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Hi All,
I'm feeling pretty lucky since i don't seem to have suffered whiplash, only some minor muscle soreness in my neck and upper back. I've been able to do yoga with no problems so far.

My Valentine's day was very sweet and low-key: ordered in chinese food for dinner and watched some DVD's a friend burned for us. I was also surprised with a very pretty Swarovski heart pendant.

MicheleZ: Your post did not come across as harsh or negative at all. I know the other poster apologized for hurting you, but I've seen the same tone in other posts with others in the past so I wouldn't worry about it. Good for you for defending your opinion. Hope you enjoyed your rest day!:)

Hello to everyone else!:)
Hi everyone, yesterday I was sooooo hung over!!:eek::eek::eek:It must have been that darn champagne! Feels nice at the time but terrible the next day!:confused::(:rolleyes::eek:

So I taught my Pilates class & then had my massage & called it a day....
Than last night I couldn't at all..:mad::mad::mad: it has been awhile since I have had insomnia, but have had two nights in the last week where it was awful! So I called the Doc. & should have some sleeping pills called in! Ugh

Made myself go workout though, did mess cylce1 week 2 back & triceps & tonight I will yeah Total Tone!

Than I am going home for a hot bath & hopefully a good night sleep!
Elle_p - thanks for the heads up on miss personality (lol). I was reading another thread right after I read your post where she stated that something another poster said was "rubbish" so it def. made me feel better to know that she simply has a hot button (or two). :p

Took another rest day - still wasn't up to snuff this morning and I know not to try a Cathe workout without my "game face" on :eek: As the day progressed I have been feeling much better, I think the antibiotics are kicking in. I am going to kick my butt (with the guidance of Cathe) tomorrow morning :D
Challenges: OMG! Pushups on toes 45 sec. between sets: 18, 18, 20, 20, 14, 14, 16, and 40, almost didn't get that one. Sit Ups 45 sec. between sets: 30, 30, 35, 35, 30, 30, 27, 27 and 100. Pull Ups 60 sec. between sets: 6 Assisted, 5 Australian, 6 Assisted, 5 Australian, and 1 hang. This time it was better, but man o man it's still so very hard! Still hoping for a full pull up at end of month, but not sure it it's going to happen. Well see. Also did heavy weight lifting for the rest of my body.

Shoegal, Great job with Patrick, it doesn't surprise me at all that you are doing well with him.;) Great job on the ab hits too. Well done. Wish I could see your St. Patrick's decor, I bet it's fun and original.

Elle, So glad you made it through days without any signs of whiplash. Yoga most likely helped you a whole lot. Good for you for doing them.

Laura, From what I gather you must be dehydrated. Drink lots of water. Sounds like you had a great time. Good for you. Great job on teaching your Pilates class. Nice you got a message, how blunderful (beautiful and wonderful). Careful with those sleeping pills, wish you can get off them just ASAP. Get on the internet and see what other people do to try to sleep. Pills scare the heck out of me. Great job on meso cycle 1 week 2 back and triceps. What's total tone?

MicheleZ, I don't blame you for taking another rest day when you are not feeling well. Get better soon.;) Cheering you on for tomorrow morning. Yeah!

Have a good evening everyone,

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YAY me...I lost another 2 pounds :D. This morning I did 4DS Kickbox (the entire thing) and loved it! That is a nice workout. I am feeling loads better and my energy was good so I finally got to the last 4DS workout. I am going to start them all over again and do them for the next 2 weeks or so (I think). I should be in great shape by spring and then I can ride my Ducati Monster 696 for hours - it takes a lot of leg and core strength to ride for an entire afternoon.
We are having a new roof put on today, so we were out all day shopping around. When we got back the men were still here. It is getting a little dusk and they said they will be done tonight. It looks really good. Before, we would have leeks almost in every room. I'm so glad this is finally happening, we waited to save enough money for a few years and today is the day for a nice dry house. Yeah!

