Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for September 2023

I am up and feeling better today, but still am very fatigued. I slept good last night and that really helped me feel better today. My son is now sick with Covid so I will be his nurse for the next week. This is so contagious, everyone around here is getting it because of back to school I suppose. The number one thing that I am taking is Glutathione and NAC, but there are some much more that I am taking in terms of supplements to build up my immune system.

Vit D
Vit C
Vit K2
Olive Leaf
Colloidal Silver
Mushroom blend
Milk Thistle
Oregano oil
Green Juice

I am throwing the book at it, and it is working. I am back to walking the dogs, but not nearly as far, i am still lightheaded so I do not want to go too far from the house. I will start getting an immune boosting IV each month or so to avoid getting sick the rest of the year. There are 10 Pandemic Viruses ready to go when the governments of countries feel they need to disrupt the population again. Get ready, especially around the election next year.

Great job on getting all of your workouts in to all of you that are lucky enough to be healthy! Stay safe. All I will focus on this week is walking the dogs and I will see how I feel on Monday.
This morning I pulled up a Sydney Cummings Houdyshell workout on Youtube from her Summer Program I haven't done her in a long time - I got sick of her chatter. This morning didn't seem so bad. 4 rounds of each move in a 2,2 count.
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Zoom Belly Dance this morning.

Debbie - that makes sense. Sitting all day on the computer is horrible for knots. Can you put a heating pad on it? Sorry you going through this. I am very carful with my knees. In Belly Dancing you don‘t move a lot, everything is coming from your abs/hips. You pretty much bent your knees (except straight leg shimmy) the entire time. You never lock your knees. It‘s been helping my knees. The instructor always reminds us of not locking your knees. Great job on your workout.

Jolie - glad you taking it easy. When I had covid, I was told not to workout until I tested negative. I am so sorry now your son has covid. You poor thing! Can‘t catch a break. Wear a mask if you his nurse. You don‘t want to catch it again or make it worse. Thanks for posting your supplements.

Roxie - glad you like Bodi.

Diane - how are you doing?

Be back tomorrow.
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Today I did STS 2 mat yoga. That is it. I think soon I will be up for some sort of workout. Thank you everyone for the wellness wishes. I will get back to normal. I get tired quick. I slept 7 hours and ended up taking a nap this afternoon. Just ran out of steam.

Roselyn, nice work on the glute workout.

Belinda, I am sorry that you have Hoshimotos.. I have read stuff on it when I was searching for nutrition stuff for allergies etc. You really have to deal with a lot. I am doing better today thank you. Nice work on the belly dance

Roxie, nice work with week 5 of Sure Thing Strength and Balance. I am sorry about the pancreatitis. I hope that that gets better. I am glad you feel okay though.

Debbie, I saved that CDorner workout. Thank you. Great job on Raw Weights 2. I have had my Garmin stop working before. I shut it down and generally everything starts working again. Interesting about it not being up to date. I am glad they were able to help you with it. Devices are great, but when they don't function properly they are frustrating. I recently had to work through things with my bluetooth scale because I changed the batteries and then it would only do weight. It quit syncing with my apps. No weather on it and stats.
I have not idea how we picked up both strep and covid. I am guessing someone on the train on the way had it by the timing. Sad thing is I don't even go shopping, I order everything. I am at home most of the time. It was really bad luck. I am glad we at least got to enjoy our time before it all hit us. I doubt they would have wanted two sick people crawling back on the train to return home.

Jolie, that is a long list of supplements. I guess mine is too. I am using most of the same ones. I take oregano oil any time I start feeling off or am exposed to someone that is sick. I upped the NAC to two tablets today. I mixed up a lime and lemon juice, honey, cayenne pepper, grated ginger and water and heat it up and sip it throughout the day I had to order some more zinc and copper as I took my last today. I was looking at a sea iodine supplement with sea minerals in it that an oncologist I follow said he takes off and on to keep that up. It looks like a good product. I did not buy though as I sort of worry about iodine and the nodule on my thyroid. Not sure if it is safe. They keep an eye on it and it has actually shrunk a bit according to my primary care when she compared the latest scan results I got for my pulmonologist. That is too bad your son got covid too. I hope this means we get a bit of immunity out of it. I don't want to do this again any time soon. I usually get things more mildly if I get them. Thankfully the last time my husband had covid was when I was recovering from the shoulder surgery and amazingly I did not catch it. Other family members did though.

