Getting Our Licks In!

Okay--first: GROUP ((((((HUG)))))). Sounds like we need that.

Warming up here again and it has gotten humid. Ripken doesn't groove with the humidity so we did a medium walk this morning. Then I did IMAX2. WooHOO! I've got to say, I was not feeling super motivated this morning, so I was glad that Cathe already had decided what my exercise would be today. Felt so good afterwards too. My calves are feeling these couple of days of intense step, that is for sure.

So--I also have found the need to clean up my eating act in the past few weeks. Not gaining weight but not losing those few pounds that I put on least year either. We all have some serious work to do. Sister also has been struggling and she told me last night that she reverted to her "cleaner" eating last Thursday. So, we all need to do better: let's can those snacks and go back to fresh fruits, veggies and lots of water.

Janie:Laura: you just need to snap to and get back with your program. You can do it!

Janie: I like your idea about doing Cathe's July rotation. I find that if I wander off and do my own thing, I tend to slack up a little. Cathe's rotations do not let you do that. The June rotation has been great and I'm looking forward to July, so I'll be there with you.

Speaking of July--I finally made my hotel reservations for the Glassboro Roadtrip. Cathe provided another friendly reminder here on the forums to get it done today! I was procrastinating--just won't be the same without my sister. Oh was time to get over it and push on.

Didn't do much for exercises today.:( Been trying very hard to get the website going. It just isn't happening. Oh well.

Michelle, Love the group hug. Hope Laura gets to see this post as well. Great job on the med. walk with Ripken and IMAX2. Sorry to hear the humidity is back.:( Glad we are not alone in our struggles to get healthier. Yes! Fresh fruit and lots of veges and water. I have to agree, I think the rotations will do me a world of good. Can't wait! Thanks for the pep talk. Enjoy Glassboro. I bet Renee is cheering you on.

Have a good evening.

Good morning ladies. It is one of those early work days for me which means no exercise today. But that's okay. I'll get back to it tomorrow. I was just happy that traffic was not an issue at 5 am this morning and I was able to scoot up the road and get into the office by 6. I have a 3-star general officer meeting this morning that goes from 8 am to noon. I'm briefing some work that I did 2 years ago--so I've gone over my notes this morning. Hope I remember everything, plus I will be missing my aviator who speaks pilot. He has gone on to another assignment so I'll have to do my best to get through the pilot-specific stuff. Eek! My presentation is only for 30 minutes so I really can only hit the high points--I can handle that.

Hope everyone has a great day. Be sure to GET YOUR LICKS IN!
Joey and I did TBS, abs and stretches from Cathe's DVD's. I tried to do a stability ball pike. No such luck this time around. Darn!
I canceled my web site, however I think I found another that I like better. It has great reviews, talked with them, we seem to connect. I may sign up tomorrow. I think all my questions have been answered. I will let everyone know when I get another website open. Doing all this today makes walking not possible for poor little Rolly. First thing tomorrow, I will get him an me into a long walk.

Michelle, Enjoy your no exercise day. Sounds like you have a lot of things going on at work. Traffic, 3-star general officer meeting, briefing work, and presentation. Whew! You'll do good.

Have a great day everyone,

Oh, good idea! Group accountability ... and ((((group hug)))).

Laura, you are for certain not the only one.

Life is so haphazard now that I could really use our check-in to get back on track, though of course I'm one of the worst for posting lately ... At the moment, most of my workout equipment is packed, I'll be in temporary/base housing for probably two and a half weeks, then moving into an apartment, and trying to figure out timing for the new job. I am betting that there will be mostly restaurant or lunch room style food on top of that. It is going to be a real challenge to stay on top of workouts and I need help!