MicheleZ, Congratulations! For loosing 2 pounds. Great job on 4DS Kickbox, (the entire thing). I'm so glad you are feeling well. It makes all the difference in the world when you are exercising. What is a Ducati Monster 696? A motorcycle? Sounds like fun, stay safe.

Have a nice evening everyone,

Hey ya'll! Still mostly quite around here....:(

I took the day and went skiing with a friend! It was a glorious powder day and we had some amazing runs! Nothing feels better than a good day of skiing I can tell you that! I am so glad we went as I haven't been in ski mode all winter yet, a few off days, a few cold days, a few days skiing with those way below my level and I just wasn't feeling it!

Even today my friend and I were hemming and haaing a little about going and she finally said, you know what at the end of the day I will NOT say I sure am glad I sat around on my ass all day! That got us up and out the door and it turned out to be one of my top ten days of skiing...

Michelle is that a motorcycle?? Congrats on the weight loss!

Hello everyone - Things are melting here big time. Am I weird for wanting more snow????

Laura - I'm so glad that you got that skiing in - and that it was a great day. It is wonderful when things turn out better than expected. I love when that happens. Your friend is wise. I'm going to use her words to motivate me to workout when I don't feel like it.

MicheleZ - i was wondering about that Ducati Monster 696 myself when Laura asked. I don't know too much about motorcycles at all but I got to thinking and in that movie "Yes Man" some guy applies for loan to buy a Ducati - and it was this very powerful sporty motorcycle. :D How do you handle that thing?? You must be good!! I'm glad you are feeling better and getting some good workouts in and losing 2 lbs Great Job!!!!!

Elle - You are lucky not to have suffered any lasting effects from the crash - and that you had a great low key Valentine's Day - it did sound very sweet. My turned out to be just ok - I think I allowed my expectations to take over basically setting myself up for disappointment. :p :rolleyes: The pendant sounds lovely.

Janie - New Roof!! Awesome!!! I love home improvement especially after waiting for so long. We have a list a mile long for things we need to do. It is frustrating for me but I can understand that after working all week long Rex doesn't want to put a full weekend of work in doing that. I would love to hire a truckload of carpenters - I could keep them busy for weeks!!

Hello to Michelle and Renee - are you guys signing up for the Glassboro Road Trip today??? Anybody else??? I would LOVE to go - but believe it or not I haven't recovered from Christmas yet and I'm on a buying freeze - plus our dock fees are due by the end of the month. :p

Hope you all have a great weekend - hope to hear from everyone!!!
Hello all :). Going to do 4DS High Intensity Step, Chest/Back today. It should be lower 50s today (was mid 60s yesterday) so I will hopefully get out with Grady and do some walking or chuck-it. A couple of days ago I was using the chuck-it to throw the ball up the driveway and after 25 minutes Grady took the ball, walked over to the side of the road where there was snow and preceded to lay down to cool his belly :p. We have not played chuck-it in a while and was about 50 that day too - MUCH warmer than usual.

The Ducati Monster 696 is a motorcycle. I went through several before I found the perfect one that fit me (I am short) and fit the way I like to ride.

Below is the 696 - this isn't a picture of my bike - I have a nicer exhaust (lol).

Hi everyone. I'm back. Still trying to get the sand out of my brain. Had a wonderful time but looking forward to registering for the roadtrip to day. Will be back later. Just wanted to let everyone know--I'm home safe and sound.
MicheleZ that is one SWEET Bike. I used to ride motorcycles, I had a wee Kawasaki 500. It was fun but soon found that I didn't trust other traffic at all and gave it up. Hey, at least I did it. One of those things on my "bucket list". Now, perhaps one day, sky diving.

Sister and I made it into our 2nd roadtrip! I was number 16 and she was 74. I had to register her again this year because of some weird computer gliche she had again. Good thing we were on the phone at 1:01. I was in by 1:02 and had her registered by 1:04. Of course, she has been in Jamica for 11 days and didn't know about the sign up. I called her an hour after her plane was suppose to have landed yesterday, and told her. I took the day off of work just for this. And its well worth it, I assure you!

