Getting Our Licks In!

While we were walking, there was a truck that came by (this never happened before) and for the first time I felt so very safe with these large dogs on my side. Whew! The driver stopped so he wouldn't run over the dogs, said something I couldn't hear and off he left. The dogs were on guard all the way. I love them!:eek:


see from being afraid of the pack now you are PART of the pack and they protect you! Glad you had a nice visit with your son! You should be a proud momma!
Still super hot here. Once again, Ripken opted for a short walk this morning. He might be a bit tired too, since he was at the groomer most of yesterday and his daily nap routine was interrupted. He should catch up on his napping today. BTW, he looks absolutely gorgeous after being groomed and he knows it. Did Intensity this morning. More like survived Intensity this morning. I can't go full out through the whole workout, but I keep up and make it through. Could become a favorite some day.

Laura: it does seem like life has been more hectic lately and I don't have children. But it sounds like you are staying on track and getting your exercise done. Don't feel bad about STS--it's taking me allmost 3 weeks to get through the last week of Cathe's May rotation! And you are so right, Janie is now part of the pup pack in her neighborhood. It's so great. I love it. Next thing, Janie will be telling us that she is getting a big dog. Speaking of big dogs, how's your big dog doing? How much does she weigh now?

Hope everyone is keeping cool and getting their licks in!
It rained here last night. Don't really know when, but at 2:30 this huge roar of rolling thunder woke up me, DH, and little Rippy. But it wasn't raining and there wasn't anymore thunder. Strange. Of course, Ripken did the huff and puff for about 10 minutes and I had to get him calmed down. Then we all went back to sleep. Still humid and warm and going to get into the 90s again today. It's been 100+ the past couple of days, so the low 90s will feel better. Did lower body blast this morning and I am happy to say that I have finally gotten through the last week of Cathe's May rotation. Wow! That last week was tough, tough, tough. Now, I've got to find a new rotation--maybe I will pick up with the 2nd week of the June rotation.

Not much going on. Will be heading over to the boat later on today.
Today was TBS, abs and stretching.

I'm worried. One of my sisters is showing signs of Alzheimer's. Lost my mother not to long ago because of it. She set up a weekend with other sisters to visit Joey and me. Come to find out, that she's not going because the sister that was driving everyone to get here is on a cruise.:confused: She forgot to tell me.:( I'm so saddened today, just a lot of teary eyes going on with me. I hate that disease:mad:, I know what it does. My sissy doesn't deserve that, well, no one does. She is retiring from her job as a school bus driver and I think that's great, but it's downhill for her from here on out. I'm such a cry baby! She won't know the wonderful things about retiring...:(

Laura, Yes, I'm now part of the pack! It feels good.

Michele, You guys are on the new for humid and hot weather. Stay cool, OK, and drink lots of liquids. I don't blame Ripken for not wanting a long walk. I bet he does look absolutely masculine. Don't know how you survived Intensity with that kind of weather, but you are a marvel. Isn't it cool to be able to keep up. Good for you. Congratulations for getting through the last week of Cathe's rotation. I'm proud of ya!

Take care everyone,

Well it's sure even quiet here? Doing my part to keep it going !

Sat. I did Rhythmic Step & the last STS for Biceps, Triceps & Shoulders, Sunday I did Kick, Punch, & Crunch. Today I took a short hike with some girl friends, taught Pilates& Boot Camp!

Tomorrow is my 40th!!!!

Hi to everyone!
I have your birthday on my calender.:eek: Here it goes:

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Laura,
Happy Birthday to YOU!
And Many More...

Yes you are doing your part to keep this thread going. Wonder if we should move into another group? I started one a long time ago with, (yes) another lurkers group. They also changed their names. They are now Strength In Numbers. Should we meld into that one? Just a thought. They are such great ladies, like yourselves. It's really dwindling:(. Your thoughts please?

As you know I'm such a great fan of RS. Bet you had a ball! Great job on Sat. STS and also Sun. KP&C. I'd give anything to have someone walk with Rolly and me. You are so lucky. Enjoy.

Joey and I did TBS (yep) along with abs and stretches.

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Did Rhythmic Step. Wow

Also hot tubed, made beads and fed the hummingbird fresh nectar.

Have a good one everyone,

I'm still around but keeping busy and trying to get outdoors as much as possible since the weather has been so nice. I hope you don't stop the check-in! I know I don't check in regularly but it's nice to know it's here whenever I come on to CatheNation.

