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    Patiently Canadian...

    Not yet!!! I live outside of Toronto too! Hopefully Tomorrow or Monday. Happy New Year everyone!
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    canadians shock cardio?

    Nothing here in Ontario yet either. Has anyone recieved a shipping email? I haven't. Hmmmmm, weird, or is it?:confused:
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    deodorant before a workout?

    Does anyone else find that if your apply deoderant just before you workout, your fancy and expensive $$ technical shirts don't wash as well?:confused: I wash all of my gym/workout clothes in a special technical fabric detergent with no fabric softner so they will last longer. I find if I apply...
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    Waving the white flag on the purple dress

    I really like the dress and agree that silver shoes are the way to go.
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    The Ideal Woman

    Wow! Thanks for sharing:)
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    Lurkers are very interesting people...

    Sometinmes, I want to reply, mean to reply... but my boss walks in! :eek:
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    Kelly Coffey-Meyer's presale is up

    Does anyone know when these are expected to ship? I heard she is filming starting July 9th. Mary :)
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    Cathe on the Q

    Thanks, I'll check out the website to see if I can view her form there.
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    Cathe on the Q

    I pre-apoligize for being thick, but what is QVC, a TV station? Do we get it in Canada?
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    I need advice from the pro!

    thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you Cathe for the great advice. I would never have thought to NOT include hand weights while I exercise my lower body. I am really glad to hear that I shouldn't do the same workouts each week in a row, I may have just done just that if you didn't mention...
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    In need of prayers!

    Alisha, My heart goes out to you and your family. I will certianly pray for your Aunt Peggy. Stay strong and positive.
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    Heart Rate Monitors

    I second the Polar F11. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mine.
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    If you need some amusement..

    You made my night! TOO funny! :eek:
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    I need advice from the pro!

    Thanks so much for the responses :) That STS legs idea is such a great idea!!! I think that I will give it a go next week. I do have Buts & Guts, so I will pre-view it tonight and try it next week. Mary
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    I need advice from the pro!

    Any ideas or suggestions ladies??? gentlemen???