Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for September 2023

Today I did Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper with the extended stretch, 53 minutes, 135 calories. That is it. Putting together enchiladas and getting ready for family tomorrow.

Jolie, enjoy the rest day.

Belinda, that sounds really nice. I am sure that you both will enjoy it a lot.

Roselyn, nice work getting in cardio today and leg day yesterday.
I was going to do the Gym Style series this week but wanted to do more cardio and weights. I chose RAW Strength 2 Cardio Acceleration. I had a excellent workout. This one is tough. I wish she'd do more of these.

12 reps each lifting move, cardio was just as long as Kelly wanted it to go.

Upright Rows:
Double Arm Kickbacks: 8's
Overhead Press/Triceps Extensions: 10's - 12/8 reps

Bicep Curls:
15's (I did supination curls)
Squats: 12's
Hammer Curls/Squats: 12's (tough!)

Dumbbell Flies:
Seated Double Arm Rows: 15's
Chest Press/Connected Pullovers: 15's

Abs - skipped (ran out of time)

Workout was 50 minutes, burned 381 calories, HR was 135/169. Did 2239 steps so that was cool.

Jolie - I'd LOVE to get 14,000 steps in every day but sitting at a desk for 8 hours really makes it hard for me. There are days when I walk on the treadmill for a couple of miles that I can get around 11,000 but no way can I get 14,000. I concentrate on at least 10,000 and there are days I come no where near that due to sitting all day. And weekends. I'm not very active on the weekends. I think I will concentrate on total body workouts this week that mix cardio. Kelly has a lot of those kinds of workouts and I love them. You don't have to do those pushups in GS, I don't. I'll do the first set, rest, do the 3rd set, rest then do the last two. 72 pushups is just overkill and I thought that back when I could actually do all 72 on my toes. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your program.

Diane - I had to laugh when you said "my old body just needs me to be nice to it..." I certainly get that. LOL! I think we are all getting pretty good at that!! Nice job on your workouts!

Belinda - Holy moly on the RV!!! That is awesome and I'm glad you ordered it as you want it. Very cool! You will have some fun with that thing!

Roselyn - Great job with your workouts!!

Have a great day everyone!!
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I finally had a weekend off work. I did a short full body tabata with Penny in the am and went for a bike ride in the afternoon. I fixed my flat on my road bike from a couple weeks earlier when I got a flat riding into work! It had 3 puncture holes in it. I also switched out the saddle to a different one as I didn't like the one it came with.

Yesterday we took the dog for a 3 mile hike and then I went for a 4 mile bike ride at a open space we hadn't been too before. It was nice area.

This morning was STS 2.0 Full body stretch! I needed a bit of recovery!
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Today I woke up with a sore low back, sleeping was tough, so I opted for just a walk today. I took the pup for a fast walk, 1 hour 12 minutes and traveled 3.9 miles. I am already at 9k miles for the day, and it is not even 9am! I am buying an under desk treadmill to put in my living room just to walk on while I watch tv. Sitting in a chair is the worst thing for my back, my chiro said to said standing as much as possible. I might as well get steps in while I am watching tv. They are very inexpensive on Amazon, and do not take up much room and go right under a piece of furniture to get it out of the way. I might look on Face Book Marketplace first to see if I can find a used on first. I forgot to mention that I walked 3 miles yesterday.

Debbie, I am going to do total body workouts and my walking for the next few weeks till my back is better. When I do my own workouts, I can go at my own pace and do as many reps as I please. Great job on the workout today, that looks like such a good one to do. Have you ever thought of getting an under-desk treadmill to put under your stand-up desk at work? I know so many people that use them and love them.

Diane Sue, I agree with you on us being kind to our old bodies, I get it!!!

Belinda, wow on the RV, you will have so much fun in it!

Roselyn, great job on the workout.

Doreen, great job on the workout and bummer about having a flat tire on the way to work!

Make it a great Monday.
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We are home I did Caroline D15 Shoulders. Today I walked outside and did D16 Legs.

