Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for September 2023

This morning I did two of the RAW Timesaver workouts which were both really good. First I warmed up with the RAW Timesaver Warmup and then I did the Timesaver Intervals and then did the Box &Tone one. Both were really good workouts but I didn't care for the music.

Intervals used a club step with 2 risers and 5# dumbbells. I really felt the burn with some of the exercises. The boxing one uses egg weights. Fun stuff!!

Total workout time was 44 minutes, burned 330 calories, did 2927 steps and HR was 128/160.

Jolie - That would be cool if you could train your dog to walk or run on the walking pad. How awesome would that be?? It is amazing how quickly we lose muscle at this age, it's very disheartening.

Belinda - I haven't pre-ordered a workout in years. LOL! So not me.

Cam - Welcome back!! Great job with the workouts you've done this summer and cool that you bought STS 2.0. I still would like to get it. One of these days...

Diane - Those Timesaver workouts are really great. I wish she would have done a short timesaver stretch workout and just a step one. But I won't complain, she did a good job with these. Great to add on or just do when you aren't feeling a long workout.

Have a great day everyone!!
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I went to the Chiro yesterday and I have improved so much, I am really happy that everything is staying in place. My doctor said I can start lifting on Saturday but to ease back into it, of course. I will be doing some total body and upper body workouts; I will just hit each body part with one exercise and do it is circuit style and see how it goes. I also want to start using my Max Trainer in between sets to burn some extra calories. Today's workout was a 70 minute walk through the hills, traveled 3.6 miles and burned 649 calories. I am enjoying my walking outside before the weather changes and it gets cold and damp for the winter.

Debbie, great job on the workout today! You are doing so well with them lately, your body seems to be cooperating, being out of pain is great is it not!

Cam, welcome back, I was wondering what happened to you! Way to go on the workouts and dog walks this summer. I might do Cathe Live during the winter as well.

Diane Sue, I hope you are feeling better today. Great job getting in a short workout yesterday.

Belinda, I never pre order the workouts, I like to get some feedback first and then I decide if I want to purchase them or not.

Make it a great day. It is my son's 22nd birthday today so I am off to Costco to buy him some nice steaks for dinner tonight.
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Jolie- I've been looking into a walking pad too! For the office under my standing desk. You'll have to let me know how you like yours and what brand you got.

I taught my dog to walk on the TM with me last winter. He's probably forgotten because we don't do it all summer. I first taught him to get up on it (and treats!!) and then taught him (on leash) to get up on it in heel position with me on it (and treats!). Then I turned it on without us on it and lots of treats! Then I got us on it and started it moving very slowly and kept treating him in heal position until he started walking (when we first turned it on he didn't know to take steps so the leash kept him from going off the end until he started taking steps with me). Good luck!!!

I did Penny's newest YT total body 20 min barbell workout this morning.
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live zoom dance this morning. Rest day from Iron today. I am trying to get things done before we fly to TX next week.

Debbie - lol, you haven’t preodered in years. I have so many dvd’s already. Plus we just spent lots of $$$$ on the RV. I like STS 2. just have too many workouts laying around. Good job on the Timesaver workout this morning.

Diane - great job getting a workout in. I hope you feel better today.

Jolie - I am getting tired of all those dvd’s I already have. Maybe I should do the same with the pre order. Or try them OnDemand. Happy birthday to your son.

Cam - welcome back. I think you like STS 2. Great job you kept up with your workouts.

Doreen - how cool is that your dog walks on the TM. Funny!

Roselyn - enjoy your workout today.

Have a great day and workout.
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This morning I did RAW Intervals #1 and had a great workout. I haven't done this one since Dec. of 2021!! It took me forever to find it, it's getting harder and harder to find workouts on RAW due to there being so many. Most of the time I usually don't have a problem with it, but lately, some of the older workouts are hard to find.

Everything was 30 seconds doing two sets of each:

Step cardio
Squats/Overhead Press: 8's
Step Boxing Moves
Uppercuts/Hammer Curls: 8's
Football Drills - fast feet
Step Cardio
Reverse Lunge off Step/Lateral Raise: 8's
Step Boxing Moves
Bunny Hop/Front Raise: 8's
Heel Digs
Standing Waist w/Dumbbells (boxing moves): 5's
Step Boxing Moves
Alternating Heel Clicks, Side Kicks
Dead Bug: 3's
Turkish Situp: 3#
Double Leg Lifts

Really good ab section, I liked the Turkish situps.

