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  • Well, today is for all the mables! who you rootin' for? I guess there is only one name at the top of most lists, and would take a pretty disasterous day for JJ to NOT be champ, but at least the Nationwide race/season came down to the wire yesterday! I will be flipping between Nascar and Football today! Enjoy the race! :)
    that does sound like lots of fun! i marvel at the quantity of motorhomes and tents that are at these events the weekend BEFORE the race. guess it pays to get there early! Since it takes several hours to get out each night, we have resorted to tailgating and BBQ-ing (DH would smack me for that terminology) after the race both Saturday and Sunday. Year before it was SO hot the first of March, but last year it was cold cold cold (for Vegas) and we all huddled around the charcoal basin until it got too cold! nothing like Hotdogs and HB with all the fixin's :)
    yes, I live in Vegas, so have been with my buddies from Alaska (as DH won't go with) for the past 3 years! they are NEVER as good live as on TV, but then again I like to hear all the commentary... We rent the headsets and all that stuff, but I don't think I'll be going next year... I liked Rusty and DJ too! so now we get the benefit of their expertise off track... my DH is not exactly a fan, so he always makes fun of me especially when Shrub is in the lead about that Warren Wallace commercial where the kid says "story ends with me puttin' 'im in the wall!" LOL! Why does he just NOT get it! :)
    Ok, silly me... I just posted this in MY page... is it time for bed yet?

    yea, just saw that... better luck next week! I don't dislike Jimmy but definately have issues with the jr Bush brother... I mostly follow the Sprint (or whatever they are calling it this year! ugh!) rather than the minor leagues, but I like Dale Jr, Jeff Gordon, Jimmy, Ryan Newman, Carl Edwards... i'm fickle I like the one that's winning! well, I know who you don't like inpaticular, who's your guy?
    Hi Angie: I checked your bio and see you are a NASCAR fan too as well as a mattress aficionado. I'm wathing the Busch (or rather the Nationwide) series right now! good luck in your search! Let me know how it goes (and if you get a Sleep Number) what you think!

    have a great weekend!
    It sounds like you put that squeeze ball to good use! Sorry to hear that you got stuck in CLE. I bet that made for a long night.

    My sister's name is Renea and she doesn't post on the boards. She actually made her first Cathe DVD purchase at the RT! She has done Cathe with me, but she mostly works out at the gym.

    Did you preorder STS? I have not yet. I desperately want to, but I am not ready to spend the money quite yet. After speaking with Cedie about it, it sounds like a fabulous program! Maybe someday!!!

    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Hi Angie!! Thanks for the comments! It was great meeting you at the road trip! Have you recovered yet? I am still on a RT high and have kicked my WO's into high gear after seeing what exactly my body can do when forced. LOL!

    Did you have any difficulty getting home?
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