ICE 2...Who's In?

There were several comments on omitting high impact moves (jumping jacks, tuck jumps) and I'm wondering if its possible to have a segment or workout of higher impact designed around the rebounder. I do most of Cathe's high impact workouts on my rebounder, with a bit of modification and imagination, its amazing fun and my heart rate stays up there. The leg workout is phenomenal. Cathe's Split Fit, Mixed Impact Cardio is another good example of taking it to the rebounder (I get off the rebounder 4 times for the traveling segments). The reason I am saying that this should be its own dvd, is not everyone has room for a rebounder. Sort of like not everyone has a spin bike or heavy bag, in that sense.

Apologies to those that *step*, but I hope there are no dance-type step workouts.

I'm usually always fine with Cathe's music, yesterday I pulled out an older dvd (Cardio Core Circuit, great on the rebounder) and that music was awesome, all the way through. I also love the music on Fit Tower Total Body, all the way through, same with 4 Day Split.
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So excited for another Ice series :) I always thought a Kick/Box/Plyo combination might be interesting. Or Kick/Box/Step. Some others I'd love to see again are PHA, Pyramid Upper/Lower or Total, and Steady State Step (mostly athletic with a couple easier rounds of dancey).
YAY! ICE 2! My top requests:

1) A 50-60 minute, fast paced Lower Body workout (with pacing and moves like Oh My Glutes Live from Feb 22, 2018).
2) A low impact, metabolic workout (like Metabolic Burn Live Oct 2017).
I'm in for ICE 2 but the weights only portion of it. I don't need another cardio workout. But what I'd REALLY love to see (and have been asking for for a looong time ;) ) is an STS 2. I'd be all over that!!
The first segment of Low Impact Sweat is one of my very favorite work outs of yours. I can't explain why, but I just love that work out. That's the one I reach for when I don't want to work out.

I also love dance-y step choreography. I've read the other posts and I know not everyone likes that, but I do. Step Blast and Rhythmic Step are at the top of my list.

And I also really like Chiseled Upper Body and Lower Body Blast. Those workouts are the perfect length and level for me.

Thanks, Cathe! You're the best.
I would love to see all the Muscle Melts combined into one workout. Maybe they could be a premix. OR maybe put them all in a "Bonus workout" on their own DVD. I never use the MM because I don't like splits -- just not the way I work out. Combining them all on another disc would give a total body UB workout that wouldn't even require more filming! It'd be great to have some Premixes of differing lengths too. I'd even pay extra for it! Please consider. I use the Push/Pull premix from Fit Split the most of everything in that series. Thank you for combining those two to make a wonderful total UB workout.
I was a latecomer to ICE. I didn't preorder and then didn't buy it till over a year after it came out. When I finally got around to it, I wondered why I'd waited so long because I absolutely love it so I'm completely up for an ICE 2. The good things that are definitely worth keeping:
length of main workouts, all around 40–50 mins that can be added to (or reduced) with the premixes
huge variety of premixes - I use them a lot
two lots of abs add-ons (one would get a bit boring)

What I'd like to see (and others have mentioned):
extended stretch (not to replace the stretches with the main workout, but an additional chapter like the abs than can be included in premixes)
ICE versions of the RWH Circuits for LB and UB

Can't think of anything else at the moment but I'm sure you'll have some great ideas already!
I'm in! I'm in! I love ICE!

Things I would like to see:
Workouts that don't require too much room (I can't do step routines that go around the step, I can only stay behind it)
Workouts that don't use too much equipment. (I don't have too much time, and grabbing/putting equipment away takes up time)
Great music! (The music from Pyramid Upper Body, 4 Day Split, and RWH is really good.)
Timesaver premixes that hit the 30-40 min mark
Wonderful! I'm ready to order. Maybe some step like in 4Day Split - step intervals. I do the Higher Instensity Step often!

Can't wait!

Barbell Upper Body from Cathe Live is one of my all time favorite Cathe workouts. If you could include a version of this workout in ICE 2 I would totally be all in.
Always want a lower body blaster with weights and plyo maybe add "boosters" as bonuses with various body weight, bands, gliders, dixie cups at the end to burn us out.
Would love a "tornado" dvd where you alternate from spinning bike to floor work that's plyo based to keep the heart rate blasting like a minute of burpees then a minute of pushups to jump squats. Switch every 5 minutes or so. I do that at the gym and it's a total kick butt workout.
Longer blizzards with possibly combining them all as one workout.
So excited!!

Like the idea here of the "longer blizzard blasts" and the possibility of combining those segments together in one premix for a real cardio mash up session.


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