Workout was 36 minutes, burned 260 calories, did 2580 steps and HR was 126/159.

I find I am eating a bunch of sugary junk again. I was doing really well with having no added sugars and now I'm back to it again. What happened? I don't understand how I can do really good for a period of time and then just become lax again. I will tighten up my eating again and get away from the sugar. Ridiculous how addicting that crap is.

Jolie - Glad you are feeling better, that is really good. Yes, I'm finally out of pain - at least for now. I have been feeling good a really concentrating on stretching. My lower body has been so tight but I have been doing some IT Band stretching along with all the other leg muscles.

Belinda - I would like to get STS 2.0, hopefully Cathe will have a sale on them soon. If you see a Black Friday sale on them, please let me know. I don't visit the order section of this website too often. Great job with you zoom dance yesterday!

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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STS 2.0 Upper Body 1 this morning. I skipped around and cut out different moves because I didn't have a full hour to workout this morning.

I was planning to take off early today and go for a bike ride but now its supposed to be windy so I don't know.
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Today's workout was good, I actually lifted some weights! I started with a 45 minute dog walk and traveled 2.4 miles. Next, I did an upper body circuit with light weights just to see how I felt. I have to say, not lifting weights for 3 weeks has made me so weak. I know I will get stronger quickly but jeez, it is amazing how fast you loose it compared to how long it takes to build it. Total workout time was 59 minutes and I burned 524 calories.

Chest Press- 15's x 16, x 16
1 Arm Cable Rows- 40# x 16, x 16
Seated Overhead Press- 12's x 16, x 16
Bicep Curls- 10's x 16, x 16
Lying Triceps Ext.- 10's x 16, x 16

No abs because I do not want my lower back to go out. I will have to be patient with the core section for a while.

Debbie, great job on the workout this morning, that one looks great! I love those types of workouts, they hit all the muscles, get the heart rate up and the time seems to fly by quickly. I cannot believe how weak my biceps are now, I feel like a weakling :(

Doreen, thanks for the tips for getting my dog on the TM, I will try it! Nice job on the STS workout too! I got the The Run Store folding 2 in 1 TM with a 3.0 hp engine and the wide walking pad of 18 inches and 43 inches long. I am tall so I had to really research to find one that would work with my stride. It was $383 but I got $100 off on a sale. If you do not want a wide deck or high powered engine because you will be using it at work, they are much cheaper.

Have a nice day.
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I had a Womans health appointment today which too longer than I expected. I did not had one in over 4 years. Do you guys get a Pap smear every year? I used to get one yearly.If you 60, you only get a Pap smear every 5 years if your last one was normal. The doc did the test since cancer runs in my family. I don’t want to find out in 5 years I have a mass. She did take her time and answered all my concerns/question.

Our neighbor invited us for dinner. I am running out of time to workout today. I will catch up tomorrow.

Diane - are you feeling any better?

Debbie - I will let you know if I see STS 2 goes on sale.

Great job everyone.
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Forgot to check in. Thursday I did Penny 40 min Extreme Fat Burning No Repeat Cardio. Mostly lower impact and fun moves. Friday, just a walk and a stretch. This morning I did Penny 1hr. No Repeat Strength & Conditioning. Wow! I did it, but I was sucking some wind. Loved the design of this one. I will probably feel it tomorrow.

Beautiful day here. Gotta enjoy it while we can. Need to clean the interior of my car today, clean my dog and try to read and enjoy a beverage.

Have a good weekend!
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I am feeling better. Yesterday I did CDorner 45 minute Arms and Abs at home, 50 minutes, 121 calories,, heart rate 94/134. This was alternating upper body move with an ab move. My Garmin counted the abs as a rest I guess as it had work time at 25 minutes. I followed this with CDorner hip mobility and flexibility33 minutes, 58 calories. Total time was 83 minutes, 179 calories. I needed this as my hip flexors and hips were tight and sore for no apparent reason other than sitting a lot. I started to put the in the weights for upper body, but I wrote it out on a small piece of paper and cannot read all of it as notes were scattered.
Today I did CDorner Calorie Blasting Cardio with light weights, low impact and no jumping, 32 minutes, 158 calories, heart rate 116/135, 2,845 steps. I also did Raw Squat Finisher with a 20# kettlebell, 23 minutes, heart rate 116/135, 103 calories, 399 steps. I finished with STS 2 Mobility 1, 19 minutes, 28 calories. Total time was 74 minutes, 289 calories, 3,244 steps.

