Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for September 2020


Today I did Cathe Live Plyo Legs + #256, 33 minutes, 116/151 heart rate, 143 calories, 2,028 steps. This used 5# dumbbells and way too many overhead and lateral raise moves for me along with lower body work between the plyo moves and ends with an abs section. Another that was not a favorite. Cathe does a lot of shoulder work in her workouts imo. I was hoping for more just cardio workouts and particulaly step and low impact, but she really does not have that much of that. They either use weights or have jumping and there are only a few step workouts and some of those involve weight work. I am a little disappointed. I may do something Kelly tomorrow. It depends on my time constraints. We had 2 zoom classes and PE youtubes today which left me short on time along with all the paper work. I also got a little work out with my grandson this afternoon. I did it the last time so he wanted me to do it again. I am fine till they do it on zoom and I will bow out. They did football drills with a football, and a broom handle moving different directions and going down to the floor and up. I recognized a lot of moves. He liked it better than the Zumba classes.

Doreen, I had some problems with the streaming yesterday. It worked, but it kept jumping around and just kept going. At least it pulled up for me. Nice work getting a workout that you liked pulled up.

Jolie, nice work on the treadmill today. I feel better tonight than I did when I got up this morning. The workout and some stretching helped. I decided to take 3 borage oil capsules yesterday and today. That and some extra curcumin seems to be helping.

Belinda, glad you were able to get in some walking. I hope you are feeling better.
Hi all! This morning I did a Max Trainer workout but forgot my sheet at home. I will come back in with the details later when I get home. I also walked on my treadmill.

I'll do personals then as well, have a great day!

Jolie Fit

Today I started with my TM, 45 minutes on Hill Mode, traveled 2.4 miles and burned 447 calories. Next I worked Shoulders, I did my own workout and loved it. Total workout time was 1 hour 10 minutes and I burned 644 calories. Heart rate was 127/174.

I did 3 rounds of the Shoulder Circuit with a 30 second rest between exercises. I changed the reps each round, x12, x 10, x 8 reps.

Seated Over head Press- 20's x 12, x 10, x 8
1 Arm Lateral Raise- 12# x 12, x 10, x 8
Rear Delt Flies- 10's x 12, x 10, x 8
Seated Overhead BB Press- 35# x 12, x 10, x 8
Upright Rows- 15's x 12, x 10, x 8
Incline Front Raise with an Arc- 8's x 12, x 12, x 12

Debbie, nice job using the Max Trainer today! I was going to use my Elliptical but I stained my back yesterday and thought I better not! Have a nice day at work.

Diane Sue, i have to start taking my supplements for pain because packing is really killing my back. I hope you get in a good workout today.

BBL to read your posts for the day. Off to the Thrift Store with a load to donate.
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Hi everyone,

I went grocery shopping first thing this morning. I stocked up on fresh fish and vegetables. Went for an easy 2.76 mile walk this afternoon.The weather was perfect.

Tomorrow I have an appointment for RP with the Rheumalogy and Infectious disease doctor. I am getting an MRI this Saturday for my knees.

Jolie - tell your dad I really appreciate the name on those pharmacies. I found a Compounding Pharmacies . in Leesburg VA. I will be in that area tomorrow. I will look for some good vitamins. Thanks again for all your help!! Greatly appreciated!! Great job on your workout.

Diane - thanks for the tip on dairy and soy free. I will be in Walter Reeds hospital tomorrow. I will stop by the Navy Exchange (NEX shopping center for military and families). They have high end vitamins and other things, I will check for the names you and Jolie listed. I will have to let my Rheumalogy doctors know what I take, I am on a lot of medicine. Great job with your CL.

I will be back later.
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Today I did Cathe Live # 195 Low Impact Bootcamp, 49 minutes (46), 202 calories, heart rate 114/147, 2,658 steps. I then did Raw 5 day strength stretch, 41 minutes(36 because I kept having to stop) 41 calories, 60 steps.
Total time 90 minutes, 243 calories, 2,718 steps. Way too much overhead with press and plank positions stuff. I had to modify. I liked it though.

Debbie, nice work getting in Max Trainer and treadmill today.

Jolie, when I am in a lot of pain I generally up some of my supplements temporarily. Nice work today. Sadly I keep needing to forego the shoulder stuff. I used to love doing it. I swear, I think Cathe is the queen of shoulder work. I did do the upright rows today, but it was just 8#. Packing and moving always seems to affect the back a lot.

Belinda, I hope that you find what you need and that things go well at Walter Reed tomorrow. They always go over every thing that I take when I go in to the Arthritis doctor. I sometimes add in anything new. They take off what I decided did not work for me.


