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  • Hi Shadowpup,
    Thought I'd drop by to say hello and let you know that we miss hearing from you in our check-in group. How often do you get to go home to visit your hubby and all the animals? Hope all is well in your job. Do you tend to stay up at your HQ location or do you ever come into the District/down to the Pentagon. Would love to try to catch a quick visit between our busy schedules.
    Neat! I hope you like it - I enjoy all the resources, especially the articles ... it is a very big site, though.

    I do use the groups; they are called teams there, and they tend to be focused on a particular interest. Lately I've been posting on a thread in the Cathe Fans team, where we're checking in our daily dvds, and it reminds me of our Lurkers, just fewer people. It is here:

    We also have an STS thread, although it is a little less conversational.

    The Cathe Fans team is here:

    If you like, you could visit the page I keep there. It has quite a few teams I've joined over the past few years. Some of them are more active than others ... anyway, I use the same name there as here, and my spark page is:

    Hope that helps! Let me know if you have trouble finding anything.
    Hi Shadow Pup,
    I signed up for Spark people and got a little overwhelmed by the size of it! So I use Fitday already for my calories and the Workout Manager for tracking my exercise here. I am really looking for a group to support me on the weight loss, do you have any suggestions? Do you use the groups? How do you find a similar check in like we have with the lurkers?
    okay, I feel better about reading it then :)

    You know, if it gets too busy, we can always squeeze in a new check in that is something like "Country Time Workouts", and that might be more manageable.

    The last time I cared deeply about shoes, it was when I ordered my Ariat riding boots, which can also double as barn mucking shoes :) Somehow I am not sure that everyone would relate to that :)
    No I meant to click on you, I just didn't change the name on top!! I just copied it into your message. I agree with you, I don't want to offend, but also don't want to be overwhelmed by such a large group. So I will continue as is, it will probably settle out in it's own time.

    Did you get STS???
    Hi Elle P,

    Hope you are well, so I have a confession to make! I miss our old check in crew! I really connected with you Tracy lynn, Twinkletoes, Shadowpup, and JaneJoey.:D

    The new group is sooo big and to be honest I don't feel as connected....I am more an outdoorsy, Colorado girl than a Manhattan Sex & the City type, but don't get me wrong I loved the show, but for me it was sort of like doing research on a different type of species!

    I am not trying to put anyone down or offend I just miss our old group and wondering if maybe you were in the same boat??:(:(

    I am fine just staying where we are at the moment and see what happens, but just wanted to put it out there that I would be interested in starting a new check-in-thread. I am trying not to be exclusive, but the sheer # of the new thread make it harder to get through.....
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