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  • I signed up for the Biggest Loser website $40 what a disappointment. It is just like spark people but it cost money. They don't have anyway to track your calories, you have to guess. I like the biggest loser show. Oh well I get 3 free books I should get some good info from.

    I noticed on the calendar that if I don't put the exercise in ahead of time it puts calories in for me but if I put in this weeks plan, the calories don't appear after I check off that I've done it.

    Thanks for listening and for the help Mylinda
    The workout manager should automatically calculate the calories burned when you select the workout and mark it as complete. You should be able to click on "show details" and it should show you everything. I checked back and when i did Body Fusion it came up as 400 calories burned. Hope this helps!
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