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Hi ladies--a day late on starting our new thread--but here we go....

Ripken and I have been very happy that the icky weather has bypassed our part of Virginia the past few days. That has meant nice long walks in the morning for us. Yesterday, I did All Step and today was Leaner Legs. One more day to go with Cross Train Express. My legs are really feeling it.

Got to get back to work--be back later.
I am pretty sore from Gym Style Back, Biceps, Chest. Think I will do a cardio today. Cathe posted a rotation on the Ask Cathe forum that I really liked and will try this one - it incorporates STS, Pyramids, Gym Style, and 4DS.

Grady has loads of fun yesterday chasing his floppy frisbee down the driveway and then pouncing on it with is two front feet and sliding for 10 feet - he seemed to get a kick out of sliding. When he returned the frisbee, he would stop about 5 feet from me, drop the frisbee, put his front feet on it and slide into home base :p
Hi--folks are still using the old thread. I'm hoping to keep this one "on top of the thread list" so everyone is seeing it. Eventually--we will all get here.

Today was my last day of Cross Train Express: Kickbox and Biceps. I'm feeling the bicep work already. Whewee!

Michele_Z: how much snow and ice did you get out your way. Sounds like you and Grady are able to enjoy the weather rather than fighting is. That's a good thing. The Gym Style workouts are great. I might take some of my GS spreadsheets with me on vacation so I can do the workouts in the fitness center at the resort. Alas, I will be without the dvds, but I can still follow the basic routine.

Well we lost power last night, and it was to cold for the back up generator to kick on. So we stocked up the fire, and the girls slept with me in our bed and Bo slept in the guest-room. Bo still couldn't get the power going this morning so we are at a friends house. Hearing lots of horror stories about blown pipes all over town!

I am hopping to do a lower body workout today. Inner thigh and knee are feeling better. I am thinking of Leaner Legs from Cross Train Xpress which I have heard so much about and never done. Although Lower Body Blast is calling my name as well and I like the fact it has cardio in it as well. I am trying to get at least 30 minutes of cardio in 6 days a week. I have been reading the BFFM and as a slow burning Endomorph this is what he recommends!

I am starting a 3 1/2 month STS rotation on Friday. This should take me pretty close to my 40th B-Day! I will have only one vacation to attend with this time as it is half as long as the last time through! Not looking forward to Meso 1 which is the hardest for my body type. Even yesterday with the two upper body high rep routines my body was literally shaking by the end of it!

Renne and Michelle did ya'll redo your 1RM? I am not going to...I am going to use my micro weight gloves (which I didn't have at the beginning of my 1st time through STS to up my weight just by a lb or 2)

High Fives to everyone!

posted on the old thread so cut & copied here

just saw Cathe's new Feb rotation which looks so awesome I am tempted to postpone my STS rotation for another month but because I use my legs so heavily in the ski season and my knee is acting up on occasion I decided to download it to June!

Michelle; evny your nice weather! I have been doing Cross Train Xpress here and there when I can fit it in. I have mostly used the Upper Body Split. The cardio I like a lot...

MichelleZ: GS are my favorites, and my 2nd order of Cathe, the 1st being Butts& Gutts! What is the name of the rotation you are doing?
Hello All -

On Tuesday I ran on the treadmill and then did Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy workout - it is still a great workout despite the fact that I'm not Post pregnancy -parts of it are really tough - a good workout for anybody. I think I'm going to buy my sister a copy - Tracy says some stuff in there I think she would appreciate - on the flip side - I doubt my sister could actually do these moves. :p;) Yesterday I did "Step Revolution" - (Hurrah - I remember the name!!) step workout with Rebecca Small. I got to the 5th combo again - as you remember I had to stop there when Rex had his meltdown and I couldn't pick it up again. Well, turns out - it is really complicated and I need to concentrate like crazy to get it. In my defense - Rebecca says herself that she is teaching really fast so that she can get all of the material in and would take a much longer time breaking it down in a class setting. So I get there - I manage to pick it up - but not really consistently - I kept rewinding so that I felt like I had it. AFter all that rewinding - I decided to stop there. I have to tell you though, I LOVE IT!!! Fun - fast - complicated - all good. It is a vast deal different than running on the treadmill (Oh so boring!) - with this I'm engaged the entire time.

