hurt so badly yesterday that I thought I better stay off it today. Ouuuuuuuu. Poor Rolly.:( My Money Necklace was bid on for $30.00. Yeah! It is a most unusual necklace.

Deborah, Your accountability list will get there once things turn to normal. Well, as normal a life that you have. I have to admit, you don't have a normal job.;) Life changes are hard on everyone, but it will calm down. I bet it will be great to have your honey with you, at least for a little while. Good you are doing well on your eating. Me, well it's better now that my family is not here. Not that I blame them, but I didn't use very good choices while they were here. If you can, do try to drink plenty of water, it's important. Don't worry about workouts at this time, only if you can do them without anxiety. Thank you for the hugs, they are welcomed. See ya when we see ya. Be safe.

Laura, Great job on advanced Pilates Mat DVD. You know, I haven't done much on Pilates, and wondering if yoga and Pilates are about the same. It does feel good having my site up again. It's so much better now. Pictures have been there for days now. My site address is: Let me know what you think.

Michelle, Try to stay cool as much as possible. I hope Shadowpup keeps cool as well. I'm so glad you will be joining me tomorrow. That's so cool! I'll get IMAX2 out tonight to review it. I will do mine before anything else in the morning.

Take care everyone,

I did IMAX2 this morning! OMG! I only did 4 intervals. I couldn't do the fast feet on the top of the step. Can't figure that one out.:confused: It may not have looked spectacular, but I did it and I sweated a headband full. Yeah! Now, to soak my toe in ice water. That was torture for sure. Hmmmmm. How are you fairing Michelle?

Update on Toe: Shouldn't have workout. My toe is so swollen and hurting really bad. Gosh darn it!

How's everyone doing? Hope you are all having a fun Summer and productive workouts. See ya when I see ya.

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Ripken and I were up bright and early this morning at 5:30, got our walkabout in before it got too blooming hot. BTW, the heat index at 4:30 pm ET is 117 degrees--lovely. After our walkabout, I tackled IMAX2. I wasn't sure how my body was going to handle such an intense cardio after 10 days of lighter workouts, but I made it through the whole thing and I feel like I am getting better at it. It's still a major sweat fest but it sure feels good.

Janie: After I read your post from yesterday, I wasn't sure you'd even be able to try IMAX2 today. 4 intervals/blasts on a hurt toe is pretty good. And I've got to admit, it took me a while to get the fast feet move. Just keep working on it--you will get there. Although, I've got to wonder how you are going to make it through this rotation with your toe hurt. I'd hate to see you risk more serious injury--please listen to your body. Tomorrow we have step, jump, and pump--are you thinking of giving it a go? The step portion is certainly not as intense as IMAX2--and quite frankly, it's the weight part on SJP that really pushes my endurance. I'm glad you've got a bid on your necklace--the auction was a fun idea.

Not much else going on--back to work today. It's been busy but wanted to take a moment to check in with you all. Keep getting those licks in!
Hotter today than yesterday--and more humid. Ripken and I did a short walk this morning. Even at 5:30 in the morning, it just isn't the best walkabout weather for my golden, particularly as he is not a pup anymore. Then, I did Step, Jump, and Pump this morning. OHMYGOSH--that's a tough workout. I don't do SJP too often; all I ever remember is that the step part is fun but the HI/Lo and weights are a killer. Pretty much an experience true to memory. I'm looking forward to tomorrow which is Rhythmic Step--a fairly intense cardio workout that is fun, fun, fun. Plus it's one of my favorites.

Hope everyone is hanging in there this week. We seem to be hitting our middle of the week lull, but I know the gang will resurface.
I didn't do much of anything today. My toe is soooooooo sore. I'll have to start doing upper body workout starting tomorrow. Poor Rolly, won't be able to get his walks in for awhile.

Michelle, You guys are really getting the heat your way. Glad you were able to walk Ripken a bit before it got too hot. Great job on IMAX2. You did really good. I shouldn't have done the IMAX, my toe is swollen big time! I'm going to take your advice and listen to my body. I hope I didn't do any more harm to it.:confused:

I can't believe it can get hotter than 117 degrees. You poor thing. Good job on the short walk and SJ&P. If I remember right it is challenging.

Have a good one Michelle.


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