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We are enjoying some truly fantastic spring weather. Ripken and I just got back from a 1/2 mile walk. Very, very nice. We will do another one before sunset. Did CardioFusion today--the whole dang thing. If you recall, over the winter, sister and I were doing the cardiofusion--all step premix--which alone is a pretty good workout. Doing the whole thing adds thos 6 drills from drill max--and I was super sweat city. Tomorrow morning is STS total body and then over to the boat for a little relaxation this weekend. Looking forward to that.

Laura: sounds like you have a bad spring cold. And given your schedule, I don't know how you are standing on two feet. I hope you can get some rest in between all the activities this weekend. We don't want you get super sick. Would it be awful it you skipped the retreat tomorrow and stayed in bed?

Janie: one year anniversary with Rolly. How nice. Are ya'll going to do anything to celebrate? Extra walkabout, dog biscuit, or new chew toy?

Hope everyone else is doing okay. I talk to sister every couple of days. I think she just isn't as motivated to check in because she is not as active as she would like to be. By this time next week, her knee surgery will be over.
Hi to Shadowpup, Elle, and Shoegal. Hope to here from ya'll soon. We sure do miss you.
I got most of my ideas from making paper beads from this site:
My Paper Beads – Jane Mc Bride

Her name is Janice Mae and so incredibly gifted with craft ideas. She is making a project for everyday of the year (365 days). I wanted to help her in her goal, so I gave her a couple of ideas. Low and behold, she put them on her site! I'm so thrilled! Couldn't believe my eyes. It truly made my year. Check it out.:eek:

Did 45 min. on the treadmill today. To rainy outside for Rolly and I to walk. Darn.:confused:

Here is the latest.

Several more to go before I'm done with the Christmas project.

One of my sisters name is Melody. I'm thinking this would be for her.LOL

Laura, Oh Laura! I feel for you. Should you be seeing a doctor? Were you able to get to your girls Maypole and all the other things you have to do? ((((((Hugs)))))) Gosh darn it!

Michelle, Very nice walk with Ripken and weather and all. Great job on Cardio Fusion. Do enjoy your stay at the boat this weekend. It sounds heavenly. We've been singing Happy birthday to Rolly and giving him extra treats, a bone bone, a toy and right now he's eating and watching sports on TV with Joey.:D Tell your sis hi. Looking forward to hearing from her with or without news.

Take care everyone.

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Took the weekend off. Tomorrow I will start Cathe's May rotation. It looks like another tough one. Ripken and I have had many wonderful walks down at the marina. Beautiful weekend, great weather.

Janie: Beautiful jewelry. You are so creative. Your sister will love those pieces.

Hope everyone has a great week.
Quick post while I'm eating my lunch. The beautiful spring weather continues this week in Virginia. Ripken and I had a great walkabout this morning and then after getting back to the house, I did low impact circuit. Since I did cardio fusion on Friday, I felt like I had just done part of this workout (which I did). My hammie is feeling much better and I'm able to push harder on the cardio--feels so good.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday.
Have another picture of my latest craft. Hope you are not getting tired of it. I love sharing them.

We had our asparagus from the garden yesterday. MMMMMMMM 5 or 6 more weeks of it. Yum Num. Lettuce are growing as well as the peas and sugar peas. Most of the tomato, basil and pepper plants have three leaves on them (there in the green house) Just planted carrots, so don't see much yet of them.

Have a Dental appt. tomorrow. Ugh. They keep wanting me to get ex-rayed and I keep refusing. I'm not into a lot of ex-rays. So I keep it at a low minimum.

All my daughters chipped in for a Spa treatment for a stone message on the 21. Plus a terrific lunch. They all also will be getting a wonderful treatment of some kind. I can't wait! It's for my birthday and Mother's day.

Speaking of Mother's Day, did everyone have a nice one. Joey and I had a play to go to called Unexpected Tenderness. It was about a dysfunctional family where the husband, his father and his father before him were wife beaters. It was a very intense play and I believe the best I saw ever. The father and his son were especially well played. The son was played by a boy 14 years old (he was 15 in the play) and I have to tell ya, he is going to have a fantastic career ahead of him. Him and his father (in the play) also narrated the play. With all those lines that seemed endless and necessary, that boy astonished me!