Doreen, nice work on Sydney comings workout on youtube. I went outside yesterday morning and it was a lot cooler. I felt like I needed a jacket with the wind blowing. Next week will be a lot cooler. Fall is around the corner.
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This morning I did RAW Cardio Crush, the one she redid for some reason. I really like this workout except for the plank work. I did most of it but when my upper shoulders and that knot started getting tight, I stopped. The rest of it is really fun, if she would have left that move out, it would be the perfect workout.

Workout was 38 minutes, burned 317 calories, did 3588 steps and HR was 133/156.

I also took about 15 minutes and did my own stretches. My lower body is really tight. Did you all see that Celine Dion has Stiff Person's Disease? Sometimes I think I have that. I pray I don't.

Roxie - you have my interest peaked on those workouts you are doing but I'm not sure I want to subscribe to BB again, they are really expensive. Glad you found something your really liked doing! Sorry to hear about you having pancreatitis. I hope it gets better soon.

Jolie - Wow, you do take a lot of supplements. Sometimes I have to question if they even work. I take D3, Vitamin D and a mixed vitamin from Complement that has magnesium, K2, D3, B12, DHA/EPA, Iodine, Zinc and Selenium. I've been taking all this for years and have gotten sick every year since Covid was released. So do they really work? Each time I've had to have my doctor call in an antibiotic to kick it out of my system - and even then it seems to just take time for it to work out of your system on its own. I don't know, I keep taking them in hopes that they will protect me, but I'm not so optimistic about it as you are. Glad you are feeling better.

Belinda - Yes, heating pads help a lot, I've been using my bean bag heating thing quite frequently. I think I'm going to use it even when I'm feeling good just to keep the blood flowing in that area. Glad you are enjoying your belly dancing!! I wasn't referring to that with your knees, I was referring to Iron Legs. LOL!

Diane - My Garmin wouldn't even let me turn it off. I couldn't get to anything on the screen and when it did come up, it was very dim and wouldn't stay on. That's why I thought the battery was dead but it was at 78%. Weird. I haven't done the update yet, I will try to get it done tonight. It is frustrating when these devices fail. Oh well. Hope you are feeling better, my friend!!

Have a great weekend everyone, so glad it's FRIDAY!! Woohoo!! We have a beautiful weekend in store for us so I will be out enjoying it.
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Good Morning,

Today was Combination Strength WK5 D4 this was a good one. Waiting on blood work results.

Debbie- my subscription expires in December and I won’t be renewing because of the price wish these workouts would be released on dvd but they don’t do that anymore.
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Iron D9 TB today.

Debbie - I modify anything that borders my knees. My Orthopedics wants me to lift heavier to strengthen my right knee. As far as the meniscus goes, there isn‘t anything he can do surgery wise. I have to wait until I decide/can‘t handle the pain in my knee. I hope your lower back gets better. Great job today.

Diane - how are you doing today? Thank you. I have Hashimoto and RP. People with RP have multiples autoimmune diseases. I am do for another blood test for my thyroid. I have to get it done next week. I have to schedule a lot of appt in the next few day‘s for RP. RP is the one that is kicking my butt.

Good night.
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Today I did CDorner Full Body with resistance bands, 32 minutes, 96 calories and CDorner Relaxing Neck stretch 19 minutes, 27 calories. I am feeling a lot better.

Debbie, nice work on Cardio Crush. I have not done that one in a long time. I have not heard of stiff person's disease before. I saw Celine Dion in Las Vegas many years ago. It was for my birthday. That is crazy that your watch did that. I am glad they were able to help you.

Roxie, good job on Combination Strength week 5 Day 4.

