Getting Our Licks In!

Went to the spa yesterday. My kids purchased a hot stone message for me. OMG! I give those same messages to my friends and family, but I've never done it my self. It was fabulous! Also had a remarkable lunch. Will be spending most of the day in the garden and hoping I will have enough time to walk Rolly. Mostly just weeding today, just a lot of it.

FYI: My doctors tell me Women need to take at least 1000 mg of calcium per day (1200 is recommended for women over 50) and 2000 IUs of Vit D3 per day. Be sure you take that much. It's not just once a day, it's throughout the day.

Michelle, Sounds like perfect weather to be walking in. Enjoy! Great job on Kickbox. Also enjoy your stay on the boat and soaking up all that VD. I so grateful I won't be sleeping in their clinic. I will be sleeping at home with the computer monitor that they will lease me. I sure hope I don't have this Apnea thing, but with GERDs, it goes with sleep disorders.:( We'll see. Poor Renee, she's in my prayers and thoughts. Enjoy you lounging around, sounds like heaven.:)

This is soooooo funny: YouTube - ‪larry griswold‬‏

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Hi all,

I uploaded quite a few pictures from earlier this week onto my facebook spage - daffodils in the woods. I *think* you can get to it through this link, at least if you have an account on facebook:!/media/set/?set=a.210824858958141.57784.100000918858403

We're doing our final-final walkthrough for a meeting in a few minutes, and I'm burning off steam by visiting all of you and doing a few of things like sharing promised pictures :D
Checking in quickly & then I will go back & see what everyone has been up to.....

I have had a bout of insomnia again! So not fun after vacation than getting sick then not sleeping! UGH! It started with the full moon but lasted 4 days! I was able to go back to bed and get some sleep, but it isn't the same as a full night rest! Any way Sunday I did do Kick Max, it's a good work put but it just isn't my favorite, I can't put my finger on why, I like it all right when I do it & I do think the leg drills at the end Rock, but it just doesn't have a real high fun factor for me so I often look right past it when choosing a cardio DVD.

I did STS Meso Cycle 3 Week 2 Shoulders, Triceps. I used my micro weight gloves which made getting the right weight so much easier! 1-2 lbs can make a BIG difference! I think it will make STS much more effective...

I also taught my Boot Camp Class. I have been using the Nike Training app for ideas & they have some good routines! Check them out if you get a chance, 1 thing I really like s that the moves are timed instead of a set number of reps and that allows people to go at their own rate without getting the whole class out of sync.

Well I am glad the world didn't end!! But I have to say it does seem awfully doomsday out there with the tornados & volcano's & Tsunami's & earthquakes!!!
Just caught up!

Janie: sorry to hear about the bone density! It is a good reminder for me to take my calcium! Hope the machine doesn't interfere to much with your sleep.....believe I know how awful it is
NOT to get a good nights rest!

Michelle: a sounds lovely at the Marina! Even though it sees like brief periods of intense work all the relaxing makes it worth it,huh? Glad the hammie settled time you talk to Renee tell her hi & to come tell us what is going on in P.T!

Shadow pup: I am off to see your pics!!! How are the workouts??

Plus I forgot to say I did 35 min. Of Cardio Coach on the elliptical! Also I feel like my arms are getting bulky, but not defined with this gon@ with STS. My arms/shoulders feel snug in my shirts & jackets, I am not sure how I feel about this yet... I LOVE heavy weight lifting when I am doing it but I am not sure it is the look I am going for!!! Help! Any thoughts?
My fault (soar throat) for not getting the neti pot out sooner. But so far just a soar throat. Yesterday was of course TBS, abs and stretching. Today I visited my other neighbor that I haven't visited for years. We were at odds, but working and maintaining our friendship. She told me that the dog I call Baby is really Rosie, the big huge gray one is Boo, and the male barking dog in Russel. Maybe they will respond even better now once I call them by their real names.

Been taking advice from you and others about trying to sell my jewelry. I now have a site to go to. I still don't know if it works or not, but if you can try to go there and see if you can get on it, I would appreciate it so much. I try to contact them with questions, but I'm not getting anywhere with that. Here it is: Let me know what you think. I still need to put contents under each picture in the gallery, but it's getting there. It will take 3-6 weeks to get on Google or other places like that. I'm signed in and can't wait for this to happen.

