ICE 2...Who's In?

I want the pace to be just what that Ice series is supposed to be--intermediate. I don't want any crawling on floor or burpees/air jacks. I want solid weight training incorporating bands to really blast the muscle.
I'd buy it if all the main workouts were entirely low impact and low intermediate level - save the jumping and high impact moves for the advanced level blizzard blasts. In the sections using weights, I'd love to see one of the cast members showing alternative moves using only bands/tubing - great for those of us who can no longer use weights as well as those times when you just don't have access to (or don't want to use) dumbbells and/or barbells.
Cathe, your ICE series was brilliantly done. From the BBs to the MMs to the cute, punny play on words :), it was SUCH a versatile, accomodating series. So, um, yeah, I'm in. :D

I'm not full of good ideas like so many above me, but my likes, of which are random and not made with the word "intermediate" in mind :) are:

  1. MMs were awesome. Please stick with upper body ones, though, I would not turn my nose up at a lower body one. :)
  2. I second more purely strength workouts, esp. upper body; I can NEVER have too many Cathe strength WOs. :D Not sure if that would be possible if you keep UB MMs...
  3. Like @BlakKat, I would LOVE to see hip thrusters in one of your workouts! Every series since XTrain, I wonder why they're not included! :)
  4. I'm always going to want a kickboxing WO. :D
  5. I love HIIT WOs, so I'd really like to see one in ICE 2.
  6. I'd love floorwork to be in some of the WOs, as well, perhaps some barre also.
  7. I love using my barbell, so I'd love to see one appear in one of the WOs. :) Esp. in the form of a high rep one.
I hope you won't mind me chiming in again if I think of additional likes. (I'm tired, and my brain is at "half mast" right now. :) )
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Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! I agree with all the other comments about no crawling on the floor exercises and less high impact, burpees, etc., unless they're saved for tougher blizzard blasts. I LOVE the shorter weight training workouts in Fit Split so maybe something similar with lighter weights (than can be increased depending on your level)? And the idea of Muscle Meltdowns for the lower body was great (i.e. quad meltdown, hamstring meltdown, glute meltdown...)! Or Meltdowns that combine one upper muscle group and one lower? And anything barre related would be spectacular as it would provide more uses for the Fit Tower! This is so exciting!!! :D
Just wanted to add what another poster mentioned - not sure if it's possible but recognizable music would be great as it's a HUGE motivator for me. Flex Train, Lean Legs & Abs, Rockout Knockout, XTrain's Cardio Leg Blast, Hard Strikes and All Out Low Impact HiiT are ones I always return to because of the music. I know that re-using old songs may not be in the cards but if it is please, please? If not I can't complain... :)
Always want a lower body blaster with weights and plyo maybe add "boosters" as bonuses with various body weight, bands, gliders, dixie cups at the end to burn us out.
Would love a "tornado" dvd where you alternate from spinning bike to floor work that's plyo based to keep the heart rate blasting like a minute of burpees then a minute of pushups to jump squats. Switch every 5 minutes or so. I do that at the gym and it's a total kick butt workout.
Longer blizzards with possibly combining them all as one workout.
So excited!!
I would also like the workouts to be around the 30 minute mark, with longer premixes available of course.
Having a cast member using bands/tubing instead of barbells/dumbbells in the weights workouts would also be a great way for those new to Cathe to use the strength workouts without having to buy a bunch of new equipment. Ideally I'd love to see a couple of band/tubing only strength based workouts and maybe having one cast member using dumbbells instead. And please don't make the workouts space hogs! We don't all have huge workout areas at home.
Cathe, I love everything you put out and I'm super excited for ICE 2! I too really like the Metabolic Total Body workout and I love the Blizzard Blast options! Yay!
So excited about this! Here is my wish list in order:
  1. Cycle video - I love Pedal Power and would love something along the lines of another one like it, even if the Cycle is a separate purchase line in LIS and XTrain.
  2. Lower/Body Split - I prefer to work my entire upper body one day and lower body the next.
  3. Separate yoga/stretch or something like the extended stretch in STS - I'm just starting to realize how important stretching/mobility is.
  4. Moderate intensity step cardio - like a Rhythmic Step or Step Blast.
  5. Interval cardio - like an Imax but less intense to fit in the intermediate concept.
I have been thinking of all the reasons I love Ice 1. The variety and choices are endless, and of course, it being an
Immediate based series. Absolutely love the muscle meltdowns, such a great idea, and having someone show
More lower impact options even more if necessary. Love metabolic and /or PHA or vertical loading workouts
And an upper/lower body weights workout. An immediate step workout would be great, and maybe as an add-on,
FitTower shorter workouts, like upper body express, lower body express, core, etc. someone mentioned a workout
Using bike intervals with off the bike weights, then back on bike, and so on....and you could have someone
Showing low impact moves on the floor during the bike intervals so people without bikes could still enjoy the
Workout, with or without bike, or even having maybe someone on an elliptical doing those intervals along
With the bike and floor, giving some other options. I agree, no crawling, discs on the floor, and burpees would
Be ok if they are done at that slower pace where if you are modifying, you have time to do the squat, leg back,
Other leg back, leg in, leg in and stand. Doesn't have to be super slow, but sometimes you do them at the speed
I am talking about, hard to explain.... I loved the band/loop floor work and especially liked the sitting calf work
With the band.
That segment is just a cheerful, fun exercise, the music fit well for that exercise. Oh, another low impact
Boot camp would be good, gotta love those boot camps!
Can't wait for some more EDM, Techno, & Dance music. I say it might be from Fit Beat music aka the composer, DJ Brian Howe. Every month, he always post some new, & freshly baked out of the oven songs. In addition, maybe Cathe will also might use exclusive songs from Yes Fitness Music, so who knows. I love the music from both of those companies.

