Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for September 2023

Debbie, great job on Raw Strength and Endurance. I saw that Kelly has put up the workouts that I think are from the new dvds? Anyway, I will try them out later in the week after I do STS lower body 2. I want to look at them before I do them. My doctor that was still doing them before she left the office said she conferred with other doctors and there are still things that they may catch doing the pap test. It is funny, or maybe not so funny, the older I get the more tests they say I do not need anymore.

Jolie, I hope you got the rest you needed. Rest is good too. I hardly ever did Kelly's Shape workout as is. I always used the premix that was all the upper moves. It was not called upper though. It seemed the lower kept the heart rate up though.

Doreen, nice work getting in STS 2 lower Body 1 today.

Roselyn, nice work getting in shoulders today.

Belinda, good job getting in Day 21 LB today. It is a shame that we get spots and things when we age. I have a few of those little red spots. I have my daughter check when I find something different. I am behind on my dental appointment. I wish I could get through with all of these appointments. I can never seem to get caught up. I need to make another arthritis appointment since I had to cancel because of covid. But, now I am waiting to get results, so I know if I am going to need meds from the pulmonologist. My last dentist appointment they told me I need some dental work done on a tooth. I have my eye appointment next month scheduled. It just seems to never stop. I have to take my dog in for shots and I need him to look at the spot on her face and talk to him about her limping around. .I am not looking forward to that. I want to get the cone off of her head. I feel so sorry for her, but she wants to scratch it.
I am doing better. Still coughing like crazy and was hoping they could help with that.
This morning I did RAW Box & Pump 3, and I had a great workout. I really like this workout, the boxing segments are fun. My legs are already getting tight!!

1 minute per exercise but the boxing seemed a lot longer.

Boxing Drill: 1.5# egg weights
Barbell Squats: 25#
Narrow Dumbbell Squats: 12's
Plies: 10's

Boxing Drill: 1.5# egg weights
Barbell Deadlifts: 25#
Reverse Lunges: 12's
Good Mornings: 10's

Boxing Drill: 1.5# egg weights
Barbell Front Lunges: 25# but I did static lunges
Bulgarian Split Squats: 12's
Curtsy Lunges: 10's

Boxing Drill: 1.5# egg weights
Firewalkers w/Band
Band Squats
Back Leg Raise w/Band

Boxing Drill - Skipped the rest, ran out of time
Clamshells w/band - Skipped
Hip Lifts w/Band - Skipped

Workout was 48 minutes, burned 303 calories, did 3218 steps and HR was 119/159.

Jolie - I'm surprised you don't do more of Kelly's workouts, I find them easier on our bodies than Cathe's workouts. And she gives great pointers on form. I think you'd like her RAW channel. Hope you enjoyed your rest day!

Belinda - I do pap tests only because my aunt had cervical cancer at like the age of 70. I couldn't even imagine that. But she beat it and is still with us today. Great job on your workout yesterday. I'm sorry you have so many doctor appointments that you need to do. :(

Diane - I saw those workouts she posted but they look very short. I thought they were more timesaver workouts but I haven't looked at them closely yet. That is odd about medical tests not being needed after a certain age. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Good job with STS Upper Body!!

Have a great workout everyone!
Today I did a 22 minute bike ride and then did STS 2.0 Body part bonus shoulders and bonus biceps then took the dog for a walk.
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Today I took the pup for a 1 hour walk, traveled 3.2 miles and burned 475 calories. Next, I did a short Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps workout, my muscles are sore, and I wanted to use them to see if I can get rid of the DOMS. Total workout time was 1 hour 16 minutes and I burned 529 calories.

1 Arm Standing Overhead Press- 12# x 12, x 12, x 12, x 12
Bicep Curls with a twist- 12's x 12, x 12, x 12, x 12
Kickbacks- 10's x 12, x 12, x 12, x 12

This kind of workout will work with my dog walks in the morning. On the weekends, I will get in a total upper body workout or total body workout when my husband can walk the dogs.

Debbie, great job on the workout today. I would sign up for Kelly's workouts, but I just do not have it in me to do after a 3 or 4 mile walk right now. Once the pup settles down a little, I will definitely sign up and give them a try.