So tonight is the treadmill and TA again.

Laura - that is super cold weather there!!! BRRRRR!!!! I was going to complain about the 15 degrees this morning - that is a heat wave compared to -32!! I hope Bo gets the power up - what a bummer to be out of your house. Keep warm!!!

Michelle - I was kind of wondering if you were hit with that ghastly storm - since you didn't make the new thread I thought perhaps you might have - glad you didn't and Ripken is getting his walks! It's just cold here - haven't had a bunch of snow or anything. We were threatened with some ice that never really materialized.

MicheleZ - Grady sounds like a blast with that frisbee! I don't throw the girls a frisbee - in fact - I don't think we even have one! :confused: I wonder how they'd like it.

Janie - good job on your challenges - sounds hard - not sure I could do it.

Ok gonna go - have a couple of things to take care of - Rex is out of town for the next 2 days - so I get the house to myself!:) Oh one more thing: GO STEELERS!!!!!:D
Did 30 min. on trampoline today. It was a good cardio workout.

Michelle, Glad you were bypassed by that awful storm. Ripken must love his mommy to pieces with all those walks.:) We play whole heartedly with our Rolly all day long, so he's OK with exercises for now. Great job on All Step and Leaner Legs. Well done.

MicheleZ, Great job on those Gym Style Back, biceps and chest. Oooo, that rotation does sound like a good one. Grady sounds too cute for words and smart too.

, I'm so glad you guys are OK from that storm. You didn't have heat last night? I bet it was frozen every where when you got up! Burrrrrrrrrr! So glad your inner thigh and knee are better. I need cardio everyday too, but from the challenges I'm doing, it's just too much right now. Cardio is my favorite stuff to do. I bet you are looking forward to the STS rotation tomorrow. Good for you, you just can't beat that. Hang in there with Meso 1, you are going to do just fine. When is your Birthday?

Shoegal, Great job on all the days you did treadmill, Tracy, Step Revolution, Rebeca Small, sounds like so much fun. Tough workouts and oh so rewarding.:D

Have a really nice evening everyone,

Hi Everyone,
Yesterday I did Ali MacGraw's Yoga Mind & Body. My mind was very distracted for some reason but that happens sometimes.

So it looks like there isn't enough interest in the office Bootcamp. Go figure. On the plus side, a lot of it was similar to Cathe and I have those available to me any time I want.

Michelle: Congrats on completing your last day of CTX...what are you planning to do next?

Janie: 30 minutes on a trampoline! Sounds like fun!

Shoegal: Enjoy having the place to yourself for a couple of interruptions to your workouts!;)

Laura: No power in February sounds awful! Hope you get it all fixed soon.

MicheleZ: Enjoy your new rotation!

Hello to Renee & Shadowpup! Have a great Friday.
Hey everyone!

Did Gym Style Chest and then 40 minutes of Step Blast yesterday. My chest hurts sooo good :eek:. I am going to do Gym Style legs today but I don't think I am going to do 67 minutes of it - probably do a shorter pre-mix and then 30-40 minutes of cardio if my legs can still handle it.

Being without power and pipes bursting! I hope things get back to normal for you soon!! We didn't get a lot of snow thank goodness - we usually get the worst the storms have to offer but it mostly missed us this time.

The rotation was posted by Cathe in response to a member's question as to the best strength DVD for 2 - 3 times per week. Below is the rotation cut and pasted from the post on the Ask Cathe forum:

For week one and two do...

Mon: STS Total Body
Wed Pyramid Lower Body plus 25 minutes cardio
Thursday: Pyramid Upper Body plus 25 minutes cardio
Fri: Cardio
Sat: STS Total Body
Sun: off

For week three and four do....

Mon: Gym Style (upper Body of choice) plus 25 minutes cardio
Tues: Cardio
Wed: Gym Style Legs
Thurs: Gym Style (upper Body of choice)
Fri: Cardio
Sat: Cardio
Sun: Off

For week five and six do....

