Getting Our Licks In!

Well, it is just dang hot here in the south--there is a nice coastal breeze/wind which helps but sometimes it gets smokey. I suppose that is because there are forest fires in the area of Camp Lejeune (they are firing artillery here and it's dry so stuff burns easily). Yesterday morning I did MMA Boxing. I was a little confused at first because I thought I had brought MMA kickboxing with me, but no--I grabbed MMA Boxing--which explained why I was doing alot of boxing moves but no kicking-LOL!

Yesterday, we had a long and productive day. It ended with a 3-hour long meeting (no breaks) with the General and his staff. It's hard to keep your mind sharp for 3 hours straight. Fortunately, I was not briefing.

Today, we had an early morning start so I did not exercise and quite frankly I'm too mentally tired to even think about it now. Plus it is too dang hot. It's even hotter back home and I worry about my two boys (DH and Ripken) but they seem to be doing okay without me. I sure will be glad to get back home tomorrow. Temps in the DC area are above 100 degrees without the humidity factored in. Ick.

Janie: TBS it is then. Being able to do something is better than doing nothing at all. You can always mix in those tougher upper body workouts that don't stress the big toe.;)

Laura: double ick on catching a bug. That sounds awful. I hope that you are feeling better. Nothing like a little puppy love time to help perk you up. That's a long walk in heat, especially for Misty with all that long hair.

Okay--got to get ready to go to dinner.
Did 20 min. on the stair climber and took Rolly for a walk for 15 or 20 min. My toe is getting better. Yes! I got a little sweaty with the climber.

Michelle, I'm so sorry you have a heat wave where you live and where you are. Try to stay a little cool if you can. Great job MMA Boxing. A 3 hour meeting. Hmmmm, Don't think I could get through one of those. Did you have a break at all? Glad you had a productive day. Good for you. Can't blame you for not wanting to exercise in that kind of heat. If you are mentally tired it's best not to. Listen to your body. Yep, TBS it is. Joey must know something about that workout that I don't know. LOL:D Yes, I will mix in some tougher upper body workouts. That's a great idea.

Have a good one,

Home again, home again. So happy to be back home again. Little Rippy and DH seem happy too. Temperature here in Stafford, VA is 103 at the moment. Lovely. Haven't exercised today and I'm trying to decide if I will just chill out and hit it tomorrow early--before it gets too hot. I know I'm inside but it still seems harder to exercise in the afternoon when it's so hot outside. It is so hot that we are not going over to the boat this weekend. It's just too hard on DH and my sweet old pup. Better to be safe than not.

Janie: I'm happy to hear that the toe is healing. TBS is a good workout--it hits just about every part of the body. Don't forget about getting some good stretches in while your toe is healing. We can never do enough stretching.

Hope everyone is staying cool and safe. Only one week to the Cathe roadtrip. In fact, I believe, in one week at this time, I'll be in Cathe's studio finishing up our first workout. Sweet!
Joey and I did TBS and one of Cathe's ab and stretch routines.

Was fooling around with the camera and had to show you this:

Aren't they cute?:D My little family.

, What a fantastic time you are going to have in a week with Cathe. Wow! I keep forgetting to post my stretching and ab work. We do that all the time. I agree, it is very important.;) So glad you made it home safely. There is nothing like home. But, Oh My it's hot there. Will it get even hotter in August? I don't blame you for not wanting to get out in that heat, it's better not to. Be safe inside a cool home.

You know, while I'm gone during the Fall, and you want company, go to Strength In Numbers. That was my first Lurkers Group. I told them about you guys, and they would love to meat all of you. Hopefully I will be able to get on the computer, but where we are going is very isolated. Sometimes I'll be able to post on one day then the other I won't. Go figure.

Have a good one everyone,

Hey y'all

Gosh I don't know where the time goes....

Thursday I did Step Movesat 7:30 pm as I had to gget down to Boulder to pick the girls up at my mom'sfor tutoring & errands the day got a way from me and it was late when I got home. Then I had to get dinner ready for the girls. I almost didn't work out but finally motivated.

Yesterday I had clients at my house in the morning & then I did Lower Body Blast. Boy that's a hard lower body workout. The morevibdo it the more I like it!

I am getting my nails done now. I am thinking of doingban Upper Body Work out later & maybeca short many choices but I am thinking either the Step & Upper Body work in Body Max or maybe the all Upper Body Premix in 4DS ( although that is kind of long:eek:)
Hi everyone. Not quite as hot today. We peaked at 103 degrees (vice 106 yesterday) and now at roughly 5:30, it is down to 96. Short puppy walks and a good Cathe workout. Picked up where I left off last week with Low Impact Circuits--week 3 of the July 2010 rotation I think. I'll stick with the rotation this week leading up to the roadtrip.

Laura: were you typing on the computer while you were getting your nails done or just having one of those days with the keyboard? You are correct that the 4DS upper body premix is long. I've never done it, but those 4DS workouts are a little longer to begin with--when you put all the upper body together, it's got to be tough. Let us know if you gave that one a try and what you thought. I enjoy lower body blast as well.

