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    WAG glove discounts?

    I think the padding is the same in the ultra and the pro. If that is true, than you might be alright with getting the pro instead of the ultra. I have both the flex and the pro and there is a HUGE difference between the two. And I agree 100% with Colleen that the pro's are infinitely...
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    WAG glove discounts?

    Thank-you Colleen! I had tried googling for coupons as well, but I am glad to know that another person tried and was also unsuccessful. Good tip about liking her web page! I'll do that. - sarah
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    Anyone try the Glute Guy's 2 x 4 training program

    Oh, no, I haven't tried it but I too am interested to hear if anyone has. I bought his book and I like what he has to say and the exercises.
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    WAG glove discounts?

    I bought WAG gloves thanks to the advice on these forums and LOVE them. Many of the women that I work out with have tried my WAGs and also love them. And now they want their own gloves - so I was wondering if anyone knew of any discounts for WAGs that I could pass along. thanks in advance...
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    20% off WAGS with code "WAGSROCK"

    Thanks for the info! I have 2 pairs of wags and love them and I have friends who want them so it is nice that I can pass along the discount.
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    Suspension System

    The place where I train uses suspension trainers in our workouts. They have 3 different kinds; the trx, the junglegym (LifelineUSA :: Jungle Gym XT), and an orange one that I don't know what it's name is. I'll speak to the trx and the jungle gym trainers. Jungle gym Pros - each "arm" is...
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    any other cardio dvds as tough as cathe?

    I would add Mindy Mylrea - the production isn't anywhere close to Cathe's workouts, but she really can pack a punch. Also the same goes for the horizontal conditioning workouts - excellent workouts, but the production level is also not at Cathe's standards.
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    FYI: TL Fitness @ 40% OFF

    ooh, this DOES look good! I am so tempted to get it. Can you post a review after you try it out? thanks, sarah
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    Rockout Knockout

    So glad you were able to smile Renee!!
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    Rockout Knockout

    I was so glad to read that you felt it in your core, too! I did this workout yesterday and was smiling during the combos (I love KPC!). Very deceptive workout, so much fun you don't realize what a good workout you are getting.
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    New DVDs Start Shipping Sep 27th

    What a pretty sight! And I LOVE that all of the tables have a set of risers and a bench underneath them so that the tables are at a better height! Love Cathletes!
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    Flex train-new fav??

    I agree, this one looks like another great Cathe workout. I am sure I'll do this one a lot.
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    Clip for new step #1

    Oh man I am so excited about these - especially the one that has the more complicated choreography. I LOVE choreography - makes the workout just fly by.
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    Prayers For ReneePruitt

    Renee, I am so sorry to hear your terrible news. We are all thinking of you and sending strength and love. - sarah
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    4DS step

    Another thing you could try is to do the workout without any risers - just the step, so it is low, so less chance of tripping. Or just use a small rug as a place holder for the step. Just a thought. I too love 4DS step, that along with Rhythmic Step are two of my favorite step workouts. I...