Raw Squat Finisher 23 minutes or 18 as Kelly has it at 18 minutes
Kelly uses a 20# kettlebell and says you can go heavier.
(I used 20#) 45 sec work with 15 sec rest and each exercise was done 3 times
Goblet squat repeat 3 times 20# kettlebell
Elevated squats with heels on small dumbbell 20# kettlebell 3 times
Split Squat right 20# kettlebell 3 times (no rest before going to left side)
Split Squat left 20# kettlebell 3 times
Sumo squat 20# kettlebell 3 times
Pulse squats 3 sets no weight (first set is pulse 3 and stand, other two sets just pulse squats)

Doreen, I bet your dog picks back up on walking on the treadmill quickly. Nice work on STS 2 Upper Body 1. I am going to try to get in Upper Body and Lower Body 2 since vacation and illness put a stop to my planned workouts.

Belinda, I always dreaded those tests. My doctor kept doing it every other year even though recommended longer because I had had a hysterectomy for cancer years ago. Now they say I do not need one anymore. I guess as you get my age it is no longer necessary. I am feeling much better. Still got the cough though. Some of it is allergies. My doctor has me using flonase with my head down to aim toward my ears. Ugg!!

Debbie, nice work on Raw Intervals #1. It does take a while to go through the workouts now. I have them typed up in a notebook with dividers for each section she has on her app. That helps some. My eating has not been so good since the vacation and illness. I think all of the food on vacation like cheesecake at Cheescake Factory and Tiramisu just cranked up my appetite for sugar. Plus I got a Breville Express and started making iced coffees with oatmilk and extra dark chocolate. I ordered some keto friendly no artificial ingredient chocolate syrup, but am disappointed. My husband wondered why I was worried about sugar since I was so tiny already. I told him it causes inflammation and is not good for health. I am going to try to get a handle on this. Plus my daughter brough over queso and two huge bags of on the Border chips. They keep calling to me at night for munchies. I am usually pretty strict with my eating and macros.

Roselyn, nice work on the yoga Thursday.

Jolie, I know what you mean about feeling weaker after not lifting for a while. We will gain it all back pretty quickly. Nice work

Cam, nice work on Penny Fat burning no repeat cardio Thursday and Friday Walk and stretch. Great job getting through the Penny 1 hour Strength and Conditioning when it had you sucking wind. It was beautiful here today too. I am not looking forward to winter.
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Today I finally was able to get into the gym and get in a weight workout!!! I did CL All In Upper Body and had the best workout even though I lifted lighter weights than normal. I ended my workout with a 5 minute Max Trainer workout on manual mode just to get back into the swing of things. Total workout time was 1 hour and I burned 429 calories. My elbow is sore again and my collar bone felt this workout. However, my orthopedic said that working out will help strengthen the muscles around it to keep in in place, so lifting weights may irritate it but is good for it at the same time.

I hope you all have great workouts today or whatever you have planned for the day. My husband is actually walking the dog for me so I can give my feet a well deserved rest, they are sore!
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Hi, I forgot to hit enter yesterday.

Yesterday I did Iron Day 19 FB and today I did D20 Biceps/Triceps/core and a walk.

Diane - sorry you went through a hysterectomy for cancer years ago. I can’t imagine what you went through. I do hate those tests but you need them. we all can get cancer. In Germany they still do them each year. My sister gets them and she is 62. You still can get cancer if you older. Glad you feeling better.

Roselyn - great job yesterday.

Jolie - great job with your UB workout.

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This morning I did RAW Upper Body Strength & Endurance. I really like this workout and with I had time to do the whole thing. I always run out of time.

Strength Segment - 12 reps - no rest

One Arm Row: 25#
Seated Dumbbell Curls: 12's
Alternate Shoulder Press: 12's (only 6 reps each side, 12 total)
Bench Press: 15's
Seated Overhead Triceps Extension: 15#

Endurance Segment - 1 minute/10 seconds rest
Run Rows:
Run Curls: 8's
Alternate Lateral Raise/Run Raise: 5's
Alternate Run Press: 5's
Alternate Triceps Skull Crushers: 5's

Strength Segment
again but 10 reps
Endurance Segment again - I used same weights except used 8's for the Run Press's.

