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  • Elle,
    Thanks for dropping me a line, and for your encouragement. I have been struggling to get back into an exercize routine the past several months. I have a slight, but nagging cold that hasn't gone away in the past two months. I haven't seen much in the way of discussions. on the forum page, as to how to exercize with a cold, but it is hard to get motivated. And it is hard to walk around these days, with all of the snow on the ground! Here we have two feet without drifts.

    What I am doing to start back to exercizing is to do a half-hour every day -- mostly FIRM DVDs since they are not that demanding.

    I hope the winter is better in Ontario. Here it is expected to get above zero next week.
    -- David
    How do you figure the amount of calories you burned doing Cathe dvd exercise such as Body Fusion? I'm using the calendar and it figured the calories burned for some weeks but not this past week. Thanks Mylinda
    Hi Elle p
    How are you doing? I agree it is very motivating checking in makes a big difference. I am going to try the Basic Step this weekend just to practice up for Cathe's more advanced step workouts.. New at the stepping thing .. knowing me I will likely fall off it lol... I wish I hadn't ordered it as its very low calorie burning ... :(
    Thanks for adding me your my first friend on here LOL .. None of my friends want too workout sad.. I am trying too get them hooked on Cathe but its a no go so far!
    How long have you been working out?
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