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    I'm not sure what you mean by undulation?
    All week #1's, then all week #2's, all week #3's, then all week #4's??
    I'm starting Tomorrow with Cardio ...Monday with Disc #1

    Someone said Cathe is starting on the 16th...there are so many threads here I don't have time to follow everything out.....see you on SP
    Hi Jazcam!

    Wow...do I ever! I also love the Lauren Brooks DVD. My newest favorites are "The Kettlebell Way" DVDs, which you can get at Beacon Fitness: http://www.beacon-fitness.com/Home.html. The workouts are challenging and fun.

    I also have the "Art of Strength" DVDs, which I like, but not as much as Lauren or "The KB Way".

    If you end up getting new DVDs I'd love to hear your thoughts! Hope that helps!

    Hey how's it going? I went on over to HKFlix and I bought three films. They are contemporary films from the 'Girls with Guns' genre. I bought, 'Book of Heroes' (my first Yukari Oshima film...this girl kicked butt!), a newer film called 'Chocolate' my friend loved it and he is now in love with the female lead :) and I bought an older one called 'Fox Hunter' with Jade Leung. What have you bought lately?
    Hey what's up. I haven't bought any recently, but if you go to HKflix.com, sign in and look for 'tilungrocks' (that's me) you can see the reviews I've done. Or you can just look up one of the films I've reviewed like 'The Savage Five' and then click on my screen name. I still have almost 200 reviews to do for that site. You can post a review for any film you have bought and I've bought tons from hkflix. On a sad note...I can't find that black and white picture! I'm dying! I must have it on a back up disk some where. I think that is honestly the finest photo I've ever seen of Ti Lung...I MUST FIND IT! :)
    I hear you...abs, pecs, butt and my favorite his shoulders! OH he had the sexiest shoulders spread...that gorgeous back...oh yeah and he was also quite a good looking hunk of stuff wasn't he? I'm looking for a picture of him to send you. It is black and white and all he has on is a cap...very nice. I just have to find it.
    I buy mine from HKFlix.com. Once the restored Shaw Brothers films started coming out, I bought "The Deadly Duo" (Ti Lung, David Chiang) to check them out and see what they look like. The video was flawless so for the last two or three years I've been buying like crazy! Ti Lung is my favorite, they just don't get any hunkier than than Ti Lung in his prime; but I also like The Venoms (Lu Feng is my favorite), Chen Kuan Tai, Alexander Fu Sheng, Kara Hui Ying Hung and Gordon Liu. I now have over 200 restored Shaw Films...and I snatched up the Ti Lung's first. :) I recently bought a Ti Lung film called, "People's Hero", it was not a Shaw Brother film and it wasn't a martial arts film but it was soooo good. Ti Lung's acting has really come a long way since his early Shaw days. :)
    TI LUNG????!!!! Now you are talking my language! I don't get all 'goo goo' about actors at all...except my Earth Dragon (Ti Lung in English). I have 92 of his 117 films and I am always searching for the more.:) I've been crazy about the man since I was in high school and that was many, many, many, many moons ago!

    It's a behind the scenes shot of Lu Feng in character as 'The Centipede' from the Hong Kong classic, "The Five Venoms". As a serious martial artist and a long time kung fu fan, I love these 'old school hunks'. :)
    Aw thanks, I googled up "avatars" and a bunch of free sites came up so I stuck that one in there. I wish I could get a picture of my own dogs.
    Thanks!! That is one of our 9 puppies from the litter we just had. They are 9 weeks old now & we are down to 4!! Hoping to get them all sold SOON!! Have really enjoyed the xperience but so much work!
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