Getting Our Licks In!

So I made up a rotation with some of Cathie's DVD that didn't necessarily come as a series so that includes the intensity, lower body Blast, High Reps. Great Glutes, Party Rocking Step 1&2, Rockout Knock Out, Flex Train, Lean Legs & Abs, Greatest Hits, Body Max 2, Drill Max, Low Impact Circuit, Cardio Fusion, Butts & Guts, Cross Fire & To the Max. Since it is heavy on the Legs I am throwing in STS Total Body and doing the Muscle Melt Downs from ICE

Wednesday was Lower Body Blast -- which I enjoyed a lot-- + Blizzard Blast and Triceps Muscle Meltdown from Ice
Thursday was Rock Out Knock Out
Today STS Total Body

I also been on my Reformer a lot. I am getting stronger again and enjoying feeling the improvements in my performance.

Hope everyone is okay

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Last week was a very busy week. Finally able to come up for air about 1:30 Friday afternoon. I've spent the weekend catching up on things that needed to be done around the house, plus lots of time with Toby. Will be starting Cathe's June rotation tomorrow. More later.
I am enjoying Cathe's June rotation when I have the time to get my workout in. Sigh. I was doing great: exercised Monday, Tuesday and then work interrupted and I didn't get to workout again until today. Fortunately, Toby keeps my busy every day regardless of work so I don't feel like a total sloth. Since I had 3 "break days" in a row this week, I'll make one of the workouts up tomorrow. Hopefully, next week will be better. I do love the choices on the June rotation.

I am working on cleaning out my kitchen (again). This time, I am pulling out anything that I have not used in the past two years and either recycling, throwing away, or donating. Not throwing out that much but there are some utensils and gadgets that I have no idea what they are and they are not in the best shape, so out they go. I got through one section of cabinets today and five drawers which is pretty good. Sister has a friend who may want some items so I sent her an itemized list. I'll try to do the rest of the kitchen tomorrow--and then there is the stuff that Joe kept in a cabinet in the basement. I'll be going through that at some point, as well, but first I am starting with the kitchen. I am happy to say that I do have alot more space in the one section that I got through today.

Almost type to walk the pup and then I will cook dinner. I'm doing italian sausage with pesto pasta this evening. Yummy.

Hope everyone is doing well. Toby sends licks and tail wags to everyone.
It's been slow around here... nice to hear from you Michelle! [emoji173]️the pic on FB. Is that Ripken in the photo?

Today was Drill Max. What can I say about that? I guess I got through it! I just can't do as much jumping as I used to and I miss that high of jumping all out!

I leave on Thursday morning for Berlin to visit Eliza. I can't believe it is time already! I can't wait to see her! It's been 3 & a 1/2 months! Look for pics on FB

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Where has this month gone? I start each week doing well with my workouts and then by the end of the week, my schedule gets crazy and I don't get my workouts in. Seems like the only way the workout gets done is if I exercise first thing in the morning. So this week, that is my plan. Started well this morning: Toby and I took an hour walk and then I did Tabatacise (1 and 2). Worked at home because traffic was so bad today. Got alot done. Happy about that.

I've been getting alot done, cleaning out the basement and the garage. In the basement, I'm really down to odds and ends which is amazing. The garage is looking better but I have a long way to go. I sold one of my vehicles over the weekend, so now I'm down to 3 and I'm working on getting the boat listed with a yacht broker for sale. So things are moving along. Toby and I had two dog shows this past week (one last Thursday and one yesterday--both in Richmond). Sister drove over for the Thursday show and a college friend who lives in Richmond came to the show yesterday. She seemed to enjoy it and might come back this weekend. Toby and I show again on Sunday, July 2, and Monday, July 3--again in Richmond. I am very busy at work. I feel like I struggle the most at getting back into the groove at work. It just hasn't been the same since Joe passed away and I guess it really never will be.

Laura: I can't believe that Eliza has been in Germany for 3 and 1/2 months. It doesn't seem possible. I hope you have a wonderful time. IMHO, Drill Max is one of Cathe's harder workouts. I've always felt that way. I'd rather do the whole Tabatacize workout than Drill Max. And the picture on FB is Toby and me at agility class a few weeks ago. The instructor took pictures of all us in class. It is a super fun class--probably our favorite, although competition obedience and rally are pretty fun too.

Waves to Janie, Cindy, and Shadowpup.
Happy Fourth of July ladies. Trying out Cathe's new Fit Tower workouts this week. Did Fit Tower Bootcamp yesterday and really enjoyed it. I didn't invest in a Fit Tower since I already had Cathe's turbobarre and it works just fine. I really like the pullup modifications that Cathe incorporates in this workout. Toby and I have taken it easy the past couple of days. We've just been running too hard lately and I feel the need to tamp things back a bit. I've reached a "take a break" point with cleaning out the house and garage. Getting the boat listed with a yacht broker is the next thing on my list and then Toby and I will just focus on having fun with our training.