The best goals are measurable and time driven and with a regular behavior attached, so let me put down a few for myself, between now and August 1:

* Maintain current weight/body fat. Stretch goal - drop bodyfat by 2 percent to 18 (honestly, it would be nice to drop 3-4 pounds but that seems like setting myself up for failure. Increasing strength training will increase muscle, and that will help with the bodyfat issue without the worry of simultaneously dropping pounds). Approach: eat as clean as possible under the circumstances, enter food in SparkPeople tracker, drink water more regularly, and use a tape measure weekly to watch progress (my scale is packed). Identify some healthy eating places near the new job Right Away.

* Improve cardio fitness so that CardioCoach 2,4,5,6 are all achievable with the HR stats I had last fall (red zone was 160, resting pulse 54, return from red to resting was under a minute). Approach - any 30 min interval based cardio 2x to 3x a week, and maintain 30 minutes of walking a day, no excuses. Test with CC2 when possible. [2-3 workouts/week]

* Rebuild strength/endurance again so that an hour workout seems normal again. Approach - build up using whatever equipment is available (probably TRX starting Saturday) from current 30 minutes to 60 minutes 3x week, adding ten minutes a week in July. Max out pushups, dips, and side pushups for another ten minutes at some alternate time. [3 workouts/week]

* Re-establish flexibility. Do something every day - using the foam roller is enough. Power Yoga or partial TRX back/flex workout once a week, 20 minutes is fine. [1 workout plus regular flex]

* Regular motivation. Check in on our group for accountability on a more regular basis, and see about adding some fun activity in MD at the end of the month. Could be horse riding lessons, say :)

Whew! That list makes me feel better just looking at it. I'll give myself a week to work up to the total number of workouts listed here, and shoot for just 5 on my first on the job week. And if you don't see me post on how I'm doing, perhaps you could give me a ((hug)) or a stern finger-shaking, whatever seems indicated. Okay?
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Happy Thursday. The endurance race continues.... At least we are having one more day of great weather with low humidity. Ripken and I enjoyed a long walk this morning--probably the last one for a few days because we are headed back to heat and soup for the holiday weekend.

Did STS total body this morning. Seemed only fitting to be doing a muscle endurance workout since work has been like an endurance exercise this week. Tomorrow will be a fun step routine. And the brief went well yesterday. We had a really good meeting with the General. Getting 4-hours of time with a 3-star general is an unusual feat and it was time well invested.

Shadowpup: 18 percent BMI! You make me chuckle. I'm a little over 21percent and I'd like to get down to 20 which means losing about 5 pounds. So I can empathsize with you, but....I'm not expecting alot of empathy/sympathy from anyone on this issue. I can tell you, sister usually scoffs at me on this particular issue. So, maybe we will have to push each other a little more. I think focusing on maintaining is a good thing while you are in transition mode. It will probably be the end of the summer before you really get settled into a normal routine and then your work schedule is probably going to be CRAZY. I don't know if I could possibly match your level of detail in setting goals. My goal is more along the line of lose one more pound in July. I'll have to think about it while I'm on vacation next week.

Sister report: Sister was going hiking today. The surgeon is pleased with her recovery but put the cabash on doing any step at all. So, she is doing her stationary/recumbent bike, focusing on upper body, and ab work. She can also do easy hiking/biking trails. The weather has been nice so she has been out of the house doing outdoor things this week. Wonder if she got someone to cut her grass? Anyway, I'm hoping she will get back to checking in. I'll have to encourage her to do that.

Okay--after today I am on vacation so my workouts (after tomorrow) will be those that I can do on the boat: travel fit, kickmax, MMAkickbox, B&G, or outdoors like biking Solomons. Looking foward to a great 4th weekend. Everyone needs to be sure to get their licks in!
Thanks for the support everyone! Shadowpup I love your idea of concrete and measurable goals. I am going to create something for myself. I leave tomorrow for 2 weeks, a few days in Atlanta a week at the Isle of Palms and a few days in Atlanta at the end of the trip. During that time I am going to spend my time reading Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle book that I purchased awhile ago, and come up with a nutrition program for me to begin when I get back on July 18th. (I actually get back on the 15th but I need a few days to unpack and than grocery shop so I will be ready to go, no excuses, that Monday the 18th.

