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  • Undulation mean like Meso1 week one, then M2 week one, then m3 week one.
    I won't be doing that because it's too much and my body wasn't ready for meso 2 (increased weights). Where your weight selection different this time around? My workout cards weights were higher for meso 1 so I'm reprinting them.
    Good too. The kids are back in school and I have my life back. LOL
    I work odd days so I'm going to have to figure out how to do it. Are you going to do M1,M2,M3? I think I'm going to try to do undulation
    week1 M1
    week1 M2
    week1 M3
    how are you sis. What are you up to?
    I'm up to M3 Wk3. I'm so surprise that I did not quit.
    Sorry I just saw your message. I've been mostly printing my one rep max charts and messing with those.
    Yes arms were shaking after all those push ups. I couldn't complete any sets maybe the 8 rep ones. LOL!
    Today I did legs. Wow! That was really a different workout. I'll feel it tomorrow.
    Hey, I found you! I'm still learning my way around the site - thanks for the info - I'm going to check out some more STS dvd's tonight. storm in Ohio has UPS delayed I'm sure. I haven't gotten my confirmation either, but SNM said that not everyone will get one by email.
    Hi! Yes, this is me from our team - sorry about the delayed emailing. I have not quite learned how to use all of the Cathe forum posts. It's been nice to see you and a few of our other teammates over here :)
    :DNo I did not check my email yet. Your kidding right....27th. The 27 of Feb. LOL
    Happy New Years's almost here. It's going to be like Christmas all over again.
    Welcome to my CatheSpace. Feel free to say HI here in the visitor's comments.

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