Diane - when I got admitted to the hospital they already went over every medications/vitamine/supllements I with me. On Friday I talked to the Rheumatology doctor what's the next step would be? He told me he wants me on a few week steroids therapy. I probably will get my blood results they took before I got released on Wednesday too. The unknown is what's scaring me. I shouldn't googled the disease. Very depressing!


Belinda, you are a fighter. Those things you read are usually worst cases. You are in good health as far as eating and exercise. Chances are you can go on and just know what you need to do to still have the best life ever. Try not to worry.


CL #309 Push Pull Total Body Heavy Weights this morning. I love how this one starts - heavy squats and deadlifts.... but then the workout lost my interest from there for some reason... I stopped before the abs section and did a few minutes of a step class on youtube to get some steps in.
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Jolie Fit

Today is a rest day, it is way too hot and I got a horrible nights sleep last night, it never cooled off. After today, the weather should be a little cooler, thank God! With all of these fires and the hot weather I am exhausted.

Diane Sue, Shoulders are my favorite body part to work, and mine are lacking right now!!! Ever since I started doing CL, I lost so much definition because of the lighter weights. When I was doing Body Beast and STS I had so much more definition. I just got so bored of those workouts, I did them so many times. I wish a trainer would come out with a new workout, similar to those, I would buy them in a second. Nice workout yesterday, your calorie burn seems low for a workout like that one.

Doreen, I know what you mean about loosing interest with a workout, that is why I am looking for a new instructor, maybe it will fire me up! I just don't want any high impact and those are hard to find.

Belinda, great job just getting up and out each day and keeping a positive attitude. You got this!

Debbie, I hope you have a great workout today.

Roselyn, BB Legs is a killer workout, I am amazed that you can do that workout after your hip replacement.

Make it a great day, I am off to buy boxes, paper and I have a lot of packing to do in the next couple of weeks. I am buying some carpet to put down in my garage for my gym room too.
This morning I did CL #304 - Burn Sets: Biceps & Triceps. I had a great workout and really felt it towards the end. I really like these burn set workouts.

Ok, here is the workout, all exercises were 12 reps unless I wrote something different:

Alternated biceps and triceps exercises

Standing Curls: 15's
Overhead Triceps Extension: 30#
Seated Double Arm Curls: 17.5's (I did Hammer Curls, still having issues with my elbow)
Incline Close Grip Dumbbell Press: 20's
Alternate Sweeper Curls: 20's - 10 reps
Double Arm Sweeper Curl: 20's - 4 reps
Incline Skull Crushers: 12.5's
One Arm Concentration Curls: 12.5# - 10 reps (Elbow wasn't too bad with this today, I did 12 reps, Cathe does 10)
Cross Body Extensions: 12.5#
W Curls: 12.5's
Flat Close Grip Dumbbell Press: 20's
Seated Alternate Hammer Curls: 20's - 10 reps
Double Arm Hammer Curls: 20's - 2 reps
Concentric Triceps Pushups: Fast up/Slow Down - 10 reps
Concentric Biceps Curl: 15's - 10 reps
Eccentric Triceps Pushups: Slow up/Fast Down - 10 reps
Eccentric Biceps Curl: 15's - 10 reps
One Arm Kickbacks: 10#
Reverse Curls: 12.5's
Weighted Dips: 15# - 32 reps (Cathe does 40 reps!)

Workout was 40 minutes, burned 208 calories, HR was 115/164. Burned more than last time which is cool. Not sure why I get so many different readings doing the same workout.

I also walked on my treadmill for a half mile just to get some steps in.

Jolie - What did you do to your back? You had a great workout yesteday, be careful. Funny, you are all really hot over there (and how horrible about those fires!) and we were at 46 degrees this morning!! I also wish the BB trainers would come out with a similar workout as Body Beast. The one they did come out with sucked. You would think with how popular that series was they'd do another one.

Belinda - How frustrating to not know what to eat, that must be so horrible to have to deal with. I hope your issues clear up and things get better. As Diane said, you are a strong lady, you will get through this. Good job getting your walks in. You are still in my prayers.

Diane - Hope your day is going well, you have been so busy lately and so stressed from the schooling. I hope things get easier. Good job with your workout yesterday.

