Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for September 2023

I got into the Chiro yesterday and feel about 75% better! I still have nerve pain in my low back, but she thinks it is tied to the fatigue I got with Covid and how it affected my nervous system. I am only allowed to walk for my workouts right now till I feel 100% so that's what I will do. Today I had enough energy to walk the pup 2 miles, but it is through the hills so it is a harder workout than it sounds. I burned 311 calories and I feel ok, even though I am still low on energy. I have another Chiro appointment next Wednesday, so I am hoping to feel really good after that an adjustment. I am taking a lot of Turmeric to help with the inflammation, hopefully this will get rid of the nerve pain. I have had this so many times the last 6 years, I know if I am patient, it all gets better sooner or later.

Debbie, great job on the workout today. I hope this crap does not go around your school like it is at the schools where I live. What a disaster this crap is to us all! The only workouts that I get breathless with are Yvette Bachman workouts and the Max Trainer!

Belinda, great job on the zoom belly dance class today!

Diane Sue, way to go on feeling better and back at the workouts again! I probably could work out right now, but I am not going to push it this time.

Doreen, great job with the bike ride today.

I hope you all have a fabulous day and stay healthy!
I get pretty "breathless" climbing hills on my mountain biking rides... hills and altitude do me in every time!

Did you all see the new Cathe DVDs? I love that they are already filmed so we don't have to wait forever!!
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I was going to post earlier, but had problems with my computer stalling on stuff. Today I did CDorner Fat Blasting Low Impact Cardio with light weights(2#) 70'a music which was the same music from Saturday's step more of a disco era music. This was 30 minutes, 163 calories, heart rate 134/157, 2,317 steps. I then did CDorner Tone Arms and Shoulders 30 minutes, 74 calories, heart rate 90/119, 323 steps. I also started a chair mobility with Chris, but was running low on time for what I wanted to get in today. That was around 5 minutes. Total time 60 minutes, 237 calories, 2,640 steps.

Toned Arms and Shoulders
45 seconds each move working shoulder, biceps, triceps
uses dumbbells and loop rubber loop bands

warm up
overhead press 10# dbs
alternating biceps curls with an iso hold15# dbs
skull crusher 12# dbs
band pull pulses band lopped around wrists heavy loop
band robot arm curls medium loop band
band single arm press down triceps heavy loop band
band with arms in L position at shoulder level in and out medium loop band
band arm at waist line sides rotate in and out medium loop band
skull crusher iso hold alternating 10# dbs
front raise pulseing 8# dbs
alternating hammer curls 15# dbs
single arm twisting kickback 10#
lateral raise 8# dbs
side curls 12# dbs
overhead triceps extension 1 1/2 12# db

Debbie, that was a fun legs and abs workout. Chris does give Kevin a hard time when he messes up. The one I did today, she scolded a watcher that kept talking through the workout. That is great that you have progressed to where you can use risers again. Nice work with Raw Step boxing drills and kickboxing segments. I do not do breathless workouts very often. I guess once in a while I do something that gets me breathless. I mainly want to do stuff to keep the heart healthy.

Belinda, good job on the Zoom class and Iron Upper Body today.

Jolie, I think that covid can affect the nerves. It hit me after I really started feeling sick that the reason a day before we came home I was having odd nerve like pain up my legs and in my arms which was unusual. I even had mentioned it to my husband as they would hit while we were walking around I would almost feel like my leg was going to collapse. It all went away though. Be careful with the back and weights till you get rid of the nerve pain. I am glad you were able to get a longer walk in with the pup today.

Doreen, I had no idea Cathe was making more dvds. I will have to check it out.
Today I did some of Pure Strength Legs. Apparently I haven't done this workout since 2016!! Wow! I had to skip the floor work because I ran out of time and I wanted to get abs in. I love the ab work in Cathe's earlier workouts - just crunches and simple ab moves that make my abs sore every time. All the new core stuff is just fluff in my opinion. I never get sore doing the newer ab workouts with Cathe or even Kelly. (Well, Kelly's Abs Circuits make me sore but most of it is basic ab work).