Joey, Rolly and I did TBS, with a segment of ab hits and segment of Cathe stretches. It was a good hour and half workout. I didn't realize how long that was. Went by fast, as usual.

Looks beautiful outside and Rolly and I will be in it very soon walking in the wood. Maybe, the dogs will join in. We'll see. Update: We walked an hour with no other dogs.

This was sent to us, very cool! Though you might enjoy it as well.

Michelle, Our weather came to life today, so Rolly and I will be out in it soon. So glad you are experiencing good weather and having many walks with Ripken.:) Great job on LIC. Wonderful news that your hammie is feeling much better and doing harder workouts. Good for you.

Renee, How ya doing? We are all pulling for you on your near surgery. Hang in there. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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I got out of bed 5 minutes later than usual this morning and then Ripken was really into the morning walkabout, so we walked about 20 minutes longer than usual--so I had to do a KPC premix vice the whole thing to get back "on schedule." I just couldn't deny Ripken the longer walk--it was so nice and we was rolling and so happy. Before long, it will be too dang hot and our walks will get shorter, so I'm indulging the pup on his walking whims. Of course, my DH would say I indulge Ripken on every one of his whims.

Janie: I don't like getting xrays at the dentist either. Usually because those dang mouth inserts dig into the side of my mouth and are uncomfortable. You'd think after all these years they could make a mouth xray insert that is curved vice not. I'm going to check out your youtube link.

Hope we get some more company here later today.
Merrily we roll along! 3 days and counting. New pain meds seem to be bad reacations. Friday is surgery and I'm back to physical therapy on Monday! Woo-hoo! I'm gonna try and get at least one more Basic Step session in before Friday. Very busy at school with my big ORFF concert. Nothing new and exciting. Sorry for my lack of input on the forum.

Hi everyone! I had a super busy weekend, whether better or not...

Sunday we had a nice brunch at my Mother's house & then we all went to see the girls Ballet School, The Boulder Ballet, production of the Little Mermaid, which was truly fantastic! The girls teacher was the Little Mermaid so the girls were really excited about it. Then Bo took me out for a nice dinner.

Unfortunately I felt worse again on Monday, probably due to the busy weekend. I tried to find a sub for my classes but no luck. So I went and muddled through them. I was so exhausted by the end but at least I had a great night sleep!

I still feel bad, so I am going to see the Doc this afternoon. I decided to start Meso Cycle 3 despite not being 100%. I did ok although I did take longer breaks, I tried to keep my weights the same but I did reach failure sooner on a few different rounds..

I got Slow & Heavy, Pure Strength , & Power Hour , Body Max! Just don't know when I can fit them in....although I did find a very awesome looking Rotation from Fitness Freak that combines the Gym Styles with S& H & PS! That might be fun to do although I might want to do each new ( to me) workout first... So many workouts so little time,

Janie: the pay sounds great although intense? I love your jewelry! I bet your family gets excited about your presents!! Good job on the work outs

Michelle: it must be nice on the boat! We have gone straight from winter to spring here with hot temperatures on the flat lands, with such a dry spring the isn't looking good for us out west... I am still planning on doing the April rotation after I finish STS, but it just is backed up..I find High Reps tough as well. I didn't realize Power Hour is the same format as HR, with warming up with the bar & then working each body part for the duration of one song..

Renee: 2 days & counting!! You will be back at it before you know it!
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Hi everyone! Missed you! It continues to be intense right now ... I'm running a meeting at the end of the month, and we've been working on it for a year. It's the most competitive research meeting in my field, and it is a quarter million dollar affair. Everyone cares about all the details, and goodness knows there are tons of them. We couldn't get everyone in who wanted to attend ... It will feel good to be done, and hand it off to someone else for next year.

