Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for September 2023


Good morning,

I can‘t believe it‘s September already. Time goes by so fast.

Anyway, I did Iron D4 TB. I will go for a walk, it‘s cooler outside.

I will be back to catch up on personals.
I also can't believe it's September!! This is one of my favorite months, though, so I'm happy. We are having some really beautiful weather here right now.

This morning I did CDorner's Leg Day & Abs w/a Side of Fun. The title doesn't lie, it was fun. A lot of chatter going on (she has two other girls working out with her) and Kevin kept messing up the timer, but all in all, I really liked it. I will definitely make a note to do again.

This alternated ab circuits with leg circuits. I really enjoyed it.

Ab Circuit 1 - 3 minutes
Full Body Crunch - 10 reps
Situps w/reach - 10 reps
Russian Twists - 10 reps
Toe Touches - 10 reps
(do this circuit over until the 3 minutes are up)

Legs - 45 seconds
Squats w/Toe Raise: 15's
Deads: 15's
Squat to Deads: 15's
Squat Out Side to Side: 15#
Glute Raises: 15#

Repeat above Ab Circuit using 8# med ball

Repeat above Legs using pink fabric band for all moves

Ab Circuit 2 - 3 minutes
Side to Side Crunch - 10 reps
Reverse Curl - 10 reps
Bicycles - 10 reps
Pulse Crunches - 10 reps

Legs - 45 seconds
Squat to Toe Raise Isolation: 15# + Pink Fabric Band
Elevated Deads: 15's + Pink Fabric Band
Squats/Deads/Squat: 15's + Pink Fabric Band
Crouching Side to Side Squat Outs: 15# + Pink Fabric Band
Glute Raises: 15# + Pink Fabric Band

Repeat Abs Circuit 2

Total fun. Time was 47 minutes, burned 277 calories and HR was 113/149.

Jolie - Great workout yesterday! Glad you got a good one in.

Diane - Wow on the Covid and Strep!! That is terrible! And of course they want to give you a shot. OMG. Hopefully this will pass soon, the antibiotics should help. I still have all my CD's and so glad I do. My car has a CD player in it and I use it all the time. I just bought Rick Springfields newest CD and man is it good. Love his music and at the age of 74, he is still rocking it and looks amazing.

Roselyn - The Taylor Swift workout was a fun one!

Belinda - Great job on your Zoom Belly Dance and Iron workouts!! How are you knees feeling now? You have Hoshimoto's too? OMG. You poor thing!!! I feel bad for you that you have to go through all this stuff. I hope things get better for you soon.

Gotta get to work, I hope today goes by fast. Have a wonderful long holiday weekend everyone!! I am looking forward to it!
Good Morning,

Week 4 of Sure Thing is done it was Hybrid Strength. I am really liking these workouts.

Debbie-we are still hanging out in the 90’s.

Walk and OnDemand Belly dance is done.

Debbie - my knees still painful and swollen. The gel shots takes awhile to work. I am not expecting any improvement anytime soon. I have a giant bruise on my right knee. The Orthopedics wants me to get my daily workouts in. Hoshimoto thyroid disease runs in my family. My sister, DD, DS and I have it. Most people with RP also have other autoimmune diseases. I am screwed, lol. Thank you so much. I hope things get better soon too. How are you feeling? Great job on your workout. We also have some beautiful weather.

Diane - how are you feeling?

No workout yet this weekend. We went camping with my son and his girlfriend Friday night and fishing Saturday morning. This morning my daughter dragged me out to the hot air ballon launch but the wind was too strong so they weren't allowed to launch.
I have been MIA because I got Covid from my husband and my back went out from lying down so much, I am a mess. Wow, this varient of Covid is unreal, it hits you so hard and fast and you feel like you are going to die. Day 3 today and I feel better, I am out of bed for some time and then back to bed. My doctor is getting me a prescription for Covid, you have to take it before day 5. They are calling me this afternoon about the covid and the nerve pain. My holiday is sucking!
I am feeling somewhat better today. Having Covid and Strep at the same time sure hits hard. This was worse than the last time I had it. Still resting. I wish I would stop coughing. At least the headache has let up.

Jolie, I feel for you. Covid hit us the last day of our trip. They offered us something to help with the covid, but we did not trust us. Particularly when she mentioned something about preventing developing variants. Plus we already had it for 4 days. A week tomorrow for us. I hope that you get better. We went to the doctor on Day 4 of symptoms.

