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Still here guys! Read everyone's posts. My mom is doing better - she is at least calling and talking to me now.

I have lost another pound - probably stress (lol). Didn't work out at all last week - did MMA: Kickbox today and felt good.

Super duper busy with the little pup and her big brother - they keep me on my toes - another reason why I lost weight when I didn't work out (lol).
Hi! Janie!! Don't eat worms! LOL! I am still here! I am slowly getting back on my feet...

Yesterday I did the Low Impact Step from 4DS, love that one ! The girls god mother was in town for a very short visit so that is all I got done exercise wise this weekend. I wanted to do more but it felt wrong as I only got a little bit of time to spend with her. Yesterday was the gilts violin recital. Eliza was sick and missed her last lesson, and she wasn't sure what she was supposed to play until she got there...needless to say it wasn't her best performance, poor thing, she felt really embarrassed...

Today I did STS Meso Cylce 3 Week 1 Shoulders, Biceps, & Triceps. I got my weights pretty right on target so that felt good although I doubt I can go up 5% by next week! I barely got some of the reps out where my weights are now. Good thing I bought those micro weight gloves cause I am thinking of upping just 1 lb!

Got to run teach my classes, Pilates & Boot Camp
Took a break yesterday. Back to the May rotation today. This week is an intensity week, so of course, Cathe starts off with Intensity. First time I have done Intensity all the way through--wow! That is some workout. I think it's going to be my new love-hate workout. I haven't sweated like I did this morning in a while. My shirt and shorts were totally sopped. It was great. Major leg DOMS.

It's good to have some of the gang back. Sounds like Laura is feeling better and MicheleZ, you must be on the 3rd week of the May rotation. How did you do with the second week?

Not much else going on. Just the regular routine.
Today I also (besides doing TBS with abs and stretches) gardened for 3 hours. Had to prepare 3 barrels to plant 3 blueberries plants into, that came into the mail a few days ago. The barrels were already filled with herbs, but replaced them someplace else. The blueberries needed a very sunny location. That was a lot of work!:confused:

Update: Tonight I did 6 extra push ups, and played around with the dipping station.

Also my jewelry was yet again presented on Janice Mae's blog. I'm so excited! I think she likes my creativity.
Jane’s Creations

Michelez, I was hoping so much that you and your mom could get beyond whatever it was to move forward with each other. Soooooooo glad it's working out. Congratulations for losing yet another pound. Yea! Being stressed sucks and takes out all the fun. I'm so sorry you are going through that. Hope things get better for you. Great job on Kickbox today. After being away for a little while from exercising (which you needed and most likely grew stronger because of it) does feel good to get back into it.:) Yep, pups do help us lose weight. My little one helps me as well.:D

Laura, YOU ARE FEELLING BETTER! Yeah! Been thinking about you and hoping you were getting better. Slowly is better than not getting better at all. Soon you'll be working out as hard as you did before, and I bet with even more stamina. Great job on LIS. God mothers are important, you did right spending time with her. Poor Eliza, being sick messes up everything. I'm impressed that she stuck with it. Good for her. She's a hero in my book. Great job on STS Meso 3 week 1, shoulders, biceps and triceps. Oh, those micro weights are going to help unbelievably. You'll be able to do 5% heavier, wait and see. Have fun with your Pilates and Boot Camp. You do all your workouts, plus that. You are amazing to me.

Michelle, I love to hear the same old same old stuff. That's life.:D Hope you had a nice break yesterday. Great job on Intensity. Whew! That one is a toughie, and you made it all the way through. Good for you.

See you all later,

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Intensity yesterday, Muscle Endurance today. Gosh--that's a tough workout. I forgot how tough it was and all those leg presses! By the time I got to the core work at the end, I was shaking like chihuahua in a snowstorm. Guess that means my muscles were working, working, working. Tomorrow is supposed to be 60 minutes of cycling. I'm going to substitute one of Cathe's cardios. I'm thinking Step Blast. IMAX3 is on Thursday and Friday is Bootcamp. Whew-wee!

Janie: retirement sounds so nice and tranquil. Reading your posts makes me feel relaxed--at least for a few moments. You seem to savor every day. I'm so glad you share with us. Gardening is not my thing. I'm wondering if you know any miracle stuff to put on flower gardens to control weeds. My one modest "garden" needs some help--any suggestions? (other than pulling weeds, that's what I'm trying to avoid.)

It's a busy May for me--but that keeps me on my toes here at work. Hope everyone is having a great week.
Did gardening for 3-4 hour today. Lost track of time. Lots of work. I'm bushed!

