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  • ROFLMAO! On the Edwards call! Lordy.... Why is it when Dems do something wrong its our PARTY and "whats wrong with the country" but when a Rep does something wrong its "just the person" AND its a forgiveable indescrecion? I ask Wendell that all the time.... He & CBL would get along FAMOUSLY! *:rolleyes: minus the smile - mine isnt smiling! ~~ Do give the scoop on Wendy/Lindy & vacation!! LOL perhaps that best be in a PM tho! :p
    Oh my dear - we are soooooo strong arent we? I must say I see my 1RM and think - "In your freakin' dream!"
    We have Texan season tickets too but I rarely get to go - Wendell uses them for clients so its a write-off! LOL
    Poor Diva! Tell her I know how scary it can be wandering that big house alone! Its even scarier when theres no power & a lunatic lil' thing named Wendy is attached to your hip! Best memories in my life!
    Enjoy the game.... Give CBL a big hug for me and whisper in his ear....Go-Bama!
    Washed hair. It's not red.:rolleyes: I don't remember how long. It was way longer than 20 minutes!!!! And I think I used way more olive oil. And, I turned the oven down to 370 since I was afraid all that olive oil would spontaneously combust.:eek: I think I'll leave the cooking to Phil this weekend. Too bad you couldn't stuff the chicken last night?;)
    Hey, I did oil and spice up the squash and bake it in the oven. OMW! It was NASTY!!! BURNT!!! How much olive oil do you use? For how long in the oven???
    Um... Sweetie. Did you realize you posted all of this on my PUBLIC visitor profile page? Hmmm? LOL I'll copy it to an email and delete it, okay.
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