Front/Back Lunges - warmup
: 8's - 8 reps each side
Front Lunges: 12's - 8 reps each side
Back Lunges: 12's - 8 reps each side
Static Lunges: 25# barbell - 2 sets/16 reps
Plie Squats w/bodybar: 12# no bodybar - 22 reps
Plie Squats: 25# - Many reps
Squats: 20# Barbell - 2 sets/12 reps (I think)
Quarter Deadlifts: 25# Barbell - 2 sets/12 reps
Calf Raises: 2 sets (she does 3)
Ab Work

Total workout was 53 minutes, burned 326 calories, HR was 117/149.

Jolie - Glad you are feeling better. I know you said you wanted to re-evaluate your workouts, but you didn't hurt yourself with a workout. You lifted something and probably used your back muscles and not your leg muscles. I wouldn't give up on the lifting, we just have to remember that we can go as heavy as we used to. So far no one here is sick with Covid and I haven't heard of any outbreaks around here or in our schools. This is just something we'll have to deal with each year just like the flu. I certainly hope I don't get it this year.

Doreen - I can see how hills can make you breathless. I need to get on my Max trainer more, that always makes me breathless. I have a fear factor with it, though. LOL!

Diane - Great job with your workouts yesterday! So glad you are feeling better. I wonder why Chris told a watcher not to talk through the workout? You can't hear people on Youtube talking to her. How weird. I wonder why she did that?

Have a great day everyone!!
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I doubled up today, I did D13 Posterior Chain Workout - Glutes, Hamstrings, Back + D14 IRON Series 30 Min Unilateral Training Full Body Workout (which is not scheduled until Friday). DH and I will drive to Hersey RV Show in PA after my appointment. We will stay until Saturday, unless we see something we like right away.

Diane - good job on your workout.

Great job everyone. I have to pack for tomorrow. I will try to be back later.
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Today I woke up feeling sluggish but made myself take the dog out for a 3 mile walk, 1 hour and burned 544 calories. I want my energy to come back!!! It feels so good to move and get some steps in, laying around just kills my body.

Debbie, great job with the Cathe workout this morning, those are some of my favorite workouts in that series. I will not give up lifting weights, I will just limit myself like always. You are right, I hurt my back picking up a box, not working out. I am just so sick of pain, sick and tired of it! You know what I mean, it makes me want to give up sometimes, but I won't! You are lucky there is no Covid outbreak where you are right now, the only good thing is I am probably done with it for the year! :)

Diane Sue, great job with the workout yesterday. I am amazed that you have energy to work out after what you just went through with being sick. Way to go is all I have to say!

Doreen, riding a mountain bike uphill in the altitude would kill me! :) Nice job on the strength training workout this morning.

Belinda, have a good time at the RV show, those are always fun!

Make it a great day. I have so much house cleaning to catch up on, that is what I am doing today.
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Today I did CDorner Tabata Style Cardio Kickbox, 38 minutes, 173 calories, heart rate 120/155, 1,553 steps. Steps did not seem right, but I guess there was thrusters and down to lunges which is not steps. I followed this with the CDorner Stretch with a chair and meditation. I did 22 minutes and stopped as the meditation is probably 15 minutes of lying on the floor with feet on the chair. Otherwise, the mobility standing and stretch part was good. This was 33 calories. Total time 60 minutes 206 calories.

Debbie, nice job on Pure Strength legs. I have no idea how many years it has been since I have done that one. A very long time. I don't know, I feel my abs in some of the other workouts. Particularly in a plank position or bear position. I get sore from those. I think some of the newer stuff is better as far as protecting the neck. I just cannot hold my head up for long without setting off pain. I wondered the same thing with Chris. She does do these live workouts on Facebook at least she used to. The only thing that I can think of is the person was typing stuff on Youtube. I think Chris tries to answer questions, but some people are excessive, and Chris said something to the effect that if she was chatting, she was not working out.

Doreen, nice work on the Penny Barnshaw Strength workout. It looks like a good one.

