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  • Messaging Mom, I am a member of a Christian Homeschooling board that you can register with and if all you want to do is post our curricullum that would be fine. You can use my name to get it if you want (Annette) not Calico,LOL!! I trust you,LOL!!

    You can go to www.teachingmom.com and when it comes up hit the forums since the main page is still down. Hope that helps you some.

    Oh sorry to bother you, but I just thought of one more really good author. Natalia Rose. Her books are great. Ok, that is enough. Good luck with the DD. I hope she feels better soon
    It doesn't hurt to incorporate more fruits and veggetables in your diet that is for sure. Just tell her to watch out for those nuts, because too much will add weight.
    Hey there Wendy. Sorry about the strep. Ouch.

    Cook/non-cook books I highly recommend, and this is how much she really wants to get into it. The first and most important book for any raw foodist is "Green For Life" by Victoria Boutenko. This book gets into green smoothies which is a really important part. My favorite raw food cookbook is "Raw Food, Real World" by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Margailis. And just have her look for sites on the internet. We Like It Raw is a good blog. And there are many others. I hope this helps her a little.
    Hi Massaging Mom, I live in PA too. Can you tell me whereabouts you live? You can private message me if you don't want it seen by everybody.

    I homeschool my 3 boys in south central PA.

    :eek: I could easily report this as a threat!:eek:
    Watch out. Chris might just show up at your door wanting to talk to Dh and read you the riot act!!
    LOL---- I never ever ever log out so I must have been PMing early in the day...I dont think I was around much late yesterday!
    One might call you STALKER if ya dont stop that!:eek: I really am looking for a reason to "report" someone just to see what happens! :D Arent I a stinker??? I want to hit REPORT but what if it doesnt give me an option to say "just testing"....Do you think SNM would get as ticked off as 9-1-1 operators????
    Maybe I'll ask SNM! lol

    Lets try this....

    HEY SNM- I know you guys can monitor all the areas of the site- so if you're reading...... What happens if we use the "REPORT" key on the site? :D I'd REALLY love to know but dont want to waste your time on the Forums - I figure iif you're reading this then you're bored anyway....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....My curiosity is killing me!
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