Have a good evening everyone,

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Hi everyone--quick check-in just to let folks know I am still here and exercising--just super busy at work. This is a low impact week, so Monday was MMA Kickbox, yesterday was STS total body, and today was MMA Boxing. Last night as I lay down in bed, super DOMS hit from STS total body. Boy that is a great workout.

I quickly went through the posts--Laura and Janie--sounds like you guys need to be sure you are taking good care of yourself. Shadowpup--good to see a brief message from you. Hopefully, we will see sister popping back in more often once she starts back to work and gets back to more of her normal routine, without exercise except for PT. Hope MicheleZ is not in the path of any tornados.

I will try to get back later.
Howdy! Yesterday was Pilates, a 25 minute relaxed pedal on the recumbent bike & then the Step only port of Cross Train Express (man I forgot how tough that one is, short,but tough!). Ok let's face it all of Cathe step is super tough for me! Now that I have the choreography down & don't have the excuse of having to stop & rewind all the time it sure is hard to keep going & going & going.....

Today I did STS Squat Rack at the N. Boulder Rec. & then cardio coach on the elliptical for 25 minutes & then did an upper body workout for the Total Tone Class (since I had already hit the lower body earlier)....

Michelle: so what do you think of the rotation? Do you recommend it? Going to the boat for the long weekend?

Janie: hope your better soon. Truth is it's not surprising you picked something up with all the time you have spent in medical facilities lately...unfortunate that they seem to be such germ factories- that & airports!!!

Hope all is well.....

Bo & I are going to Breckenridge for two nights. We leave tomorrow. I hope they have a gym...
Today was mammography and ultra sound on the right breast. I'm alright! It was as I suspected, scar tissue from the ex-plant and it also calcified around it. No problem. I'm so grateful that I'm this healthy. Everything so far can be turned around. All I have left now is the Sleep Apnea monitor. I pick that up on the 1st of June and they will give me instructions on how to use it. Whew! Yep, I have a nasty cold. It could have been from anywhere, who knows. It usually takes two weeks to get rid of it. So, slowly but surely for the next two weeks, will get back to normal, and ease into exercising once again.

Michelle, Great job Monday on MMA Kickbox, yesterday's STS TB and todays Boxing. Good job on those DOM's. I'm looking forward to hearing from your sister again. I hope too, that MicheleZ is OK.

, Great job yesterday on Pilates, the bike and the step only CTX. You are doing so well, I'm proud of you. Also great job on today's Squat Rack, Cardio Coach and upper body workout. I agree, medical facilities and spas have lots and lots of germs around. Blah, spit...:confused: Enjoy Breckenridge for two nights. Sounds so lovely.

Hi everyone. Did not get a chance to drop by yesterday. Still super busy at work. Did Low Impact Step yesterday and MMA Fusion this morning. My legs are really feeling all these MMA workouts this week. I think this is about the 3rd or 4th time that I have done MMA Fusion and it did not seem as complicated, but boy it really makes you work hard. MMA Fusion is one of sister's favorites. I don't feel comfortable enough with it to call it a favorite, plus Ripken likes to "stay with me" while I'm doing this workout because I'm up and down on the floor. Since pup likes to be more into this workout, it usually means I am trying to negotiate the moves around a 95 pound pup. Makes things a little more challenging. I suppose I could tell him to lay down, but what's the fun in that?

Janie: Glad to hear that your mammo went well. I have to get mine scheduled. Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather. It really stinks to be sick with a sore throat/cold in the summer. At least, summer weather is what we are having here: sunny, hot, humid, chance of thunderstorms everyday. Typical mid-Atlantic summer weather for the memorial day weekend. What is it doing out in Washington?