Belinda, good for you getting in those workouts before you go to the RV show. I hope you find what you would like. There are RV shows here at the fairgrounds often.

Jolie, I am finally caught up on house stuff, but am now trying to do some outside things. My energy is up and down right now. I slept better last night. I really did not feel like working out this morning but pushed to do it. I am hoping to do more weights tomorrow. Sunday is family day so I have some cooking coming up.

Roselyn, nice work on leg day.
This morning I did RAW Hi/Low Step and had a great workout other than both my knees hurting a bit. Both felt like there was something under my kneecap. What is that? Makes working out so uncomfortable. Yesterday they were fine while doing legs, today not so much. Maybe I overdid it yesterday but I really don't think I did.

I still had a great workout and used 1 riser for the step part since they were hurting during the floor work.

Workout was 40 minutes, burned 319 calories, did 4635 steps and HR was134/161.

Belinda - Great workout yesterday on doubling up! Way to go!! Hope you have fun at the RV show!

Jolie - Good job on your 3 mile walk! I agree, Cathe's early workouts are the best I think. I love them. There are a few others I want to get out and do and will next week I think. I know what you mean about pain and being sick of it. There are times I just want to quit working out altogether and not have any pain. But I don't. I do think we need to workout smarter, though. Sometimes I think doing cardio and weights combined is the better way to go, although you don't build muscle that way. But at this stage of the game, is building muscle worth that much? It seems to only cause us pain. :(

Roselyn - Nice job on your leg day!

Diane - Nice job with your workout yesterday, glad you are feeling better. Yeah, I guess I also feel my abs when I do planks, etc. I guess I just prefer the simple basic moves. You are right, though, my upper back and neck was getting sore doing all the basic moves. Cathe doesn't really move her arms away from the back of her head during that whole routine. I had to at some points, though, as I could feel the irritation coming. We can't win!!

Have a great day everyone!!!
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Today was a 36 minute Lactate Threshold interval ride in Moab on the bike. Wow- I was sweating buckets!
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No workout today. I got up early and took my granddaughter to the high school for a robotic day and went back a couple hours later to pick her up. It was pleasant spending a little time with her. I was tired when I was done and decided to take a nap instead. Hopefully I can get in some weights tomorrow.

Debbie, nice work on Raw Hi/Lo step. I am sorry your knees are bothering you. Mine will bother me if I do a lot of pivot moves on the step. I try to limit those or just stay on one side of the step. Kelly does not usually do a lot of that though. Did they mention any arthritis in your knees when you had the torn meniscus repair? My surgeon said I had a lot more than he expected. I used to do so much of the ab work holding a dumbbell on my chest or behind my head and I am sure that was not a good thing. I had great abs, but not worth it.

Doreen, great job on the Lactate Threshold interval ride. Just the name sounds like it would have you sweating.

Jolie, I hope you are getting some energy back and rest.
Today I woke up feeling a bit more energized, thank you Lord Jesus! I took my pup for a 3.2-mile walk, 1 hour and burned 561 calories. I got a little lightheaded toward the end because I did not eat anything prior to the walk, and I did not eat much yesterday either. My back is so much better today, the inflammation must be going down and now the nerve pain is going away!

Debbie, great job on the step workout, sorry it bothered your knees. It does for me too if it is a fast-paced workout, otherwise I am good. I am going to start lifting next week and combining it with either walking and or a cardio machine. I do not care about muscle mass anymore; I just cannot eat enough to feed the muscle anyway. What workout are you doing next week? If I have it I will do it with you.

Diane Sue, nice job on the outing with your granddaughter, those are very special times for the kids.

Doreen, way to go on the ride today!

Make it a great day. I hope I feel even better tomorrow! I have been sleeping 10 hours per night since I was sick, crazy!
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I had to be to work early today so I just walked on my treadmill for a bit. That means I missed my back and biceps work but I'll catch up next week. No biggie, I'm finally out of pain and don't want to aggravate it again.

Workout was 32 minutes, burned 340 calories (which was high but for some reason my HR was way up. I need to check my blood pressure later), went 1.57 miles, did 3738 steps and HR was 159/185. That's high for me, not sure what's going on?

