Getting Our Licks In!

Been rainy here so no outside activity with Rolly today. I did the treadmill and walked and jogged intervals for 45 min. Sweaty, whew!

Deborah, I'm impressed you have enough time for those workouts. Good for you! Bet you will be missed from your old job. Will they be giving you a party?

Take care,

Happy Saturday everyone. My left knee was gimpy yesterday and I'm not sure why. Today it feels okay, so go figure. Today, I did clean the boatmax for 2+ hours. I still have to do the bridge tomorrow morning, but everything else on the outside is clean, for now. Ripken and I have had 3 nice walks today. Our morning walkabout was fairly long, the later morning walk and the early evening walk were shorter. But it is much warmer and a little more humid so the walks later in the day need to be shorter for my boy.

Shadowpup: congratulations, an SES position is the dog's bark around these parts. Good for you. I have another colleague who just got an SES position with the Undersecretary for Personnel and Readiness (in OSD). I'm always encouraged when I find out that really good people are being selected for SES positions and even better when they are women! I'm looking forward to having you on the east coast! Maybe next year, you will be able to join sister and I for a trip to Glassboro, NJ in July for the Cathe roadtrip. How does that sound?

Janie: sorry to hear that it is raining your way (again?). You guys have been getting quite a bit of rain this year, haven't you? You just need full rain gear (Seattle based Helly Hanson is the best) and a pair of muck-lucks, and you and Rolly will be good to go. I have two sets of Helly Hanson raingear. One for the boat and one for the house. I have gotten good use of both. My neighbors just shake their heads, but Ripken and I walk in all weather.

DH and I will be going out for dinner tonight. Saturday night is our date night.
Hope everyone has a lovely, restful evening.
Yesterday I did my 2nd outdoor yoga class and I had a pretty good turnout. The students seem to really enjoy it and asked if we could do another one next week. The weather was beautiful although some students are having difficulty adapting to doing yoga in a different environment. It takes some getting used to if you have never practiced anywhere except indoors.

Later on, I did Jari Love's Ripped & Chiseled. It was a great workout although my wrist kind of bothered me when i tried to do tricep dips so I modified and used a dumbell during that segment.

Today I just did a short half hour yoga practice.

Shadowpup (& Michelle): Ok, I have no idea what SES, IPA, OSD or anything else you and Michelle are referring to means:confused: but it seems like you are very happy with this move so congrats and I wish you all the best. It sounds like you are pretty up there and successful with whatever it is you do so I wish you continued success. You seem to really like your job and that's always good to hear. Do you both work for the military? From your posts it sounds like it.

Hope everyone is having a great day.
We had a nice trip to Breckenridge and really like the facilitly we bought into...we did a short family ride on the trail in town by the river. It was a fun family activity to do together. It got me on my bike for the first time this year ( pathetic I know, but the weather really has been squirely this spring and I have been focusing on Cathe DVD"S}

Anyway Saturday I did a walk about with the girls and Misty on the trails my husband and crew just finished upa s part of our Land Grant Tree Mitigation requirments. And then I was planning on doing Step Moves when I got a bee in my bonnet and jumped on my bike instead. Now from my house it is straight up hill. I can do hills fine when I am good and warmed up but it is hard for me to get on my bike on a good incline and start straight up. In fact two years ago when I attempted it I couldn't go more than a 100feet. Well I decided to give it a whirl and I did it!! :eek::eek::D:D:D:DAll the way to the top of the road which isn't far, just over 1/2 a mile but it is easily 700 feet elevation gain! So I am really really excited to have hit that major fitness challenge! Cathe workouts sure do work!!

Today was Pilates and Boot Camp (loinvg the NIke Training app from Itunes Check it out if you haven't already!)

Yesterday was Father's Day and our Anniversary so I took the day off of exercise. I had made plans for the day but Bo had some equipment he had rented that didn't get back on Saturday and he didn't want to waste it sitting there all day so he decided that on Father's Day he was going to dig himself a pond!! So he had some of the crew over and he worked all day. The girls were a little dissapointed that Dad spent the whole day ( & it took ALL Day from 8 am to 8 pm) to work, but Bo sure had a blast doing it!!

I have to sign off now, (at work and their closing the facilitly) but I did catch up on the personals!
Did TBS, abs and stretch with Joey.

Michelle, Clean max is on my agenda tomorrow only it will be our house. Good job on the walks during the day. I've looked at the gear and I do need it for sure.