Diane Sue, wow on the workout yesterday, that was a long one! I have been following some trainers on Instagram that focus on women over 55 years old and they say I have to increase my protein, so that is what I am focusing one lately. Eggs seem to be the easiest way along with some whey protein and chicken. Is this a priority for you? I guess, steps, protein and weights are the most important things we should be focusing on for our health along with supplements and good sleep. I have to come up with some new recipes that have a lot of protein, like chili, steak or chicken. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Belinda, I get it on the doctor's appointments, they are so time consuming too! My mom told me to tackle one a month and it should not be overwhelming or take up too much of my time.

Roselyn, great job on the workout.

Doreen, nice job on the lower body workout and the hip thrusters, I cannot do them with my low back issue.

Make it a great day. I am supposed to get my walking pad tomorrow, so I am excited to use it while I watch tv and get in some extra steps for the day.
Today I did CDorner Step #319 GagaX, DuaX, Taylor 59 minutes, 270 calories, heart rate 123/152, 4,662 steps.

CDorner yoga started today's but quit after 4 minutes as she had a lady leading it that distracted me with full body tats other than face and I prefer the way Chris does it. So I went on and did Chris stretch after step, total 20 minutes, 36 calories. Total time was 79 minutes, 306 calories.

Debbie, nice workout today on Box and Pump 3. The workouts that she just put up are from her Time Saver Strength DVD. I checked them out and they were done in her garage. No fun sounding music, but I am sure they would be good add on or quick workouts. I don't see the Timesaver Sculpt workouts up yet unless I missed them. I personally think the idea is that they do not want us to live too long as they do not want to pay medical and social security too long. They probably give some lousy explanation. I guess I have a bad attitude. Not that I want to go to the doctor more than I have to.

Doreen, nice work today I the bike ride and the bonus biceps and shoulders from STS 2. I like the bonuses on those workouts.

Jolie, nice work on the walk and shoulders, biceps and triceps. It looks like you have a good plan. How much protein do they suggest? I generally eat 33/33/33 or around there for fat carbs and protein. I try to make protein my focus. Protein bar in the mornings as well as collagen, tuna sandwich on seed bread lunch most days, dinner is protein focus with things like my own lean grassfed beef taco salad with Siete sauce or salsa (no tortilla) or Siete grain fee taco shells. I eat avocado on these. Homemade soups sometimes, and wild salmon dishes. Before bedtime i have a protein shake or bowl usually with berries and plain whole milk probiotic yogurt or cashewgurt plain. Sometimes another protein bar if I am to low calories. I like poached eggs on cauliflower rice with some seasonings or a recipe that I have that puts the poached egg on a little plain yogurt and some grassfed butter melted with garlic and paprika drizzled over the top. Toss in salads here and there or roasted veggies. I guess you can see why I have to work on keeping my weight up. Other than that there is coffee with a little cream and Kombucha tea preferably with some ginger in it. Meals may change once in a awhile if I choose to cook a new dish.
Here is a link to a recipe I like and make often because it is pretty quick and easy to make https://www.eatwell101.com/garlic-butter-turkey-with-cauliflower-recipe
One note though, I generally cut a little off of the fat content if I think the recipe calls for too much.
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Today I did a really fun workout, RAW HGI #2. I had an excellent workout and was able to jog a bit which I haven't done in ages. It felt great!! Granted, it was a slow jog but I was shocked that it didn't feel harder than it did. I felt very accomplished when I got done. The workout has you run on a treadmill and Kelly does 3 miles on it and then periodically you get off and do weights. Fun stuff!!

This is how it went:

Treadmill warmup and light jog for 10 minutes but I started slowly with just walking and then after about 5 minutes I jogged a bit.

Rows: 15's - 10 reps
Dumbbell Curls: 15's - 10 reps
Angle Lat Raises: 5's - 10 reps
Skull Crusher/Situps: 5's - 10 reps
Bench Press/Scissors: 12's - 10 reps (I did not scissor my legs)

Treadmill for 8 minutes

Repeat weight segment above except I changed the 15's for 12's.

