Getting Our Licks In!

:cool::cool::cool::cool:It's HOT for sure down here!!:cool::cool::cool:

Sweating sitting around doing nothing! We are back in Atlanta now and had a nice time at the beach. I did something to my right foot though jumping around on the beach and it was painful to walk for a day or two. I stayed up lated with my husband, his siblings, and two good friends of mine from my childhood and their wives so I didn't get any exercise for 2 days....My childhood neighbor happens to live in Charleston and we lived next door to each other since I was 3 until I left for college. The girls God-father one of my best friends since 1st grade lives in Asheville, NC and he and his pregnant wife drove down to visit for a few nights. So it was a little of a friend reunion and a nice distraction from the In-Laws;)

I am trying to motivate to workout now but find it hard as it is so HOT....maybe I will swim laps.

Michelle: god-lord-all-mighty it is HOT and HUMID! Poor Pup I don't blame him for not wanting a long walk about in this at all! That sounds like a pretty intense rotation. To be honest I am not a big fan of the hi/lo on STP but I do LOVE the step portion, I wish it was longer though!

Janie: I pulled up your website and I have to say =it looks great! I haven't looked at it fully yet as I pulled it up while checking in here. But I did pull up the Graduated neckless right away! Loved it! Take care of that toe! My foot is feeling better but not a 100% your post of your toe swelling up may sway my workout choice....
ended up motivating...I did Intensity Double Hiit & Boot Camp Premix:eek: and then the upper body band work, core and stretch from Travel Fit. Great workout and know I am going to float in the pool!
Hi ladies--a little less hot and humid today--so Ripken and I did a little longer walk this morning. It is supposed to be much better tomorrow, so I am hoping we can get a long walk in. Ripken does love his walks. This morning was Rhythmic Step--I swear when it gets hot outside, I think I sweat more on my workouts. This morning my eyes kepts steaming up (is that possible)? At least it seemed that way. RS is one of my favorites and I was happy to be doing a workout with which I was familiar (vice SJP yesterday).

Oh--it's been one of those days. My best girlfriend Janet who was diagnosed with ocular melanoma last year has had some lesions show up on her liver. At first it was just one very small lesion and she got into a clinical trial and the legion shrunk but some more have shown up. So, now she is on her way to NYC to see a doctor tomorrow about another clinical trial. She is a candidate for 2 different trials, but can only do one. So she has to choose, and soon. It's very upsetting. Then, one of my junior analysts at work tells me that she is leaving for another job.:(:( I understand why she is leaving but I'm still not happy about it. This was on top of news on Monday that one of our mid-level analysts is leaving to be closer to her family (Idaho). I didn't know that there was much need for economists in Boise, Idaho, but apparently there is. So two good folks--moving on. I hate when that happens. The week can only get better, I suppose.

Laura: I'm impressed that you motivated to workout--and you did multiple workouts. I hope you all get a little relief from this heat as well. I don't know how far south this "cold" front is supposed to go--but we are getting thunderstorms here, so it is starting to move through the mid-atlantic. It's nice to reconnect with old friends, isn't it? I don't have too many childhood friends with whom I maintained contact over the years--just really my best girlfriend from high school. We were kind of polar opposites in high school and still are, but we've always gotten along. When do ya'll head back home?

Janie: I'm glad to hear that you are giving your toe some time to get better. You can always do weight work, yoga, or a good stretch.

Awe you guys are the best. You know me everything is so dramatic. I'm feeling better today, the swelling is down. I'm missing cardio big time. I did Pyramid Upper Body workout. Still had to be very careful not to put pressure on my toe. No Popsicle sticks, but buddy taping two toes together. Feels a little better.

Laura, Love the pictures on FB. There is one that I just loved. A dark fella that is so handsome he knocked my socks off LOL:D What a cutie pie. O dear, you have foot problems too. You probably stretch tendons on the beach that you normally don't do. Hang in there, and stay off it for a bit. At least until you know that it is better before you do any workouts on it. So sorry you have to go through that. Ugh. I feel your pain. It's always nice to have a friendship reunion. OOOOOoooooo swimming laps sounds like fun! There's a lot to see on my web, especially in the Gallery's.