Elle, I would so enjoy your yoga outside. How heavenly that must be. Jari Love's Ripped and chiseled is a great workout. Even a half hour of yoga is really good as you must already know. Good job on all your workouts.

Laura, Great job on the bike ride and in Breckenridge. I still haven't rode my bike this year, but will soon. Sounds like you had a wonderful walk with the girls and Misty on Sat. Congratulations going up hill like you did! Yeah! You haven't lost it from last year. Great job on Pilates and BC. We all need a day off from time to time. Glad it was on Sun. Joey's and my Anniversary is tomorrow. We won't be exercising.:rolleyes: Awe, just think you guys have a pond. That is soooooo cool. Bless Bo's heart. The girls will enjoy that pond I bet.

Take care,

Good morning everyone. Yesterday morning was IMAX3 and today was STS disc 28, chest and shoulders. Kind of a challenge hopping right into a meso3 workout without going through mesos 1 and 2, but I did the weights that were on my worksheet from the last go round with STS. Still need to do the ab circuits weights and plates this evening.

ElleP: sorry about all the acronyms--it's an occupational hazard, I'm afraid. But you got the basis idea: Shadowpup's new job is organizationally at the top level. I'm very excited for her--and very proud. The yoga outside sounds great and you are correct: it is very different to exercise outside than indoors. I did some outside workouts when we vacationed in Jamaica back in February--different challenges.

Laura: from the news it sounds like some parts of Colorado are getting some unseasonally cold weather. Does that include you? I'm impressed with your bike ride. Going up a steep incline from a dead stop is no small feat. Happy anniversary a couple of days late. I'm seriously thinking about taking the plunge and getting an iphone. My DH and I are still using 20th century cell phones (more or less). We got a coupon from Verizon for $50 off smart phones and I'm going to find out if it includes the iphone. If it does, I'm jumping in.

Janie: I finally registered for you website. Looks good. Happy anniversary. Do you and Joey have anything planned?

Hope everyone is having a great week. Hi to sister, MicheleZ, Shoegal, and Shadowpup.
Did a lot of errands today. Grocery shopping, Picked up my Apria (Sleep stuff for tonight). By the time I got home, there was no time for anything else except water the garden by hand.

Michelle, Great job on IMAX3 yesterday and today's disc 28, chest and shoulders. Thank you so much for registering on my web site.:D We stayed home watched our show and had pizza. Yummmy

Have a good one everyone,

Quick check in:
Did Jari Love Ripped 1000. I think I only ever did this one once before. I remember I didn't really like this it as much as the others which is why I never did it but I'm glad I gave it another try. It's a good workout. I still wanted to get in some yoga so i just did a short practice from Namaste season 1. I did episode 1: Exalted Warrior.

Hope everyone is doing good. Later!
Happy Wednesday. Gosh, where is this week going? Gulp. I'd really like it to be Monday again, so maybe I can catch up on my work. Oh well.

The humidity is returning to the mid-Atlantic, so Ripken and I did our mid-length walk this morning. Then I did STS Disc 26, plyo legs, and the ab circuits weights and plates routine that I missed yesterday. I think those plate exercises are some of Cathe's hardest ab exercises. I can do all the reps on the first couple of exercises and then I do as many as my old body can stand for each of the following exercises. I think the side-to-side plate slides are the hardest. I only can do a couple of those and they are not pretty. Something to work on.;)

Janie: I like low key anniversary celebrations. Of course, Joe and I usually forget our anniversary every year.:confused:

So question for the group: Anyone have a vacation(s) planned this summer? If so, what will you be doing?

Very humid here. Ripken and I did a slighlty longer walk than yesterday, and then it took him a good hour to recover. Poor pup. He will nap well today. I did STS disc 27, Shoulders, biceps, and triceps, this morning. Ab circuits no equipment will be later today with a couple of my colleagues at work.

Back later,
Yesterday Joey and I did TBS, abs and stretching from Cathe DVD's. Today Rolly and I went walking for an hour and a half. It was so nice this evening a little breezy, but not complaining at all. Felt sooooooo gooooood. I'm on FB now. Lots of my family (nephew and nieces) are on there. Wow. I even put my web site on FB. Cool place. Guess what? I did one full Pike on the Stability ball. Yahoo!!!

Elle, Great job on Jari Love and a short yoga practice from Namaste.