OOOOOOHHHH! My Joey was walking past the squirrel today and saw that she was holding a baby. Instead of staying out of the rain, like I thought, she is using the bird house as a nest! (It's so small) OMG! How cool is that? No wonder she was so busy. Why would she take the baby out, I wonder? Too small a place? A bird harassing them? Hmmmmmm I'm going to look up squirrel on the internet for more info.

Michelle, Great job on Intensity yesterday and ME today. You did really well with that hard workout. Shaking is a good sign, means you were truly working out. Good for you.
No miracle to keep the weeds at bay. You have to pull em. I know, that's the most irritating about having a garden.

Have a good one,

Hi lovely fitness friends!

I am so sore today from my 3 works out yesterday! I taught Pilates this morning than had to buggy out of there to pick up Eliza& get her to South Denver for her evaluation. So lots of time driving & then sitting & waiting..,I brought down MMA Boxing but it got late by the time I got the girls fed & I wanted to watch the Biggest Loser.

My brother tore his MCL, ACL with a minsicus tear as well while jumping on the trampoline with his kids! Poor thing.... Especially after the recent seizures last fall he has been having a tough time.

Michelle: wow sounds like a tough week of Cathe lined up for you...good job tackling them!

Janie: I really need to start the yard work, I have been so depressed with the last two snows that it's been hard to motivate....

MichelleZ I missed your last post somehow, good job on your weight loss! I am sorry about the stress.... I am going through a lot of that myself lately...not been an easy time lately
Looking forward to you all. I miss you! I feel all alone, guess I'll go eat worms.

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
Guess I'll go eat worms,
Long, thin, slimy ones; Short, fat, juicy ones,
Itsy, bitsy, fuzzy wuzzy worms.

Down goes the first one, down goes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm.
Up comes the first one, up comes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm. LOL!


Eeek! No worm eating, Janie!!!! And wow, your jewelry just gets more and more beautiful. You have an eye for combining the colors, textures, sizes, and shapes, that's for sure!!!

Quickie updates for now ...

It's crazy-hectic-time, but the end is in sight. Got back yesterday from my week of travel, which went really well. Made myself do two stints on the treadmill for half an hour, plus airport walking front end and back. It's not Cathe, but it's movement! My cardio fitness is slowly coming back. Something with weights tonight ...

Michelle, think Laurel :)

My big symposium is next week - I'm flying out Saturday to handle the onsite preparations. Flew back home yesterday. I live in SeaTac it sometimes seems.

Our gardens are *gorgeous* and filled with daffodils. Weeds, too, alas, but let us avert our eye from those for now :eek: I'll bring my camera when the dogs get their walk and get pics to share - it may be after the symposium. Am spending as much time, when home, with the four footed ones, and less online. It will be hard for us all when (yes, almost certainly it is when) I'm mostly back east. Trying not to think about that part.

Laura, you are feeling better! Huzzah!

Renee , best wishes on your recovery, am thinking of you here.

MicheleZ, I'm glad your weight goals are coming along so well. Four footed family is a blessing ... especially when the two footed kind gets stressful.

And that's it for now. It is the wee hours of the morning :eek: and my internal clock hasn't reset yet to PST :eek:
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The surgery has come and gone, that was the easy part. This recovery stuff really sucks! No other way to put it. I hate sitting, sitting, sitting. My knee hurts like hell. It is swollen, as is the rest of my lower leg and foot. Small improvements every day. Started putting weight on it Sunday (not much) and am able to walk with one crutch and even take a few steps without it (Tuesday). I feel like I'm 100 years old. I get very frustrated at times and admit this is teaching me a new meaning to "patience." Physical therapy started on Monday and I go again today. Another painful experience but you can bet I grimace through it all, grunt and groan and do it all because the state I'm in is not acceptable. This is also teaching me how to depend on others...another thing I hate. But there is no way to get thru this without the support of family and friends. I have yet to sleep an entire night in my own bed. I managed almost 5 hours in it two nights ago. Mostly I stay in my recliner. Won't go to work at all this week and next week may be a few half days, we will see about that. A woman on crutches around little, I don't think so. All I need is a little kid running into me...YEOW! Nope, not gonna happen. Sorry, I haven't been around much, but I think ya'll understand. Take good care and never take for granted having two good legs.

Well, since sister has torn her ACL and now had her surgery, I am super-duper alert to the aches/pains that are more than just real good DOMS. Today, my left hammie was talking to me a bit more than is acceptable, so I decided against step blast and did the STS stretch routine and then added some more stretches on my own. The intense weeks on Cathe's May rotation are pretty tough and I definitely don't want to be following in sister's footsteps.