Belinda, nice work with Iron, Belly Dance and Walking. I hope the gel kicks in and helps your knees.

Debbie, I have a CD/video player in my little car that my husband purchased and had installed. Actually my son did some of the installation. They just had some issues with the backup camera. Most newer cars seem to not have one anymore. That is a great looking workout that you did with Chris. I will have to check it out.

Roxie, nice work with Sure Thing Hybrid Strength.

Doreen, that is nice that you got to go camping with your son and his girlfriend. To bad the ballon did not launch.

IRON Series 30 Min Quad Workout - Dumbbell Leg Day | 6 + 30 min Barre is done.

Diane - I am glad you feeling a little better. I hope you up and running around soon. Thank you.

Jolie - sorry you caught covid. I hope the meds will help. Get lots of rest. Is your DH sick too?

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in today.
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Live Zoom Belly dance and D7 Iron Shoulder and Tricpes is done. If anyone is interrested in trying one of her classes let me know.

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This morning I did RAW Upper Body Strength & Endurance. This was a good workout and I've done it once before. I couldn't finish it because I ran out of time, but what I did do I really felt.

Strength Segment - 12 reps - no rest

One Arm Row: 20#
Seated Dumbbell Curls: 15's
Alternate Shoulder Press: 12's (only 6 reps each side, 12 total)
Bench Press: 20's
Seated Overhead Triceps Extension: 15#

Endurance Segment - 1 minute/10 seconds rest
Run Rows:
Run Curls: 8's
Alternate Lateral Raise/Run Raise: 8's
Alternate Run Press: 8's
Alternate Triceps Skull Crushers: 8's

Strength Segment
again but 10 reps - I used same weights as above 2 times through
Endurance Segment again - I used same weights except dropped to 5's with lateral raises - She adds two sets of Fast Squats to this because she forgot to do them in the first round

Strength Segment
again but 8 reps - Skipped due to time
Endurance Segment - Skipped due to time

Workout was 49 minutes, burned 354 calories, and HR was 126/174.

No time for personals but Jolie and Diane - I hope you are both feeling better. How horrible to have Covid and also strep for Diane. Yikes!!
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I decided not to take anything for my Covid except Vitamins, green juice, Infared sauna, rest and over the counter meds. The company that made the vaccine now makes the meds for Covid and I bet it is really bad for you and there are no long-term studies. My dad and I decided that nothing, but good old rest and vitamins are the best for the immune system. I have no intention of working out this week, I want to focus on building my immune system back up and that is it. I actually walked my older dog around the block today, what an achievement!

Diane Sue, I am so sorry you have Strep on top of Covid, holy smokes you must feel like shit! Feel better my friend, this has been tough stuff, but my doctor says the duration is much shorter than the original variants.

Debbie, great job with the workout today!!!!

Belinda, great job on the Belly Dance workout today.

Take your vitamins and boost your immune system as much as possible, it may be an ugly winter for sickness, while dumb shit Bill Gates laughs while saying it!
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I am still resting as I am not ready to work out. I did do CDorner relaxing neck stretches adding a bit for back. All of this lying around and sitting is making my neck and back hurt.

Belinda, nice work on the Iron series quad workout and Leg Day Barre Yesterday and Live Belly Dance and Iron Shoulders and Triceps today.

Roselyn, nice work on leg day.

Debbie, great job on Raw Upper Body Strength and Endurance. Sorry that you did not have time for personals.

Jolie, we think alike on the building up the immune system. I ordered more vitamins and supplements as I had let quite a few run out. Eating healthy is important. I am getting a long break from workouts with vacation then illness. My trust on the shot to help the covid was no way after the doctor described it. Bill Gates thinks he is a god or something. More like Lucifer himself. The only thing I am taking other than vitamins and supplements is the antibiotic for the strep. I have some probiotics that are coming today. They sure mess with good bacteria.
This morning I did RAW Boxing 4 Your Waistline and then added one circuit of RAW Abs Circuit. Love both of these workouts. I used my 1.5# egg weights.

Workout was 43 minutes, burned 318 calories, did 3002 steps and HR was 131/177.

I wanted to do two circuits of Ab Circuits but ran out of time. :(

Roxie - Glad to hear you are liking the workouts you're doing. Who does these workouts, Beachbody?