Treadmill for 5 minutes

Repeat Weight segment above

Treadmill for 20 more minutes doing hills, this was tough. I got up to 9% and my legs were screaming. Then the last few minutes she dropped the incline and jogged the rest of the time. I ended early because I was running out of time and wanted to get some stretching in.

Workout was 48 minutes, burned 356 calories, went 1.87 miles and did 4616 steps. HR was 125/146.

Jolie - Great job with your workout yesterday, looked like fun. How has your back been doing?

Diane - How was the step workout you did yesterday? I see it was an hour but was the music good? I like Lady Gaga and of course Taylor Swift. I've heard a few songs from Dua but not sure if I like then or not. LOL!! Was it complex or fairly easy step moves? What is it with tattoos? Don't people know you have them forever once you are stamped? Both my step son and daughter are tatted all over their bodies and I think it's horrible. It makes no sense to me at all.

Hope you all have a great day and workouts! Gotta get back to work.
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I did 20 minutes on my new to me TM- climbing hills at 6-10%. Then I did 2 rounds of a full body workout with a trainer on Ifit. So weird - I couldn't tell if he had started the reps or was still demo-ing and then it didn't seem like he was counting. And he kept slowing down mid rep to demo. The 2nd round was better because he finally just did the rep pattern. Anyway- I see comment on the IFit FB groups about how good these workouts are and how hard they are and I'm just not convinced!

Debbie- I'm with you on the tattoos. I hope the fad goes away soon! I saw somewhere once that they now find ink in lymph nodes so I do have to wonder what's gonna happen when everyone gets cancer from tattoos!
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I somehow did something to myself yesterday because after my bath I could not reach for things and my back and neck were in spasm and pain on the left side. Then it moved around the rib cage during the night. I just did some stretching today. It is better, but I am still taking some Advil. This has happened before, so I do not know what is causing it. I did Raw warm up for the timesavers 7 minutes, 29 calories followed by Raw Athletic Stretch 2 and CDorner relaxing neck stretch stopping when she did a head off the floor hold to strengthen the front of the neck. That move hurts. This was 43 minutes and 60 calories. I wanted to do legs but I think that picking up weights would not be a good idea yet.

Debbie, nice work today on Home Gym Intervals 2. Time does go by with those and Ripped and Ride moving between equipment and strength work. Funny, I did not see the Raw Timesaver Strength today, but did see the Timesaver Sculpt abs on Kelly's Raw channel.
The Step workout yesterday was a little bit heavier on the the choreography. I hate it when I am just getting it down and someone flubs and it throws me off. She had a guest working out with her. It just gets a bit confusing going over and around the bench with different moves at times. The music was pretty good, but in reality, I have not listened to Lady Gaga and am not sure what is a popular song. I never heard of Dua till Chris put some in her workouts. Just Taylor. I guess I am showing my age. I have probably heard Lady Gaga songs somewhere. I bought Taylor Swift music years ago when I had a granddaughter that loved her music, and we would listen to it while I was taking her to school or hanging out at my house. That tat yoga lady even had her armpits tatted. To me it looked ridiculous. I don't understand why they do it.

Doreen, nice work on the new to you treadmill work and full body workout with a trainer on Lift. Maybe some other of his workouts are better. I guess you have to know the instructor and his methods to catch whether he is doing a demo or the actual exercise. I am not sure that I would like that.
Today I walked the pup for 1 hour 6 minutes, traveled 3.3 miles and burned 597 calories. I went and got my car serviced and when I got back, I jumped on my walking pad several times during the day and walked 4 more miles, each mile was a 20-minute mile and that is more doable for my knees, walking fast tends to make them ache during the day. 7.3 miles total and I burned 1342 calories! yeah! I bet I will sleep good tonight; I am tired, and it is just about 3pm. I love my new walking pad, it is so quiet, and I have it right in front of my tv and I put away under my dining room table when I am done, the hand folds down and it has wheels on the front, so it rolls right across the tile floor.

Debbie, fantastic workout today, that one looks amazing!!! Great job on the jog, way to go!

Diane Sue, I am so sorry to hear about your pain, that happens to me every now and then too. Thank you for your suggestions on how to get more protein in each day, the tacos sound great!

Belinda, have fun in Texas!