Belinda, Good job on Iron Day 9 total Body today. I am sorry that the RP is causing all of that. I have had other doctors tell me that things like my leaky heart valve and lung nodules can be from the RA. It is quite frustrating when trying to eat healthy and take care of oneself and have all of that happening. I hope you get your appt. scheduled. I need to reschedule my arthritis appointment since it was supposed to be today.
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Today I did CDorner Step # 318 Intermediate Fat burning 70's music, 61 minutes, 266 calories, heart rate 123/156, 5,373 steps. Then I cleaned house. It has been neglected.
Roxie - I hear you on Bodi- I've wanted to try a couple programs they have out but the subscription is expensive - though the DVDs were always expensive too and now those are sitting on my shelf as "stale" workout series. I find it hard to pay for subscriptions when content on youtube that is free is good - production has really increased on those over the past few years.

Yesterday I did a Sydney arms and cardio workout and then sat at my daughter's volleyball tournament all day. We thougth it was only for the morning but they invited 4 additional teams this year so waiting for a court to open up took forever and we didn't get finished until about 4:30pm.
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Iron Back and Biceps are done.

Diane - it‘s very frustrating if you trying to say healthy and get hit with so many problems. I do understand. I have a lot of appt lined up before we leave for TX. Than I have to schedule more appt specific for RP. Great job on your workouts. Please be carful and take good care of yourself.

Jolie - how are you feeling?

Great job Roxie, Roselyn and Doreen.

Good night.
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Today I just did STS 2 mobility 1. I got a lot done around the house yesterday, but really tired today. I am hoping to do some weights tomorrow.

Doreen, I would think that Bodi would lose customers with charging so much money. You are right, the dvds were costly too and they did not have premix options or anything like that. I got bored with mine and they just sit on the shelves. You are right, there are plenty of instructors and workouts on youtube.
Nice work on Sydney arms and cardio yesterday.

Belinda, nice work getting in Iron Back and Biceps. I get tired of all of the appointments.
Today I did Pure Strength Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. Had a great workout. Love this series. I used dumbbels more than a barbell because I just can't lift a heavy barbell up and over to get it into position. I should look for a barbell holder thingy.

: 2 sets/12 reps
Barbell Bench Press (warmup): 30# - 16 reps
Barbell Bench Press: 22.5's - 2 sets/10 reps
Incline Barbell Bench Press: 20's - 2 sets/10 reps
Inclined Dumbbell Press: 15's - 1 set/10 reps
Incline Dumbbell Flies: 15's - 2 sets/10 reps
Incline Superset (Flies to Press): 12's - 1 set/9 reps

Arnold Press:
12's - 2 sets/10 reps; 10's - 1 set/10 reps
Seated Clean & Press: 5's - 2 sets/8 reps
Side Lateral Raise: 5's - 2 sets/20 reps
Reverse "V" Flies: 5's - 2 sets/10 reps
Seated Lateral Raise: 5's – 16 reps

Close Grip Dumbbell Press:
15's - Drop sets - 12/10/8 reps
Lying Triceps Extension: 8's - 2 sets/10 reps
Cross Body Extension: 8# - 2 sets/10 reps
Lying Triceps Extension: 8s - 12 reps
Weighted Dips: (Did Kickbacks - 5's)

Had a great workout. Workout was 45 minutes, burned 275 calories, and HR was 118/164.

No time for personals, I have so much to do today here at work. But Diane & Jolie, I'm glad you are feeling better.

Have a great day everyone!!
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I went for a bike ride last night, 7.8 miles and it started raining on me - I made it back before it really started pouring but I was pretty wet regardless!

This morning I did Tracy Steen, another good strength based instructor. 30 minutes, supersets repeated 3x. My dog was laying on my step this morning and fell off! So funny! I think he forgot he was on the platform!
You are not going to believe this, I am completely better from Covid and now I hurt my back and can barely move!!! I was picking up a heavy box in my gym room on Saturday getting it back in order for my Monday workout and completely threw out my back. It is so bad that if I do not take an Aleve, I cannot move or breath. I will call my chiropractor when she opens at 9am and see if she can get me in this week. She is so packed with customers it is so hard to get an emergency appointment when needed. I will be reevaluating my life this week, do I want to continue lifting weights or just doing cardio workouts going forward. When I lift something heavy my back just cannot take it anymore. I could not imagine lifting but when I do, I am in pain a lot and have injuries constantly. When I did not workout while with Covid, I did not have one ache or pain at all! What should I do? I am very frustrated with this back, but it is what it is. I blew out my discs giving birth to my first child, and I have never been the same since that day. I know I will get through this like always, but I am so sick of it!