In the meantime I'm getting my workouts going again. That was quite a strength hit that I took, and it set me back somethng like two years based on my record. BUT, it's faster moving on than originally and it is nice to have all the equipment, workouts, know-how and MOTIVATION to get back to and beyond where I was last fall. Lately it's been Cathe's Push-Pull, which has a nice intensity to it and lets me work on my form. *That* is definitely improving with these lighter weights.

Wanted to share one more thing. It's highly likely I'll be taking an assignment in the DC area. This is hard on the family but it is something I really need/want to do. My husband is wonderfully supportive, and we're working out ways for us to manage between coasts instead of just across state lines. Anyway, planning that and working on this meeting is pretty consuming.

Renee, good luck!!! Thinking of you, sending you good vibes, and the same to everyone else too.
Rolly and I did an hour of walking in the wood. It was so beautiful!

My dentist experience was just awful this time around. I have a gag reflex problem and that's all I did all the way through while the technician cleaned my teeth and took ex-rays.:eek: Well, it's over.:D

Michelle, Great job on the extra walking with Ripken, also on the premix of KPC. I think the walking and being that happy was more important. Good for you. I indulge my pup too. How can you not. All he has to do is look at me with his beautiful sad eyes and he's got me.:rolleyes: This time the x-rays wasn't much of a problem, it is a little better, but not by much.

Laura, Sounds like you had a wonderful Sunday, I''m so glad. Are you sure you want to do workouts when you are feeling bad?:confused: Some of the kids like bought things, but, I don't care. LOL This way if and when I die, they have something very personal from me. :rolleyes:

Deborah, We missed you too:). Wow! You sure have a career that takes up your life. You must really enjoy it. Good for you. Good to hear you have started the workouts again. I must say, I'm glad you are feeling better now. You will come back stronger than before, I do believe that. We'll be here for ya when ever you come back.

Lots of exciting stuff going on. It is good to hear from almost everyone. Well, Ripken opted for a medium-length walk this morning which was fine. The weather this week is just outstanding--of course it is supposed to rain come the weekend. Oh well--we keep rolling rain or shine, right? This morning I did LowMax--my left hamstring is feeling alot better. Still can't manage high kicks so I keep them low on that leg. Tomorrow is supposed to be a 45 minute steady state run. I don't run, so I'm thinking Step Moves for a good cardio workout.

Laura: sounds like you had a lovely mother's day weekend. Hope you find out what is ailing you and get some meds to help kick it for good. Powerhour is a tough workout, but you are going to love it.

Janie: on the bright side--your done with the dentist for a while, right? So that is a good thing. I love my dentists (2 in the practice or women and one is a man), but I'd rather see them every 6 months for a different, more fun reason. Got to love spring time and those puppy walkabouts. Ripken and I don't tear up the sidewalks, but it is a good morning wake-up activity and helps keep us both trim.

Shadowpup: I'm excited for you (and me) that you are coming to DC area. Somehow, we've got to find a way to see each other more often although I have a feeling that you potentially are going to be located not so close to where I am. Give me a hint: Do you think you will be living in Virginia, DC, or Maryland? Of course, the down side is the coast-to-coast commute and being away from your DH and animals. That part is going to be hard. It also sounds like you are over whatever was ailing you. So happy to hear that.

MicheleZ: so this first week of the May rotation is fun but I'm looking at week two which looks tough. Intensity, IMAX3, Bootcamp--oh boy. How are you doing with week two?

Sister: counting down with you. This week is flying by. You will have your knee boo-boo fixed real soon. Very excited about that.

Giving a shout-out to Shoegal and ElleP. Hope we hear from you soon.
Joey and I did TBS along with one of the ab hits and one of the stretches.

Very Rainy day today, so went into hot tub. Remember I told you all that I messed around a bird nest while cleaning. I don't think I mentioned that I didn't see the bird, but heard it. Therefore assumed it was a bird. I keep looking at the nest, but I don't see any bird coming out of it at all. Well, there is a very young squirrel going past me in the tub and towards the nest. I have a suspicion that this critter uses it to stay dry. I'll know more as I watch.