Mon: 4DS Higher Intensity Step
Tues: Cardio
Wed: 4DS Lower Intensity Step
Thurs: Cardio
Fri: 4DS Bootcamp
Sat: 4DS Kickbox
Sun: Off

Repeat weeks 1 through 6 can do whatever cardio you want on the designated day and the same cardio does not have to be repeated the second week of each two week cycle. In fact, the same cardio also doesn't have to be repeated when you go back and do the whole 6 weeks over again.
Good morning. Looks like just about everyone has found our new thread. Great!

Well--lots to do and not much time to do it in. Ripken and I had a super long walk this morning. Part of that is me feeling guilty about leaving my little buddy for almost two weeks. That is the only part about this vacation that I don't like. But he is going to Joe's son and DIL and will be well taken care of and loved and spoiled big time. I haven't exercised yet today. I'm thinking light cardio or stretch max.

Oh--I get to take Cathe with me on vacation. Well, some of my Cathe dvds. The rooms at Sandals have dvd players in them so I can do things like kickbox, cardio core circuit, or double wave pyramid in the room. I'll also be taking my weight gloves and some of my spreadsheets for use in the fitness center. They also are suppose to have aerobics classes too--my plan is to exercise every day. We'll see how that goes.;) Will start pulling stuff together for the trip later today.

MicheleZ: glad you didn't get hit with that storm. It sounded awful. GS Chest and 40 minutes of step blast sounds like a great workout. Isn't great how you can mix up different parts of Cathe's workouts?

Laura: no power=a pain in the patootie. This has been some kind of winter so far, hasn't it? We've had some super cold in the mid-Atlantic for Dec and early Jan--but it seems to have moderated a bit. Otherwise, I'm just getting used to it. I imagine Misty likes the cold weather. But too cold is too cold, even for big furry pups.

Janie: wow--you have a tampoline? That sounds like fun. Is it low to the ground or one of those big ones? That is something I would never think about getting or doing. You really are young at heart.

DH had a doctor's appointment with his cardiologist earlier this week. It has almost been 6 months since he quit smoking and finally he is seeing some improvements. His red blood cell count is now on the high end of normal--so hopefully the polycythemia is behind him. His blood pressure was well in the normal range (with medication)--in the past it usually has been on the high end of normal with medication or still slightly on the high side. He also is motivated to lose some weight. I'm sneaking his athletic shoes in his suitcase for vacation. I'm hoping I can get him to at least walk on the treadmill in the fitness center every day or two. It's funny all these years of DH smoking and now he has totally gone the other way and encourages others to quit. Who says miracles don't happen.:D

Okay--time to rock and roll and get some things done.
Hello- hope everyone has a great weekend.

I had a terrible night alone with all the pups. Somehow or other, Scout wants to sound the alarm constantly to tell me someone is coming or she heard something even when there is nothing out there. Well, she was in rare form last night - I tried to go in the back room where I work out - all the pups wanted to stay in the living room because they HATE the laminate flooring back there - too slippy for them (a little Pittsburghese for you :D:eek:) and all the toys are in the living room. Scout barked her head off every 5 minutes, so everyone else did too - I went out to see what could be the matter - and there is nothing!!!! :mad::mad::mad: I go back - restart workout - more barking :mad::mad::mad:. I did eventually get the workout in - but I was pulling my hair out.

I ran the treadmill (a little for speed - mostly just because I wanted to get it done faster :eek::eek::eek:) - sure did sweat though. I then did TA's PP workout again. Did it all. Scout came in to cuddle a little while I was on the floor. :)

Elle - you know, we have the same problem here at work - whenever there is something beneficial to sign up for - even something FUN (if you can believe it) - nobody wants to participate. Nobody wants to put their name down. :eek::eek: But you're right - if you've got Cathe's bootcamp - that's all you need - that is one of my favorites.

Michelle - Goodness - ENJOY vacation - I know you'll have a super time. I just LOVE the beach - and its a bonus that you can bring Cathe along too. I'm glad Joe to making attempts to get healthy - maybe this is the start of a whole new lifestyle. I wish Rex would do the same - I worry about him.

