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Looked at presale information - wow that is really cheap for 10 workouts! I am def. going to order it before the end of May. I am assuming that is when the presale ends due to stating that the 15% off anything else you order with the presale ends May 31st.

Michelle - I really like IMAX3 - time flys by when I do that workout. However, I still modify a lot of the high impact moves so it isn't as hard on my joints. My joints do not hurt but I am thinking if I don't modify they will. Maybe I should try it once without modifying to see what happens. Might do that today.
Spring weather has returned; the heat and humidty are gone, at least for now. This means it was super-duper puppy walk-about weather this morning--followed by Low Impact Step. I turned on the tv in time to see the very end of the royal wedding, watched them walk out of Westminister Abbey, and then did my workout. Saw the balcony kiss while getting ready for work.

MicheleZ: I have to modify on some of IMAX3 as well. It's the only way I can get through the whole thing. And I agree: the price for the new low impact workout series looks very reasonable. I'll probably do the dvd/download combo option. I'm hoping alot of these new workouts "travel" well. I really am going to have to get an i-phone soon so I can take advantage of the downloads while on travel.

We've got a super nice weekend on tap here in Virginia. I'm going to leave work in about an hour so I can enjoy some of the afternoon with my DH and my pup. Hope everyone is having a great Friday.
Today was TBS, with Cathe's abs and stretches too.

It looks like a fantastic day for walking. Did 30 min. of it. No neighbor dogs this time.

MicheleZ, Great job on IMAX3 on those couple of days. Let us know not modifying works for you when you do this workout again. I modify all the time, just not there yet. I'm also excited about the presale! Enjoy the rest of the day.

Michelle, Hope we hear from Laura as well. Worried:( about her. Great job on choosing wisely for your workout. That's the way to do it.:) Great job on Basic Step and abs. Sounds like you and Ripken enjoyed your walk in the beautiful weather this morning along with LIS

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Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know I'm still around :) Got in late last night, there's a ton of things that have to be done this morning, so this has to be short.

Wishing everyone a terrific weekend -
Happy Weekend everyone. Beautiful day. Walked with my pup this morning and getting ready to go out for a second. Did Pyramid Upper Body this morning--giving my legs a break and working the upper body and core hard. We will be loading up DH's SUV this afternoon with stuff to take down to the boat. He says he wants to get up early and go over tomorrow. I'm hoping I can coax him to drive over later this afternoon. We'll see. It works either way.

Shadowpup: good to hear from you. Hope you are back to 100 percent. Drop by in and catch us up with what you've been up to when you have a chance.

Janie: What were you trying to do? Sounds like you and Joey are getting back into the swing of the exercise routine. I actually almost did TBS this morning but then opted for PUB. Hope you guys are drying out a little in the NW.

Hi to everyone else.
Hi ya'll! I am finally home & hit the ground running! It wasn't an easy departed or landing, as the storms blew trees down all over the InLaws property & we lost power & then came home to our house late to no power, freezing cold, & our person who checked in on the cats locked one in our bedroom where the poor thing had peed & pooped all over our bed, which I had to deal with in the dark! It was no it was freezing cold here & I had on a little sundress so I got chilled to the bone....

I haven't worked out at all in days because I have been so busy, and now I am feeling sick with a nasty sore throat UGH! Thursday I just dealt with unpacking & cleaning the dirty house my DH had left!!!
Friday I had clients in Boulder & a dinner meeting with my husband's business today I had a birthday party that the girls were invited to which turned in to more hanging out... I was hoping to get a workout in but by the time I got home my throat was killing me, so I decided not to push it.

Hopefully I feel better tomorrow! We have social engagements in Boulder & I have book club in the evening. Monday I am back to teaching all my classes.

I pre- ordered! Woohoo! I also added on the few strength & toning DVD's that I didn't have since they were on sale & you get an additional 15% off when you order, so I got Pure Strength, Slow & Heavy, Body Max! I have no idea when I think I am going to do them! I still have dvd's I haven't done!!!

I hope to catch up on what's been happening on the thread
Treadmill today for 30 min.

Deborah, How ya doing? So nice to hear from you! Hope to hear more from you.

Michelle, Good job on walking with Ripken and PUB. During this time of year you never know what kind of weather we will get. I hear though, it's a very cold Spring. Not good for my garden.

Laura, Not very pleasant coming home. You sound awfully busy. Hoping things will settle down for you and you don't get sick. Try to get some warm fuzzy sleep. (hugs) I pre-ordered too.:eek:

It's beautiful out today and it looks like it might stay that way. Will be walking Rolly and perhaps the neighbor dogs. :) this time it will be an hour at least.

Update: Rolly and I did go for an hour walk. Later I was in the hot tub and all three of the dogs came to greet me. Even the big male. He took a sniff, no barking and left again. It's a milestone for sure. Baby of course was herself and the Gray was just as slobbery as ever. Ha. It was all good.

Thought I would share my new creation. This one is elaborate and keeping it for myself.


Have a great Sunday everyone.

