The "Everything About P90X" Thread

RE: Coming out of Lurkdom to Say

Hello every one,
Could some one please post what the Lean rotation and the
Doubles is please.
Shelley nice pictures, you look great!
P90X anti diet too funny;)
Nutrition Plan

Could anyone send me a link or email me the nutrition plan? If you PM me, I can send me email address. I ordered my DVDs from ebay, and it didn't include the nutrition info x( . I am getting some serious motivation from reading this thread! Can't wait to start!!


Sunnyside...just wanted to say thanks for your input on the program! Sorry I just dropped off the face of the earth really sick with the flu on Monday night. I'm still not feeling so great but I'm back at work. I'm supposed to get my P90x package tomorrow so I'm REALLY excited to get it!! Although I probably won't be able to start it for a little bit yet, until I start feeling stronger anyway.


p.s...just everyone participating on a check-in over at
RE: Sunnyside...

Cheryl, Your welcome.:) I hope you start feeling better. Enjoy going through all your P90X stuff tomorrow. I'm not in the check-in over at beachbody, but I do read it on occasion. It would be a great place for you to start.:)
RE: Sunnyside...

Another question. . . How long does it take to receive the P90X series? I ordered mine on Saturday, November 11, and haven't gotten a delivery confirmation yet. Does it usually take a while to receive it?
RE: Sunnyside...

I've been trying to soak in all this info as you ladies chat away! Great info here!

Here's my question/goal. I've been focussing on weight loss and after following the October and now the November rotations, I am just a few measly pounds from my goal weight. I want to tone tone TONE! BUT...I can't justify the cost of a whole new set of workouts. The budget simply won't allow it. So, if you had to, what Cathe workouts could come close to those in P90 or P90X??? If any?

Specifically, I want to tone up bis and tris. I'm very happy with the way my shoulders and my back/lats develop, but I've always had a very difficult time getting my bis and tris to show up!

Thanks for all the info so far! You ladies ROCK!

RE: Sunnyside...

Gayle, I only have a few more pounds to lose but I have finally realized that lifting heavy is the way for me to get that really lean look I desire. I've always thought that cardio was the best way but I now remember that two years ago I did an intense weight training program with a personal trainer for 6 weeks and was lifting really heavy. I was very lean then and after doing the P90X program for 2 weeks I'm starting to see that again. I know that sometimes $$ is an issue, but, if you have the opportunity I would definitely recommend P90X. It is unique (and I was a skeptic).

RE: Questions?

Thanks for starting this thread. I bit the bullet and ordered P90X last night. Can't wait to start.

Question, I have a Bowflex. Can I use the Lat Tower for the pullup work? The Bowflex is in another room away from the TV so would that be a tough thing to do without assistance from Tony?

Also, pullup are they installed? I'm trying to get a picture of how the bands are used with it. I didn't order any bands yet, thinking maybe the Bowflex would work.

Dumbbells...what weights will I need? I have DB's up to 20#. I come near Cathe's weights with her workouts.

I've been doing a Cardio Coach a week on the trainer to keep myself fit thru the winter for cycling, and one ride of about 30 miles on the weekend (moderate pace). Could I still work these rides in while doing a P90X rotation, or would it be too much cardio?

Thanks for providing a thread for us to read info on P90X and for us to ask questions of you experienced X'ers.

RE: Sunnyside...

Maybe see if you can purchase P90X a la carte??? If your budget allows 1 a month or whatever.... You can pick the body parts DVD that you want to most improve & work your way thru the 12 Dvds. Just a thought.
I think the great results for me are because the workouts are structured differently and the moves are so unique... muscle confusion at its finest. I have always gotten great results w/ the SH & GS but still P90X was a missing link for me.
Gayle: Just checked the site.... You can buy P90 Master series a la carte at 19.95 each.... maybe thats where you can start & see. I dont know how similar/different Master is from X but the thinking has to be similar. Hope that helps!
RE: Sunnyside...

I got my p90x on monday and previewed all th workouts. I cant wait to try them. Do you think I could get good results not following a rotation with them? I am just thinking maybe I should try a rotation after the holidays but that I could still do plyo x, and the upper body workouts to mix things up. Are they good enough to give results even not following a rotation!
RE: Sunnyside...

My answer is a big time YES. The Arms & Shoulders DVD alone has made such a huge difference in my definition after just 3 weeks. If I had to keep just 1 DVD for me this is it. I think that the muscle confusion is so great after using mainly Cathe & Jari for me that my body responded with a WooHoo! Use it the first time and I bet your DOMS are in places you hadnt really felt before..thats your proof (If you normally get DOMS)
RE: Sunnyside...

Thanks traci! I am excited about these workouts. I have heard so many great things. I am hoping these workouts is what will get me to that next level on developing the muscle definition that I want so bad. My shoulders are sooo stubborn to respond where as my bi's and tri's are doing pretty well with the exception of that part right under the arm pit area that waves bye bye when you do. I really want that cut fromt he delts. I hope these workouts will be my answer!!! I think I will do arms and shldrs today!!!!
RE: Sunnyside...

OH GEEZ! I can't even BELIEVE I'm thinking about buying another workout! LOL. I knew I shouldn't have opened this thread in the first place! LOL


Traci-Great suggestion on buying one DVD at a time. But, knowing myself, I can just see me making that jump into the whole series. lol. I'll have to seriously think about it.

Which workout DVD would target and/or incorporate bis and tris specifically?


RE: Sunnyside...

Gayle: The Master Series (available ala carte) looks like there are two DVDS: Sculpt 5 & 6 AND UML (Upper Middle Lower). Appears that P90X is more of a splits series ... I'd email customer service and ask about the format of Master Series. Also appears that P90X isnt readily available ala carte BUT Beach body is famous for "allowing things" to be done or offered via phone to CS thats different on web. Its worth a 10 minute phone call to ask if you can purchase P90X in pieces. Theres 3 DVD that cover the area you want:
Shoulders & Arms (Sh-Bi-Tri)
Chest & Shoulders
Back & Bi
Let us know what you find out!
RE: Sunnyside...

I got mine this week and I must say I am s-s-s-scared after previewing chest and back and core synergistics. I will definitely be sure that there is no one in the house when I attempt the latter!;) I don't see how anyone could not get amazing results from these w/o. I will probably wait until Jan. (if I can!) because I am coming off of 3 weeks of back-to-back viruses. Marnie
RE: Sunnyside...

I'm getting mine today. UPS tracking said it's out for delivery!
I'm so excited!!!!
Now I need to contain myself and finish my Barry rotation:)

Oh, yesterday my heavy band arrived(for assisted pull ups) I hope it's right. I'm not sure if I'm setting it up correctly.
RE: The

Okay, I have broken down. I wanted to wait until Christmas or maybe even after. I have spent so much money on Cathe videos in the last 6 months. I went ahead and ordered P90X! I haven't told my husband. I figure that if I pay over three months he won't really notice. I am sooo excited!!! I ordered this morning.

Is anyone on here blogging their progress through the program? I am considering doing this through e-blog every day once I start.


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