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How the heck did I miss that post??? You look amazing. Your back looked great before, but WOW! You're so cut. I'm sooooooo excited to get my P90X. I hope I get such great results!

Thanks for sharing.


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This might sound dumb but if he doesnt incorporate alot of cardio, I currently teach a bootcamp class 2x week, will this interfere with what his rotation suggests? The class I teach does 3-5minutes of cardio with wts inbetween cardio sessions. Its and intense class and I love, love it!! But I didnt know if I would be doing too much wts if I incorporated the dvds as well. Mine is suppose to be here on monday also and I cant wait!!
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I asked him about this very thing at camp. He laughed at me (not in a bad way) and asked me why I thought I needed anything MORE than: PlyoX, YogaX, Legs & Back, and Kenpo for legs. On a serious note, he just said that ALL the work that the legs get in the rotation was found to be PLENTY.

After finishing the rotation, I agree with him 100%.

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Nope, not by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it's the only non-running rotation that has allowed me to jump right back into running like I never stopped. I could IMAX to my heart's content for weeks/months on end, but could not ever jump straight back into running without having to ramp back into it. With the X, I could just right back into a fast 5 miler, with NO trouble at ALL.

It's nearly freakish, really. :)

Trust the program. It's good stuff.

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I was also wondering how heavy men are to go on these workouts? My DH wants to start working out again, and is interested in this series. I have bought a barbell set to do my Cathe's and I have dumbbells up to 15 pounds, but I doubt they will be heavy enough. Can you give me a range on what weights the guys use? Also, I doubt we'll be able to get a pull up bar. Any substitutions for it?
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I think he uses up to about 50s in the workouts. My SO uses up to 30s but could go heavier, but then he's always lifted. There isn't any barbell work at all in the program. We have 5s, 8s, 10s, 12s, 15s, 20s, 25s and 30s and that range of weights works well for us. If we do the rotation again (which we will), we'll have to get some heavier weights.

If you don't have a pull-up bar, he shows a sub with resistance bands, but you do need to have something high up to hook them through.
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Hi JJ-

Sorry late to this thread. I will echo what Michelle and Shelley said on the running. I was a 3 mile runner but hadn't done it regularly in a few years. After a post I said hmmm I'll give it a try (I was on about week 9 at the time) I ran 4 miles NO breatks! I was amazed.

Agree with the other on legs too I personally think I'm more toned their than before (I am on week 13 - 3 workouts to go) so I guess the pics will show it.

The only thing I'm going to disagree on is diet. SHelly got AMAZING results not following the diet - however for most of us the diet was very important (for getting lean). Sorry to be the bummer news here! I lost 5 lbs I had put on over a 2 year period.

The best gains are strength - do 20 plus boy pushups per reps, gone way up in weights (I'm a 8-10 girl) - 1 pull up. Flexibility has improved greatly - thanks to yoga X (I hated it until week 6 so there is hope for you that hate it!)

Anyhow its Saturday morning so I treat myself to a yummy DD cofee with skim milk! time to go!
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Okay, so what is it about P90X if I were to do the Lean Rotation that will give me so much better results than say focusing on endurance work outs by Cathe and/or Jari plus Cathe cardio + some running while following the same schedule for the work outs as Tony's Lean Rotation?

Did that make any sense? :p
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Hmm wendy that's a tough one. Is your #1 goal to train for the 1/2?

Based on that maybe X doesn't make sense now? I found X had a nice side effect of increasing cardio but not sure if my #1 goal was training for a 1/2 if I'd chose X. Beachbody has EXCELLENT fitness advisors who answer questions. Of course you'd have to phrase it a bit differently ;) I would imagine the high cardio would work against muscle gain but I'm not an expert.

Maybe you could do X after the 1/2.
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Hi Robyn.

Thanks for your input.