So I have added in some more DVD's to my "rotation": Shiva Rea's Yoga Shakti which is an incredible DVD. I love it! I'm also doing Dharma Mittra's Maha Sadhana which is also very good and more a traditional Hatha Yoga which is a great balance to Shiva Rea's flow vinyasa yoga.

I'm also doing some Jari Love although whenever I do her DVD's I'm missing my yoga and end up doing a yoga practice as well. Since I have time I guess it can't hurt. I've even done multiple yoga practices when I have time. Laura: You asked about Jari Love. I have her original "get ripped" DVD's. Her style is high reps/low weights which I prefer. I guess you could compare it to Cathe's Muscle Endurance which is probably my fave Cathe weight DVD. Jari's personality is kind of kooky at times if you ask me, but her workouts are pretty straight forward and effective.

I have a break before my summer yoga classes start, so I arranged a class for my students out in the park last weekend which they all enjoyed so we are planning another one this weekend. I'm not getting paid or anything but i figured it would help my students maintain their practice until the summer session begins and I figured it would be nice for them to experience yoga outdoors.

I'm still not working but I my old company just let another 7 people go last week! That place is ridiculous! I don't miss it at all.

Janie: I'm very sorry to hear about your sister. It is definitely a horrible disease and I am sending lots of love and light to you and your sister. Thanks for the reminder of how lucky I am to have my health!

Michelle: I'm glad to hear Renee is making good progress on recovering from her surgery. I'm sure it will be a different experience for you on the Road Trip but you'll still have a great time.

Shadowpup: Congrats on the transfer as it sounds like you are happy about it. I'm so happy to hear Clara has graduated as well.

Hello to everyone else!
Sorry I've been missing in action for a few days. My mom has been visiting and I haven't been on the computer as much. I picked up with Cathe's second week for her June rotation. This week the focus is on strength--gym style workouts. Today was gym style legs. It's been a while since I've done a gym style workout and I'm enjoying the change in emphasis this week.

Mom and I went to see Josh Groban in concert at the Richmond Coliseum last night. It was a really great show. He is going to be in DC at the end of July at the Verizon Center but THAT is a terrible concert venue--the acoutics are horrible. The Richmond Coliseum is smaller and good acoustically. I would definitely go to another one of his concerts but not at the Verizon Center.

Janie: so sorry to hear that your sister is experiencing the early signs of Alzheimers. I know how hard it was for you to watch your mother slip away. I'm really at a loss for words. Nothing seems adequate. Great big ((((((HUGS)))))) to you.

And I'm not giving up on our group. I think we've all been a little busy or distracted of late, but I have faith that everyone will bet back on track. Let's keep it going ladies.

Hi ladies!

Thank you for the birthday wish Janie! I had a lovely day yesterday! I taught in the morning & the class sang Happy Birthday to me, than a friend had me and a few friends over to her house & had a very nice little party while the kids played, than I went to my mom's for a cocktail & appetizers, & than Bo took me out to a fancy dinner. So a little bit of everything! I also did get in my last STS Squat Rack Legs in which felt tough but good!

Today was hectic... I didn't get a workout other than my Total Tone class. But my body feels ace, my abs are really sore so I think that's ok...

We are going to Breckenridge to morrow for one night. I can't wait to take the girls there! I have a client in the morning so I am not sure if I will get a workout in or not before we leave.

ElleP: it's good to hear from you! Sounds like you being very active! Thanks for the input on Jari... I might have to Check her out. I prefer heavy weights and low reps, but as my build is short & stocky already I should do more endurance style workouts to counter my body type, but I love the way it feels to lift heavy!!!

Michelle: the concert sounds lovely. I must have missed a post about the road trip! Is Renee going? When is it?

Janie: I also missed the post about your sister. I am very sad to hear about it... I will go back and read about what is going on.
Did TBS:rolleyes: with my Joey today. Along with abs and stretches with Cathe. I've been so busy, haven't been walking for awhile. Poor Rolly. I promised him I would take him (weather permitted) out for a very long walk tomorrow.

You guys are so awesome! I know life can be so darn busy and hectic. I'm glad we will keep the check in. WooHOO!