Janie: very nice picture of Joey with all his furry friends. Your black cat looks like he/she is pretty good size--both look bigger than Rolly. Obviously, they all get along. Keep sticking with TBS, abs, and stretches--before you know it your toe will be better.

Speaking of better, sister sent me a quick message that her PT has her doing lunges. She is able to do a modified B&G workout, so she is making progress. She said that the lunges do bother her knee a little, but she is not using weights. She seemed happy about the expansion of her exercise repertoire.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.
One of our sons is here visiting this weekend. We, including Rolly went for a walk for 30 min. My dumb toe was getting sore, had to turn back. It's OK, I didn't over do it. I

I sold the two money necklaces, Yea! I should have more trust in people, or I need to be more patient with them.

, Great job on SM. Very proud of you for the last minute motivation. Also great job on yesterdays LBB. Let us know what workout you decided on. Isn't wonderful to have choices?

Have a good one,

Still hot here in the mid-Atlantic--but not as hot as yesterday. Last time DH looked at the outside thermometer it was only 90 degrees, but it sure is humid. We had some rain sometime overnight and I think the rain just pulled in the humidity. It was just stifling this morning when Ripken and I walked. About mid-day, I did StepMax from The Classics. I cannot remember ever having done StepMax--it was a fun step workout. Quite frankly my butt is dragging, though. I think it's just this darn heat. Trying to drink plenty of water today. Hopefully that will help.

Janie: congratulations on selling two necklaces. That's great. Is that two more or were those the two that folks commissioned you to do while you were running your auction? It's nice that your son is visiting. Is this the one who lives in Nevada--Las Vegas? That's another hot spot, isn't it? Not sure how folks out there deal with the constant heat.

This is the big week--only 5 more days to go until the Glassboro roadtrip.
Today I took a walk with Rolly. About 20 min. Made three bracelets a pair of earrings and a necklace. Tonight I'm making bread with wheat germ, unbleached bread flour, oat bran, oatmeal and flax seed. Should be really healthy for sandwiches.

Michelle, Not very long and you'll be in Glassboro Roadtrip. Yea! You must tell us everything! Yes, the necklaces from the auction are the ones commissioned. This son (David) lives about 60 miles from us. He's having an awful time of his recent vasectomy. One in a thousand has pain problems and of course it had to happen to him. He's taking steps to figure out what will be good for him to solve or lesson the pain. My poor David, our hot tub helps him a whole lot, so does walking. Sorry about the stifling humid and heat where you are. Stay cool please and healthy. Great job on Step Max. I love that one.

Take care,

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Not quite so warm and humid this morning so Ripken and I were able to venture outside our Circle and take a bit of a longer walk in the neighborhood. Tomorrow is suppose to be even better so I'm thinking long walk in the morning. After our walk, I did PowerHour. All those squats and lunges--I was so happy to get through it. PH is certainly one of Cathe's oldies but goodies--no two ways about it. I was feeling sore before I left the house for work this morning.

Janie: Poor David--his situation sounds uncomfortable. Is there any other way to put it? Guess he won't be signing up to do advertisements about how easy the whole thing is, huh? Sounds like you had a productive weekend. Yes, only 4 more days until the roadtrip. I've got lots to do at work between now and Thursday evening so the week will fly by. Not looking forward to the drive, especially since I won't have sister for company this year. Oh well, that's the way things go.

We've been kind of quiet here. Hope to see Shadowpup and Laura back with us soon. I'm working on sister--encouraging her to come back to the forum. She's reverted to lurking.
Ok quick reply before the shoo me out of the Rec Center as they are closing up for the night..

I never did motivate after my pedicure/nails:eek:
Sunday I did a spectacular alpine hike 4:30 minutes 2,240 calories!:eek: I posted a few pics on FB if you are interested
Monday: Pilates and BC I did a Beach Body Boot Camp from Oxygen Magazine May 2011 issue which just about killed me!!

Michelle: I have Power Hour, I bought it a few months ago, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet! Maybe I can. I was going to try and do the Lower Body Rotation Cathe Posted a few months ago but it isn't working with my schedule so maybe I will do PH on friday or something..glad your sister's improving! Road trip is coming up right??

Janie: enjoy your son's visit! Is this the Dr from Vegas?
Joey and I did TBS, abs and stretches today. It was wonderful. I added weight to the workout by one pound on all exercises. My toe I think is giving me a false sense of healing. It feels really good. But I know it takes 6 weeks to recover from a broken bone. I have to keep that in mind at all times. It's hard to not go as hard as you want. I have 3 weeks to go. $hit!

Michelle, So glad the weather is better for you. Great job for you and Ripken for the longer walk and PH. I Love That One Too. Good for you for having DOM's. Wish I could keep you company on the drive. Listen to good music, or listen to a book. Keep encouraging your sister to come back. She motivates me and I need her for that. Gosh darn it!