Michelle, I don't envy you with that humidity going on.:( Great job for you and Ripken for walking in it. Also for disc 26 ply legs and ab circuits Whew! You don't even want to see me do slide to slide plate slides. You most likely wouldn't recognize it. LOL:eek: Something to work on for sure.:confused: You guys forget your Anniversary? Low key works for us. No vacation for us this Summer, but will hopefully go this Fall if the gas prices will allow us.

Great job on the humid walk yet again. Poor Ripken. If he has to recover from a walk for an hour, that must be hard on him. Poor fella. Great job also on disc 27, shoulders, biceps,a nd triceps.

See ya all later,

Hello--Ripken got his licks in big time today after I did Intensity. I opted for the premix with the cardio+HIIT Lo--I probably could have done 10 more minutes and the HIIT HI but this week has been a pretty challenging workout week on Cathe's June rotation. So challenging that she is giving us a two day break--how often does that happen? Not very.

Janie: we have some less humid weather coming this weekend so Ripken and I will get some good walks in at the marina. This morning we did a much shorter walk and my guy did much better. In perfect dog walking weather, my boy will go and go and go, but I know that I have to be careful with him during the summer months. And yes, I don't know why my Joe and I always forget our anniversary but we do. Maybe because we lived together for 8 years before we got married--nothing really changed when we got married except I added him to my health insurance coverage at work. Romantic, huh? That is very exciting news that you did one full pike on the stability ball. Those are one of the hardest things to do. HIGH FIVES!

Sister has the clearance from her physical therapist to do basic step with her knee brace on. She is very excited. But this is week 6 after her surgery and apparently week 6 is the week with the highest incidence of reinjury following knee surgery. So, sister is waiting until next week to do basic step. Plus she sees the surgeon again on Monday. She is done with PT unless the surgeon tells her to continue. We're figuring if he does, it will be for her to go to PT 1-2 times a week vice 3 times.

Not much else going on. Hope to hear from the rest of the crew over the weekend--hi to Shadowpup, Shoegal, Laura, Elle, MicheleZ, and sister.
Yesterday evening my one of my daughters and my grandson came over for the night. Today Monique (daughter) her dog and Rolly went for an hour and 15 min. walk. Very beautiful outside, and the most fabulous walk.

Michelle, Great job on Intensity. Enjoy the two day break! Glad that the weather is better on Ripken. I know what you mean about being comfortable in your marriage. It's nice isn't it? Yea for Renee! She gets to do exercises(limited). She's been so patient. I'm glad she is taking another week off. Better if week 6 has the highest incidence of re-injury. Glad to see her getting better. Bless her heart.

Hi all! I'm back home for a week of vacation ... and last minute packing around home, but mainly to defuse. The new job starts a week from Tuesday. :eek::eek::eek:

We had both my final project reviews and farewell party last week. It was pretty emotional; hard to say goodbye to so many good friends and colleagues. Still, though, leaving on a high note feels right, and it's time to move on!

Today was a lot of fun. I rode two of the kids - Atreides/quarter horse and Picante/warmblood. Atreides decided to show me that *he* is the fastest horse in the west! We tore around the fields at a pretty amazing clip, and did the same through the forest paths. It's a good thing he's sure footed :D Picante also got to get out into the forest, but I didn't let him go full speed. For one, he's not as clever about avoiding bumps in the road. For two, he truly is a powerful boy and I'm not sure I could stay with him at full blast gallop without more time in the saddle. We had fun anyway. The kid horse, Sierra, was very sad to stay behind, but his turn will come tomorrow.

It was also a good day to do gardening, and take the dogs for a walk, and do a short workout (30 minutes of Insanity). I will pay tomorrow!
I'm loving my two day break from the June rotation, but back to it in the morning. I believe that Low Impact Circuit is first up this week. The weather has been phenomenal this weekend--you just can't beat temps in the low 80s, no humidity, and a breeze out of the north. Good stuff.

Shadowpup: So, I'm dying to know which command you are going to (assuming it is a DoD command), although I know it might not be. I haven't seen an official announcement for your SES position and usually they are announced. But again, in your field, sometimes things are not "usual." Either way, I am very excited for you and just so, so proud of your accomplishment. Let me know when you get over to this side of the continent and I will make a trip up to see you--lunch, my treat. Enjoy all the time with your family this week--furry and not so furry.

Okay--DH says it is time to start packing up. See everyone tomorrow.
Hi everyone! Sorry the days have slipped by again....does it ever slow down...

Sophia's training for dyslexia went amazingly well. She went up two levels in one week. Which made the incredibly long drive well worth it. She got to teach us all about what she learned on the last day, and she was so proud of herself. It was very special. We went straight from there to an all Mother daughter camping trip for one of my friends birthdays. It was fun.

