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    Cathe Live

    So loving doing Cathe Live each week! Thank you for offering this service as well as On Demand- its a must have :D Any chance that one day (when you have time) :confused:, that we can get you to do a rotation based on all Cathe Live? Maybe a "Rock Bottoms" one since we all love those.... Just...
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    User Guides-

    Thank you!!! ;)
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    User Guides-

    First THANK YOU for the amazing new workouts!!! What section of forums/WM or elsewhere are ALL the user guides listed? I know ICE may not be up yet but I simply cannot figure out where you are hiding the Guides section :D I know its probably staring at me... Sorry for the silly question. Traci
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    User Name

    Thank you!
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    Clothing in Cathe Live

    I find mine (graphic tank tops) at target, old navy ...etc...also, I only shop online so go to their websites to see...I actually have the WORK IT one you are referring to ;-)
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    User Name

    Searched for previous response but couldn't find... Is it possible to change our user name or do we have to start a new account? THANKS!
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    THANKS LISA!!!! For whatever reason I never think of Dicks! Really appreciate the tip!
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    Cathe Live Rotations

    Bumping.... I would love to see some rotations using Cathe Live- I know many CL are cardio based so perhaps mixing in straight strength DVDs on some months as well. Thanks! Traci
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    Thanks for response Cathe! I know what an incredibly busy time tis is for you- as always your dedication to us is appreciated!
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    Cathe I am in total awe of your choice of fitness workout pants- every live class I do with Cathe Live, they just get cuter & cuter...anyway you'd let us know your favorite places to shop for fitness gear this summer? ALSO- a BIG side note...Cathe Live has ben the best investment of my life...
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    Pyramind lower much weight?

    Not Cathe- Traditional lifting wording always speaks of the barbell as TOTAL WEIGHT, including the weight of bar itself. When talking Dumbbells its always the weight PER DB -
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    How do you train personally?

    Hi Cathe- I know we all like to change things up with our own personal lifting/cardio schedule - just wondering when you aren't prepping for a video what is a typical workout week like for you? Do you train traditional splits - hitting stubborn parts 2x a week or do you hit legs 2-3x a week in...
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    CaThe Live- Unable to access

    I successfully signed up for Cathe Live on Jan 31st- did a video on 31st and Feb although I keep re-logging in it des not recognize me as a subscriber. I have sent my PayPal proof of payment and recurring charges but have yet to get a resolution. Any suggestions between now and the...
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    RWH - Legs

    Best I can tell from pics I think they are part of the Reebok line. I went to and searched shorts- looked at pics o_OStill haven't ordered - got sidetracked- so will search again :rolleyes:
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    RWH - Legs

    Thanks so much Jamie! I shall start searching those stores!