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  • How very cool! I'm off 290/Barker Cypress...just outside the city limits.....We lost 4 parts of our roof (house is only 7 years old!) so that led to attic flooding which led to ceilings & walls & carpets falling apart...We are boarded up inside waiting "2-3 months" for real repairs! We have a bay house in Sargent (near lake jackson) and it held up fine! Isnt that weird????
    I heard Sugarland still has large communities w/out power- Are you guys OK?
    Hey Shanna-
    Saw a few posts where you mentioned my pal "Ike"! I'm in NW it possible I may have an actual Cathe friend in the same city???? That would be exciting!!!
    Good luck with the quilting! you'll have a blast! I made the fish quilt for BF (now DH) as my first project and went on a quilting spree! I miss it, but don't have the room now that I have converted our 3rd bedroom in to my "body transformation" room! Knitting seems to be a little more compact and I can do it while watching TV, which helps me relax after work and working out!

    more soon!
    Hey girl! I thought about you while on was on the RT! I hope you vacation was great! Let me know when you make it back so we can organize our lunch together! I can't wait to hook up together!


    There are a few ways to make chocolate martinis. The one I am making at home currently is simple: Vanilla vodka and Creme de cacoa. It's a white chocolate martini to be exact. The one I like the best though is vodka, godiva liquer and a shot of bailey's irish creme to smooth it out. YUM! You can also make it w/o the bailey's.

    HTH! :)
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