Michelle, Good job on the walk with Ripken, glad you could take a longer one. I sweat more when it's warmer outside too. Doesn't everyone?;) Great job on RS. I think eye steaming is possible. LOL:D I'm so sorry that your friend is having such a hard time fighting her cancer. That's so sad. (((((hugs and prayer your and her way))))). Also for a work friend. Sometimes you spend more time with them than you do with family. You get as close too. I'm sure you will miss her very much. (((((hugs again))))). I think I'll do some stretching. Thanks for the great suggestions.

Laura, Great job on on Intensity Double Hiit and Boot Camp Pre., and the upper body band work, cor and stretching. You deserve that float int he pool. Enjoy!

Have a good one everyone,

The beautiful weather has returned! Ripken and I took a nice long walk this morning in 65 degree weather and no humidity. Sweet! Today's workout was muscle max. Good workout--by the time I got half way through the core work (fortunately at the end) my mid-section was quivering. I guess that's a good thing. Tomorrow is HIIT 30/30. Oh boy--it's tough but it goes by fast.

Laura: I obviously need to check out your pics on FB. Janie has peaked my interest.

Janie: thanks for your kind words. And, I do not think that you are dramatic at all. A hurt toe is no laughing matter. I mean, for goodness sake, you have to stand on your feet and if your toe is hurting, alot of your everyday activities get hard very quickly.

Back to getting my licks in at work.
Today was a lazy day. Worked on business cards. Was fun. I need more ideas on how to do cardio with a broken toe, PLEASE!

Michelle, Yeah for the beautiful weather. Rain here,:( but we need it. Didn't have to water the garden for a couple of days. Great job on a long walk with Ripken and MM. My mid section has never quivered. What's that like? :confused:

Take care,

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Beautiful day--this is two in a row. It's Friday, and Ripken and I typically do a short walk on Friday. He just seems to know it's Friday. Go figure. I telecommute on Fridays, so I worked a couple of hours and then did HIIT 30/30. It's not a long workout, but it is so intense and I sweat as much on Cathe's HIIT workouts as an IMAX or Intensity.

This afternoon, I went to a retirement ceremony at Quantico for one of the Colonels I have worked with, then I had a meeting at Reserve Affairs and then home. DH had the SUV loaded up and ready to roll, so all I did was change clothes and we headed over to the boat. Just the other side of the river, about 2 miles up the road, we noticed that traffic was being diverted to a side road and there appeared to be an accident ahead but there were no cars in the highway. We were in the southbound lane and they were not obstructed so we were able to roll through. The "accident" that had occurred gave me goosebumps: a small airplane had crashed/fallen into a clump of trees. It kind of looked like Charlie Brown's kite after it got caught in a tree (remember those cartoons?) Just horrible, really. Apparently, there were 4 people in the plane--2 killed, 2 hurt.

Janie: Wow--good cardios with a broken toe. I'm just not sure. Have you tried to do Basic Step? MMA Kickbox and kickmax? Step might just not be possible and anything more intense seems like not such a good idea. How about Butts and Guts? It's not really a cardio but I find that my heartrate does get going with B&G. My workout dvds are pretty much just Cathe--so you might have others that will work. And a quivering mid-section feels the same as when your leg or arm muscles quiver from a really intense workout. Just a different part of the body.

Tomorrow is supposed to be drillmax but since we are on the boat I will be doing something else. Not sure what at the moment. Hope everyone has a lovely, peaceful Friday evening.
Sorry I haven't checked in!

Yesterday I ended up doing all the combo 's from Kick Max, MMA KB, MMA Boxing (but none of the cardio drills from any of them to keep off of my foot) I also did the leg conditioning drills in KickMax (ouchie) and the core work from MMA KB. It was a great low impact workout although long. I didn't have a chance to workout today.

We head home tomorrow and I am so ready.

Janie: the dark tall handsome guy was my very first love, and heart break as well! He was in the year ahead of me and the heartthrob of his class. It was apparently to much for some of the girls in his grade that he wanted to date me and they made our lives pretty miserable in the way only Middle School girls can... he finally broke up with me & it broke my heart that he broke up with me because of peer pressure! lol ah the troubles of youth ! He is now ( well always was) an amazing artist and successful as well. He works for Disney and for George Lucas.