Michelle, Great job on LowMax. I'm glad your hammie is feeling so much better. I love my dentist too, I just have this gagging problem. I've been with mine for over 30 years. They are the only ones that know how to treat me. LOL I love them and they know it. I have to travel 50 miles one way to visit my dentist.

Have a good one,

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Quick check-in. Ripken and I had a nice long walk this morning and then I did Step Moves. I'm thinking of flipping Low Impact Step which is supposed to be tomorrow with Muscle Max which is the Saturday workout. Lots of cardios in a row this week and I'm feeling like I need a weight workout. See how I feel tomorrow.

I'll try to get back later.
I relaxed and went into hot tub and enjoyed the day.:D

Michelle, Great job on that wonderful walk with Ripken and SM. I agree that you need to do a weighted workout. Have fun!

Hi! I did go to the Doc & sure enough my flu did turn into a sinus infection! I got a 5 pack of antibiotics which is a ten day course, hopefully that takes care of that. I did teach last night, but decided to rest today. Overall I felt better today until about an hour a go when I hit a wall & my throat is tender again.the Dr said that on average this virus is particularly nasty and most people are taking 3 weeks to begin to feel better but still not even 100%!

I am down at my mom's tonight with the girls. Misty is with me, as Bo has a conference in Denver for the next two nights. I got to take her on a Walkabout around my mom's neighborhood. She was so excited although I have to admit she is terrible on the leash, mostly because she has so little experience with them. Plus she loves other dogs and people so much she wants to greet everyone, however she is such an enormous beast that she overwhelms everyone and is hard to manage! Thank goodness for all my weightlifting with Cathe or I don't know if I could manage her....

Shadow pup: it is so nice to hear from you! That is quite the change you are making! Will it mean you won't have to be 'on the road' as much? It is good to hear that your making faster progress on your recovery than you had in your original strength gains! How have you kept track of your weights? I use Cathe's workout Manager but it only records weights for the STS series, which I find a weakness. I have thought of keeping a workout journal elsewhere but I dislike the idea of unnecessary repetition in my records.

Michelle: wowzers! Those are some intense cardio's lined up for you this week! Good luck with that! I am slightly envious as I am still not hitting it hard although I dd get a few workouts in, I haven't done any cardio yet &. I am still very congested and out of breath!

Janie; I must have missed a prior post about the Nest. It has been raining here for two days which is great because we really needed the moisture, but we actually got a foot of snow in the mountains which I am not so happy about! It is the latest heavy snow we have had in the 14 yrs I have lived here!

Hi ElleP & MichelleZ & Renee!!!

Shoegal have we lost you!?
Working at home today and haven't exercised yet. It is a dreary day and supposed to be this way through the weekend. DH is not excited about going down to the boat if it is going to be like this all weekend, so looks like we are staying home. Since that is the plan, I'm opting to go with yet another cardio today, as Cathe has laid out on the rotation, and save MM for tomorrow. I'm kind of interested to see how my body feels about all this. Cathe sets those rotations up the way she does for a reason, right?

Anyway, sister is a little over an hour into her knee surgery. My Mom is supposed to call when she is out of surgery--which should be in the next hour. I sure will be glad when this is over and my mother calls. I have to admit I'm a little worried but I know that is silly. I talked to sister this morning and she said that she slept great last night and was ready to go. She was very upbeat and I know she will be most relieved once the surgery is over. She will have a big hurting knee, but the healing for good can begin.

Having said all of my coworkers went in for hip replacement surgery last Friday. Standard hip replacement surgery, no complicating factors or chronic health issues other than his age (in his 60s). Well, the surgery went great but he started developing all kinds of weird complications that the doctors just couldn't reason why. He was in the ICU all week in "Grave and Guarded" condition and he passed away last night. Geesch. This is the second unexpected death in my division at work in two months. Kind of scarey and weird. Just another reason that I will be glad when my mom calls to say sister is okay.