Gotta go, hope you all have a great day and great workouts!!
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Well, 9:17 and I have 11,258 steps. It has been a busy day. Yesterday it was almost midnight by the time I got to bed, but today I got his work printed up earlier for tomorrow and what order things are to check off tomorrow. Just finished up some cleaning and need to head for bed soon. School is moving along better. I am working with my grandson trying to get him used to using the computer mouse and being able to start and stop the vids while he is working rather than me watching what he is doing and helping. They really want the children to do the work without help. Parents tend to want to get in there and put in their input. Music is okay, but PE, bless the guys heart, does not seem to be a draw. Maybe it would be for the older children. Better with other children for involvement. We missed it today because his Dad showed up early. I let it go because it is just youtube on Wednesday. We do have an assignment. I just have to figure out how to get it done. Can't see a 6 year old watching a football game. I need a football to get film of him doing football moves outside instead.
My workout was split this morning. We did science right away, but had to wait for the morning zoom class and then math at 1. I did Coffey Fit Raw Cardio Tone 30 minutes, 120 calories, heart rate 120/165, 2,111 steps. Right after we did morning zoom class. I needed to watch because he is starting some reading stuff tomorrow and there are new links for this and the library and it is done via zoom in the am. So, once that was done I gave him a break and did Cathe Live Hearts on Fire 236, 44 minutes( I was going to do just the kickbox part, but kept going) 211 calories, heart rate 120/159, 4080 steps. I swear, my calories burns are dropping. Raw Cardio Tone was less than the last time I did it. Anyway, total time was 74 minutes, 331 calories, 6,191 steps. Hearts on Fire was pretty good, but a bit more burpees and up and down than I wanted. I did not do push ups. My shoulders are still so sore. Boxing portion was only about 20 minutes, then some Hiit, that had some jumping, but went along the line of the low impact hiit on RWH for some of the moves, then a hi/lo segment. I wore my combat gloves as heavy bag gloves sometimes turn my fitbit off.

Roselyn, nice work on Beast Legs.

Doreen, I did that workout last week. So far I have not favorited more than one workout to go back and do again.

Jolie, I hope that you get some rest. It would be miserable trying to sleep with heat and smoky air.

Debbie, I did that workout on Saturday. Those dips were tough toward the end. I find hammer curls more comfortable than the front curls. I don't know why they feel so much harder as front curls. I got 81 calories out of that workout and I went heavy. Wish I could get better calorie burns as it gets discouraging. Maybe it is not picking up my heart rate right. It is weird as I can move it around and it will jump up and then drops back down. I just do not have the time to keep stopping and messing with it throughout my workouts.

Belinda, I hope you are doing better today and getting some things figured out.


Good morning,

No walk yesterday. Had my 2 doc appointments yesterday, didn't get out of the hospital until late afternoon. I have to be on medications long term, he added one more meds. I am taking 2 different medications at the same time. My doc answered all my questions. Since the disease is so rare my doc went over on what to look out for instead of ignoring the symptoms. If I see other doctors to let them know about both autoimmune problems, if you have one autoimmune problem you can have multiples autoimmune problems. He thinks some my past ear infections was possible a sign of RP. I also told him I exercise 6-7 day's a week and 150 min is really not enough for my stress level right now. He said I can workout as normal one hour daily. Starting Monday I will pick a rotations. Traffic was horrible last night.

Debbie - thank you for your kind and positive words. It means a lot to me. Eventually I will figure out what to eat and not. It will take some time to figure it all out. I will see a nutritionist next week, hopefully she/he can help sort things out. I am on a no gluten free, no dairy ( I eat plant based), no pork, no red meat, no saturated fats, no white floor, no sweets diet and no processed food. I can eat fish, chicken breast, lean turkey only. The vegetable is going to be tricky with the high histamine. I love most of the high histamine vegetables like tomatoes and avocados.

Roselyn - thank you for your kind worlds. Means a lot to me.

Jolie - thank you for your kind and positive words. It has been a lot to deal with lately. I will start my normal workouts next week it will help with my stress level.

Diane - thank you for your kind and positive words.I did had a lot of questions from my doctor he answered them all as much as he could giving the disease. They're lot of unknowns with RP, the doctors can't answer.

I will be back later.
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I started with Super Sculpt premix of the step and boxing but then I just wasn't feeling the step workout so I switched over to this one on youtube. Glad I did - such a fun workout!

Diane - Glad your grandson is getting the feel for online school. Any plans for them to return in person?

Belinda - Good to hear that your Dr. has cleared you to exercise again!

Debbie- Good job on Burn Sets - I haven't tried those yet.

Jolie- Maybe you could try a paper program for a while for a break from the instructors? Listen to your own music and do your own pacing? I've done it before when I need a break. I follow Sohee Fit on Instagram. She does a program each month that is heavy lifting.

Roselyn - Good job on your workouts. If I sign up for BB I may try that one as I have never done that program.
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This morning I had to be at work very early so I only got in a half hour workout. I did Max Power 21 w/Marc and had a great workout. I did the warmup from GS Legs because these workouts just jump right into the first sprint. I don't like that, i need to be warmed up. So the time and information of the workout includes the warmup.