MicheleZ - thanks for posting the rotation - it looks like it will be effective - I don't do Pyramid upper or lower body too often and I really should - right now I'm kind of missing lifting heavier.

Laura - hope things are getting back to normal over there - is the power back up?

Ok - bought a Steeler's garden flag - I really couldn't help myself. Big super bowl party this weekend all around the city :D GO STEELERS!!! I really can't help it - I grew up here - they are my team!!! I don't think that if I went to live anywhere else in the world that I wouldn't route for the Steelers. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
To days challenges: Pull-Ups with 30 sec. between sets: 4 Assisted, 5 Australian, 6 Assisted, 5 Australian and 2 hangs. YES! Will go to Week 3 Monday. Push-Ups on Toes with 2 min. between sets: 16, 21, 15, 15 and 25. Yes! Feeling strong today! Sit-Ups with 60 sec.between sets: 35, 42, 35, 35, and 80. Still seems to easy, been using column two, will do column 3 next week. Used heavy weight for 8 reps and 3 sets each. Hamstrings, quads, inner and outer thighs, shoulders, biceps and triceps. Felt really strong today. Mostly eating clean and lost a few pounds since I started the challenges.

Elle, Great job on MacGraw's Yoga. It's a good one. Aw, that's too bad that their wasn't enough interest in exercising at work. It's their loss, and I'm afraid yours too. Such a shame.:(

MicheleZ, Great job on Gym Style Chest and 40 min. of Step Blast. Thank you for posting the rotation, it looks really well thought out. Will have to consider that one in the near future for sure.

Michelle, Great job on you and Ripken walking today. It looks like you have no excuses for yourself but workout as normal. Enjoy, you are so good.:D I have a mini trampoline I got for Christmas. Love it, Love it, and watching TV with it too. I'm soooooooooooo glad your DH is improving in his health. Congratulations to him! You must be so proud of him. He'll improve every time he turns around now. I some how feel you had a huge part in it. Good for you!:eek:

Shoegal, You sure did have a time with your animals. When Rolly gets that way, I put him in his crate and put a blanket all around it. That seems to calm him down. I don't make it a punishment at all, he as a toy and a treat in there with water. He seems to like it and he gets very quite. Great job on your workout even though it was disruptive from your animals. Also good job on the treadmill. I love it when I sweat like that.

Have a nice evening everyone,

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Well I am REALLY sore from Gym Style legs yesterday. I did a premix of about 30+ minutes and then 30+ minutes of Athletic Step. I wanted to do more legs because it stopped right before Cathe got to the stability ball stuff but I knew I was going to be sore today. I also wanted to do more of AS but my legs were a bit heavy and my energy level wasn't where I wanted it to be so I called it good after an hour. Now that I am a bit stronger and can actually do a nice deep squat, my legs are sure feeling it. Don't know what I am going to do today - some sort of cardio probably.
Sorry for the abscence. Busy or tired.

Started mesocycle 2 of STS yesterday, then went to karate for an hour and a half. Two and half hours later (exercise) I was totally fried. I am so sore today, but as we say in karate "it's a good kind of hurt!" Well, I'll keep on telling myself that. Today I did the step only from SJP and then sts 14 legs. Of course that was killer, but I had to get that in, because I won't have time for it tomorrow AND karate. So I had to double it up today. Every body part that I've worked this weekend HURTS! I can't even handle my smallest cat laying on my chest...thats an ouchie!

So, I have a funny karate story. Thursday night I went to the tournament class for the first time since November. The belts are from white to black, beginners, intermediates and advanced students. Master Alley was teaching on how to enter the ring for competition and then performing our "universal" (which is a series of moves that we are learning in the rotation we are in). Any how there were only 4 intermediates (including myself) and he asked if I knew universal 5...the one we need to know for this cycle. I said "yes, sir." He asked me to do it, so I did. Well, it takes some space...and there is a forward left shoulder roll (forward roll) into a right knee stand (kneeling stance on right knee) and a right reverse punch with a "Ki-yah" at the end. I do this move beautifully and end up less then two feet away from a little boy (oh, about 8-9 years old, white belt) and I always give it my all. I "ki-yahed" and scared the poor little guy. He had a look of terror on his face. Well, he was in my way, and I just stayed there...Master Alley says "son, you better move, she has another move and you're in her way." Well, you never saw a kid move so fast. I completed the spinning reverse cresent kick, and the rest of the universal and secretly laughed to myself. Afterwards, Master Alley came up to me and laughed about it. Didn't intend to scare the kid, but was GREAT! ROFLmao.