Elle, Hmmmm. Never heard of Dharma Mittra's Maha Sadhana. Will have to look her up on the internet. Jari Love and Yoga back to back. It can only be a good thing.:) It would be such a hoot to do yoga outside. How cool is that? You are not getting paid? You are a true yoga practitioner. If you love yoga that much, why not do it with other people. Wish I could participate with you. Well, maybe in spirit.;) Thank you so much for the love and light for my sister and I. It is so nice of you. I will hold them in my heart.

Michelle, I do the same thing when my family visits with me. Great job with Gym Style Legs. Whoo! That's a toughie. Seems you and your mom had a wonderful time last night in the Josh Gorban concert. Good for you guys! Your words reached my heart because you were there with me when I was experiencing the horror of the disease. I will take those hugs and pass them also to my Mom.:) Thank you. I agree with you, lets keep the thread going. :eek:

, Awwww. How nice of everyone singing and wishing you a Happy Birthday. You must have felt nice warm fuzzies. And a party to boot! Yea! Nothing like spending a little time with your Mom. Enjoy her. Then a fancy dinner with Bo. Life is grand. All that and still had time for STS Squat Rack. Wow! Also great job on your tone class. DOM's are a good sign. Have fun at Breckenridge tomorrow with your girls.

Take care everyone and it's so nice to have everyone back. Whew!

I am not a horseback rider but I feel like I'm getting "back in the saddle" with our group. This morning, Ripken and I were back to our regular routine, up early, medium length walkabout in a light rain (and then it stopped when we got back to the house), and then Athletic Step and Ab Circuits Yoga. I substituted AS for the Thursday cardio on the June rotation which was like a 40 minute run or cycle. Athletic Step a day after gym style legs is no picnic for the legs, but I figured that was what Cathe was going for. DH took mom back to Charlottesville, where sister met them and drove mom back home. Charlottesville is about half-way so we can do travel trade-offs there pretty easily.

Laura: Happy Birthday a day late. Sorry I missed your special day. Hope you enjoy the trip to Breckenridge. I have to look it up on the internet to get a sense of what it is like. Yes, I am going to the Glassboro roadtrip, and no, sister is not going. She canceled because she did not think she would be at a point in her ACL surgery recovery where she could really participate in the roadtrip. So, just me by myself this year. I'm happy to be going but sad that sister will not be there.

Elle_P: it's nice to have you back with us. I hope you check in a little bit more. I didn't realize that you don't get paid for your yoga classes--or is it just during this break period when you do extras that you don't get paid. Either way, you are really dedicated. When DH and I were on vacation in Jamaica, I did the yoga class at the resort, which was held outside in a gazebo on the beach. It was really nice and relaxing.

Janie: got to get that ab work in. It feels so good, doesn't it. Give the pup a hug and a kiss from me. Wouldn't it be great if we could all get together with our pups. I love that we have our check-in and we are from all over the U.S. but it sure would be nice to be able to all get together in person some day.

Hi to Shadowpup, Shoegal, sister, and MicheleZ.
Hi everyone, wanted to wish you a quick hello and an update :)

It's hectic, but things are getting done. We've bought a new car via internet for when I'm east rather than shipping our older one - very fun indeed! Hopefully that will work out as planned. I've packed/vacated my current on site apartment, cleaned and everything, getting the whole deposit back. Those are nice people who ran the place, and I'll miss them. We had to find a different apartment since the first one fell through after a glitch with real estate - this second one is nicer, bigger, closer, albeit slightly more expensive and a later start date. However, there's transition housing and that will work out fine for a week. My own DH will join me after a week, for the actual move date.

There is still a little time to finish other packing, from my 'real' home, which means choosing which dvds will come, whether or not to replace certain pieces of exercise equipment, and so on. A biggie decision: my new workplace will not accomodate business smartphones so - is it a tablet? a new personal smart phone? Both? Tethering? Do I also get a much-needed GPS ... ? Do I live with just a laptop for awhile? The techie decisions are intense!

All this flurry is serving as a much needed distraction ... I'm trying very hard not to think about the difficult parts, such as being so far from all my four footed kids for so long, worrying over my houseplants and how many will die, how Clara will do and especially, being so far from my husband. DH and Clara can call, but the cat who owns me is not going to understand, and neither will the dogs or horses. My cat is beside herself with worry over all the packing and has begun to pull her hair out again :(:(:(:( Well, it is better to put a stop to that line of thinking.