Doreen, nice job on the incline walk on the TM today!

Have a good evening my friends. :)
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Today I did Kelly's RAW Kickbox Contouring which I did almost one year ago to the day. LOL! This is an awesome workout.

Each drill was 1 minute but they end up being 1 minute 10 second drills

Boxing Drill - 1.5# Egg weights
Kickbox Drill - Front Knee/Kicks

Alternate Push/Press: 12's
Alternate Lunges: 12#

Boxing Drill - Egg weights
Kickbox Drill - Side Kicks

Hammer Curls: 12's
Scales: 12's

Boxing Drill - Egg weights
Kickbox Drill - Back Kicks

Bent Rows: 12's
Goblet Squats: 12#

Boxing Drill - Egg weights
Kickbox Drill - Knee Circle/Crescent (I alternated these because Kelly only does one side and then doesn't go back to do the other side)

Chest Flies: 12's
Skull Crushers/Situps: 8's

Boxing Finisher - Egg weights
Pulse Squats - Egg weights
Boxing Finisher - Egg weights

Great workout! Loved t! Workout was 43 minutes, burned 307 calories, did 2495 steps and HR was 126/1654.

Doreen - That doesn't surprise me one bit, some of that ink has got to be getting into the blood stream since you bleed when you get it done. Just plain stupid.

Diane - I hope you feel better today, that has happened to me as well. In fact, I'm feeling a tightness in my traps again so tonight I will use my heat bag and get some blood flowing there. That seems to help a lot when I have tight trap muscles. I hope you can do a workout today. I probably won't try that step workout, I don't like over the step moves anymore. Thanks for describing it. I do like some of Lady Gaga's songs, she does have some good ones. I've been listening to a lot of Miley Cyrus lately, she has a good sound and is more countryish but still rocks too. She does songs with Billy Idol, Joan Jett and Stevie Nicks and they are awesome. Rick Springfield has a new album out called "Automatic" and it is REALLY good. It's similar to his 80's music. I love it.

Jolie - I'm glad your walking pad is working out so good. Did you try to put your pup on it yet? Good job with the miles you went yesterday, that is impressive! My legs would fall off if I walked 7 miles!

Roselyn - Great job on your workout!

Belinda - Hope you are having fun in TX!!

Everyone is coughing here at work and I hear a few people are out with Covid. Great, here we go again.

Have a great day everyone!!
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We are in EL Paso, TX. I am still tired from the flight. The flight itself wasn’t long, the layovers what got me. I was too tired from the flight yesterday, no workout. The time change got me this morning. TX is 2 hours behind DC.

I am having another flair up. The flight didn’t help.

I will try to get a workout in later once my headache stops.

Debbie - sorry you having tightness in your taps. You can’t seem to catch a break. Nicely done on the KB workout this morning.

Jolie - great job on your walk yesterday. I wanted to go for a walk this morning, it’s so hot here already. I need to get out very early.

Diane - I am sorry you having spasm. I hope you feel better today. If it’s not one thing it’s another.

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Today was supposed to be a total body weight workout but my son got a wood chip piece in his eye at work yesterday and we headed to Urgent Care first thing in the morning to get his eye flushed and they gave us eye antibiotics. Hopefully that did the trick. We came home and I had him put his face in a bowl of water with his eyes open and a piece of something came out of his eye or maybe his nose. Anyway, today no workout. Tomorrow, I have to pick my son up at the airport first thing in the morning, I will only have time for a dog walk. Hopefully Saturday I can get a Cathe Live workout in but my parents are coming for the weekend so who knows!

Debbie, great job on the workout. I put my pup on the TM and he does not know what to think about it. I will try everyday so he gets used to it. He stands at the end of it when I walk and tries to bit my heels when I am walking, he thinks it is a game.

Have a great workout today everyone.
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Today I did CDorner at home legs and glutes all standing workout, 55 minutes, 146 calories. I also did her Total Body Stretch chair with meditation skipping the meditation. This was 15 minutes, 28 calories. I have done this before so knew the stretching and mobility was only 15 minutes and the rest was lying on the floor with feet on the chair. I just wanted to loosen up a bit. Probably will not get in a workout tomorrow as I am taking my dog to the vet for wellness and this crazy thing on her face.