Half way thru meso cycle 2. This is giving me doms big time, and I like it! Well, mostly. This evening I get my purple belt in karate. Tomorrow is the black belt physical fitness test that I am going to take. Sort of, like a benchmark, to see how I progress. We did self defense techniques this week and got to do shoulder/hip tosses. I love that! Its fun to throw people and fun to be thrown! Yeah, go figure, to each her own, right??

Roadtrip number 2 coming up. Sister and I had fun registering today. We were on the phone the whole time. She gets so nervous until we are both confirmed--it's funny.

Got Ripken this morning from Rob and Sarah. Now, everyone is back home and the world is right again. I'm on my second load of laundry and have one more big suitcase to unpack. No hurry. It's not like I'm going to wear any of the clothes that are in the suitcase any time soon, even though it is in the 70s here today.

So, I was pretty good on vacation. I enjoyed the food but felt like I overate only one day. I exercised for an hour on 8 of the 11 days. I did a combination of resort exercise classes and exercising on my own I power walked on the treadmill, lifted weights, did interval training on the beach, and yoga on the beach. One day, I got a private weight training session with the resort fitness pro--because no one else showed up for the class. That was really nice. He pointed out some form issues on certain exercises and recommended I spend some time with a personal trainer at home to address some "bad habits" that I've developed. I have a girlfriend who is a kicka$$ personal trainer so I might just do that. This afternoon, I will do some type of step cardio. Sure did miss doing step.

Otherwise our days pretty much were filled with laying on the beach, going in the water, eating, and drinking (mostly water)--although I did enjoy an occasional rum punch. I think 2 was my max on any day. Our room was on the ground floor, beachfront, so we just stepped out the door and walked about 20 feet to the beach lounges. Our room was also close to the outdoor beach grill and bar. The beach bar had a self-serve soft ice-cream machine which made a nice cool mid-day treat. It was quite a popular refreshment. But my rule was that if I had ice-cream on the beach, then no dessert at dinner. I haven't stepped on the scale yet. I'm going to wait until Monday morning just to give myself a few days to adjust to at home eating.;)

The weather was great. The first few days it rained a little in the afternoons, but we did not have a single day without plenty of sunshine and vitamin D. On Valentine's Day--also Joe's birthday), we had a candlelight dinner in the beach gazebo--complete with lobster and champagne. It was very nice and probably the best cooked lobster I have ever had. We also treated ourselves to pedicures. DH has never had one before and I think he enjoyed it--although he'll never admit it--but his tootsies sure look better. Mine don't look too bad either.
Renee - I don't blame you for not trusting others on the road. Motorcycles have a tendency to not be seen. We live far out in the country so we do very little in town driving. Of course, now I have to be careful for animals (deer, dogs, etc.) on the road which I have encountered. You should be proud of having done motorcycling - it is tougher than it seems! I went through the motorcycle course and was amazed at all the skills one needs to ride a motorcycle and not kill themselves :p

MDolfiniReed - I read you lovely post about being on the beach, eating ice cream and drinking tasty stuff and all I have to say is.......I hate you....:p
Challenges: Push Ups on Toes with 45 sec. between sets: 18, 18, 20, 20, 17, 17, 20 and 45. Wow! Did not have negative sensation like the last time. Very very hard! Pull Ups with 60 sec. between sets: 7 Assisted, 7 Australian, 6 Assisted, 6 Australian, and 1 hang with 3 baby pull ups. Once from chin to eyes, then chin to forehead, then chin to eyes again then one last hang. It's working! I will continue with week 3 day 3 until I can actually do a pull up. I feel so good about this! This is why, I think, I'm motivated to keep at it. OK ladies, Da Da! I did 200 Sit Ups. YaHoo!:eek: It was very difficult and I good barely make it through, but darn it, I just wanted to finish a challenge so I could concentrate better on the other two. I'm already feeling my neck getting sore. I'll stretch it and put some ice and heat on it before bed. Ya Hoo!:eek: Also made sure I got in the appropriate weight lifting routine for the rest of my body.