Shadowpup: Laurel. That's a bit of a distance from me. Are you doing an IPA? Don't know how you manage with all the travel. Are you managing to get any exercise in on your trips?

Janie: Dang. I was hoping there was some miracle spray for garden weeds. Double-dang. Have you ever used Preen after you pull the weeds?

Laura: you are one busy person. Sorry to hear about you brother's injury. Is he going to have to have surgery? A torn ACL is bad enough but he's got three major boo-boos. Must really hurt too.

Today were more tests. Got a Bone Density done, went in for a mammogram on my right breast and then an ultrasound, but they had to cancel the last two tests. The machines broke down. What? I didn't know they could break down.:confused: Had to make another appt. Didn't have time for anything in the way of working out. We live so far away from everything that by the time we do our thing, the whole day is over.

Laura, Great job on 3 workouts yesterday! WOW! And teaching Pilates, must have been some day. Can't even imagine how tired you must be. (((((Hugs and prayers to your brother to have all those tough times behind him.))))). I know what you mean about depression with weather. The rain here I can take normally, but this year has been record cold. But today was so lovely. Hopefully better weather coming our way at last. You have us to help motivate you. I'm cheering you on as we post. Just like my mother use to say "When you are blue, pretend you are in a good mood, and soon you will be". It works for me.:)

Deborah, So glad that your too often busy life has an end in site. Please do remember to smell the roses. You can never go back there again. Then again, I'm so proud of you for being such a successful, talented and skilled professional.:) If anyone can balance things out, it would be you. Great job working stints on the treadmill and airport walking (that works well too). From the sickness you had, I'm so glad you are coming back strong. Way to go! With all the work digging in the ground and putting in 1,000's upon 1,000's of flowers, I must see pictures, please. I bet it looks like heaven. Have a well deserved rest.

Renee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, So good to hear from you! Been thinking of you all the time and wondering how you were doing. Yea, I can imagine the recovery will take some time. But, you are strong and you will come back with flying colors. Small improvements everyday is such a good sign. You are so brave and I'm so very proud of you, especially allowing family and friends to help you. No easy task I'm sure. I promise you, I'll never take for granted that I have two good legs. You will have them too, soon. Keep up the good work.

Michelle, Haven't used Preen, I'm kinda going organic. Wish there was a miracle spray to get rid of weeds. Seems that's what keeps me in the garden for so long. LOL! Great job on the stretches, I bet your hammie thanked you for those. I don't blame you for not wanting to follow in your sisters footsteps. Listen to your body and gut feeling.

Have a wonderful evening everyone,

IMAX3 this morning--didn't hit the blasts real hard because my left hammie was feeling a little tight. Backed off when I needed to. Plus it's the end of the week and I'm not my sharpest in the early morning on Thursday and Friday, so my concentration was a little off. IMAX3 is one of those workouts that I really need total focus for and the last couple of intervals I struggled--more mentally, than physically.

Janie: I've looked up where you live on the map and you are out in the countryside, for sure. Do you have a Ferry that comes to where you are or is your only option to drive all the way around and up towards Seattle. I know that certainly takes a while. I've got to schedule my yearly mammo--thanks for reminding me through your comments. I pulled a few weeds this morning after Ripken and I walked. We've had alot of rain this week so everything is very, very wet. I guess I just have to do a little at a time.

So, this morning I'm eating breakfast and DH is making my lunch. He says to me: wow, look at all the water on the (kitchen) floor, wonder where it's coming from. Okay--so the obvious answer is? Yup--the kitchen sink. So, there I am sopping up the water on the floor with towels (in my work clothes) and taking everything out from under the sink and sopping up the water in the cabinet. The garbage disposal has rusted out and is leaking. DH was on the phone calling the plumber to replace the disposal while I was cleaning--it is supposed to get done this afternoon. Never a dull moment. Fortunately, not that big of a deal.

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday.
Watered garden, ate breakfast and now getting ready to go to the Sleep Apnea consultation in Tacoma (at least a two hour drive there, one way). These tests are running into our workouts. Won't be able to do anything until we get home. If I feel like it.:( I'll let you know how it goes.