CDorner At Home Legs and GLutes All Standing
uses dumbbells and a fabric loop band heavy 45 seconds work each exercise

Band segment done once then repeated
Reverse lunge lift behind
squat lift up on toes then up
monster walk slow
wall squat knees press out
low squat tap back and hop

pliie lift heels and stand 20# dbs
iso hold alternating heels up 20# dbs
no weight plie squat to a jump or hop
repeat and I dropped to 15# dbs

dumbbells deadlifts 1 1/2 20# dbs
forward lean lunge rt 11/2 20# dbs then lft
no weight balance leg back then knee up rt then repeat left

calves no repeats
no weight all moves
1 up on toes 4 down
wide stance toes pointed out calf raise
pulsing calf raises

leg finisher no weight 3 minutes all moves and repeat
20 squats, 10 pulse lunges rt, 20 repeater lunge rt, 10 pulse lunges left, 20 repeater lunges left, 10 jump or hop squats repeat till 3 minutes is up (she went a bit longer so it was all done twice)

Jolie, wow on the calorie burn yesterday. You get in some amazing burns with your walks. I am glad the walking pad is working well for you. Ouch on your son getting a wood chip in his eye. I hope he is okay. Those kinds of things sure cause a lot of distress. I ran out of protein bars so ordered some not so great Quest bars from Walmart that were delivered this afternoon. I have to shop for good ones. I ended up making a frozen banana and Ancient Nutrition salted caramel bone broth smoothie which ended up being a tasty change. I am usually not a banana fan.

Balinda great job on finishing the Iron series. I hope your trip to Texas is pleasant.

Debbie, nice workout today again with Raw Kickbox Contouring. I think it has been a couple of years since I have done that one. I have always liked Stevie Nicks and Joan Jet. Funny I have never paid much attention to Miley. I should check her out. I like some country music. I will check out Rick Springfield too. I keep thinking a lot of the time when I end up in pain it is probably because I had a run of a lot of one type of workout. Although since I have taken off so many, not sure about that this time. This area has hit unexpectedly before. I think everything let up when I had that steroid injection several months ago. It is frustrating. Today when I was done with the weights. I felt fine till I got up off the floor from putting weights away and my right knee started having some sort of a sting every time I stood on it. Once I did the stretching and mobility and walked around it let up. I don't get it at all. I did not hold weights up on shoulders today I held them down like Chris said was an option. Not wanting that pain again.

Roselyn, nice work getting back in.
This morning I did RAW Cardio Crush 2. I thought she had more Cardio Crush workouts on her channel but I only see the two that I've done. They are fun. This one had 10 cardio segments and then she repeated it once and then repeated about three moves a third time. I like all the moves except for the squat thrusts so I just did boxing moves. I also did RAW Stretch Finisher.

Total workout time was 40 minutes, burned 283 calories, did 3573 steps and HR was127/166.

Belinda - I used my heated bean bag on my traps and that did the trick, I'm good today. Hope you are recovering from your flight.

Jolie - I hope your son's eye is ok, that sounds really painful. Sounds like you have a busy weekend!! LOL on your pup and your walking pad. I'm sure he was cute trying to bite your heels. That's funny!

Diane - Great job with your leg workout! That one actually looks good, I like how the band segment goes. I might try it next week. I never hold the weights up near my shoulders for leg work, I always just hold them down beside me. It strains my traps too much to hold them up like that. Who knows why we have these flare ups. I try to figure it out every time it happens to me and nothing makes sense. Sometimes I can just turn a certain way and pain rips down my upper back. Frustrating. I'm feeling good today so hopefully it will last. The heated bean bags do wonders for me.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! So glad it's Friday!
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Walk outside today, beautiful weather outside. It’s still in the 90’s here. Then I did IRON Series 30 Min Full Body Circuits Workout - Dumbbells | Day 24.

Debbie - I am glad the heated bean bag did the trick. Thank you. I am feeling much better today. Great job today.

Diane - great job with your leg workout. Thank you. Having lots of fun with my son and daughter in law.

Jolie - I am sorry about your son’s eye. That must be painful.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.
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