I am busy trying to get ready to leave, unfortunately I broke the washing machine last Sunday, so I am at town at the laundry mat. I doubt I will have time to workout today. I may try to at least get in a 30 minute step routine. Maybe the step portion of Body Max2 or one of the Cross-Train Xpress step routines.

Tuesday I taught Pilates and than I did the Step Only Premix of 4DS LIS, which I still love! (it was the 1st Step Routine I did on DVD and it was the first routine I mastered, and now that I really have it down it is so much fun.)

Wednesday is my hectic day with dropping the girls off at horse camp, rushing back to have a private client, and then picking up the girls and down to Boulder we rush for Ballet, (the timing is so tight that the girls have to change on the drive:eek:) and then I rush all the way to Mid Gilpin County to teach my Total Tone class! It sure is a long day of driving...However I did do the Double Cardio Premix from 4DS which just about killed me! I can't tell if I am not in as good as shape as I was or if I forget how hard the Step Routines are, or I am actually in better shape and I am working harder than I used to!! Hopefully its the latter!
Well my battery is about to die and my laundry is done so I have to run for now to pack, cook dinner, and hopefully workout!

Hi to everyone and nice to hear from you all
Walked with Rolly, Boo and Rosie today for an hour. It was great.

, It will be hard to get into exercises while you have so many things to do before the move. Don't even worry about it. Your goals sound wonderful, and I too have many and plan to do all of them. Keep us posted on things when you have the time.

Michelle, Great job on walking with Ripken today, STS TB. Yea! I knew you would do a good job at work! Good for you. I think it's wonderful that Renee is doing so well. Give her a (((((hug))))) for me. Even if it's in spirit. Have lots of fun on the boat this weekend. I'll be sure to get my licks in.

Laura, So glad to ya on here. Yea! You have inspired me again like Shadowpup did and I'm also going to read Burn the fat feed the muscle. Your plan sounds really good. Great job on teaching pilates and doing the step portion of 4DS LIS. For Weds. Great job on Double Cardio Premix from 4DS. Yeah, that's hard! Your working hard.

Have a good evening everyone, love you all.

Good evening everyone. We are on the boat for the next 9 days. I am so looking forward to this break. This morning I did LowMax and between STS TB yesterday and Lowmax this morning, my legs are feeling very, very exercised. I always get major DOMS after STS TB and Cathe seems to know that is going to happen because she tends to put a major lower body cardio after STS TB on her rotations. Not complaining--just thankful for Cathe's know how.

Laura: You have a great time in Atlanta and the Isle of Palms. Have you read the book, Isle of Palms. I'm blanking on the author but she is one of my favorites. Her name will come to me--she's a southern writer: Dorthea Benton Frank. If you haven't read her books, they are great vacation reads.

Janie: Yes, please let us know when you reestablish your website. You had a beautiful necklace that really caught my eye. I haven't checked to see if Cathe posted the July rotation yet or not. But I will pick up with that rotation after vacation. Only 28 more days until the Glassboro roadtrip. I'm not sure how Cathe is physically able to do two roadtrips in one month. Talk about the energizer bunny. Whew!

Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Friday evening.
Took Rolly out for a 30 min. walk. Joey had some skin cancer surgery today. He will have this at least 6 times a year. My Poor Joey. I did Imax 1 today the first 5 intervals. OMG! I had to let all risers off, I used only the top of the stepper. It was Wonderful! Rang out my sweat band. LOL

Michelle, Great job on LM. I can just imagine how sore your legs are. Poor thing. Yes, Cathe know her stuff. Hard work there, and I'm very proud of you. I'll let you know if I do the web thing again. What necklace caught your eye? She didn't post this years July rotation. But, last years is up and I've started that one. :D

Have a good one,

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Hi everyone! I am in Hotlanta! We had a non-eventful flight. I got up early and did the time saver pre-mix of Lower Body Blast before we left yesterday. It was only the second time that I have done that one. I haven't really played around with that series that came out last. But LBB was good and the time saver isn't short by any means. It is still almost a total hour.