Michelle, Great job on IMAX 3, it truly is a focused kinda workout for sure. Very well done. When we need to get to Olympia or Tacoma, we usually drive around, but if we visit Seattle, we sometimes take the ferry. It's so lovely and something to do that is different. I love Seattle and try to visit there as often as I can. Lucky for you the ground is not hard and pulling weeds is a snap. LOL:D. I know, it's not fun. Oh dear, a leaky disposal. Glad you have it under control and it will be fixed this afternoon.

Have a good one everyone,

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Still raining in Boulder and snowing in the mountains....and more to come!:confused::(:mad: SERIOUSLY ALL THIS SNOW THIS LATE IN THE YEAR JUST BITES! Where was it when the ski areas are open???

Yesterday I squeezed in the Squat Rack Meso 3 Week 1 workout into a pretty packed day, to be honest my attention was not the best, which isn't good idea with heavy weights. Just wasn't that focused. Afterward my right knee was grumpy especially on stairs...and that evening I had a group meeting and we were sitting cross-legged on the floor for a long time and all of a sudden I had this excruciating pain in my right knee...:( but it seems ok today although my legs are seriously sore.

I went to my mom's YMCA today and did STS Meso Cycle 3 Week 2 Chest & Back, kind of backing them up day to day, but I am trying to get back on track after missing so much...

Shadowpup: it really bites how quickly fitness gains are lost and how hard they are to gain, but hey if it was easy than everyone would be fit right? It is our perseverance and persistence over time that makes us unique! Never give up and you get the results. You are doing great getting back into it, especially considering the rest of your life is so full and busy.

Renne: Oh hang in there girl! I know how, well, how bad this sucks for you right now! I know my brother is going to be equally unhappy about it! He is naturally fit and agile and also HATES TO BE CONFINED AND DEPENDENT! You are doing big work though on allowing others to care for you! That is so important, especially when it is hard for you! Sending you healing energy! Be patient and take it day to day and before you know it you will be back at it better than ever! Remember that my DH's rebuilt knee is actually a stronger better knee than the other one!

Michelle: I have been aware of a lot of aches and pains in my own body as well, and taking caution in light of your sister's and my brother's predicaments! You are smart to slow down and listen to your body's needs. It is always a tricky balance, or a razor's edge, between not pushing yourself enough to get the results you want, and pushing to hard into over training and injury. I am probably pushing it a little to much right now, but I am coming off a long break...

Janie: wow you are on the tune up schedule for sure! Hope everything turns out with flying colors! Your jewelry really is unique! Who knows i might even grow into a business...Whidbey Island has so many art festivals have you thought of getting a stall?

MichelleZ; I saw else where on the forums that you use the workout blender? Do you like it? How often do you create your own workouts?
Hi Ladies! Sorry I have been MIA for a while but so much has been going on and I just didn't make time to come on to Cathenation for a while.:eek:

So, the biggest thing is that I lost my job. I'm actually relieved, since I really wasn't happy there anymore and it was causing me a lot of stress.:) I have sent out some resumes but I'm not sure what it is I want to do now. I trust that I'll find the right job eventually and in the meantime I'm enjoying some time off.

I was continuing my physiotherapy for my neck and I just had my last treatment yesterday. I'm glad I took care of that so I don't have any long term neck problems from my car accident. I'm actually going to miss my physio and massage therapy!

I fell about a month ago and hurt my wrist since I fell right on it. Since then, it's been giving me problems, especially during yoga. I asked my physiotherapist about it and he gave me some exercises and care instructions.

I'm still on Weight Watchers although recently I kept gaining and losing the same 3 pounds and wasn't making much progress. I wasn't being diligent about tracking what I was eating. It was my own fault but still frustrating that I couldn't stay on track. I made an effort to track everything and really follow the program again and the scale is moving down again. I have had a loss of 1.2pounds at my last two weigh-ins. weird how I could have the same loss two weeks in a row but I'm happy that I'm back on track. I have less than 10pounds to lose to reach my goal now.

I hope all of you have been good. I'm going to grab a cup of tea and go back and read all the posts I have missed which should take me a while!:p

Have a great day!
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ElleP So good to hear from you!~ I have been thinking of you and wondering how you were. I am sorry to hear about the job loss, although it sounds like you are adapting a positive attitude about it and seeing as a possibility for something better to come along.

I know that yoga can be very 'wrist intensive' exercise! Are you able to adapt or modify the weight bearing the poses so you can do them? For example doing them from the forearms instead of the hands? It can work for a few poses but not all of them.

Good job on getting that scale moving again. That is my next thing to deal with once and for all!! I hope we can support one another in that goal of getting to our goal weight.