Be back later after I hear from my mom.
Well, I couldn't stand it anymore. It was after 1:30 and I hadn't heard from my mom so I called. They were running behind (the surgery place) so they didn't start until 10 minutes after 11 instead of 10:30. Took an hour and a half. No problems with the anesthesia. The surgeon said sister had the largest hamstrings he has ever seen in a woman (he had to take a piece of hamstring to fix her ACL). The surgery went perfectly although the surgeon also noticed that sister has some signs of arthritis in her left knee (phewey on that). Didn't talk to mom too long. She said sister was still coming out of the anesthesia and making grimacing faces due to the pain in her knee. She's got a couple of not so fun days coming I suppose. Maybe I'll take a break and exercise now.
Joey and I did TBS along with segments from ab hits and stretches. I was wrong before, these workouts took 1 hour, not 1 and half hours.

I also did 7 push ups on toes the first round and 2 on the second round and 3 on the 3rd round. Oh dear, I'm so far behind with them. I'll keep it up though.

Rolly and I walked for an hour. WooHoo! Yuck! Was hugging Rolly, he gave me a french kiss! Yuck! They have such long tongues:confused: OMG!

Update: I have more jewelry to show, but not sure if you are getting tired of it or not.

Laura, I'm so glad you went to the doctors. Mine always says that if it goes on for more than two weeks, to see her. I'm sorry you have a sinus infection and it's taking so long to get through it. Soon it will be gone. Great job on the teaching yesterday and I think you are smart to rest today. Glad Misty and you were able to get out and walk. Aren't you resting though? I'm only saying it because I care. Rest your body please! It can't heal unless you do. We to are getting abnormal weather. Kinda scary and wonder if all will ever be normal again.

Michelle, Joey and try to make sure when we go to the ocean or anywhere for that matter, that the weather is pretty good. If not, it is kinda somber. Yes, Cathe knows her stuff, her rotations are the best, ever. :) Do keep us updated on your sisters progress. We are all here for her. WOW! I hear more and more people die from hip replacements. 60's, (I'm 60) is so darn young. Complications from surgery seems to be happening more and more lately. It is so sad. (((((hugs and prayers to you and his family))))

Oh no, arthritis in her knee? There are things you can do to help with arthritis, I think. Recovery is not an easy thing. Soon all this will be behind her. Give her my sentiments, OK?

Our friends who are not posting, please come back to us, you are so missed.

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Walked Rolly about 30 min. today.

It's quite, so I think I'll post more pictures of my craft. Hey, there isn't anything else to do.:rolleyes: You don't have to respond to them, I'm just doing it for kicks.


These are beads where I put holes onto the ends so you can connect jump rings.


Oh My! My hands show my age for sure.:eek: It's a ring made out of a huge paper saucer type bead.


Kinda look like flying saucers.:rolleyes:

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

Windy and rainy today.

Did TBS :)eek:) What can I say, it works and my Joey loves it. Will be doing other things also today, like push ups (yes, I'm back at it, but will take a different approach this time).

I bought a walker to use as a dipping station. It works beautifully! So, I'll hit abs, triceps, and chest. There are a number of exercises you can do with this contraption. It's Cool:cool:.

Dipping stations run about $100.00 and most, way over that. I just can't afford that, so went on line for alternatives. One guy took a walker and used it as a dipping station. It was great, he did all kinds of exercises on that thing. Went to the second had store and bought one my self and couldn't be more happy. My dipping station cost $5.00 and it even folds up. It's suppose to hold about 250+ pounds. I looked up this walker on line, bran new, it cost over $200. I feel so sorry for anyone who has to have one to walk and need to pay full price for one. Just not right! But, so grateful for myself to get a dipping station. Besides, it will become useful again, when I get old and need assistant walking. :rolleyes: Let's hope that will be in the long future.LOL:D

Looking forward to you all. I miss you! I feel all alone, guess I'll go eat worms.

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
Guess I'll go eat worms,
Long, thin, slimy ones; Short, fat, juicy ones,
Itsy, bitsy, fuzzy wuzzy worms.

Down goes the first one, down goes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm.
Up comes the first one, up comes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm. LOL!

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