Today I did P90X Kenpo X, which I always enjoy. My "Flying X-men" are getting higher and wider which is great. It sure gets the heart rate up to really give it your all. It can be easy to half-@ss things when doing DVD's, but every once and awhile I catch myself doing that and really kick it up a notch.

I thought I would review my stats from June here to keep up with the accountability factor...

June Stats

Upper Body Splits Weight Workouts: 3
Lower Body Weight Workouts: 3
Full Body Weight Workouts: 4

Step: 5
Boot Camp: 4
KickBoxing: 2
Hike/Walks: 2
Bike Rides: 2

Stretching and Calisthenics

Ok so that's that!:eek: I would like to start tracking my milage better and more stats than that so I can really measure fitness gains or losses. I definitely need more stretching and yoga somehow. As I get older I notice I am stiff and that it takes more work to retain my flexibility. Also the higher impact workouts do have impact on my joints especially my ankles and feet...

I wasn't sure how to count my Boot camp classes, which I do some weights interspersed with plyo cardio bursts. I decided not to count them in weights but just in the cardio section.

Does anyone else have another way they track their workouts other than Cathe's workout manager? I would like to record my weights used, milage covered, ect.
Hi everyone. Took me almost all day of just lounging around, but I finally got off my butt and did MMA Kickbox. It was my substitute for Cardio Core which doesn't work on the boat. MMA Kickbox has alot of core work in it, so it was a fair substitute. Tomorrow is supposed to be Body Max 2 which of course is also not conducive to the boat. So, depending on how my legs feel, maybe Butts and Guts. We'll see.

It's warming up here in the mid-Atlantic, but we had a nice breeze out of the south to help make things bearable. DH and I will be going out for dinner tonight. Looking forward to that.

Laura: wouldn't be Atlanta in July if it wasn't hot, hot, hot. I hope you enjoy your visit to Georgia. I haven't done any of the premixes on Lower Body Blast, but I have done that workout a few times. It's a good one. I use Cathe's workout manager to track my workouts. Maybe Shadowpup will have an suggestion. You could always google to see if you can find something that tracks mileage too.

Janie: Cathe's IMAX workouts a super tough. When I was working on becoming more familiar with IMAX3 a couple of months ago, I started with the first 5 intervals and then added an interval each week. Your endurance is just a little off--you keep working on it, and you'll have all 10 intervals down pat in no time. I think the IMAX workouts and intensity are some of Cathe's hardest--major huffer and puffers.

Okay--my little fuzz ball is nuzzling me for his dinner. Be back tomorrow.
Joey's birthday today, he's 73 years old. What a Guy! We ate pizza, ice cream cake. Doing High Step Challenge Advanced (super hard work, modified with some areas) and walking Rolly for 30 min. will help off set the calories I consumed today. The 4th is coming, then on the 5th, two of my sisters, a niece and my Dad will be visiting us. I'm in charge of their warm fuzzies and I have a need to enjoy "family foods" since we were kids. I'm the host and will try hard to not eat so much and eat healthy. Easier said than done, I know. The pressure of eating healthy is on. :eek::(:eek:

Update: I'm trying the same web host on their free hosting. The layout on this host is incredibly nice looking, and I'm brain storming ideas to make it work for me. The Web Store holds only 5 items. I can use the Gallery for my members to purchase more items if they contact me. I know that for me this has been a roller coaster, but I do love puzzles and I'm determined to have a workable web site. So far my photos have not intermittently disappeared. I'm still testing things and hoping for a workable site. Will see how this goes. I'll keep working it out until something works.:rolleyes:

Laura, Great job on the time saver pre-mix of Lower Body Blast and today's P90X Kenpo X. AwHa! You already are improving. Good for you! I love your accountability factor. Keep in mind even though the high impact is hard to do, some of that is great for our bones. We do need to keep them in if we can safely. Your motivation is amazing and I'm so proud of you.