Diane - Glad you had time to spend with your granddaughter. They sure grow up fast, don't they? I can't believe my grandkids are all teenages now. Yikes!! My doctor said there was minimal arthritis so I was happy he said that. This pain comes and goes, so I don't know what is causing it. And it happens with both knees. My right one is now bothering me quite a bit. Oy! I hear you on the ab work. I had rockin' abs back in the day, now all I see in the mirror is flab. :( And I'm not even overweight so I don't get that. Menopause I guess.

Jolie - I haven't decided on workouts yet but I'm thinking Gym Style. I love those workouts. And I agree about not building muscle mass anymore, it's just not feasible at our age. And you're right, I can't feed my body well enough for that anymore. Oh well, I'm good with being toned and small. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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Today I woke up feeling so much better, my energy is better and that makes me happy! I took my pup for a 3 mile walk in the hills and when I got home, I jumped on the TM and did another 2 miles. Total workout time was 1 hour 38 minutes and I burned 971 calories. I was watching a trainer last night on Instagram and she specializes in workouts for people over 55 years of age. She said the number one thing for this age group is getting the steps in for the day, my goal is to hit 14,000 steps per day. Next, she said is to hit a protein goal and lastly is weight training. These 3 things are a slam dunk for my age group, and I am going to focus on this the next few months and see what happens. She said to get in at least 2 total body workouts in per week, lifting heavy weights but at the same time being mindful of it and to avoid any injury. I can do this! People who reviewed her training said they had the best results, getting the steps in transformed their physiques, getting rid of the fluff from Menopause. I am looking for a new challenge so I will try my best to stick with it and see what happens.

Debbie, great job on getting your steps in on the TM today! My calorie burn was a little high today as well, but I have been sick, and I think I am working harder than normal to get these workouts done. I like Gym Style workouts too, but there is no way I can do the pushups on the Chest workout DVD! I mean those drop sets are insane! I will do those workouts next week but I am going to go lite weights since I am still recovering from Covid.
I hope you all have great workouts today!
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Today I did a combo of Raw Timesavers, warm up (7 min), cardio (18 min), Step Intervals (13 min) Total of 38 minutes, heart rate 130/169, 201 calories, 3351 steps. I finished with CDorner Powerful Mobility Flow stopping at the meditation, 25 minutes, 53 calories. Total time was 63 minutes, 254 calories. I almost didn't work out as I was not feeling real well. Sort of lightheaded and nauseous. It helped though to get up and move. Hopefully I can fit in some weights tomorrow. I have some dinner prep and things to do tomorrow for family day. Monday is that bronchoscopy so I know I will not be working out then.
My husband ordered me a really nice Breville expresso machine that will be here tomorrow. It will be fun figuring it all out as I have never had one before.

Roselyn, enjoy STS 2.

Debbie, nice work on the treadmill today. That is good that the doctor said you had minimal arthritis. It is odd that it is on both knees. I can still see my abs, but with aging there is a little more loose skin. Plus my weight is so low. I did gain 2 pounds trying to eat plenty of protein. I am pretty sure I will never be doing the heavy weights that I used to do again. My old body just needs me to be nice to it as it takes much longer to recover.

Jolie, nice work on the walks and the treadmill addition today. I am glad that you're feeling better and back is better.
Today is a rest day. I am watching college football all day and organizing my closet, getting ready for the Fall weather. Make it a great day.
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We bought a new class A motorhome today. We made a lot of changes to the RV. Meaning we added and took off stuff. Instead of a drop-down bed we will get more cabinets by the driver seats. Instead of a couch we want recliners. All the cabinets are white. It had a washer and dryer. It has 1.5 bathrooms. Fireplace, central vacuum. We have t other things put in that we want on the road. The RV is huge! Lots of storage. It comes with a bunk bed which will turn into a huge closet! We will pick up the RV in a few months in NY.

DH and I will leave tomorrow. We still could go back to the RV show tomorrow. We are burned out from all that walking.
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