Laura: Cathe's May rotation is really good. I do recommend it. I find that doing her rotations keeps my body guessing and hurting (but in a good way). I also tend to keep my weight down when I stick to Cathe's rotations; if I wander off on my own thing, I can have a tendency to take things down a notch. Cathe doesn't let me to that. She helps me stay disciplined about keeping the workouts challenging. It sounds like you are feeling rested and back to normal because your workouts sure have picked up. Where is Breckenridge in relation to where you live and what is there? Hope you have a good time.

My big fuzz ball just sauntered in for a pet on the head. And now he has moved on. Silly pup.

Hope everyone stays cool and enjoys a lovely Memorial Day weekend.
We are off to the boat as soon as DH gets motivated. I've got all my stuff packed and ready to go, except the laptop....
Took a break from exercise today, although I did spend an hour and a half scrubbing the boat. We had glorious weather today at the marina, warm, nice wind, no humidity. Hopefully tomorrow will be the same. Will do a light workout tomorrow and then get back to Cathe's May rotation on Monday.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. Janie get some rest; hope you feel better tomorrow.
Thank you for being so concerned. I feel a little better, but really have that cold bug and it's horrible.

Was wondering if you'd all do me a favor. I have a web site now trying to sell my jewelry. I found out that in order to get picked for search engines such as Google and yahoo, I need at least 10 members to join my site. You don't have to purchase a thing, I promise. If you decide to join here is the address again.

I've been living in my robe and it's not pretty.

I see all of you are doing good. Very proud of ya. Keep up the good work. I'll join in when I feel a little bit better.

I finally caught up on all the posts I missed. It took a while, but I'm now up to speed on what you have all been up to. I'm sad to see that Shoegal still hasn't been back. I hope she's doing well wherever she is.

I decided to paint my bedroom which disrupted my yoga practice a little bit since I moved the furniture and I still have to paint the trim so I haven't moved it back yet. My bed is now in the area I usually do my yoga and it's blocking the solarium. I hope to have everything moved back soon.

The break in my yoga has allowed my wrist to rest and it is feeling a lot better. I did do yoga for a family fitness night at a school and it was a lot of fun. It was supposed to be for parents and kids but a lot more kids participated than parents. It went really well and I got a lot of good feedback and a lot of hugs from the kids at the end which was really sweet.

My spring yoga classes are ending and there is a break since the summer classes don't start until July. Normally I would enjoy the break but since I'm not working right now I'm going to miss the little bit of extra money it's been bringing in.

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do, and while it seems like it would be great to teach yoga for a living, the reality is, it's not easy to make a living teaching yoga.:(

Renee: I'm sorry to hear about your knee injury but I'm glad your surgery went well and you are working your way back. My brother had the same surgery and he was able to resume all his sports and activities after he recovered.

Janie: Sorry you are feeling under the weather! You mentioned using a Neti pot in a couple of posts. That is a yogic cleansing technique that I recommend to students. I hope you figure out what is causing you to wake up gasping for air...that sounds awful.

Hello to Laura, Michelle, MicheleZ, Shadowpup, and Shoegal (where r u?)

Have a great day!
Been doing my best to get better, and I think I've succeeded. Yea!
Wednesday I will exercise with Joey. It will be nice to get back to normal.

I just put in a Domain Name and it might be closed for a day or two until they do their thing to sites. It now will be (when it starts up again)

Yea! I don't have to use the other one with "webs" in it anymore!

Elle, It sure is nice to hear from you. Missed ya. I hope Shoegal is well too. I think of her often. You have a solarium? Oh how I envy you! I'm sure everything will go as planned with your painting. Will you be showing a picture of it? Would love to see it. So glad your wrist is better. Great job on the yoga. Kids are amazing aren't they? You must have felt warm fuzziness from them. I'm sure you will figure out what to do for working. I wished you could make enough money doing yoga, since you love it so much. Sometime next week I will get a computer and it will monitor me while I'm asleep. They will know what is going on after I turn it in. I'll let you know.

In a couple of days would you like to register on my site? Hope to see you there.