I want the pace to be just what that Ice series is supposed to be--intermediate. I don't want any crawling on floor or burpees/air jacks. I want solid weight training incorporating bands to really blast the muscle. I absolutely adore Metabolic Total Body-more of this for sure! How about a workout called "Punch HiiT" incorporating punches with low impact hiit training? Can't wait to hear more

I love your idea for the Punch HiiT!! That would be add such an awesome variety to Cathe's HiiT workouts.
ICE is probably my favorite series from you Cathe - so an ICE 2 would be awesome!

Here's what I'd love to see:
- I would love another PHA Training routine
- I really enjoy Chiseled Upper Body because it introduced some moves I had never done (Bear crawl plank walks) so I love it when you introduce us to different innovative moves
- I see that many people don't like "dancey" choreography with the step - but I absolutely love those types of workouts. They are my go-to workout whenever I'm feeling like I need a cheerful energy boost.
- Pilates-inspired routine
- I personally love walking lunges and I haven't seen those recently...

Can't wait Cathe!! :)
I would love to see a workout with alternating cycle (or treadmill or elliptical) sessions and floor work, either weights or some type of cardio. I have exercise ADD and moving from a piece of equipment to something else and back again makes the time fly. Other instructors have done workouts like this and I really like the format.

I also love choreographed workouts rather than drills. I am looking forward to a new set. Thanks, Cathe.

Yes on Hip Thrusts! In a Muscle Meltdown just for legs?!? Could we have a couple step combos as a bonus blizzard blast? What about a muscle meltdown that just uses a band for the exercises? What about an entirely bodyweight muscle meltdown? What about a One Dumbell only metabolic workout? (Just use one heavy weight for the entire workout with unilateral work)
That's something new, fresh and would be weighted metabolic workout!
After I get my new Cathe series, I just start the long wait to find out what the next one is!

I'd love to have one more, just one, dancy/step workout like from the old days. I long for that!

I like the Pyramid workouts and wonder if there is such a thing as Pyramid Tabatta? I know Tabatta means all out but, this one would be with a twist. First Tabatta would be 70%, second at 80% and the top one all out. Then work back down. Premixes would mix them all up.

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