Today I am taking it easy as my whole body has DOMS and I haven't been sleeping well, which is affecting my energy. I am feeling exhausted and a little nauseas. I took a short walk with my mom to see if I it would help me feel better ( the sun is out for the first time in days) but I didn't so I turned around. I am going to lie down for a bit...hate to waste a pretty day but really feel like that is what my body needs..
Joey and I did TBS along with Cathe's Abs and Stretches. Rolly and I walked for 30 min. came home and I did 25 min. of The Wedding Video. Thinking about using the stair climber tonight while watching TV.
The Dr I visited for Sleep Apnea, will give me a machine/computer to hook me up at night so it will monitor my sleep. In about 10 days I will receive one of those computers. This in home test will tell the doctors if I have Sleep Apnea or not. My bone density result was not so good. I have osteopenia, which is close to osteoporosis. I need to take more calcium during the day and more VD. Scary, but I'll do as they say. Hopefully the next test (3 years from now) will show improvement. Also need to do more impact exercises. I have my work cut out for me.

Laura, Very strange snow pattern for sure. Great job on the Squat Rack Meso 3 week 1 and at the YMCA STS Meso Cycle 3 week 2. Do be careful and listen to your body. I wonder where the pain came from with your knee? Glad it went away. Are your legs sore because of DOM's? I'm thinking to keep the jewelery for family and friends. Maybe some day I'll think about selling them. I don't know, I'm retired.:D Thank you so much for the compliment, I do appreciate them, always. Hoping you get rid of what ever has it's grip on you.:( Take care. Hugs))))).

Elle!!!!!!!!!!! It's so nice to hear from you! Welcome back! We missed you! I'm glad the job was lost if you were so stressed out. Not worthy of having it when that happens. What is it that you have in mind for your next job? Wow! That accident you had, really did a number on you. I'm glad you are doing good now. Sorry about your wrist, hope the exercises help it. Do you recommend Weight Watchers? Congratulations for losing some weight. Good for you. You are sooooo close to your goal.

Take care everyone,

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This morning after Ripken and I did our walkabout, I did Bootcamp. My hammie felt much better today. I'm glad I took that break day in the middle of the week.;) I'm also not going as high on my weights for leg work, lunges in particular.

Elle: it's nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your job, but you sound like you are taking it well. I hope you find something that you like better. Good news that you are losing some weight again.

Janie: Sounds like May is go to the doctor month for you. I'm a little confused: do you have sleep apnea or are you going to do some more testing at home? Haven't pulled many weeds but I'm working on it--a little bit at a time.

Laura: snow in May? Yuch. We've had alot of rain this week, but the weekend is supposed to be nice: sunny and warm. We need a little sunshine to help dry things out. We reseeded part of our lawn this spring and it sure was a good year to do that. Grass is growing like crazy.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.
Michelle, This at home monitoring system will tell the doctors if I have Sleep Apnea or not. I'll get the machine/computer within 10 days. A little bit of weed pulling at a time and soon it will be done. Great job on Bootcamp and the walk with Ripken. So darn glad your hammie is feeling much better. You are listening to your body, and that's good.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Nice Saturday here in Virginia. The rain has left, we have clear blue skies, low humidity and plenty of sunshine. After Ripken and I walked this morning, had a little breakfast, putzed around the house, and then did 4DS Kickbox. Week 2 of Cathe's May rotation is now done. Next week is a low impact week. Thank goodness, I'm not sure I could do another week of intense workouts.

After working out--got cleaned up, packed up, loaded up the SUV and we headed over to the marina. So, now we are on the boat. Going to get a little vitamin D from the sun here in a bit and then work on a paper. Probably will get a dog walk or two in as well. Don't worry--Ripken gets a "marina" walk as soon as we get here. Right now he is napping right here by me in the salon; DH is in his recliner reading the Saturday paper.

Janie: okay--I reread your earlier post about the sleep apnea computer; guess my brain was not completely in gear when I read it the first time. I hope doing the testing at home is more comfortable than doing it at a sleep clinic (or did you have to do that too?).

Talked to sister this afternoon. She is bored--and tired--and tired of being bored. This leg healing thing is a very slow process. She does get out and about a bit with our mom but then she just gets tuckered out. She sees the doc this Wednesday so hopefully he will clear her to go back to work. She only has three weeks left of school and then is done for the year. Sister did say that the pain level has improved considerably in this first week after the surgury, so that is good. And she has gone to physical therapy 3 times. Sounds like it is hard work.

Speaking of hard work; time to go lounge on the bow of the boat and watch the world in Back Creek pass me by.

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