Getting Our Licks In!

C-WAGs League was a mixed bag for Toby and me last night: we qualified in two of our trials and DQed in two. I pulled Toby out of one trial because he was totally distracted and not working with me, so we DQed by my choice. In the other event, I had to give him too many cues for one of the behaviors, so we DQed. But it was our first trial in Level 2 Obedience which is mostly off-leash and I was happy with how we did given it was our first trial at this level. I know what we need to work on so hopefully next week will be better. This morning I did the first 30 minutes of Rhythmic Step. One of my favorites.

Laura: my DS struggles with her weight and I know it can be discouraging to deal with. I always say to her: slow and steady wins the race. It sounds like you are committed to the slow and steady approach. Of course, the other side of the coin is that our bodies are continually changing so it can be a challenge to know how to adjust. Shaking muscles are always a good sign that you are challenging yourself. Good for you!

Got in 5 days of Cathe workouts last week: 3 days of cardio, 2 days of ab work. This week, I'm going to try for the same with the Strong and Sweaty series but focusing on weight work. Today was Giant Sets upper body timesaver. Toby gets a rest day while I am at work.

My checking in has been as lacking as my exercise. When I've had time I've gotten workouts in but it has not been what I want. Lots of shoveling though as we have had lots of snow and more coming this weekend. Looking forward to the new DVD's to arrive so I can kick it into gear again :)

I've gained weight this year so I need to get into a regular workout routine and kick the sugar, always a struggle for me.

Happy 2018, I hope this year brings health and wellness to us all!

Michelle - Did you have a nice Christmas and decorate this year? How are you and Toby doing?

Laura - I don't know her but she sounds like an amazing person! How was your Christmas? Great work on the Pilates and DVD's, keep it up and the weight will drop, just wish it would drop as quick as we'd like!

I have had a good start to the year, no sugar/low carb and did my first Fit Split workout. I did the kickboxing + abs, it felt great and I really enjoyed the abs workout with the bands. Hoping to keep this going so I can fit in my snow pants soon for ski season, the kids start lessons on Sunday!

Hope everyone is having a great start to 2018.

Happy New Year to everyone! Toby and I had a nice Christmas. I decorated outside and put a small tree up inside. Toby and I spent the Christmas holiday with my sisters, parents, nieces, and some family friends. We had a really nice time. It was exhausting but a very nice Christmas. Still have to do presents with Joe's son and his wife. Very cold here in Virginia but it looks like things are going to warm-up a little next week. Next week we have 5 days of dog shows in Fredericksburg. Looking forward to being in the ring and good canine fellowship. Toby and I continue to train for competition obedience, rally, and agility. Did my first FitSplit workout today, the kickboxing cardio timesaver. Lots of fun and looking forward to doing more of Cathe's new workouts.

Cindy: I gained a little weight in 2017 too. Right now, I'm trying to get back to working out on a more regular basis--at least 4 times a week. And you are correct, Laura is an amazing person.

I'm going to try to check in a bit more regularly. You guys help to motivate me to get my workouts in.
FitSplit Just Legs and Glutes timesaver today. And my legs and glutes are already letting me know they worked out today. It's January and time to get back to cleaning things out/throwing stuff away. It's a good way to spend a cold month. Also time to start getting ready to do taxes. 2017 will be my first year filing as a single person. Kind of depressing. Like doing taxes needed anything else to make it a less fun task. Sigh. Despite the coldest weather of the year today, Toby and I managed to get in some good walks. The sun was out which helped a little. It also helped that we got our 2-mile walk in before the wind started blowing again. Next week is supposed to be much warmer--and I'm looking foward to only having to wear one layer of clothing vice 3. Hope everyone is doing well and getting in some good workouts.

I had a great start to the year with workouts and cleaning up my eating. From the Fitsplit I've done Just Push Day, Low Impact Cardio/Metabolic Conditioning, and Mixed Impact Cardio/Pull Day. I'm really liking these workouts and Lily has joined me for a couple. This week I'm following the rotation and look forward to it. Need to do some meal planning also.

The kids started ski lessons yesterday and it went well, I need to get up on the mountain soon and try my hand at it again, I'm still feeling very unsure :)

Michelle - I haven't done the legs and glutes yet, I will be giving it a go tonight :) I need to do the January clean out also, we've done some but I have so many areas that need to be organized. Glad you and Toby are busy with the dog shows, best of luck and have fun!

Last week was a busy week. Toby and I had 5 days of dog shows in Fredericksburg. So a little more experience under our belts. No Winner's Dog yet, but we are getting there. Back to our "normal" training schedule this week. Did Fit Split Low Impact Cardio timesaver today. Planning on doing the Metabolic Conditioning timesaver tomorrow. Like Cindy I am enjoying Cathe's new workouts.

Slowly working my way through the new Fit Split workouts. This week I've done the Low Impact Cardio Timesaver, the Metabolic Conditioning timesaver, and the pull day single sets timesaver. I am enjoying these new workouts and Toby is finally used to me working out and has pretty muched learned where it is best to lay down and watch/wait until I am done. Like Ripken, Toby likes to get his licks in when I am done working out.

We resumed our private competition obedience lessons today and Toby is really coming along. Our trainer was impressed with the progress that we are making. I don't know if it was the break from classes (although we have continued to train) or the fact that Toby is getting older one day at a time and things are starting to click. I'm hoping that we can have the same performance in the trial ring that we have in the training ring. We'll see next month because we most likely will enter our first AKC Beginner Novice obedience trial. We've also got some concentrated conformation handling training over the next few weeks. So, we continue to work and with a little luck, we hope to have more successes in the ring. Stay tune!

Not the best week for workouts. I've managed to come down with a cold so I'm taking it easy on the workouts and putting all my energy into dog walks and training with Toby. And I'm ready for winter to be over. I'm okay with 30 and 40 degree weather but temps in the teens and single digits has got to go. It's probably my cold making me a little cranky on the weather. This too shall all pass and healthier days are ahead. Hope everyone is doing well.

Michelle - I hope you're over the cold and feeling better. We've had some illness hit us also! So impressed with how well Toby is doing with his training, he's got a great teacher.

I've been struggling with avoiding sugar but have been doing well with exercise at least. It's going to be tough keeping the workouts going with the Olympics dominating our TV right now. Sledding, ice skating, and skiing are taking up a lot of our time. We've been blessed with a wonderfully snowy year :) I'm going to really focus on keeping the sugar out of my mouth, I have to remember how much better I feel when I do.


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