Strength Segment
again but 8 reps - Skipped due to time
Endurance Segment - Skipped due to time

Workout was 48 minutes, burned 298 calories, and HR was 117/144.

Belinda - I had a pap test last summer and plan to continue to get them every other year. My regular doctor told me it wasn't necessary anymore but one of my aunt's had cervical cancer after menopause. She said if she would have continued pap tests, she could have prevented all the chemo and radiation she had to go through. So I will keep up with them.

Have a great workout everyone!!
No workout today, it is my rest day. I am sore and tired from yesterday's workout, I think I am slightly out of shape!

Debbie, great job on today's workout, that one looks so good, kind of like her Shape Up DVD workout.

Belinda, I have not had a pap test for almost 4 years, I am due for one shortly. I have no relatives that have had cervical or ovarian cancer, so they said it is not necessary to get on every year. I have so many doctors appointments that I need to get done in the next few months. Eyes, mammogram, dentist and ObGYN! yikes.

Have a wonderful day.
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I did STS 2.0 Lower Body 1 today. I cut out the side lunges because of time limits. I like how she has the hip thrusts in this one as the main workout instead of the 100 rep challenge from X Train. I used my barbell for this time and I like it with the barbell.
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Today I did STS2 Upper Body 2, 57 minutes, 174 calories, heart rate 103/129. I finished off with STS 2 Total Body Stretch, 24 minutes, 43 calories. Total time was 81 minutes, 217 calories. I was not feeling so well yesterday, but today was much better. I found out Sunday that I am going to be a great grandmother :D

STS 2.0 Upper Body 2
10,12, and 15# dumbbells for warm up

Barbell Underhand Row #1 45# 10 reps
Barbell Underhand Row #2 45# 10 reps
Barbell Overhand Row #1 45# 10 reps
Barbell Overhand Row #2 45# 10 reps
Barbell Pullover #1 30# 10 reps
Barbell Pullover #2 25# 10 reps
Barbell Pullover #3 25# 10 reps
Banded Lat Pull down heavy green and black tubing together using door anchor
Back Pull apart green tubing
dumbbell overhead press #1 10# dbs 8 reps
dumbbell overhead press #2 10# dbs 8 reps
dumbbell overhead press #3 10# dbs 8 reps
bear crawl press no weight 10 reps
single arm side leaning lat raise #1 5# db 8 reps
single arm side leaning lat raise #2 5# db 8 reps
double arm scare crow 5# dbs 12 reps
close grip bench press #1 12# dbs 10 reps
close grip bench press #2 15# dbs 10 reps
barbell close grip bench press #1 30# 10 reps(up from 25#)
barbell close grip bench press #2 30# 10 reps
triceps dips using barbell in lap #1 25# 10 reps
triceps dips using barbell in lap #2 25# 10 reps
banded chest fly standing light red tubing 12 reps
banded kickbacks with low anchor (I used my Bowflex weight stand as an anchor) blue tubing
Sweeper curls 15# dbs 10 reps
single arm sweeper 15# dbs
barbell 10 degree tilt 30# 8 reps
barbell 21's 30# 21 reps

Today I did Iron D21 LB. I went to see the dermatologist today. I had a full body check up. I noticed some red spots on my arms. I was told they from old age :( Getting older is sucks. I am trying to get everything done before we leave for TX on Wednesday. I am so behind with all the doctors appointments. Need to pack my suitcase eventually.

Debbie - I am glad you getting a pap test regularly. I was told its a slow growing cancer…I was like I don’t want to have a mass in 5 years or like you said going through chemo. I am already going through so much health wise. My sisters in Germany still get the test yearly. One of my sister is 2 years older than I am. Once you turn 60 years old they will only do one pep test every 5 years. It’s insane. I will look for another doctor if they refuse to do the test at least every other year. Great job on your workout.

Jolie - if you look search pep tests. It mention, there is a chance some people get cervical or ovarian cancer. The one thing they all tell me is a slow, growing cancer. I hear you on appointments. I just saw the dermatologist today. I had my OPObGYN. I need an eye, ear, DEXA scan, need to schedule CT scan for my enlarged artery ( to make sure it’s hasn’t gotten bigger) I do need to schedule an appointment with the dentist for a cleaning. My Mammogram is coming up soon.

Diane - how are you doing?

Good night.
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