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  • That's great. I haven't brought anything new latelty. I'm going to check out your suggestions.
    hurry!!! Send the picture.
    I always wondered how tall is he. He is always the tallest one in his movies.
    LOL I know what you mean about the over-acting of his earier years but who is looking at that. I'm busy looking at his abs.
    WOW I'm way behind on my collection. I only have about 15 of Ti Lung and about 16 of The Venoms DVDs. My favorite ones is the Crippled Avenger, The Flag of Iron, 10 Tigers of Kwangtung and the Avenging Eagle and and and :D

    I usually have to wait until they sell more on Ebay to get new ones. Where do you buy your DVDs?
    I also love those movies. I just received a new one from Ti Lung. WOW I thought that I was the only one. LOL
    Watching these old flicks motivates me to workout, I know it's strange.
    Which one is your favorite movie?

    It's a behind the scenes shot of Lu Feng in character as 'The Centipede' from the Hong Kong classic, "The Five Venoms". As a serious martial artist and a long time kung fu fan, I love these 'old school hunks'. :)
    Hi I just popping in to ask you the avatar that you have where did you get it.
    I think I have a movie with that picture.
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