Laura, How wonderful to get on top of that marvelous powdered snow. I'm so glad you enjoyed your skiing at the level you are at. Hopefully you can enjoy more of that.

Shoegal, I love snow, just won't drive in it. Can play in it all day long.:) Not much here in the Pacific NW this year though.:( I can invision your truck load of carpenters and you directing them.LOL Cute.:D

, Love the bike! I'm sure you get a lot of use out of it. Have fun! Sounds like Grady loves playing chuck-it. Let us know how well your exercises went.

Renee, Congratulations for making it in the Road Trip. I can't wait to hear all about it.:D Another congratulations on getting half way through Meso Cycle 2. Yeah! And yet another congratulations for getting the purple belt in Karate class. Yeah! You are doing so well. Good for you.

Michelle, I'm so glad that the world is right again for you. I love normalcy.:) Do enjoy your near 70 degree weather. :cool: I'm so proud of you for doing a really good job on your eating and exercising. It sounds like you did everything you were suppose to do while on vacation. When Joey and I went to HI on our honeymoon, we had a place that you steped out and there was the beach just in front of us and nothing else. Heaven I tell ya. It sounds like the perfect vacation.

Have a great evening everyone, see yas tomorrow.

Just an update - I did do the 4DS Chest/Back but picked the low impact chest/back premix. The premixes on that series are really nice - so much to choose from! Dunno if I will ever do the ones that are 100+ minutes though :eek:.

Grady loves anything that moves that he can chase :D.
So--I didn't manage to get my step cardio in yesterday. The day just got filled up with unpacking, doing laundry, and catching up with work email. Today is a different story. Ripken and I had a wonderful long walk this morning. It was 54 degrees with a brisk wind blowing and we thoroughly enjoyed our time walking. Got back to the house, made breakfast and then did some cleaning downstairs. How can a house need to be vacuumed when no one was here for 12 days? Then I did the step premix on CardioFusion. After I put the dvd in the player, Ripken came upstairs wagging his tail with a big grin on his face: TIME TO EXERCISE MOMMY. He seemed really happy about it. Of course, what he was really happy about was getting his licks in during the cool down. Talk about one delighted dog. He is such a goof ball.

After cleaning up and making lunch, I've been finishing up unpacking and working, doing more laundry, and working on taxes. What an exciting day, huh? I need to run out in a little bit to get a birthday present for our neighbor's youngest child--they are having a party for him tomorrow--he is turning 2. I think the party is more for the adults than the two-year old. Oh well, it's February--I think its just time for a neighborhood get together. We don't do the ones in the summer because we are always at the boat on the weekends. Even with the nice weather, folks still are more inside than outside in February--so it will be nice to see everyone on the Circle.

MicheleZ: 4DS is a great workout series. 100+ minute premixes-OMG! I didn't realize there are premixes that go that long on 4DS. Goodness gracious!

Janie: I am so impressed with your pushups. I'm feeling inspired.

Got a pup who wants to be walked. Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday.
Taking today and tomorrow off for rest days.:D Update on neighbor dogs. Two of the 3 dogs come around. I found out (by looking) that they are both females. The tan and white dog love me and I love her, as you know we call her Baby. Then there is this huge Mastiff, that I always seem to shy away from. It took a long time, but when she visited me by the hot tub I was able to pet her, she got so close that she even licked me. My, here is this enormous dog that I let kiss me. Since I was in the hot tub, her slime that comes off her by shaking her head, didn't effect me at the very least. I can always wash it off right away. I'm falling in love with her too. They both allowed me to pet them for the longest time. They didn't even fight each other, cause they both got equal treatment. The third dog I rarely see.