DH and I been talking about RV‘s for the last 2 years or so. We knew before we went to the show which RV‘s we wanted to check out. Hershey RV show is to big to see everything in one day. We actually almost bought a Newmar RV, it was on the higher end of what we wanted to spent. It only came with one bathroom. We knew we wanted at least 1.5. We looked at Tiffins first, fell in love with the white modern cabinets look. Still on the pricier side we wanted to spend. We talked the dealer down on the price and we got exactly what we wanted.
We wanted Wifii booster. Solar panels and so much more. We wanted Theater seats instead of a couch. Tiffin doesn‘t came with theater seats, the dealer which is upstate NY said he will make it happed. The passender seat does fully recline, lol We got everything changed out that I knew I didn‘t wanted in an RV like a oven (they too small to cook, we get more cabinets instead We also have a king size bed. Most RV’s come in a queens size. I need room, lol. Washer and dryer was a must for us. I remember what pain it was doing laundry at the camp grounds. Not only we got what we wanted, we also payed less than the already discount price at the show. We had an RV for 15 years. It just makes traveling so much easier plus you get to see more. We bought a 2024 Tiffin Open Road 38 US. It‘s huge! We gonna hit the road as soon as we pick up the RV. The dealer will set us up for a few nights in our RV so we can try things out plus they will spent a 4 hours or more to teach you how to use the RV. This way you know everything that you need to know. Oh, the RV comes with a doggie window, lol. So cute!! If any one of you is in the market to buy an RV or trailer. I would highly recommend going to one of the shows. Sorry for rambling. I am super excited!

Debbie - great job on your workout. Thank you! We are super excited. We been talking about buying an RV for a long.

Jolie - thank you! Yes, we will have lots of fun.

Diane - thank you! We had an RV for 15 years. We enjoyed and saw a lot. DH is already mapping out our next trip.

I will be back later.
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I was able to jump onto the TM for an hour today, traveled 3.2 miles and burned 502 calories. This puts me at 7 miles today! Giving my feet a break for a few hours is a total game changer, my feet always hurt before I am usually tired. I am going to try getting in a lot of steps the next month and see what happens. I need to start adding weights back into my workout but I am still experiencing low back pain so I want to feel good before I start.

Belinda, awesome about the RV! Where do you plan on going first?
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Just a quick check in. I had hardly any sleep last night and was up at 3:50 am to get ready to go for my bronchoscopy at 5. They said it will take a few days for the first results and one result will take 3 weeks, so even if the first shows things are okay it still may not be. Anyway. They had me breathing lidocaine before they put me to sleep and I have slept most of the day. I am headed for bed soon. I am not sure if I will be working out tomorrow or not. I forgot to ask about that. Not sure if I will feel like it anyway. My throat is scratchy and nose kind of burns.

Jolie, I follow a lot of Juli Bauer (now married) who I have Paleo cookbooks from. She posted an e mail about a walking pad that she uses at her stand up desk while she is getting some work done at the same time. I don't think it was very expensive. She also has a youtube channel. I was looking at it because she just can slide it under the couch so it was not in the way when not in use. I looked at them on Amazon.

Belinda, your RV sounds wonderful. I know you are going to love it.

Debbie, nice work on Strength 2 Cardio Acceleration. My triceps are still sore from the Raw Timesaver workouts that I did. I was surprised since I did not feel like I did anything all that hard.

Doreen, I am sure you enjoyed finally having a weekend off.
This morning I did RAW Heavy Bag/Shadow Boxing and I did the shadow boxing with Kelly. I love this one, it is my favorite, it's the one with her son Zach. Such good music and I just love the workout all the way around. I used my 1.5# egg weights.

Workout was 38 minutes, burned 361 calories, did 2694 steps and HR was 149/180.

I also took about 10 minutes to stretch my IT band. I've had some lower back issues and my left side hurts all the time, even when I'm sleeping. Last week when one of my workouts had us do runners pose for a stretch, I realized how I have been neglecting my IT band area. OMG, runners pose is almost impossible for me to get into. So I really worked on that this morning and I already feel much better. I actually couldn't do runners pose after my knee surger, my knee just wouldn't go out that way. But now it's ok to do that and I'm sure that is why it's so tight.