Work - four more days onsite, three of them project review, and the fourth is a going away party that the people there decided we needed. Well, very nice of them actually, I'm rotten at saying goodbye and would otherwise have just quietly closed my office and turned in my keys. The formal announcement came out today, though many colleagues had already heard, since my new employers made an announcement much earlier (before they sent the formal job offer, actually, which is kind of funny).

Thanks to everyone here for the patience as I am really doing a poor job of maintaining the check-ins, and my workouts are *really* suffering. I'm just so distracted. But, being here reminds me, I can do something *right now* if I get moving, and a little something is better than nothing! :D

Take care everyone - miss you, and will be seeing you more in July.
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Hi Cathletes!

I just checked the weather and looks like it's going to be a beautiful day tomorrow for my yoga in the park.:) Yesterday I did Shiva Rea's Yogini DVD which I didn't like when I first tried it, but I really enjoy it now. I'm glad I continued to use it since it's a really good DVD.

I was reading some threads in the Open Discussion forum. Why do some of the posters always feel the need to start S@#!. It seems like it's always the same people. That's one of the reasons why i seldom respond to those threads. LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE! Sorry, I had to vent! I'm good now.:p

LAURA: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I'm glad you had a great day! Hmmm...if you really like lifting heavy then I highly recommend you check out some video clips before buying Jari Love. Do you have Cathe's Muscle Endurance and if so, do you like it?

Michelle: I do get paid for the regular classes I teach on Saturday & Sunday mornings. I used to teach at the Toronto Sivananda Centre and everyone teaches for free there. It's known as Karma Yoga or selfless service. So, I guess these outdoor classes are my Karma Yoga until the new session starts in July.

Janie: Dharma Mittra is actually a guy! His style is very similar to the style I teach. He trained with a teacher from the same lineage as the school I trained with. It's classical hatha yoga and he is very inspiring since he is in his 70's and is more fit and flexible than people half his age. He has two DVD's: Maha Sadhana 1 & 2 which are the only classical hatha yoga DVD's I have come across. He's the guy in the famous yoga poster with all the yoga poses. Check out his website for more info:

Shadowpup: You sound very busy! I hope you can get settled and into a routine soon.

Have a great day!
Good thing I already did my workout today, because Shadowpup's entry has me worn out just reading it. Today I am telecommuting which was a good thing because there was a suspicious person/vehicle/package by the Pentagon this morning and they had all roads to the Pentagon closed off. The only way into the Pentagon was by metro. The traffic had to be simply awful. Good day to be working at home.:p This morning I did gym style back, shoulders, and biceps and STS ab circuits pilates. I was pretty happy with how I did with the weight workout, although I know I will be feeling it later. But it's all good.

Shadowpup: wow, it sounds like you are really leaving PNWL. Is that correct? I thought maybe you are doing an IPA, but your email sounds otherwise. Although doing an IPA would still be leaving, but usually only for 2-4 years. Either way, I admire your gumption.

Hope everyone is having a great day.
Joey and I did TBS with Cathe's abs and stretches. Rolly and I went for an hour and a half walk yesterday. Poor thing, he got really thirsty. Will bring water next time. Will do it again today.

Michelle, Great job with the walk with Ripken and AS and Ab circuit yoga. Sounds like you might have DOMs from all that leg work. Rolly loved the kisses and hugs I gave him from you. LOL:D Man O Man, would I love to meet with all of you! Someday for sure.

Debroah, I don't envy your move. Sounds like it was necessary and hope things turn out the best for you, hubby and animal friends. Poor little Kitty. Feeling the tension of such a move is overwhelming, I'm sure. Just take care and get it done. Will look forward from more of you in July.

Elle, I'm so glad you are here. I've missed you! I'll check Dharma Mittra right away. It sounds like I may be interested in him. Great job on Shiva's yoga yesterday. I stay very clear of the people that make trouble on this site. I can't figure it out either. It's madness.

Michelle, Great job on Gym Style back, shoulders and biceps and STS ab circuit pilates. Whew! I bet from that package messed up a lot of stuff at the Pentagon. Scary.

Have a good day everyone,

Hi all,

Two days, two workouts, though very short ... must be that things are looking up :) Next week is my last week on the current job, and I'll be staying in a hotel to get things settled there, then back home for a week, then East.

Michelle, yes, I thought hard about it and decided against the IPA. I'm coming in SES, but more importantly, everyone will know I'm "in it for the long haul" as opposed to a temporary change. That should give me a little more clout :D

Oops, am needed elsewhere, hope to get back and finish personals later!

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