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    healthy, clean peanut butter?

    I buy Adams from Walmart here in CA. All it is is peanuts and a little salt. Does need to be refrigerated after opening though.
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    Alwyn, TT, Kettlebellers, etc Thurs July 17

    Wendy - thanks for the heads up on the website. I saw Lainiefig post on Open Discussion about the interim but haven't been to Ask Cathe. I'm heading over there in just a minute. There is definitely something about the CC's that keep ya going ! I know what you mean about having those...
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    Not worth the energy....

    After being heavy in high school and dropping weight due to a much better schedule and less pigging out, I still HATE that "You're so LUCKY you can eat ANYTHING you WANT". Yea right - that's why there is now a fat pad from my waist to my knees. I work hard just to keep it from growing...
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    Alwyn, TT, Kettlebellers, etc Thurs July 17

    Back for a break !}( I have to report that I had IOMS while doing PUB today, then once I got to work DOMS from PLB yesterday. Whew what a walking OMS person I am today. Now I really walk like an old lady !:P Lora - still sounds like a good workout though sorry to hear about your foot...
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    Alwyn, TT, Kettlebellers, etc Thurs July 17

    Good morning ladies ! Did PUB and am thoroughly exhausted. Thank goodness tomorrow is a cardio day !:7 Got to hit the shower and get to work - at least tomorrow is Friday ! BBL
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    Onion Rings...yum

    OK - I think it may be a Costco cereal too ! Thanks !
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    I kissed a girl....

    Oooohhhhh Laura - the Bee Gee's come alive again ! That was the good ol' college days and fine nights of dancin' huh? Wake me up - I don't wanna go back that far ! :o
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    The Weight Training Blahs :(

    Good for you - I finally did that a couple of months ago. It was funny cuz DH and DS thought I was sick or something. Instead of hitting the workout room after work I put on my loungewear and played computer, watched TV or read books. Finally they asked what was wrong. It was a nice...
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    Alywn,KB,P90X & TT HuMp DaY

    Lori - hope you got your workout in - how do you create your circuit with the TM and DVD? So nice DH got a week away (you own a sporting good store, right?) And sounds like you'll have plenty of omega 3 salmon fishies to eat soon, huh? Salmon omlettes, salmon on crackers w/cream cheese...
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    Alywn,KB,P90X & TT HuMp DaY

    Hey there chiquitas ! Back on a roll to get here in the AM this time !:o Workout this AM was PLB - killer ! Just not used to Cathe workouts anymore - good change of pace though. May try to add on a short 30 min run again after work. Need to get home on time though. Lori - sorry you...
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    how do i post a picture?

    A URL address is what is located at the top in your browser such as this post is or look at the area where you type in: same place will have the URL address. HTH :7
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    Onion Rings...yum

    I'm not familiar with Fiber One - what would be a good sub? Those do sound good - ya got me intrigued ! :9
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    follow up to c-section post

    Jessica - that was me too. Does make it more challenging. I got a wagon to pull them in. That might be an option? Or perhaps the baby in a Snuggli?
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    Alwyn, TT, Kettlebellers, etc July 15

    Hi all ! Missed checking in today - too busy before work and work was a bust too. Did my workout this AM - Low Max 1-4 and LIS core = 55 minutes. Felt good. I sure get tired using an 8" step these days. Lora - bummer about your co-worker, but sounds like things may be better soon...
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    follow up to c-section post

    Don't be scared, just be careful and ease back into it. Movement is a good thing and remember as you are picking up your new little bundle you'll be working your UB too !:7 Walking is good - you can work on your pace or even do some hills if you have any around. Push the stroller for extra...