Doreen - Glad you were able to get your tire fixed. I wonder what caused those puncture holes? That's odd. Glad you weren't hurt while riding!

Jolie - Having a small treadmill under my desk would be cool but I don't even think I could type and walk at the same time. That seems odd to me. LOL!! I might look into it, but doubt I would bring one into work. Great job with your walking and steps yesterday!

Belinda - Ok, I looked up the price of that RV you bought and HOLY MOLY!! That is a house loan!! But hey, you guys love doing that so much I think it's great that you can afford it! I hope you have years of fun with it and see many beautiful things on your travels. How cool, I'm so happy for you!!

Roselyn - Great workout.

Diane - Sorry you had to go through that yesterday, I hope you are ok today. What RAW timesaver workouts did you do? I saw some 15 minute workouts out there for like cardio and boxing. Are those what you are talking about? Those look like great add-ons to one of her 30 minute workouts, I'm sure I will use them.

Hope you all have a great day!!
Today I do not have a lot of time to walk the pup, of course my husband booked a repair man at the time that I work out each day. I have asked him for 20 years not to book appointments first thing in the morning, but he always does. I swear he hates that I work out because he does not. Or, he is just totally unaware, who knows. Anyway, I got in a 40-minute walk outside, 2.2 miles and burned 389 calories. I will try to jump on the TM, if possible, but the roofer will be working over the garage where my gym room is, so I doubt it.

Debbie, great job on the workout today. You are doing so well with your workouts lately; I am happy that you are no longer in pain from sitting at your desk. Also, way to go on the stretching, it makes a world of difference for me when I take the time to do it. My son wants me to do yoga once a week, I should probably take his advice.

Diane, I hope you feel good today, what a day yesterday!

Roselyn, good job on the workout yesterday.

Make it a great day. Fall is in the air!
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Zoom Belly dancing and Iron D17 UB is done.

Debbie - thank you! Yeah, they are expensive and cost as much as a house. My husband didn‘t wanted to buy a house on the beach than go year after year to the same place. Dh is retired, he wants to travel around the US or Canada. We can stay as long as or as short as we want. We have been talking about it for a few years getting another RV. Hotels if you want something nice are expensive too. Not to mention flights and all the cancelations. Yes, upfront we paid a lot for the RV. If we use it as we plan it should pay off. We plan on traveling as soon as we pick it up. It is a luxury :)

Thanks Diane and Jolie! We are excited.

I will be back later.
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Still not feeling a workout today. I slept 11 hours last night, but still feel kind of dizzy today and my ear is clogged and making noises.

Debbie, here is the Timesavers I did on Friday. I still want to check out the boxing ones. (from Friday)Today I did a combo of Raw Timesavers, warm up (7 min), cardio (18 min), Step Intervals (13 min) Total of 38 minutes, heart rate 130/169, 201 calories, 3351 steps. I finished with CDorner Powerful Mobility Flow stopping at the meditation, 25 minutes, 53 calories. Total time was 63 minutes, 254 calories. Those workouts put together work nicely. The timesaver warm up is meant to be used with the timesaver workouts. I hope you can keep up the stretching and the IT band will resolve itself.

Jolie, I hate having workers in the mornings. My lawn guy comes first thing in the morning every Saturday and I have to get up and dressed so I can pay him when done. I guess we take it because we can get the appointment though. I swear trying to get a different time is not easy. I am glad that you were able to get the walk in.

Belinda, good job on Zoom belly dancing and Iron Day 17 Upper Body.
Diane - sorry I missed your post yesterday. I am so sorry what you went through yesterday. Those meds take some time to get out of your system. I hope you feel better tomorrow. Get some rest!
This morning I did RAW Strength 1 - Cardio Acceleration. I had an excellent workout and had a lot of energy this morning.

12 reps each exercise

One Arm Row: 25#
Cardio: Squat/Knee

Squats: 15's
Cardio: Jogging

Dumbbell Press: 20's
Cardio: Pump Ups

Supination Curls: 15's
Cardio: Alternating Insoles

Deadlifts: 15's
Cardio: Jacks

Lateral Raise: 8's
Cardio: Skaters

Skull Crushers: 10's
Cardio: (Abs) Knee-ins on step

Then I added RAW 15 Minute Total Body with Sammy. Great workout but some of the combo moves were a bit dangerous so I did them a way where I felt more comfortable doing them.