My main goal will be training for a 1/2 by spring of next year but right now it's not. If I purchased P90X, I would have time to do a rotation before beginning my training but I would not want to give up running altogher either for obvious reasons. :)
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Traci posted the following information under a different topic but I thought it would go well here......She broke down all the DVD's adding the times. It answered a lot of questions for me;) Hope you don't mind Traci

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Posted by teddy16410, Wed Nov-08-06 10:14 AM

Time breakdown

Chest & Back 52:50
Plyometrics 58:36
Shoulders & Arms 59:53
YogaX 92:24
Legs & Back 58:56
KenpoX 55:46
StretchX 57:32
Core Synergistics 57:27
Chest Shoulders & Triceps 55:44
Back & Biceps 51:36
CardioX 43:18
Ab RipperX 16:07
As with any workout if 2 routines are called for and time is a factor do 1 routine AM + 1 routine PM. Your results WIL NOT be afeected if you do abs at a seperate time from any other workout.

Sample Week from Classic:

Day 1: Chest & Back + Ab Ripper = 69 minutes
Day 2: Plyometrics = 58 minutes
Day 3: Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper = 75 minutes
Day 4: Yoga= 92 minutes (I ALWAYS split this one in 45 / 45 because I dislike Yoga)
Day 5: Legs & Back + Ab Ripper = 75 minutes
Day 6: Kenpo = 55 minutes
Day 7: StretchX 57 minutes

Hope that helps with your decision.... It is a true commitment if you want great results! Worth it :D
RE: The Lean Rotation

Hey Wendy here's the link to the Fitness Advisor

It took me awhile to find it when I asked my first question - so I'll save you the searching! I'm not sure if they post on weekends but they are very knowledgeable.

Also I realize I need to change my program! I REALLY REALLY want to be a success story and one of the guys on the fX orum made a good point - if I want to win I should keep with BB. For odvious reasons they wouldnt pay 10,000$ for someone to say they use other products. Makes sense. So anyhow I'm going to do a BB rotation until I start p90x again in Jan! I may try to get in running a bit. It seems like yesterday you were just starting out running on the daily check-ins! Congrats on your new goal and wonderful to see you are doing so well !

Just like with you it's about our major goal!

Have a great weekend!
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angie- thanks for re-posting that!
I do have a ??? for all those who completed the 12 weeks (I'm on day 11)
Did you find that you needed or chose to change your strength training program because you liked P90 format & results? I ask because for the first time ever I am having a love affair with strength training. I look at all my DVDs and shutter to think that I will never want to do them again... How did you handle that for yourself. Is it possible to create a strength mish mosh using Cathe but structuring the workouts like Tony has done? I'm getting way ahead of myself as I have until late January to deal with it but I am curious.
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Traci and Jeanette, I think alot of us who have done P90X, or are doing it now, feel that way. We think, "I don't think I'll be happy doing any other workouts." It's almost scary ending the P90X rotatation (I'm going through that feeling now at week 12, doing a second rotation) because you don't know what to do next and you don't want to waste your time or lose the progress you've made.

But, in reality you do evenually want to do something different. You will appreciate Cathe's workouts, just like you used too. She uses a different appoach to lifting, but that is good for muscle confusion and for not getting bored. I suppose you could structure Cathes workouts like Tony's useing the chapters points in her workouts.

The best thing about P90X is that it is such a great teaching tool and will help you make better rotations for yourself using other instructors workouts. You'll learn to adjust what you need to to get results. You'll learn what you need for a balanced rotation.
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>Traci and Jeanette, I think alot of us who have done P90X,
>or are doing it now, feel that way. We think, "I don't think
>I'll be happy doing any other workouts." It's almost scary
>ending the P90X rotatation (I'm going through that feeling now
>at week 12, doing a second rotation) because you don't know
>what to do next and you don't want to waste your time or lose
>the progress you've made.

So true! I have posted about this myself. I'm currently in P90x detox until the new year, basically doing a mish-mosh of all the programs I have. In '07 I'll start another P90x rotation. I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this since I didn't read all the posts, but I think there is a strong mental factor in P90x as well as seeing physical results. I'm not the type of person who likes to make up my own rotations, so having this whole program laid out, for three months, was such a mental relief Instead of worrying about "am I doing the right amount of this or that?' I was able to just relax into the program and focus on "bringing it" to each and every workout.

When I'm rich and famous the first thing I'm going to do is offer gobs of money to Tony Horton if he'll come be my personal trainer. :D


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