The "Everything About P90X" Thread

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>When I'm rich and famous the first thing I'm going to do is
>offer gobs of money to Tony Horton if he'll come be my
>personal trainer. :D

Now who can argue with a testimonial like that!? :)
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Thanks for responses everyone.... I think you guys are really right on about knowing more about what rotations work for my body, enjoying a break from Tony in 12 weeks etc.... AND YES Shelley. I too have been heard laughing out loud and totally losing my focus and nearly dropping my weight. Personally he cracks me up!
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I just wanted to thank you for starting this thread. It's been so helpful to so many of us. And I thank Cathe for letting us talk about "competitors" here. She KNOWS we love her!!! We may all be interested in P90X, but that didn't stop us from getting all of her new workouts. And I think it's all about balance. I happen to get bored doing one thing all the time, so after a P90X rotation I'll no doubt go back to Cathe for awhile and then back to P90X. And I'll probably throw in some Cathe cardio during P90X since I plan on doing doubles anyway.


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Yes, Thank you for posting this, Shelley. I have had P90X for over two years now! Maybe three? I don't remember. I received it for my birthday. I have been afraid to try it, though, because I can't do anything that resembles even a fraction of a pull-up... and I don't have a bar at home. But yesterday I went to Big5, bought a cheapie to put up in the door, and decided I'd give it a shot. I'll start Monday. Even if I don't finish every single day, getting my feet wet will help tremendously.

Thanks :)

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Hi all,

I have a question for all who have been using the P90x program....have any of you done more than one of the rotations (classic, lean, doubles)? If so, what differences and results did you notice between them?

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Good question Cheryl!

I received shipping confirmation for mine. I plan to begin my first rotation December.
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I've done both the Classic and I'm on week 12 of Classic with doubles. I've gotten the same results estheticlly with both. I have noticed I have more stamina and endurance when I added in the doubles. I'm stronger this round than my first and it's been a couple of years inbetween. I've added Mt. bike riding, walking and various cardio videos, 3 or more days a week. Doubles is good if you have another cardio interest you can't live without. You don't need it to get results. A good clean diet is a more important factor. IMO. You don't need to follow their diet exactally, but eating as clean and healthy as possible is what will get you the best results. You need to eat well on this program. It's demanding. I haven't done a lean rotation, so I can't comment on the difference with that.
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Sara -

I highly recommend using the bands over the bar, just like they do in the video. Finally in week 11 I can do 1 pull up. MANY of us are that way. I've gotten great burn from using the bands!

Today is my "graduation" day!
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Thanks for letting me know that. That may make it seem less intimidating anyway. I know it would probably frustrate me to keep trying to do pull-up-like thingies and not be able to. I'll start with the bands :)

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Thanks Sunnyside for all the input, it's very much appreciated! After looking at all the rotations and reading your comments I figure I will do the doubles as I do have other cardio interests such as running, biking, swimming (and Cathe!) that I don't really want to give up. A friend at work and I have started the zone diet (40-30-30) today so hopefully it will help to have the motivation to stick with clean eating. I'll see what the nutrition guide looks like when my package shipped out last Friday so hopefully I'll have it in a couple days!! I want to try to work it around my work trip to DC so we'll see how that goes.

Oh Robin, are you talking about using a rubber tubing around the pull-up bar and stepping onto it to help give a boost? The year before last I went to this hard core class where they had us doing TONS of pull-ups and that's how I was able to do them at all. I was finally able to do about 5 pull-ups at a time, but right now forget it, don't know if I can even hang there :)!!

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Thanks Cheryl.:)
You should do fine with doubles. Also, the P90X nutrition plan is: Phase 1 is 30-50-20, phase 2 is 40-40-20 and phase 3 is 60-20-20 (Carb, protein, fat). I've probably eaten close to the 2nd and 3rd phases. I don't keep track, just try to eat a protein with all my meals and eat tons of vegies. I think the Zone will work just fine.

This is how I did my pull-ups. I used the band assist to start out. I looped the tubing handles on the bar, put my knee in for assistance and did them that way. The lighter the tubing the harder it is. I then did pull-downs for the second round of Pull-ups. Now that I'm almost done, I can do 10 chin ups, 6 close overhand grip, and 2 wide grips without any assistance at all and I love doing them now.
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I got my p90x today!! I cant believe how nicely it comes packaged. This looks like a really nice system. Even the packaging of the complete system really shows what they put into it! I will read over stufff tomorrow. I am excited!!!!
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actually I came home after bootcamp and previewed almost all the workouts now I just need to read up on the stuff!!!!
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Laura, I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

I am going to take the plunge, ladies! You have convinced me! }( I am asking for it for Christmas since it's that time of year anyway but if I don't get it, I will be ordering it myself PRONTO!}( }( }(

Thanks for helping me spend $$$! LOL :p
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Hey Laura - I'm excitedly waiting for mine to be delivered. If you are going to order yours, or if a family member will do it for you - you might want to check out the tread about getting a good deal on the P90X. In a nutshell, if you go thru and then follow the link to beachbody and enter SERTROM2 in the promo code section, you will save some $$$$$. Check out the thread for more details. Just thought you would want to know if you didn't know already. I took the advice and saved over 35% on my order. Happy ordering:)
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Yes, one of the wonderful things to me about 90x is that all your workouts are in that binder. No thinking, but lots of working}(

My frustration with making up my own rotations has always been fitting things in, making sure I'm pushing myself, etc. Even with Cathe's rotations, a lot of them involve running and I don't run (not interested in getting a treadmill).

I'm very impressed with the whole thing. I did shoulders and arms yesterday, and I'm feeling it today. Can't remember the last time I had DOMS from an upper body workout. Tony's also motivating and not annoying ... he brings out the workout beast in me;-)

I have absolutely committed myself to 90 days, and even have decided to use protein bars (found some decent tasting ones at Wal-Mart with 20g). I can't wait until February 11 !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats! Wendy. I am a grad as of last night :) woo hoo

Yes the rotation is a work of genious I'm trying to figure one out now

3 days strength
3 cardio - steady state, interval, other
1 flexibility
1 rest

NOT easy!

Great to see the excitement here!
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Congrats Robin!!!! What type of results did you get? Did you follow 100% or did you throw in some other instructors?
Coming out of Lurkdom to Say

Hello, Everyone!

I mostly lurk here but the P90X threads got me going!

I just started Power 90X on Sunday. I'm liking it so far!
The nutrition plan is a little daunting. I know how to eat clean, but it seems like a lot of calories...

I agree that it's great to just put the DVD in and go. I've never been successful in designing my own rotations. I feel like I'll be getting in things I've missed.

The only thing that I keep going back and forth on is wheter I want to do Classic or Lean.

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