Laura, OMG! Forest Lake is so beautiful! Fantastic 4:30 minutes on the alpine hike. Great job on Pilates and BC and the May Magazine issue. I'm glad you are still here!:D It's my son that lives here in Washington (Environmental Engineer). About 60 miles from us.

Take you two,

A long walk for me and the pup this morning. It was still a little humid but not too bad. During the walk, I mentally prepared myself for Double-Wave Pyramid. The good news is that it is short and quick; the bad news is that it is short and quick. DH was just shaking his head at some of the intervals; I was huffing and puffing; pointing out to him that some of the moves might look silly but they get the job done.

Laura: absolutely, you should give PH a go. Preview first if you can. It's an endurance workout and Cathe goes fast on some of the reps.

Janie: don't let your toe fake you out. Stay the course and you'll be back to the step workouts before you know it.

3 days to Glassboro.
Did 40 min. of the wedding video and tonight did 30 min. on the stair climber. Modified where I needed. Not a ring out headband, but was sweaty non the less on the two workouts. My toe is just a tid bit sore. I'll lay off it a little more. Trying to find a happy medium at this point.

Michelle, Couldn't help but try the Step today. It was better than I hoped. I'm being very careful on the toe, but you are right. I have to be more careful I think. It's a little sore tonight, and I'll be better at not doing too much to soon. Great job on the long walk this morning. Your weather must have changed for you to do that. I think you did a fantastic job on DWP. Get your honey to do it with you. :rolleyes:

Take care,

Ok so Tuesday I took off, needed the rest, and then today I did Rythnmic Step. For some reason I was really dogging it through the challenge at the end. It is a relatively new routine for me but the first time I picked it right up, but not so today...:mad::p:eek: Not sure what that was about...

Then tonight I did a rough version of Muscle Max for my Total Tone class. I had two new people and they seemed to like it, but man I was sweating abnormally hard for a lifting workout. Not sure what is going on for me but it isn't good.

Insanity arrived today! WooHOO not sure if I will start it tomorrow or try to do the Rock Bottoms Rotation 1st for a month to get ready for ski season.

Michelle: is it cooling off for you yet? We had a serious thunder storm and even lost power in the middle of my class tonight. The T-Storms have been really intense this year keeping me from hiking to high. Are you ready for the Road Trip? I bet you will miss your sister although you will meet so many amazing people. Post lots of pics for us

Janie: sounds like your moving again! Just listen to your body and don't do to much to fast. That's great you went up in weights, maybe the break helped?

The preview of the new series looks great! Can't wait!
Joey and I did TBS, segment of abs and stretches from Cathe.

Laura, Great job on RS. I love love that one! Also great job on MM for your Total Tone Class. I didn't know you were buying Insanity. It's really good, especially when you have a rotation mixed in with Cathe. Your plan gettng acclimated to it for skiing is a good plan. I think the break did help. I missed being able to move around so freely, that when it's taken away from you, you want it that much more. Love the way the new series looks too.

Take care,

I think I missed checking in yesterday. This week has been pretty busy and just flown by. The humidity took a vacation for a few days, and Ripken and I have been enjoying some nice walks. Alas, this morning was probably the last "nice" walk on this stretch of weather. Did a stretch and a core max yesterday and just a stretch today. Giving my body a little rest before tomorrow.;)

Laura: RS is one of my favorites. Sometimes I can fly through but if I'm tired or have alot on my mind and not really focused on the workout, it can be a bit of a challenge. We had a break from the humidity but it is supposed to be working its way back in and tomorrow we are supposed to be near 100 degrees again. It's just that time of year here in the mid-Atlantic and will be this way for another month. We had some good rain earlier in the week--could use some more. We are not in a drought, but don't really want to go there either.

I will pack up my workout clothes for the weekend tonight and do the rest tomorrow morning. Plan to start driving up to Jersey no later than 9 am.
I did Cardio Core Circuit this am as a 'fasted' cardio, which just means before breakfast! Man I was huffing& puffing & sweating! Honestly I don't know what's wrong with me lately! Either I am actually pushing myself harder and going deeper, faster, & longer or something is wrong with me.... I know workouts always seem 'easier' once your through them but man oh man I just not feeling peppy lately...

Any thoughts?

I am going to the hot springs tomorrow with a bunch of girlfriends which should be fun. I will just relax, maybe hike some, but maybe I just need a rest?

Michelle: I am so jealous!! Hope you have a blast. safe travels& can't wait to hear about it!

Janey: glad you are moving @ normally! It sure makes you appreciate your mobility doesn't it?

I will try to get Lower Body Blast in before I leave tomorrow. I've been enjoying that one recently.
Did The Wedding Video, for 40 min. Thought maybe you might be interested in some bad photography of this workout. It was photos on our wall of our theater. It will give you a kinda feel for it.



Cathe's outfit is truly outdated, but the workout is fantastic!


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