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Hi everyone. Super busy weekend. We finally got down to the boat yesterday and opened her up. Got the sheets, towels, and cleaning supplies put away, cleaned the bathrooms, and ran the vacuum. Next week, I will definitely have to dust everything inside. But, we have a good start to getting things back in order. Came back home and DH and I were both wiped out. Little Rippy was even a pooped pup. Just so much going on yesterday. We all slept super good last night.

This morning it was raining so Ripken and I had a short walkabout. I have deemed my hamstring good enough to go ahead and do the last week of Cathe's April rotation. If something is a little too much, I just back off. This morning I did plyo legs, disc 32, from STS. Had to take it easy on a few of the exercises, but I swear my legs feel so much happier after the workout.

The big news here (and everywhere I suppose) is the killing of Osama Bin Laden. I sure was surprised to see the headline in our paper this morning: Bin Laden Killed. I just started crying. Almost 10 years after 9/11 and finally, the U.S. got him. It just brought back all the emotions of 9/11 and sad feelings for the families of those who were killed that day, and since in this war. I hope things will start to get better, but the alert level has been increased here and on all military bases, just in case there is a retalitory attack.

Okay--enough about that. Haven't pre-ordered the new series yet. Hope to do that today.

Janie: Sounds like you have 3 new furry friends. This is so wonderful, compared to where you were last year. I know it took a while to get to this place, but it just makes me so happy for you and the dogs.

Laura: glad to hear that everyone in your family is safe and sound. That was quite a terrible storm last week and then you came home to a cold, messy house. Yuch. Sounds like you have everything in order again, though, and are getting back to a normal routine. Hope your sore throat is short-lived and doesn't blossom into a spring cold.

Hope everyone has a great week. Sister's knee surgery is on the 13th--so we are counting down. Only 11 days to go and then she can really begin to heal.
Did TBS today with Joey plus abs from ab hits and one of Cathe's stretches. Rainy all day today.

Michelle, How nice to get to your boat. Now the fun begins.:D I'm counting down with you for your sisters surgery so she can begin to heal.;) Great job on STS legs disc 32. Yes, compared to last year, fear of dogs and not being able to walk our woods, to today, happy big furry dogs, (still getting to know the male, but slowly) is a huge difference. I'm glad I made lemonade, even if it was forced. I'm in a better place.:D

Still around - just really busy. I am doing Cathe's May rotation which is very ambitious of me :p. I will probably do a lot of shorter premixes so I can actually get through the month (lol).
10 days until I go under the knife! So much to do until then. Heck, so much to do afterwards. 26 school days. 7 more school days until I have off for a few days because of the surgery. Once I get back, golly, there is still much to do with my 5th graders, but I will definately tone it down quite a bit for kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Staying busy with my recumbant bike, and doing basic step, abs and some weight lifting.

Keeping an eye on our check-in, just not checking in much.

Janie, your last pic of the jewlery you made is really nice. You have a knack for that kind of thing! And, walking in the wood with Rolly and the neighbors dogs sure sounds wonderful. You and those animals have come a long way! ;)

Laura, I would be totally P-O'd with whoever locked the cat in the bedroom. Not cool at all!

ShadowPup, how are you doing?

Hello to everyone else.


Did a lot of things today. Took Rolly out for a 40 min. walk. Transferred seedlings into pots, planted carrots, making bread for tomorrows dinner, refreshed the hummingbird feeders. Beautiful out today and in the 60's. Oh I even hot tubed and read off my Kindle.

MicheleZ, It's always so nice to hear from you. :D Great for you in deciding to do Cathe's May rotation. You are ambitious, good for for you! Modifying as you know is quite alright. What are you so busy on?

Renee, I bet you are looking forward to getting your knee fixed and healing afterwards. ((((hugs to you)))). Good jobs on recumbent bike and basic step, abs and weight lifting. Very proud of you.:) While I was out in the garden, the big male had to bark and bark. Seemed it was a step backwards, I don't know. But, I'm still trying to talk gently to him. We have a fenced in garden, so Rolly and I were safe. The other dogs were out too, and wiggled for attention.

Have a good one,

Well Unfortunately I did indeed get very sick and I have basically spent the last 3 days in bed. :confused::(:mad: I am still not better and so tired. I was really looking forward to getting back to my classes....

I am planning on teaching tomorrow night now matter how I feel.

Janey: that necklace is so beautiful! Good job on your workouts...sounds like you are mixing it up a little bit!

Shadowpup: Hi! Are you better yet? Let us know what's going on?

Michelle:sorry to hear about your hammie/glute. Is it better yet? You did the April Rotation didn't you? I am thinking of doing that one.

MichelleZ: hmmm now I will have to go checkout the May rotation...I still have Meso Cycle 3 to finish up, I hope this long break between my trip and my illness doesn't interfere to much with my results...

Catchick: it is always so busy at the end of the school year with each subject trying to wrap everything up! I will be thinking of you..
Hi everyone. Watching American Idol--and my favorite--Scotty, the country singer. It was a cooler day here. Ripken and I got a wet head this morning on our walk-about but that's the way it goes sometimes. Did High Reps this morning. That is such a tough workout.

MicheleZ, I'll be joining you on the May rotation as soon as I get through the last week of April. And you are right, that May rotation looks super wicked.