Great job with the workouts everyone, I am jealous of your ability to work out right now. Make it a great day and stay healthy. My son just called me from school in Nevada and now they are having a huge Covid spike too.
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Iron D11 LB is done.

Jolie - I am so sorry to hear about your back. Glad you feel better from Covid.

Debbie - nicely done on PS CST.

Diane - great job on your mobility. I hear you on of all of the appointments.

I will be back later.
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Today I did CDorner Legs and Abs that Debbie had posted. This was 52 minutes, 143 calories, heart rate 98/134.
Legs and Abs alternates a 3 minute ab segment and a leg segment done 45 sec each move
Abs 3 minutes
Crunch - 10 reps
Situps w/reach - 10 reps
Russian Twists - 10 reps
Toe Touches - 10 reps
repeat for 3 minutes

Legs - 45 seconds each
Squats w/Toe Raise: 20# dbs
Deads: 25# dbs
Squat to Deads: 25# dbs
Squat Out Side to Side: 20# db
Glute Raises: 25# db

Repeat above abs adding an 8# db

Repeat above Legs using wearing medium fabric loop band with dumbbells same weight

Abs new moves - 3 minutes
Side to Side Crunch - 10 reps
Reverse Curl - 10 reps
Bicycles - 10 reps
Pulse Crunches - 10 reps
repeat for 3 minutes

Legs - 45 seconds each move
Squat to Toe Raise with Isolation: 20#db medium fabric loop band
Elevated Deadlift 20# dbs medium fabric loop band
Squats/Deads/Squat: 20# dbs medium fabric loop band
Crouching Side to Side Squat Outs: 20# db medium fabric loop band
Glute Raises: 25# db and medium fabric loop band

Repeat Abs new move abs


Debbie, great job on Pure Strength Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps. I do not use a barbell very much. Lifting it overhead to the back of my shoulders is too hard on the shoulders. Plus there is getting it up and down in front. I liked the CDorner workout that I did today. It was fun.

Doreen, great job on the bike ride last night even though you got wet. It is supposed to start raining here in the next couple of hours. It is getting dark out. Nice work on today's Tracy Steen supersets. That is funny that your dog was even on the platform of your step. I am sure it gave you a laugh.

Jolie, I am glad that you are done with Covid. I am done with it too. But now the allergies are in full bloom. I hope that the chiro can help you today. I am sure you will get through it all and be able to think of the best way to go going forward.

Belinda, nice work on Iron Day Lower Body.
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This morning I did a really fun cardio workout. I first did RAW Step Boxing Drills, this one was fun and I used the step with 3 risers on both sides. It is awesome to be able to do these workouts with risers again. Then I did segment 1 & 2 of RAW Kickboxing. Love that one, it is fun and I love her combos.

Total workout time was 50 minutes, burned 437 calories, did 3889 steps and HR was 141/173.

Do any of you do "breathless" workouts anymore? I do get breathless when I use my Max Trainer but as you can see, I haven't used it in a while. I really need to use it more. But I don't seem to get breathless with my RAW workouts or any other workout for that matter. I'm just curious, that's all.

Doreen - Nice job on the bike ride! You did some miles, that's for sure! LOL on your dog and falling off the step platform.

Jolie - OMG! I'm so sorry to hear this. Wow, I totally understand the frustration. I hope you were able to get into your chiropractor. Sending you good thoughts and prayers. That really sucks!!

Belinda - Good job on your D11 LB!!

Diane - Wasn't that a good Legs and Abs workout? I found it funny when Chris got a little perturbed at Kevin. Poor guy! It was still an awesome workout. I want to do it again. I agree with the barbell. Unless there is a bench to hold it, I won't throw that kind of weight up in my lap and then over my head. No way.

Roselyn - Great job on Iron Glutes!!

Have a great day everyone!
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