Michelle: we had a nice break from the heat from that cold front, did you guys get a break as well? HIIT is crazy hard I think. What did you end up doing instead of Boot Camp? I did Intensity Boot Camp for the first time the other day and really liked it. I am sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer is a horrible illness indeed it took my father's life 7 years ago and it was long and drawn out. I hope you find good replacements at your work place losing good people must not be fun.
Oh I forgot to mention that I have been working on my goal for developing goals and a plan of attack for when I get back. I have definitely gained weight on this trip and I am ready to tackle this once and for all. I will share it with you ( in a short and sweet form)when I am done. My plan is to start on Monday.
Did Gym Style Chest and Triceps. I needed that. I also (because of suggestions) was able to use my stair climber for cardio. Yeah! I'll do that tomorrow.

Michelle, Great job on the short walk with Ripken and 30/30. I've done 30/30 I know about the sweat fest! Whew! Talk about last minute details and off to your boat. How wonderful! OMG! I can't even imagine being in that plane while it crashed! How horrible! Very upsetting I'm sure. (((((hugs))))). Yea, I've tried all kinds of step, not working at all. But my stair climber works beautifully. Yea! Thank you for your suggestions. I really need to get more ab work in. Hopefully afterwords my tummy will quiver. LOL;) Enjoy your boat this weekend.

Laura, On FB, is that your artwork? OMG! They are fabulous! Great job on all the combo's of those workouts. Wow! Why bother with a workout today anyway with all that you did yesterday. Whew! Be safe coming back home tomorrow. Hmmmm, kids can be so darn cruel at that age. I'm so sorry. I still remember pangs of that age. ugh. Then are those beautiful paintings his (first love) then? Who's ever they are WOW! You have to have the imagination to work for Disney and George Lucas. I loved Star Wars, Indiana Jones and American Graffiti. You are very lucky. Can't wait to see your plan of attach once and for all. I'm with you!

Take care everyone,

Used the stair climber today for 30 min. It went pretty well.

My necklace on my site is now at $35.00. YooHoo!

A rest day for me today.

The bid went up to $50.00 on my necklace. Yahoo! It was so much fun. I even invited the ones that participated in the auction that if they want, I would make each of them a money necklace to purchase for $50.00 and I would also make them earrings for free. What a deal.

Took the weekend off from exercise, but picked up with Drill Max this morning. I knew it was a long workout but wasn't sure how long--about an hour and 20 minutes, I think. I realized today that the Drill Max format is alot like Bootcamp--but maybe harder. Could be just because it was longer that it seemed harder; it certainly challenges your endurance levels. Ripken was very happy to get his licks in at the end--

Janie: I'm glad that you are getting activity on your necklace. It sounds like you are having fun too. The stair climber also sounds like a good alternative while your toe is healing. Sister is trying to figure out which lower body Cathe workouts she can do. So far, it looks like some of the standing leg work from B&G, and the B&G floor work. Also, maybe some legs and glutes. She can't do lunges or anything else that torques the knee or pivots. That rules out alot of stuff. But she is slowly getting there.

11 more days until the Glassboro Roadtrip.
Finally home!:D

My nieces, Madeline 10 & Amelia 6, came up on Sunday with my mom. We took a walk with Misty, but the little one didn't want to go long. I taught my classes tonight, Pilates & Boot Camp. I am still feeling my arms shaking...:eek::eek:

Sounds like y'all are doing ok.

Glad to hear Renee is making progress. My brother has had his surgery & has been in tremendous pain. Small victories seem huge, so I have a better inkling about what Renee is going through...not to mention having been with my DH through two reconstruction ACL's..

Janie good luck on the auction.
Two people (that were in the auction) commissioned me to make them the Money Necklace. Yea! That's an extra $100.00 in my pocket.

I have a drawing again. I need more members, so if anyone would like a free bracelet all you have to do is get a person to register. If you are interested go to my blog. Home - Paper Bead Jewelry

Did GS Back Shoulder and Biceps.