Hope everyone is doing well.
So so so so so so sorry for being absent! My busy time at work hit plus we went on vacation and I have had zero time to post. I haven't really been getting workouts in either and I feel it in every aspect so this week I'm getting back on track! Yesterday I did RWH Lower Body, strength only. I only have short times to get a workout in but it's better than nothing. Tonight I'm doing RWH Upper Body, strength only :)

Michelle - Great job listening to your body and giving yourself a break as needed, that can be hard to do. Glad you like the Fit Tower workouts, I haven't really had time to check them out.

Laura - I hope you are enjoying Germany! How fun to get away and see your love bug!

Looks like we have all been absent for a few weeks. I took a little break from exercising the first two weeks of August. Toby and I were busy at the beginning of the month attending Camp Rally Mania. Had a great time and we are working on a lot of the skills that we starting learning during camp. Resumed exercising this week, slowly getting back into it with Basic Step, Upper Body Sculpt, Stability Ball Abs, and Body Fusion. Trying to keep things "normal" in a world that seems not so normal these days.

How is everyone doing?
Yes I stopped checking in here because there was no activity. Today is a rest day as I had not time to exercise. I'm going to Red Rocks Amphitheater which is a serious leg exercise walking around there & I will be dancing all night!

Michelle well your sure do get your steps in with the puppy training! Looks like you had some great 'get back at it' work outs today.

I leave next Friday to take Eliza to boarding school so I plan to workout every day until then.

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Trying to get back into exercising. I've fallen back to three days a week, would like to get back to five. So far this week, I am at three workouts: total body sculpting on Monday, LIS on Tuesday, total body sculpting Thursday. Still have tomorrow to get another LIS in. Toby and I will be going to an agility trial in Fredericksburg tomorrow. We are not entered; going to cheer for our friends who are entered and to get Toby acclimated to the venue. Toby is pretty good going to different venues and recognizing that he is in the confirmation ring. Now I need to get him used to going to other venues for agility, rally, and competition obedience. Right now, we are focused on having lots of fun while training and competing. At the end of the day, that's what this is all about: doing more with Toby and having fun.

Laura: Congratulations to you and Eliza on your new beginning: she is starting school at Mercersburg Academy and you are starting another new experience watching Eliza grow up and moving into a new phase of your life as a mom.. So, I checked out Eliza's school. It is 2 1/2 hours from where I live (give or take a traffic jam and hour or so). We've got to arrange a way to meet in person over the next few years when you are in the area. You are always welcome to stay at my house if you are in the Fredericksburg, VA area.

Waves to Janie, Cindy, and Shadowpup.
So I am just getting back to exercise from taking Eliza to PA. Today was Bi's & Tri's from XTrain and I did the all Low Impact HIIT the day before.

Michelle it would be fun to meet up sometime! Thanks for the offer to stay with you. I have had a little fantasy of going to Cathie's road trip at her studio one year! Maybe we should try and do that together one year. I am going to the Daytona road trip next month again and I am super excited about that! I am going to pick up the pace on my workouts this month to get ready. It sounds like Toby is really maturing nicely and rising up the ranks!!

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This past week I have gotten back on track with exercising regularly, need to make it a priority again! I'm doing an ICE/RWH rotation and I feel like my muscles are waking up from a much too long slumber! Kids are back at school and we are getting back into the regular routine of life. Brodie is running cross country this fall and both he and Lily are still doing Taekwondo.

Michelle - You and Toby are going great, he's such a beauty. How is getting back into exercising going?

Laura - I love bi's & tri's! How is Eliza liking PA? What a fun trip to go visit her and hopefully meet up with Michelle :)

Been a while since I've checked in. I think maybe a month. Still getting in my Cathe exercise, 3-4 times a week. Walking Toby is a constant and we probably walk 2-3 hours each day. Not all at one time but alot of walking and training time. You'd think he'd be the best trained dog in the world by now, but we have a long way to go. Taking a break from the conformation ring until January and concentrating on competition obedience, rally, and agility. Hoping to get some obedience and rally trials in over the next couple of months. Between work, training, and the daily schedule, life is pretty busy these days. This past week was the one year anniversary since Joseph passed away. It's hard to explain but all of a sudden, things feel different. The intense sadness that I've carried for the last year seems much less so. Maybe it is a function of the fact that every day is not yet another first day of a year without Joseph. Things just feel different.

Hope all is well with everyone.
Hi Michelle! I’m so glad you felt a shift in your grief over your Joesph! I had a great time at the Cathe RT and also been keeping up with my workouts! I find Tap a Talk not so user friendly so I tend not to use it much. Which means I don’t learn how to navigate it better!