MicheleZ, Great job on premix 4DS Chest/Back. You are doing so good. I take my hat off to ya. Say hi to Grady for me.

Michelle, Well you guys inspired me to do them. I love the fact that once I use to think that 10 was impossible for me. This is amazing to me, and had no idea that this could happen to me. Love it! Thank you for your encouragement. Great job on your and Ripken's walk this morning. I bet he loves having you back home. Also great job on the premix of Cardio Fusion. Nice to be home isn't it? Good to have you back too.

Have a terrific Sunday everyone,

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Wow! Let me tell ya', the black belt physical fitness test is no walk in the park. And this is coming from someone who thought they were pretty fit. First we ran a mile...NOT my thing at all. The goal is to do it in 8 minutes. Well, for a non-runner I did it in 10:51. I was the sixth person to cross the line and the first adult...yeah, if that means anything. Any how, I have work to do there and will start running in the Spring 3 times a week. Yippy skippy so excited am I. NOT! The only thing I scored "good" was sit-ups. Front kicks were surprisingly my worst, side kicks were OK as were push-ups. I did not score in any of the "excelllent" range which is okay with me. Out of a perfect score of 700, I got 530. I'll do this again in a couple of months and hope to increase it by at least 30 points. I came home, had a bite to eat and took a nap, then got up and did STS #19, chest, shoulders and tri's. Can you say "MERCY!"? I am seriously sore and physically tired, but will push on and do something today. I was going to do HiiT Pyramid but may opt for something else. I'd also like to get STS #20 LEGS done today too but my body may have a different idea.

Rest day? I haven't had one since the 11th. I have either done Cathe or karate or both. It is tempting to give it a rest. Time will tell, its still early. Other then that nothing exciting and new in my world. Hope everything is great in yours!

Will come back later for personals, just wanted you all to see what I've been up to on the weekends.


Beads I put together from mood stones and various other beads. These are sets of earrings and necklaces.


Other beads I put together to make sets.

The pictures just don't them justice at all.


These are my favorites. They are made from magazines, and made into paper beads. I love making them and putting them together. Can also make them (by finding the correct pages of the magazines) same color schemes. The available designs are endless and up to ones imagination.

The pictures don't do it justice at all, they are so much better in real life. You don't even know they are paper, not even when you look up close. All one can tell is that they are very unique looking beads.

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Another great day. Enjoying being back home and getting back into a normal routine. This morning I did Slow and Heavy Chest and Back. Haven't done serious weights in a while and wanted something that would let me concentrate on what I'm doing--the slow and heavy series is good for that. So, it looks like S&H will be my weight work for this week.

Went to the birthday party for my neighbor's 2 year old son. It was nice to see everyone in the Circle and catch up on what folks have been up to. Nice mix of adults and children, of all ages. I'm lucky to live on a street with really good neighbors.

Don't know if I mentioned that Joe came home with a case of the gout and some serious water retention. He has been on diuretics for 3 days--as of this morning, he had dropped 18 pounds. That's quite alot of fluid. He has been resting and seems to be doing better. He should be able to take a break from the diuretics tomorrow. It's always something--or so it seems, but we just keep rolling with the punches.

Janie: your jewelry looks beautiful. Beaded jewelry and gems are very popular in Jjamaica and we bought a couple of necklace/bracelet/ankle bracelet sets from a woman who sold them on the beach. Do you ever sell your jewelry at craft shows or in a local store? You seem to be quite gifted when it comes to making things. What ever happened to your book about soap. And are you still making soap? I'm not surprised that you've made friends with the bull mastiff--they really are just super big, sweet pups.

Sister: your day yesterday wore me out just reading about it. How many years has it been since you changed your lifestyle? Just a little over 2 or is it 3? I can't remember anymore. You sure have come a long way.

Hi to Shoegal, Shadowpup, Elle_P, MicheleZ, and Laura. Hope everyone has had a lovely Sunday.

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