Janie: I was finally able to see that picture of your necklace. Wow--that is just beautiful--you're such an artist. Just totally awesome.

Laura: I was afraid your sore throat was just the beginning of something. Hope you feel better soon. I know how you feel. Sometimes it doesn't matter how you feel, you just need to exercise.

Sister: 9 more days. You'll be on the mend for real before you know it. I sure am looking forward to it, so I know you really, really are looking forward to it.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday.
Had a pap smear today and told my doc other things I felt were happening to me. Sometimes at night I would wake up gasping for air, and I'm always clearing my throat ever since I quit smoking 20 years ago.
Joey said something to me about it so I told the doctor. That made me get all kinds of tests. I stayed at Group Health for 5 hours to take some of them. I'm not done yet.
I had allergy tests. OMG! Talk about torture! They pricked me with a pin on both arms 40 different times with allergens to see if I was allergic to any of them. It felt like piercing my ears 40 different times only on your arms, it was that type of pain. But then again, I don't do well with pain. Then they took a syringe and put allergens deeper under the skin close to my triceps on one arm. It didn't hurt as much, Then, OMG! I was to blow my nose into saran wrap! Yes! For some reason it took 4 tries to get enough snot so they can put in under a microscope and see whats there. LOL.:confused: Jeesh. that was weird. Also had blood taken that filled 4 or 5 vials. What else? Oh, they took ex-rays of my lungs and sinuses.
My next tests will be later this month for a Mammogram of one of my breasts that I believe has scare tissue inside where my implant were. (I had an ex-plant done a few years ago) But my doctor wants it tested again and an ultrasound, then, they want to test me for sleep apnea. I believe they give you something to go to sleep and they monitor what happens while asleep.
Well, I'm glad so far that I have no allergies, I think my lungs are OK, don't know about my sinuses yet. One of the tests show that I have high cholesterol at 259, so I promised myself to start right now and lower it with the correct foods and a journal to stay on it. A lot for one day. Whew!
I've been enjoying too much chocolate and chips I think.:eek: No wonder I can't lose weight. Why did I do that to myself? Oh well, back on the wagon I go, and this time it has to work, my health is really at stake now.

Laura, Oh no! So sorry you got sick.:( Hope with all my heart you get to feeling better very soon.

Michelle, I love Scotty with his deep deep and tenner voice. Also Haley OMG. Those two are remarkable! Pia was my most favorite of all, or ever. Still can't figure out how she could have been voted off.:confused::( She was the very best! Great job on HR this morning and your walk with Ripken. Thank you for the compliment on my necklace, makes me feel pretty good.:) You are sweet.

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4Day Split Kickbox--cardio + core only today. The rotation called for the whole thing with heavy legs, but after High Reps yesterday, there was no way I was doing heavy legs today. My left hammie is still not completely good to go and I'm not going to screw up the healing process (anymore than I probably already am by exercising). Plus, tomorrow is Cardio Fusion--the whole dang thing!

Janie: 5 hours of tests sounds awful. I had my yearly gyn checkup this week but was only at the doc's office for 30 minutes. I don't want to rain on your parade with the sleep apnea test BUT--my DH did that about 11 years ago. They did not give him anything to help him sleep and he said it was absolutely awful because he felt like he never did go to sleep. Plus, he was hooked up to wires that are hooked up to monitors which was also not conducive to sleeping. My DH does have sleep apnea and we take him CPAP machine with us everywhere and he does sleep much better. But the test was no walk in the park. So, you might want to ask the sleep clinic what you should expect.

Hope all our other groupies are having a great week.
Rolly and I walked for 35 min. Threatened to rain, but we made it through without getting wet. On the 14th, Joey and I will be celebrating Rolly being with us for one year and he will be 3 years old about that time. Lucky us.

Michelle, Great job on Kickbox Cardio and core today. I don't blame you for not doing heavy legs today, enough is enough, right? LOL:D I sure hope your left hammie gets better soon. Thanks for the heads up on the sleep apnea test. Doesn't sound good at all.:(

UGH! Still so sick! And I am going on my 12th day with no exercise, with the end of the trip ending with the storm and losing power so I couldn't run outside or do a DVD inside, and then coming home and dealing with the 'have to's' of unpacking and getting the house in order, Friday working, Saturday with social engagements and Sunday sick....and still sick! It totally sucks!:mad::confused::(:mad::confused::(:mad::confused::(

I don't feel any better today than I did on Sunday which is pretty darn bad. Sometimes I still workout if I have a cold or something like that but not with this bug! I can hardly do the little that I have to keep things functioning...

Today is the girls Maypole and as much as I want to lie in a dark room and sleep all day, I am going to to go because it is the last year they do the May Pole Dance. Next year, 5th grade, they play the music for the dance but don't do the actual May Pole Dance. So I can't miss it...

Tomorrow I have my retreat which is from 9-6pm. Not sure how I will do...Sunday is Mother's Day and we have a brunch at my Mom's and then we are all going to see the girls Ballet School's performance of the Little Mermaid, so I don't see a lot of rest coming my way... Monday I HAVE to get back to work...

Jealous of all the workouts you all are enjoying...

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