I did my classes last week plus KB only of 4DS & Crosstrain Xpress.

I leave next Friday for 2 weeks in the SE.
Rolly and I walked by ourselves today for 30 min. I was working on him to come to me on command. He's doing very well. He was off his leash a lot today. He seemed to have confidence doing that.

Deborah, Can you defuse in a weeks time? Sounds like you are doing it with all your animals. How fun the horses seemed to have. I'm having fun just reading about it.:D Farewell parties are always really tough. You have a good attitude about it. Gardening for me as well today. Great job on dog walk, and 30 min. of Insanity.

Michelle, We have been having phenomenal weather lately as well. Been walking regularly with Rolly and he loves it.

Laura, No, the days never slow down, in fact the older you get the faster they go. There are some dyslexia in my family too. My brother had to live with it when nothing was understood about it. So glad to hear that things can be done for that. Sounds like Sophia is thriving. Great job on your classes and KB only of 4DS and Cross Train Epress. When you go Friday for two weeks in the SE, will you be able to stop by and say hi?

Happy Monday! Last week of Cathe's June rotation. This morning was low impact circuits. What a great workout. The circuits workouts are great for working up a good sweat. Needless to say, Ripken got his licks in big time this morning.

Janie and Laura: you are so right: the older you get, the faster the days go by. If you think about it, it can be a bit overwhelming. So, I choose not to think about it.

Laura: maybe Sophia's case of dyslexia is not too severe? It is great that you have caught this early and she is learning how to adjust now. I tutored a young woman who had dyslexia when I was in college. She was diagnosed later rather than sooner and she was really struggling. Way back then in the early 1980s, we were just starting to use computers (can you believe that?), so the technology is not where it is today.

Busy day/busy week, but I did not want to miss checking in with you guys. My team leader is on vacation so I get to be her and me this week. Fun.
Hope everyone has a great day.
O.K. I really need to ask all of you for support. I am slipping up lately, not keeping up with my workouts, eating whatever there is instead of planning my meals and eating clean, drinking way to much alcohol....generally not acting the way I NEED to act to reach my goals. My weight has been the same for close to a year now and I am not making any progress on that front. I am feeling discouraged and I think my behavior is a reflection of that emotion. I am in a kind of 'why bother' funk although I know if I don't 'bother' it will get worse.

I find it hard to ask for help, but I know that this is what this check in group is about, not only to share our successes but also our weakness and struggles. The waining of the check-in is at a bad time for me because I really need you guys to hold me accountable and to share with. The loss of momentum effects my enthusiasm to check in and that is probably true for all of us.

So please give me a good kick in the pants, or a (((hug))), or motivation to get me out of this funk, to get me back on track and to get serious about my goals for once and for all!!! I am tired of seeing no progress with the weight loss and it makes me want to throw in the towel!!

Janie: it sounds like a lovely summer! Finally, huh?? Good job on the leash less walks, my Misty isn't there yet!

Michelle: When is the Road Trip? How is Rennee? Good Job on the rotations you have been doing. Good luck having two jobs for the next week!!

Shadowpup: the 4legged's must be so happy to ride with you in the woods! Try to relax and spend some good quality time with all your loved ones until you move!

ElleP: your outdoor yoga sounds wonderful! How are things going for you on the weight loss front? Didn't you do Weight watchers?

Hi To Renee and MichelleZ hope to hear from you soon!:D
Joey and I did TBS, abs and stretches.

Michelle, Great job on LIC. Enjoy being Team Leader for a week. Yeah!

, Just you admitting a slip is a good thing. Perhaps thinking you will never give up is the first thing to do. Even if it means to make goals you have already reached yet again. You are not alone on this, I too have been doing the same thing as you. We'll work on it together. I haven't lost what I wanted too and the eating, well...First rule, (have to say it again) don't give up, make small goals. For me, I'm going to do the Cathe Rotation for July. I need more than TBS for now. At least until I get going again. You with me!!!!!!!!!!! You are on the right path to reach out for help. Yes you are so darn right, this group is for better and worse. It is hard to ask for help, but you were braver than me and did it. Good for you. I'm giving you a kick in the pants, (((((hugs))))) and most of all, DON'T THROW IN THE TOWEL! You are not alone, I'm with you. I also need your help and need motivation as well. You bringing this up, helps my motivation.

Hang in there,


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