Belinda - So sorry to hear your knees are still swollen and painful. And I had no idea you had Hoshimoto's. When will any of us catch a break? OMG. So much is going on with all of us. I am finally feeling better with my neck and upper back but I do still have an annoying knot just hanging on to dear life. Good grief! Great job with your workouts though!

Doreen - Sorry to hear you couldn't go on the hot air balloon. My DH wants to do that one day. Not sure I do!!

Jolie - How are you feeling? I thought you said your DH didn't have Covid? Maybe I misread one of your posts. I hear the strain is making it's rounds. There have been two people that I know of here at work that has it. Here we go again. I certainly hope I don't get it again. Get better soon!!

Diane - I'm glad you are resting, I don't think that's something to mess with, especially since you have both Covid and strep. How on earth did you get all that? I feel so bad for you. The other day I did a Leg and abs workout from Cdorner, here it is in case you want to try it when you are feeling better:

It is a good one even though Kevin messes up the timer once.

Roselyn - Great job with leg day!! Time is FLYING!!

Have a great one everyone. I wish Cam would join us. She is ok, I PM'd her and she has just been really busy with her mom and life. She said she'd be back soon.
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Its getting to be too dark and cold in the AM when I have to start my workouts - today I moved back to the basement for a 30 minute indoor cycle. I put my IFit membership on hold and it doesn't start back up again until next week so I just put on a cycling ride-along video from youtube. They are pretty just not as interesting and you have to make your own workout (intervals, or incline, tension).
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Iron D8 Legs today.

Debbie - yeah, Hashimoto runs in my family. I hope we all catch a break soon. Glad you feeling better besides the knot. I hope it goes away soon. Wonder what is causing it? Stress? Great job on your workout.

Diane - I agree with Debbie! Glad you are resting and it‘s nothing to mess with. I also feel bad for you. If it‘s not one thing it‘s another. Feel better and rest up my friend.

Jolie - good for you for building up your immune system. What are you taking If you don‘t mind me asking? Get some rest!

Have a great day and workout everyone.
This morning I did RAW Weights 2 and had a great workout. I usually did this workout and skipped the leg part, but today I did it all. Felt GREAT!! My Garmin recorded the workout but then it just froze. I couldn't sync it or anything. I tried to charge it but it was already at 78% so I knew it wasn't dead. I chatted with a Garmin specilist and they showed me how to restart it. It's working now but needs a software update. He also gave me instructions on how to do this update. Apparently, all the updates it seems to do isn't enough. LOL!

Each move was 45 seconds with a short maybe 10 second break. These were not done circuit style, most were 2 sets unless I wrote differently.

Squats x2: 15's
Plie Squats x2: 15's
Deadlift/Squats x2: 15's

Dumbbell Press: 15's - 2 sets
Explosive Reverse Flies: 12's - 2 sets
Pullovers: 15# - 2 sets
Seated Supinated Hammer Curls: 15's - 1 set
W Curls: 12's - 1 set
Situps to Overhead Press: 8# - 2 sets
Leaning back w/Knees Up & Hammer Curls: 15's - (I didn't pull my knees up)
Russian Twist w/Knees Up: 10# - (I did not bring my knees up)

Alternate Front Lunges: 10's - 2 sets
Alternate Back Lunges: 10's - 2 sets
Alternate Side Lunges: Skipped

Tate Press: 10's - 2 sets (I did regular lying extensions)
Seated Bent Over Lateral Raise, Thumbs Up: 10's - 2 sets
Seated Overhead Press to Triceps Extension: 10's/8's - 2 sets
(I felt a twinge in my front right shoulder, scared me. It feels ok now. I iced it after the workout. Don't need another injury!)


Workout was 49 minutes, burned 273 calories, HR was 113/150. I also stretched really good again.

Belinda - Great job with Iron Legs! Be careful with those knees!! I think sitting in a chair all day is causing the knots. I didn't have this issue all summer when I was off. :(

Diane & Jolie - Hope you are doing better.

Great workouts everyone! Have a great day!
Good Morning,

Man it’s really smoky here thanks to the Canadian wild fires. I am on week 5 of Sure Thing everyday is a different workout and every week she changes things. Today was Strength and Stability my balance was really off. Accord to my recent bloodwork I have pancreatitis again so for the last 2 weeks I have been eating a low-fat diet and soft foods I get another blood draw tomorrow. I don’t feel bad or anything

Debbie-yes they are from Bodi and I didn’t have to pay extra for it it’s available to anyone with a subscription best workouts in awhile in my opinion
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