Today, Sunday, was meal prep for the week and ICE: To The Mat

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Have not posted in awhile
Tuesday: 4.6 mike walk & Strong & Sweaty Ramped Up Upper Body

Thursday & Friday: emotional slump and couldn’t motivate [emoji25][emoji58][emoji17]

Saturday: picked my self up by my bootstraps and muddled through ICE Metabolic Total Body

Sunday: turning the corner and back in the game with LIS: TurboBarre

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Only two Cathe workouts this week: Party Rockin Step 1, first 30 minutes, on Monday morning, and ICE shoulders timesaver workout on Wednesday. Will try to get PRS1 in again tomorrow. Toby and I started our next agility session last night. We enjoy all our training classes but agility is the favorite. The class focuses on handling techniques and creating good teamwork between handler and dog. In short, how well "we" do is more a function of how I do handling vice how Toby does because Toby reacts to me. My main issue is that I go too fast which means Toby goes too fast and doesn't stay focuses on the obstacles. So, I have to slow down. Amazingly, when I do slow down, Toby does much better on the course. We are very much a work in progress. Tomorrow we start private lessons for competition obedience which should benefit our other activities.

Laura: Don't feel bad about the emotional slumps. I think we have to learn to take each day as it come and not be so hard on ourselves. You got 3 workouts in for the week--way to go!!!! Hope this week has been a good one for you.

Janie: so sorry for you loss. Rolly was such a sweet, sweet boy. His unconditional love will live on in you.

Been too long! I spent the past 3 weeks doing Cathe's RWH rotation and have hit a busy week so I'm not sure what I'll be able to get in this week. I do have a month planned for a mixture of her DVD's and am waiting for the new workouts to arrive :) We got 12 inches of snow last weekend and winter has hit, -9 this morning. It came fast but it feels nice to have it! I'm working on planning healthy Thanksgiving options and just chugging along with life!

Michelle - So glad you felt a shift on your grief :) You and Toby are doing great, you are such a busy woman!

Laura - Glad you enjoyed the RT, you are doing great with your workouts!

Janie - Waves!

Hi Cindy!! So nice to hear from you! I saw a post from a friend of mine in FB that mentioned the foot of [emoji300]️ snow you all got up there. Any chance you know Liz Ann? She is paralyzed from mid thoracic down from a climbing accident so she is in a wheelchair. She is very inspirational and does tons of activities-triathlons, down hill and cross country skiing so maybe you would have seen her out and about. She just left to travel Around Europe.
Talk about no excuses not to exercise she is the leading example of that!

I have been doing a self made rotation with ICE and RWH I like the lifting in RWH and the low Impact HIIT is one of my favorite HIIT workouts! Great job on your workouts!!!

Let me know if you find and really great healthy thanksgiving recipes!

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Good morning! Must be something in the air, we are all checking in. Yesterday was Strong and Sweaty PHA timesaver (second half) and today I did stability ball abs. In my continuing efforts to get my regular exercise back on track, my goal is a Cathe workout of some sort on MWF and a Cathe ab workout on TTH, with weekends "free." Toby and I walk 2-3 hours total each day, so those happen regardless. Cooler weather here in Virginia but no snow. Snow in November here is a rare event. We might have our first hard freeze by the end of the week which is fine. I'm ready for the growing season to be over. Time to rake leaves, clean up the garden, and have the lawn mowed one last time. I'm contemplating decorating for the holidays this year. We'll see if the spirit moves me. Toby and I start C-WAGS League tonight. We are entered in two of the classes for the rally trials and two of the classes for the obedience trials. We'll see how we do. Good practice for our first AKC obedience trial which hopefully is next month.

Cindy: so nice to hear from you. Love Cathe's RWH workouts. I ordered the new DVDs as well. I don't think Cathe has announced when they will ship. I'm guessing it will be by Christmas.

Laura: it's good to see that you are sticking with your workouts. Cathe roadtrips are inspirational in that regard. When you know someone who has real physical challenges and you see that person stay in shape and pushing forward, it also is inspirational. The ICE workouts have become my quick "go to" workouts. I love the variety of timesavers that Cathe has in that series. Timesavers=no excuses! Is Eliza coming home for Thanksgiving?

Waves to Janie and Shadowpup.
Hi Michelle
Sounds like you have a good plan with your workouts. I am constant over time and it definitely helps my mood when I workout. I still have all that weight I gained after Sophia passed away to loose but it just won't come off. Today I did a very challenging Pilates Reformer work out that left my entire body feeling shaky. I will do a Low Impact HIIT for cardio as well.

Good luck at the CWAGS League tonight Toby!

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