8 reps each, non-stop

Biceps Curls: 12's
Squats: 12's
Combo Squats/Curls: 12's

Alternate Shoulder Press: 12's
Reverse Lunges: 12's
Combo Lunges/Press: 12's (this is one I modified)

Scap Squeeze: 12's
Plie Squats: 12's
Combo Scap/Plie: 12's

Standing Chest Press: 12#
Side Lunges: 12#
Combo Chest Press/Lunges: 12# (another that I modified)

Repeat all but used 10's this time around. Fun workout

Total workout was 52 minutes, burned 363 calories, did 1293 steps and HR was 125/164

I don't have time for personals, I'm sorry. I hope you all have a great day!
Today I am tired, I had a poor night's sleep. I was supposed to do my dog walk and then add weights at the end, but I ended up just walking, tomorrow is another day. Today I took the pup for a 68-minute walk, traveled 3.6 miles and burned 678 calories. The hills were hard for me today, being tired gave me no strength at all. I ordered a walking pad off Amazon today, it arrives next Wednesday, I am excited to have it for the winter months. I want to train my pup to walk on it so when it is super cold, I do not have to go outside to walk him, wish me luck! Yesterday I did not get in my big walk, and I still managed to walk 17,000 steps just by doing my daily routine. I have not worn my Fitbit for the whole day in years, so I had no idea how many steps I walk in a day. Not bad...

Debbie, that workout you did today looks amazing! I cannot wait to start my regular workouts again, hopefully tomorrow or Friday. I have lost a lot of muscle, but I am sure I will get it back quickly. I will be walking and doing weights for the next month or so, and if I am feeling really good, I will use the Max Trainer too!

Diane Sue, good job on not working out since you are not feeling 100%!

Belinda, great job on the workout!

Roselyn, way to go with STS 2.0 Giant Sets workout.

Have a wonderful day. I have a chiro appointment today and then I should be good to go!

Walk outside and Iron D18 LB is done.

Who is preodering Cathe‘s new workouts?

Diane - I hope you feel better and get some sleep

Great job everyone.
Hi Everyone! Hope everyone had a good summer. Sad that summer is over and the days are getting shorter. I have been working out regularly and seeing some strength gains. My nights get busy. When I get home from work, I workout, make dinner and then walk the dog. Then I'm ready for bed. Also havd had a lot of family in town this summer.

I have been doing primarily Michelle Briehler, Penny Barnshaw & Cathe workouts this summer. I really love Cathe's STS2.0 full body workouts. They were a great purchase. I am also enjoying Michelle's style. Her workouts are tough and I find that she is my go-to most of the week. However, I am going to embark on Cathe's Live this winter.

Anyway, today I did Michelle Power Hour. This was so fun and well designed. It has a little bit of everything. Then I walked my dog.

Belinda, hope you are feeling better. I may eventually order Cathe's Barbell dvd, but I think I have enough workouts for now.

Debbie, looks like a good workout. I love a little cardio with my weight work.

Jolie & Diane hope you feel better and can get back to your workouts.

Doreen, Penny's 30 min workouts are pretty tough. I really like her style too.

The weather is warm here. I'm not complaining. I love it.
Today, I felt I needed to get in some movement so did a short workout. I did Raw Timesavers using warm up+box and tone+abs. Total time 45 minutes 157 calories. Still coughing, but better. I made an appointment with my primary doctor for the ear problem. I am tired of hearing a buzzing sound all of the time. Of course, I made the appointment and I seem to be hearing better tonight. Still waiting for results. One of the things tested for will take around 3 weeks so there is some waiting.

Roselyn, nice work with 2.0 Giant sets.

Cam, it is good having you back.

Jolie, great job on the steps and getting a walk in.

Belinda, nice work on the walk outside and Iron D18 LB.

Debbie, great job on Raw Strength on cardio acceleration and 15 minute total body.

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