Take care everyone,

Sorry for bring MIA.... Bo & I went to Breckenridge Thursday through Saturday, unfortunately the hotel did not have free wireless so I was un able to check in.... Then we had to pick up Misty from the kennel, drop her off at home & dash down to Boulder for the girls ballet recital, which was really well done. Sunday the girls had to perform again, but this time I couldn't go ( parents only get to go once) so I took my mom to the Boulder Creek Festival, which was soo crowded it wasn't even fun & so hard to just maneuver the crowds than i picked up the girls and we went to a friends house for dinner. Yesterday was a BBQ and packing the girls for their first ever 4 day school trip to Leadville. They were so excited!!!

So on the exercise front things got off track again with our mini trip & the holiday.

Wednesday I did STS Squat Rack in the morning & a pyramid upper body that evening.

Thursday I did a short step DVD before leaving but I don't recall which one...(which is why it is good to use the workout manager...)

Sunday I did STS Shock Cardio Step Moves

Today I taught my beginner Pilates & I had a whole group of new woman come so that was exciting for me...and then I did STS Meso Cycle 3 week 3 Chest & Back. I forgot my micro gloves & I tell you what those 5 lb jumps really bite!! I did up some weights though. I did 35lbs on the incline chest flys & 50 lbs on the one arm rows.!!

So the big news around here besides my daughters first trip away from home is that Bo and I ended up buying into a deeded time share in Breckenridge. It's a beautiful development that is literally right at the base of the ski resort. It is the last development at the mountain. And the gondola is literally 5 feet from the hot tub at the resort. It has a heated garage, ski lockers, inside outside pools & hot tubs, sauna, steam room & spa. And the best part is we can use the facility 365 days a year! So we can go & ski for the day, hot tub relax & then head home. Since it s less than 2 hours away we should be able to use it quite a bit.

I will go back and see how everyone else is doing!
Janie: hope your better soon! Sounds like a real nasty bug, I know mine really knocked me down. I will check out your website as soon as I can!

Michelle: I love MMA Fusion! It is lots of fun. Those rolls into pushups are tough but exhilarating to do! I hope Cathe does more MMA DVDs I know some people knocked them in the forums awhile back when they first came out but I LOVE them! Enjoy the weather believe it or not we got a dusting of snow yesterday evening!! UGH! It is supposed to be nice this week though...

ElleP: nice to hear from you. I am glad your wrist is doing better! It is such a good feeling when people respond to your teaching that way. I hear you on trying to make a living at this type of work. I couldn't support myself in what I make! And I am turning 40 this year & there are so many young teachers out there....

Hi to MichelleZ, Shoegal, Renee & Shadowpup! Hope to hear from y'all soon!
I waited as long as I could to plant tomatoes...but, it had to be done and the weather was rainy. Was out in it for hours. Oh well.

, Sounds like you had a normal day of being busy as usual. I bet the recital was precious. Sounds like the trip to Leadvile will be awesome for the girls. Great job on the squat rack and Pyramid UB. On Wed. On Thursday for the step up and Sun. Step Moves. I love that one. And for today's teaching Pilates, and cycle 3 chest and back. Wow! Your weight lifting is impressive. OMG! The time share in Breckenridge, sounds so cool. Enjoy, enjoy!.

Take care,

Still very busy at work and I'm forgetting to check in. My brain is in "freeze" mode at the moment, so this is a good break. I'm trying to finish up the last week of Cathe's May rotation. I did STS total body yesterday and Step Blast today (substituted for Cardio Kicks which I don't have). Tomorrow is supposed to be Buts and Gutts. Oh boy.

Janie: glad to hear that you are feeling better. I will try to get to your website. I'll try to send some warm weather and sunshine out to Washington state. We've got plenty of both in Virginia at the moment.

ElleP: welcome back. I was talking to sister last night and mentioned that you had not checked in for a while. Maybe you heard us wondering where you are and how you are doing. Sounds like you are catching up around the house, but are you looking for a new job at the same time? You don't seem nervous about the job-thing. I would be a wreck.

Laura: It sounds like you all really liked Breckenridge. I heard on the radio that some part of Colorado expects to have snow/skiing until July 4th. Wow! That just seems not right to me. Your girls seem to be growing up so fast, but it sounds like you and Bo are adjusting to having some grown-up time together. That's a good thing.

Okay--back to work. Thanks for taking a break with me.

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