So, it looks like everyone has been busy, but a lot better at checking in. I'll try, but can't promise a thing. Just keep on keepin on everybody!

Hope the Steelers win tonight. I'm looking forward to a good game. WOn't be surprised if the Packers pull it off though. They have been amazing these last two months.


Hi everyone! Watching the big game!

Friday I started my STS rotation! That 1st Disc of meso 1 has a toatl of 136 pushups! Holly Molly! I actually did ALL of them from my toes and felt really strong! I also did Cardio Coach intervals on the elliptical.

That evening I went to see some music in town with girlfriends, one of them is married to the drummer. It was a blast and did a lot of dancing. It was a late night though so Saturday was a wash as far as exercise. Also had a party that evening as well.

Today I did CTX All Step and the Step Only from Cardio and Weights. Now watching the game. We got about a foot and a half of snow was well.

Shoegal: barking can really get on my nerves! At least you got your workout in! GOOD JOB! I think all woman could benefit from Post Partum work, even if they never have a kid! The plumbing is still all the same down there and it is often a very overlooked part of fitness, that deep pelvic floor is considered to be the powerhouse by Joseph Pilates and all pilates should really teach from there.

Janey: You are really rocking your challenges arent' you! That is awesome on the pushups! I remember that you really wanted to work on those and now look at you go! My 40th Birthday is JUNE 14 TH!!:eek::eek::eek:

Elle: that 's a bummer about the boot camp class! It would have been fun! And really Cathe is hard to beat!

MichelleZ: that rotation looks awesome! I might have to try it out after my STS1. Thanks for sharing it! GS is really one of my very favorites! I always miss them when I do STS! The legs are killer and so is Athletic Step that would be quite a combo.

Michelle: It is hard to leave our 4 legged, but it will be so fun! I am so proud of your husband! It gives me hope for Bo ( who smokes as well not all day but every evening he has a few outside after the kids are a sleep) Miracles do happen! I love the KB when I am on vacation...

Catchick LOVED that story! See what we are deprived of when you don't post! LOL! Check in when you can we miss you when you are gone!
Renee - The karate story was funny - I bet he talked about you to his friends - his karate hero :eek:.

ladubose136 pushups! I want to be just like you when I grow up (lol)!

I took 2 days off for the weekend. I was so sore on Sat. that there was no way I could do any type of cardio - I could barely walk and I was tired so I knew my body was telling me to rest. I got in a nice day reading my Kindle and playing frisbee with Grady. I was slightly better on Sunday and now today I feel ready to do cardio. I am going to do 4DS Higher Intensity Step which doesn't involve weight lifting with the legs :p. They are still too sore to do any weight lifting (sigh).
Just taught Pilates2 & Boot Camp and now I am in a flop sweat! Just tired tonight & everything felt harder than it usually does! I also did @ 30 minutes of my own Pilates earlier!!

MichelleZ: I hear you on needing some good rest!! I am feeling that way myself! I was sore all the way till today from. All those pushups!!

Quiet around here! Hope everyone is working out and eating right!!
Weekend of parties - my sister had a Valentine's Day party on Saturday - lots of fun - she is so creative - we played games. It was the battle of the sexes - men won. Superbowl party on Sunday - lots of excitement here - all the businesses closed down - there wouldn't have been anybody about anyway.

Yesterday I did LifeForce w/ Anni Mairs - I got this from the share the wealth VF giveaway. Somebody offered this up and I got it!!! It was very exciting to see it come in the mail - so last night I plugged it in and did it - about 60 minutes of cardio and weight training - a lot of it done with very low weights. We never put the weight down so it has to be light. I don't really like jumping with the weights in hand - so I opted out of anything I didn't like the look of. She gives tons of modifications so you didn't have to do anything you didn't want to do. It was all very simple choreography - nothing complex or dancey. I think I would have had a better time doing Rebecca Small again & Step Revolution - but I actually found this to be an easy workout to get through. You only do a minute of any movement and then she moves on - so it goes fast. I was little skeptical about the intensity - but you get out of it what you put into it - and it can be as hard as you want to make it. I was thinking that this would be a good place for Rex to start - I asked him about it and he said he would give it some thought.

