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  • Man you are not kidding about the Legs in STS I am exhausted just previewing all the leg exercises 1RM's for STS! PHEW!
    Hi Michelle! I was going to check out your 1RM's for STS but I can't see them on your page. Is that intentional? No biggy just thought I would take a peak!
    I am from VA too! I have been doing Cathe's workouts for about 9months now. My sister bought a step DVD and I have been hooked ever since. I bought the STS but have not started it yet and I am waiting for STS Cardio. Glad to know there are others in VA too! Merry Christmas to you.
    Yo, sister...I'm trying to get acquainted with this website. I finally got my calendar up and running. So...had any fun lately?
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