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  • I am in Sugar Land. Not too far, all in all, considering...! What part of NW Houston? How was Ike to you? If you ask me, he wasn't a very considerate guest in our city!!
    Watch out. Chris might just show up at your door wanting to talk to Dh and read you the riot act!!! eek Hey, I can't help you. My days are filled with preventing my kids from prank calling 9-11. LOL
    You are cracking me up!! Get that man of yours to at least take you to one game...It's actually more fun than I would have thought. You should have heard CBL go on and on about John Edwards and his little tryst....He texted me about it while I was in Jersey, for goodness sakes!!! DD seemed to get around just fine for herself this morning...she had left a trail of breadcrumbs to her room! Remind me when I have more time to tell you what that lunatic Wendy did to me on our vacation!! She scared me even worse than she did you that night!!!!! And the lights were on!
    Well...glad you found what you were looking for!!! LOL! Are you impressed with all of my strength???LOLOLOLOLOL!! Hope you are having a good weekend...are you headed to the Bay?? I saw your DH's team play last night...CBL and I are headed down to a Panther's game this evening. We have season tickets. Do you know that I slept for almost 12 hours last night???? WTH is wrong with me?? DD had to go foraging in the cabinets like a little mouse to get herself something to eat this morning!!
    Hi Tracey,
    How are you? I stopped by to say hello. I hope we soon be together for STS, you'll be back right? Are you still working out, duh! need I ask. Holla at me ANYTIME, Man oh man, I'll be glad when our group get back. Have a wonderful day.
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