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    Duh Question!!

    Thanks so much Catherine!!
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    Duh Question!!

    I'm looking to purchase more bar weights for the upcoming STS workout. When Cathe says she has say "40lbs", does that mean 40lbs on each side with combined total of 80 or 20lbs on each side with a combined total of 40? Please help this poor confused girl!! Thanks
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    What's Up Next?

    Love all of the new workouts Cathe! I've just done bootcamp so far and today I'm going to do the kickboxing! I would love to see a yoga video from Cathe!!!
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    workout blender

    Well please don't toss it around too high :-)!!!!!!!!!
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    Integrity of an ebay seller

    "bargaincrazy" is a reputable dealer. I have purchased two dvds at great prices that were authentic and packaged! I did not have any issues with last minute outbids or second chances - good luck
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    Already my least favorite?

    Just a suggestion - On my player and I suppose others as well, there might be a way to play your dvd at a slower speed until you have learned to do all of the moves. I use this method and it works for me. Good Luck and Relax!
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    My step slides a bit while working out !

    I have a large 8 X 5 foot industrial size rubber floor mat that was used in our local gym in the weight room. It works great under a step!
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    How bizarre is this? Replacement DVDs

    SNM, I am not one to complain but I am experiencing all the difficulties that everyone else is! These disks truely seem worse! You indeed do have issues with your company that is putting Cathe videos on these dvds. Why did I not have any issues with any previous disks of Cathe? Sometimes...
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    Eating Clean

    Thanks guys for all the input! I will check out this Oxygen magazine and this new book in January!
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    Eating Clean

    Ok, I come from the show-me-state (great excuse - huh) anyway, what does exactly eating clean mean. What are these kinds of foods. Thanks Cathe for letting his Missourian know! Stacy
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    New Calendar is GREAT!!!

    I think the chicken picture adds a nice touch! Don't we all have those pictures!! Anyway, thanks again - love mine too!! Can't wait till January to start recording my progress!!
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    mixing up cardio and weights for optimal weight loss

    Linda, I am a lifetime member on weightwatchers but am paying because I'm not at goal - yes we all must recommit - I never used my reward points in exchange for food. I ate my 20 points each day and exercise was just a bonus way of getting more weight off. I'm however, not hard core when it...
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    cellulite no matter what i do....

    Not Cathe, but I too second the motion of Cathe writing a book about training and diet!!! Would love this along with everyone else - we want to know ALL her secrets!!
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    Cathe, what is your favorite treadmill brand?

    I have a high end Nordic Trak and love it!! Never had any problems with it and I've been using it for 3 years now. Not as expensive as TRUE but it is wonderful - feels like gym quality!!
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    Hi Cathe! I need some advice!

    I would love some information also. Not as young as the 21 year old and feel it too :-( . My digestive system is extemely sluggish and very irregular! Any information would be greatly appreciated.