Michelle, Great job with DM. I'm so glad Renee is doing better. Bless her heart. She went through a lot.

Laura, So glad you are home safely. Great job teaching Pilates and BC. Aw, prayers for your brother as he is recovering.

This morning the humidity was back and the heat is coming on strong. Ripken and I did a short walk and the pup will have to contend with his daddy walking him until Friday because I am on travel to Camp Lejeune in NC. HOT down here too, but since we are on the ocean there is a good wind which helps a little. Did IMAX3 this morning. Wanted to get a good intense cardio in since I knew I would have to wander from the rotation for the rest of the week. Brought my HIIT and MMA Kickbox dvds with me for the next couple of days.

Janie: wow--it sounds like your little business enterprise may be rolling. That is good. Congratulations. How is the toe feeling? Glad to hear that you are getting some good weight work in. I love those GS workouts.

Laura: welcome home. Is it cooler in Colorado? I haven't checked the Colorado weather so I don't know if ya'll are getting this heat or not. Sounds like you are getting back to the normal routine fairly quickly. Sister was in a good amount of pain for about the first week after surgery. How long has it been since your brother had his surgery? Sure hope it does not last too long for him. Has he started his physical therapy?

Stair climb for 30 min. and walked Rolly for 20 min. It will surprise me if the people that wanted the Money Necklaces go back on their word. Just a feeling I have. They are procrastinating.

Michelle, I hear that there are record temps all over the state. Except where we are, it's rainy and mild. So lucky to be here when the temps get that high everywhere else. Please try to stay comfortable and safe in the heat. Are you having a good time at Camp Lejeune? Great job on IMAX3 this morning. Not doing too well yet with my site. It's just for fun anyway. Toe is very tender. Waiting for Aug. 14th so I can really get into the exercises I'm missing. Yeah, I love the GS workouts too.

Take care and have more fun on the ocean if weather permitting.

Yesterday I caught a stomach bug, I got sick in the middle of teaching!:eek: Never done that before! I spent the rest of the day between the bathroom and the bedroom. Doing better today all though still having some lower digestive track issues.;)

I did take a gentle hike with Misty for about 2.90 miles at a slow rate and then taught my Total Tone class. I did a giant set for the Upper Body 4 sets and leg conditioning drills..

Janie sounds like you are taking advantage of the weather with your walks, and it sounds like your website is doing good! Good for you!

Michelle: you have been doing some tough cardio workouts lately. Have you done any lifting recently? My brother had his surgery the week after the 4th of July. It's been painful for him, he did do more damage to his knee than your sister, so the recovery maybe longer for him. It is hot here for CO although cooler than the SE and we have had crazy intense storms with rain, hail, and lightening every afternoon. It is super green and beautiful though the combination of heat and water makes fabulous wildflowers.

Shadowpup I hope you are settling down and making progress on your goals@
Today I thought I would exercise with my Joey. To my surprise TBS is fantastic for a broken toe. Thank goodness for the stability ball. Who knew!:rolleyes: I'm a very happy camper. I also walked for 20 min. with Rolly, he was a happy camper too.

Which reminds me, the last part of September Joey and I are planning a two month travel in the Southwest. We are going to our favorite spot in Hanksville to collect dinosaur petrified bone, petrified wood, agate and all there is to collect in that area.

We will spend Thanksgiving there also and should get back in the beginning of December sometime.

I don't know if I can communicate everyday but I will try my hardest. It's not the best place in the world to have computer service. We'll see how it goes.

What ever you do, please keep our gang together. It's important I think to hang on to all of us. We deserve it.

Laura, OOOOOOO, I'm so sorry about catching what I call the crude. I wonder if you got into some food poisoning. It sounds like it. Did you get sick about 4 or 5 hours after you ate? That's another clue.

Great job on the gentle hike with Misty. That's not bad of a hike at all. Almost 3 miles and on top of that taught your TT class. Very well done. Don't know about my website, but it's fun anyway. I can't be giving so many things away though even it it's for promoting my site. I'm not sure if it's worth it.

Hang in there everyone,


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