Workout was 25 minutes, burned 174 calories, went .61 miles and did 1566 steps. HR was132/161.

I am swamped today so no personals. Hope you all have a great workout. I will read all your posts this evening.
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Jolie Fit

Today was Cardio, I did a TM workout, Hill Mode, 1 hour, traveled 3.1 miles, incline was 6.0 or higher the entire time and I burned 569 calories. I feel great though my joints are sore today, I had a glass of wine last night and that always does it for some reason. :( I love wine so I deal with the side effects. I have a lot of things to go through today with the house, I do not want to lug stuff to the other house that I am never going to use again. I hate moving but I am so excited to be in my own house.

Doreen, great job on the step workout today. I am going to start doing some of my own workouts with music just to break it up a bit. I think I get so tired of the same things the instructors say, I could say it myself I have heard it so many times.

Roselyn, nice workout and good luck in Omaha this weekend, I don't envy you.

Debbie, at least you got in a nice cardio workout today. It sounds like you are busy at work so maybe you can keep your job? I know how much you like it so maybe everything will turn out ok for you.

Diane Sue, How are you getting your workouts in with all that you have on your plate right now is amazing!!! I hope the kids get to go back to school soon, our schools are opening at the end of the month I heard but they can do distance learning if they choose to for safety reasons.

Belinda, yeah that you get to start working out again. You just need to focus on keeping your immune system boosted at all times and you will be great. I would look into getting vitamin drips once a month with high doses of Vitamin C and other immune boosting vitamins so you keep your immune system happy :)

Hot and smoky here today, but the smoke is a little better today but the heat is not! Make it a great day.
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I walked almost 3 miles today. I don't know what I was thinking when I scheduled my MRI appointment this week? Not sure what I was thinking? I had to cancel the MRI for my knees, I can't wear headphones while they do the MRI. My ear is still swollen. Oh well! I have to wait until my ear clears up.

Roselyn - have a wonderful weekend in Omaha. Great job on your workouts.

Debbie - nice job on your Max Power 21 w/Marc. Fingers crossed you keep your job too.

Jolie - I hear you on moving. It's a great idea going through your stuff instead of slug it to the other house. Great job with your workout today. I agree, I need to get some good quality vitamins in to boost my immune system.

Doreen - I am glad I got cleared to work out more than 150 min a week, still need to be careful with the intensity. Great job today.


Today was an awful day. I ended up doing a short workout this afternoon at 2:30. This is not normal for me, but I needed some sort of release! Anyway, I did the new one Kelly Put up on her Raw channel, which was perfect. Not too intense, but some of everything and short. This was Lift N Box quick fix, 34 minutes, 99 calories, heart rate 98/160 , 1,392 steps. That is it. I wish they did not keep changing things. We started a new class for 9 am. Math was supposed to be 1:00, I wasted time because at 9:30 when we were done with the zoom class the teacher said instead of math we would be going to a library session and showed how to access this via zoom. So, then it was a struggle to get math done since the teacher was not teaching it at 1 so we were ready for the library session. Then music zoom link took me to a new app that would not allow access. I wasted time there as well. It was all frustrating and non cooperation as well. When there was not music, I took him outside and did a couple of things and we blew bubbles and he ran up and down the walk way. It really was nice outside this afternoon. Praying tomorrow runs smoothly.

Belinda, I understand myself how auto immune diseases manifest in more auto immune problems. I am sorry this is going to have to take medications long term. I am glad he is going to let you work out at least an hour. I am sorry about the mri. I guess that makes sense with the head set and the ears. I lean more toward the high histamine vegetables too. I eat avocados and avocado oil products a lot because I like it better than olive oil in most of my cooking and it is a high heat oil which is better when I saute things. Tomatoes I can give up other than when I want to make a mexican tortilla less soup or something. You can do this though and eventually you will have it down pretty well. What about alcohol, wine, and seed products?

Doreen, nice workout that you put together since you weren't feeling the first one. I have heard nothing about children returning to class around here yet.

Debbie, I always like a decent warm up before I get started. Usually I am doing some warming up while the television warms up and I get the workout to load so I get a bit more. Nice that you got a good cardio workout in before work since it was so early.

Roselyn, nice workout. Have a safe trip to Omaha this weekend.

Jolie, great cardio workout today. I always felt moving was a great opportunity to get a fresh start and clear out things I do not use. Then we buy some more LOL One of my friends said that they decided another month of the mask mandate. I am sure schools go there somewhere too at least. It seems they would look at all of the difficulties. The private schools are open with masks. My other younger grandson goes to a Christian school and is loving being back in school. It is not good for children to be shut ins for months with nothing but media.

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