Laura - 136 push ups on the toes - I want to be you when I grow up too!!! Good job - you are strong! I have days where everything feels like I'm moving through mud and I can't get going as well - there are always ups and downs as I'm sure you know.

MicheleZ - I LOVE 4DS HIS - one of my favorites - the step is too fun in that. We all need rest days - but many times when I'm sore I work out anyway - once you get going you don't feel it anymore and I feel better faster.

Renee - I think that was a great story - that Univerisal sounds like a long complicated, difficult series of movements!!!! You can also scare children with it!! LOL!! :D

Tonight I'll be running on the treadmill and doing another TA workout - I haven't decided what yet. Have a great day!!:)
Sorry for not posting yesterday, our electrical system kept going on and off. :(

Challenges for yesterday: Pull-Ups 60 sec between sets: Assisted 5, 4 Australian, Assisted 5, 5 Australian, and 1 hang. I'm done with level two, but I know I can't go to level 2 yet because there are pull ups and I still can't do one, so I'll do the last week of Level one again. Push Ups on Toes 60 sec. between sets: 18, 22, 16, 16, and 26. Sit ups with 60 sec. between sets: 54, 60, 45, 36, and 62. Then used heavier weight than normal and did hamstrings, inner and outer thighs, quads, shoulders, biceps and triceps. My whole body was trembling. Whew! Took over and hr. and 1/2. May have to start do the challenges in the morning and the rest at night.

MicheleZ, Most of the time I take two days off on the weekends. My body needs it!LOL:D Good for listening to it. I think I might be getting a Kindle for my birthday in April. We'll see.

Shoegal, Sounds like you had a fantastic time this weekend with all the parties. Good for you! Great job with LifeForce. Sounds like, Rex, maybe will get into it. Will cross my fingers for you. I sure hope so.

Laura, Great job starting another STS rotation. Congratulations! Wow, 136 push ups. So proud of you. Wow! Also great job on the CC intervals on the elliptical. Well done!:D Then dancing later that night. You go girl! You are doing great on those Pilates 2 and Boot Camp. No wonder you are tired, you did them earlier. Wow. Are you made out of steel?

Have a good one everyone,

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Evening Ladies In Iron!

Today My legs were sore, front quads from my two classes last night, but I did Atheltic Step which just about KILLS me every time! It has come up a few times on my schedule and I opted for an easier step each time so felt like I HAD TO DO IT!:eek: I did get through it, but it wasn't pretty and I am always like NO WAY when the step combos are over and yet she keeps going!

Shoegal: Low weights High Reps really are hard for me! Good luck getting Rex to work out, still not having luck with Bo, but his work is so physical he is often so tired by the end of the day. I really just want him to do pilates with me, I think that would be the best for him and keep him mobile longer. Feb, has been an unusually social month, usually it is kind of quite, but not this year..

Janey: I am so impressed with your progress on your challenges! Sometimes it really pays off to chose one system and focus on it! Being a gemini, my problem, is I can get so distracted with all the systems out there to do!!

Hi Fives to everyone else and looking forward to hear what is happening in your lives!:)
Where is everyone ? So quiet here....

Today I did STS Meso Cycle 1, disc 2, week 1 back & triceps in the morning & then I came to the Rec. Center to try a new yoga class before my Total Tone Clads, but the instructor was sick & the class was cancelled, so I did Cardio Coach instead. My class was a full body push/pull style workout. Needless to say I feel pretty cooked. I think tomorrow will be a light Cardio & a hopefully a sauna & hot tub!

Unfortunately my power steering went out and it is a total bugger to drive my car! And we just got a bunch of snow so although the roads are plowed I don't feel safe driving right now! I think it is time for a new car....

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