Michelle, Great job on MMA Kickbox. Enjoy your dinner with your hubby tonight. Thank you for your words of encouragement about the IMAX workouts. I'll keep working on it.

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Ok so I did Pyramid HIIT and then P90X Synergistics (minus the bonus at the end because I was cooked! Stick a fork in me I am done!!:D)

That was kind of ambitious as they are bother super tough workouts, especially the P90X Synergistic, which may be the hardest of the P90X series in my opinion, the Yoga is a close second...

I am off for a well earned dip in the pool..

Michelle: you know we really should be proud of ourselves for working out on our vacations! I am trying to focus my achievements and improvements instead of my short comings and this is one area I can say kudos to you and kudos to me!! We really could use it as an excuse to sit on our buts!

Janie: Happy Birthday to your Joey! Good luck with your workouts they will help keep you on track! Whenever I workout that hard I tend to eat more consciously and not to blow all the hard work I did!:eek:
We ate better today. I did Power Max and then walked Rolly for 45 min. I just love that step up so much! Afterwords I decided to take photos of my new jewelry. I used a basalt message rock to put some jewelry on it. Well, I wasn't paying attention and the rock fell on my middle toe. OUCH! I think I broke it. I'm using pain pills (just 1/3 of one) and it helps a lot.

I told Joey everyone is saying Happy Birthday to him. He appreciates that.

Laura, Great job on Pyramid Hiit and P90X S. Wow! Those are absolutely hard workouts. That is very inspiring. I hope I can continue with my workouts. We'll see how my toe feels later. Enjoy the pool.

Have a great 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy 4th of July everyone. Keeping it low key today. The marina is super full so we are hanging on the boat away from the crowds. Only time I'm wandering out is to walk Ripken. Tomorrow, everyone will have gone home and we will have the place to ourselves.

Took a break yesterday, did the add-ons from Basic Step/Body Fusion today: upper and lower body sculpt and stability ball abs. I might bike ride tomorrow. Do an outdoor exercise which will be a nice change.

Laura: good for you sticking with the exercise during vacation. I always figure I have more time to really enjoy exercising while I'm on vacation--but since we are one the boat, I take it down a little bit. Enjoy Atlanta.

Janie: First, happy birthday to Joey (I think I am one day late). I was wondering why you posted a picture of your foot--ouch! That toe looks like it hurts. I hope it doesn't sideline you too much.

Okay--time to walk the puppy.
I decided I needed some low impact cardio today! I've been doing a ton of jumping around lately and I think my joints and feet need a little break!

So I swam laps while my girls played in the pool until thunder forced us out of the water. It felt great to swim which I haven't done in a looonnnngggg time! I used to swim a mile once or twice a week in college which is a shockingly long time ago. Anyway I did 106 lengths before I had to stop...I was going for 160! Its nice to be at a base level of fitness where you can jump into a new activity and do it pretty easily!:eek: I like that a lot!

AWWWW Janie!:(:(:confused::confused::confused::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Your poor toe! I think I would lay off of it for a few days!
Happy 4th of July!
Michelle: we must have been posting at the same time! You are great to keep it up! I do work so hard and I am fortunate enough to vacation a fair deal so I can't take to much time off of exercising... it is so much harder to start again than to keep going!:eek:
Hi everyone. Much more low key here today. There was a nice breeze blowing this morning and Ripken felt like walking, so we got a nice walk in. I biked the island this morning--did a little over 10 miles in about 50 minutes. I was riding a one-speed bicycle so it was all me. Broke a good sweat but didn't really get winded. Laura is absolutely right, it is much easier to do othe activities when you already exercise on a regular basis.

DH and I just had some leftovers for lunch. Couldn't make sandwiches because we are out of bread. Don't know if we will get to the grocery store today or tomorrow. We have plenty of food on the boat. We'll live without a loaf of bread, but I am out of milk for my morning coffee. We can always pick up a quart on the way back from dinner tonight. Not much going on. Just taking it easy. Hope everyone is enjoying their day.


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